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Spring Flowers By Lorna Sixsmith

Once you see snowdrops and daffodils flowering, it is a sure sign spring is on the way. Winter is on its way out but you can give it a helping hand on its way by bringing some spring flowers into your home and by doing so, you will be right on trend. Flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours are very fashionable in interiors at the moment from large oversized floral arrangements and abstract flowers in Designers Guild’s new collection to pretty chintz florals to large rose blooms.

Combine real spring flowers with checks, dots, and floral designs for spring freshness and vitality. 12

Are Floral Patterns Overwhelming? But how do you bring floral patterns into your home without it becoming overpowering? Ensure that the larger areas of the room are kept plain so for example, the fabric on a large sofa should be plain (this means it won’t date too), and a carpet should be relatively plain. Smaller blocks of floral patterns will then stand out without overwhelming the room - so a floral pattern in your curtains, floral cushions or a rug will all work to bring spring and summer into the room.

from eggcups to tea canisters to teapots. Florals patterns work best when placed against a fairly plain background so if you have a floral oilcloth or tablecloth, use plain napkins and tablemats.

What about flowers in a masculine space?

Bold abstract florals from Designers Guild's new collection

Simply balance the florals against other patterns such as stripes, simple ginghams, polka dots and plains. Floral and striped cushions with an occasional plain cushion will look great against a plain sofa. Floral cushions on a striped duvet or bedspread will bring more femininity to the bedroom. However, floral patterns will overwhelm if they are placed with other fussy patterns such as paisleys or busy checks.

If you wish to keep a space reasonably ‘masculine’, then opt for a flat abstract design such as Mini Moderns’ Alice which comes in four different colourways and in wallpaper, mugs and cushions. A two tone colourway in colours such as blacks, charcoals, chocolates, mustards, greys or blues will ensure the patterns doesn’t look too girly yet it will still soften the interior design of your room. Alternatively a leaf or ivy design works well in masculine spaces.

Mini Moderns Alice wallpaper is perfect for a more masculine space, also coming in a charcoal black and milk chocolate colourways.

Real Flowers

Don’t forget to bring some real flowers into your home - jugs or vases of flowers from the garden or purchase a bunch of flowers and mix them with greenery. They don’t have to be formally arranged, a simple posy of common garden flowers looks charming in a country kitchen or dining room setting. You’ll have the benefit of the scent as well. Above all, keep it simple and it will be beautiful.

When introducing flowers - think of the shape too - this is a lovely petal shaped rug from Designers Guild for a young girl's room.

Flowers in the Kitchen?

As with the Greengate crockery, a little green in the floral plates and mugs co-ordinates beautifully with their spot green range. Therefore, if you have a tea or dinner set in a plain colour, just purchase a few plates and mugs in a floral pattern with some of the co-ordinating colour. These will then look fabulous placed together on an open shelf in your kitchen. There is a wonderful selection of floral kitchenware available this spring -

Mix floral patterns with dots and spots for colourful, yet, calming, al fresco dining. Greengate products can be purchased online at Greengate's little tin flour dredgers are perfect for adorning a shelf or windowsill in the kitchen and are a great little recession buster at only €6.50 each.

Lorna Sixsmith is owner of the online Home, Gift and Lifestyle store for all your interiors and gift shopping. 13

Spring Flowers  

On how to bring spring into your home through fresh flowers, floral accessories and much more

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