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7. Friendly Cottage blog 8. Sharon Hearne-Smith of Friendly Cottage blog 9. 'Before' pic of Sharon's bed from the Friendly Cottage blog 10. 'After' pic of Sharon's bed.11. Niamh Pedreschi’s kitchen which she’s posted on her blog, featuring kickboard lighting, Italian Effezeta glass table and leather & chrome chairs. 12. Harmony Design blog 13. Niamh Pedreschi of Harmony Design blog

dinner. Richy is getting married soon so expect to see wedding-related posts in the near future too. Friendly Cottage blog is In a world when every second television programme seems to exactly that - a friendly, homely, chatty place feature reality television and some not-so-famous celebrities, it is which almost makes you refreshing to read about ordinary people as they write about their feel as though you are love of interiors and other related issues in an interesting and lively having a cup of tea and slice of cake in a comfy fashion that helps you to identify with them. armchair in Sharon’s gorgeous kitchen with its original fireplace. Sharon writes about her great loves - cooking, baking, gardening, decorating, interiors, in such an informal and friendly style that it is lovely to float away with Sharon with her dreams, hopes, aspirations and achievements. You can also learn how to bake wonderful cakes, make jam and paint headboards, amongst other things, at the same time. Harmony Design is another blog that has interior design as its main focus as Niamh writes




about interiors fairs and exhibitions, inspiring design and decorating. Being married to an electrician means that Niamh is well qualified to share eco-friendly lighting tips with her readers as well as showcase the clocks she designs, makes and sells. As Niamh states, it is a wonderful boost to any blogger when readers take the time to comment on their posts so do remember to say hello and leave a comment when you visit a new blog. The seven sins come to mind when one reads the title of the next blog - Lust Covet Envy. Indeed, readers have ample opportunity to lust after and covet the modern, cheerful


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14 Lust Covet Envy blog 15. Marie Dunne of Marie Dunne of Lust Covet Envy blog 16. MissPrint Saplings wallpaper in sunflower yellow features on Lust Covet Envy blog

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Blog Watch  

Looking to find some of the best interior design blogs? Check out our recommendations

Blog Watch  

Looking to find some of the best interior design blogs? Check out our recommendations