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Responsible denim of the future is available today. Say goodbye to pumice stone and welcome Geopower NPS, the latest innovation in denim finishing by Garmon Chemicals launched during Kingpins Amsterdam. Sustainable, innovative, advantageous: Geopower NPS is already at the center of an R&D program by ONLY Blue Denim. For the third year in a row Garmon will be also one of the key panelists of the conference “Transformers”, dedicated to “The costs of Sustainability”.

19/20 April, Amsterdam - Another astounding unveiling for Garmon Chemicals, advanced chemical supplier for the apparel world, that launches today at Kingpins Amsterdam its very last innovation that will rock the world of denim finishings. Garmon Chemicals leads the market through a strong and effective R&D that sets sustainable practices. Its brand-new product goes exactly in this conscious direction. This is Geopower NPS (= No pumice stone), a truly exceptional compound that helps eliminating pumice stones from denim washing. Twelve months of extensive research and tests carried out in industrial environments around the world have lead to Geopower NPS, a truly exceptional compound that helps eliminating pumice stones from denim washing. Geopower NPS allows the achievement of heritage-rich looks on denim without the intervention of pumice stones and creates a range of very quintessential stone-washes characterised by excellent panel and seam abrasion, high color loss as well as remarkable contrast (extremely low back-staining). “Working on topics the like Geopower NPS is the greatest source of intellectual interest, the greatest source of visual beauty, the greatest source of excitement, the greatest source of so much in our business that makes us all very proud”, says Garmon Chemicals’ Chief Marketing Officer, Alberto De Conti. Geopower NPS zeroes pumice sludge and radically cuts environmental impact and costs, propelling industrial practices to the next level in terms of:

process advantages

cost savings

For information, please contact: +39 0543 798463 / +39 347 1686830

water savings

overall consciousness level

The R&D program with ONLY Blue Denim powered by Geopower NPS. Geopower NPS, being a significant, sustainable and effective innovation, has already been adopted by the renowned brand ONLY Blue Denim that at Kingpins, together with Garmon, is showing a few garments totally treated with Geopower NPS. A technical and creative R&D program that gives a preview of some of the stunning effects achievable thanks to this brand-new technology. “Garmon Chemicals has always been driven by innovation, and by integrating Geopower NPS into ONLY’s R&D program we’re showing that the responsible denim of the future is available today. We’re very excited about the potential of this R&D collaboration and to have ONLY as our partner” explains De Conti, echoed by Kenneth Bennetzen, Product and Production Manager at ONLY Blue Denim: “The work that we are doing with Garmon is a meaningful example of the sustainable approach of ONLY”, claims Bennetzen. “We have decided to show the status of this joined experimentation at Kingpins Amsterdam as a case study of a close partnership on a very significant topic”, Bennetzen concludes. Geopower NPS is used in all-in-one washing baths and, for even more striking results, in Nimbus settings. (more info on Nimbus on Geopower NPS, all the advantages. 1. Dramatic cut of both transportation costs and expenses caused by disposal of sludge (used pumice);

2. Much easier compliance with international environmental regulations related to pollution by wastewater and to disposing of the sludge (used pumice);

3. Elimination of manual labour otherwise necessary to remove pumice stones and their dust particles from the pockets of the garments and from the machines;

4. Higher production output as the disappearing of the stones creates productive volume inside the washing machines;

5. Significant quality improvement as metal buttons and rivets are not scratched and damaged;

6. Better fabric performance as pumice stones cause wear and tear of the cotton;

7. Much longer lifespan of laundry machines that are no longer bitten up by the stones;

8. Drop of noise pollution usually triggered by the rolling stones;

9. More consistent abrasion. Small stones will not give the desired look. Bigger stones can damage the fabric, mostly at the hems and waistbands;

10. Higher quality output as % of second choices is lower.

Moreover, besides the stunning capsule collection conceived with ONLY Blue Denim, the Kingpins’ guests have also the occasion to experience the stylish creations of The Italian Job, sister company of Garmon Chemicals whose main mission is responsible chemistry applied to fashion. This season, The Italian Job has created an amazing collection entirely built on the stunning effects achievable with Geopower NPS.

Embrace the future of denim finishings, discover Geopower NPS: because stones belong to nature, not in a washing machine. For information, please contact: +39 0543 798463 / +39 347 1686830

“The cost of Sustainability”: the future of denim sector with Transformers. 21th of April - For the third year in a row Garmon Chemicals’ Chief Marketing Officer Alberto De Conti will be one of the panelists of Transformers, the summit dedicated to best practices that during this edition will explore the crucial theme of “The cost of Sustainability”. “At the Transformers conference we’ll try and give a breakdown of costs that go into the architecture of a conscious line of auxiliaries for garment finishing”, reveals in advance Alberto De Conti. “We’ll also try and quantify the impact of chemical costs over the total costs of manufacturing. We’ll debate how sustainable the investment on conscious innovation really is, in a modern, fast fashion model that, apparently, rewards other key performance indicators”. A crucial occasion to explore, together with key players of the sector, the next green scenarios of the industry. Here are all the other prestigious speakers of Transformers: Tom Flicker (Principal, Sustainable Product development at Target); Kristin Kimm (Sr. Designer of denim at Target); Miguel Sanchez (Head of Global business development, Denim + Casualwear at Archroma); Damien Sanfilippo (Director of Standards and assurance at Better Cotton Initiative); Kurt Schlaepfer (Head customer relation management at Bluesign) Brent Crossland (Head of fiber development for Seeds at Bayer CropScience, e3 Cotton); Enrique Silla (Ceo at Jeanologia); Andreas Dorner (Commercial director, Europe and Americas at Lenzing); Sedef Uncuaki (Deputy general manager at Orta); Sanjeev Bahl (President at Saitex) and the researcher and writer Paulina Szmydke.

Join the conscious approach of Garmon Chemicals at Transformers! When: 21th of April from 9:30am to 2:30pm Where: Westerunie Klonneplein 4-6 1014 DD - Amsterdam More info on:

For information, please contact: +39 0543 798463 / +39 347 1686830

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Garmon launches geopower nps at Kingpins  

Garmon launches geopower nps at Kingpins