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OWL ORATIONS Texas-Oklahoma Region 9, Division 2S Volume 1, Issue No. 8


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letter from the editor...

Hello, Key Clubbers! Y 'all, we are so close to the end of the semester! Only two more weeks until glorious Winter Break! I am so happy at the participation and interaction within Key Club this year. Every time there's a volunteer event, you guys are always on top of it to sign up, and we really love the level of enthusiasm towards service. Since Thanksgiving just past, I just want to say how thankful I am for our officers, members, and Ms. Schaeffer. Thank you for making every meeting and volunteer event so memorable and exciting. As the semester is coming to a close, be aware of how many hours you have. We highly recommend that you have 50 hours of service total, so ideally, you would have roughly 25 hours by the time we leave school. If you're a bit low on hours, especially the seniors, it is time to play catch-up! Next semester we will not have as many hour opportunities, so sign up for what you can. Remember to sign up early for an event if you know it's very popular. Seniors MUST have 50 hours of service in order to receive his/her cord for graduation. Hopefully, the officers and I can arrange a nice social or event where the entire Key Club family can celebrate the holidays together like one big family. Keep up the good work, not only volunteering but in school for finals week! Happy holidays, Key Clubbers!

Yours in Service,


note from the president...

Hello, Key Clubbers! Welcome back to my monthly spiel! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and I want to take this opportunity to state how thankful I am for this organization and my Key Club family. You guys are the best, and I couldn’t have asked for a better board or members! This month I have some exciting news to share with you guys. During the month of December, our lieutenant governor (LTG) Katherine Bui will be holding a joint divisional election conference (DEC) with Alina. This may be some confusing lingo to some of you, but a DEC is a meeting to decide our next LTG who will oversee our Key Club division. LTGs communicate with various schools and convey important information that each chapter needs. Garland High School has several exceptional Key Clubbers who will be running against one another to become our next LTG. It’s a nice friendly competition, but it’s also an important one because it determines how effectively communication will be between each schools and Key Club International. Best of luck to all of those who will be running! Anyways, back to my regularly scheduled pep talk: Thanksgiving break is over and finals is coming right around the corner. I know finals week is an incredibly stressful time for us all, but I know you’ll make it through. Spend some time with your friends or even volunteer if that’s how you destress. Just remember that your Key Club family is always here for you, and we may schedule a day for all of us to relax. Perhaps, a movie night or hot chocolate. Christmas is also coming, and I hope this will be a way for us to give back to you all for being part of this organization. Just remember that there’s only two more weeks until winter break so keep trudging on! Thank you again for reading my note, and Happy Holidays :)

Yours in Service,


MONTHLY REVIEW MONTHLY REVIEW MONTHLY REVIEW Kimberlin Academy Kimberlin Academy hosted their Fall Carnival and our Key Clubbers came out to offer their assistance, and some even took a walk down memory lane. They worked concessions and the games.


Thanksgiving social After the general meeting in the spirit of the holiday season, we held a Thanksgiving social to give back to our members. We served sweet


snacks and drinks for everyone!

Turkey Trot Despite the cold and rainy weather, thank you Key Clubbers for coming out to help at the run. We handed out t-shirts, medals, water, and food to all of the runners who crossed the finish line.


9 5

December 2019 SUN.



































Christmas Eve

Christmas Day









New Year's Eve

DID YOU KNOW... All of the items in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” total 354 gifts.




Attend two meetings a month in the library after school from 3-3:30 pm where we will update you on upcoming events and plans

Northeast Dallas Kiwanis Meetings (12/2, 12/16) Meet up at Life Message from 7 - 8 PM as we try and bridge the gap between Kiwanis and Key Club

Garland Kiwanis Meetings (12/3, 12/17) Meet up at Fish ‘N Tails Oyster Bar from 12 - 1 PM for an opportunity to discuss and plan relevant events in our community

Caps For Naps (12/4, 12/11) Go to Mrs. Johnson’s room (409) to learn how to crochet some caps for babies in the NICU every Wednesday after school from 2:50 - 3:50 pm.

CANstruction (12/6) Donate cans of nonperishable goods that will go towards a local charity. We’ll also be having fun making structures at school with these donated cans *Calendars only have events planned at the beginning of each month and are, therefore, subject to change. Events can be added or cancelled and details can be changed.



MISSED A GE General Meeting on Wednesday, December 18! Remember, the meetings are MANDATORY!


Make-up meetin Room 407 on th general meeting promptly at 7:00


Follow our Ke y Club Instagram:



ngs will be held in he Friday after gs and will begin 0 am. Don't miss it!

access o t e r e h k Clic form! s r u o h e th

r that you e e b m e m e R tur bmit a pic e u s T S U M oing servic yourself d lunteered. if you vo


We are Global Key Club is a growing organization with global reach. With

1000s of clubs in more than 38 countries, the impact of Key Club members can be felt all over the world.

We Learn Through Action High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Our Mission Statement Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Core Values Members of Key Club learn to become leaders in their school

and community, build their character through acts of kindness, develop compassion for others, and welcome people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds to serve the community. 10

*All information was found on the official Key Club website www.keyclub.org

Lights, Camera...ACTION! The Texas-Oklahoma District Board is proud to announce that the theme for LEDCON 2020 will be...

HOLLYWOOD! N O C LED 2020 , 6 2 3 2 pril



Want to earn an easy service hour?

WRITE AN ARTICLE! Write a 400 word article about anything related to Key Club SUGGESTED PROMPTS: If you attended Fall Rally, describe your experience! Now that the theme is released, what are some ideas you have for portraying Hollywood at DCON? Are there any holiday-themed events/activities that your club is planning on participating in? Describe in detail. Does your club have any traditions? Describe in detail.


include a jpg image relating to the article

Submit a Google Docs file under the assignment "November 2019 Article Submissions" in Google Classroom, and fill out an hours form.


Our Key Club now is on FOLLOW US TO STAY CONNECTED AND... get reminders about upcoming activities view pictures from volunteer events DM us with questions or concerns

Other accounts to follow: @tokeyclub @keyclubint

Follow us

@garlandhskeyclub 13

wesbite update


Hello Key Clubbers! The first semester is almost over! I have been working on the website a lot this month and it is mostly finished now. I am updating things all of the time, so make sure you check the site and the remind often for more info.   The website content is now complete! The meeting archive with powerpoints and minutes (transcripts) has been uploaded and will be updated after every meeting. The minutes are standard for all meetings and we have to send them to our district Key Club, so we made them available for the members to see. Make sure you keep up to date with the archive if you miss any meetings. Hours have also been uploaded and are up to date. If you ever need to check how many hours you have, the website will have it available and accurate at all times. The attendance sheet is now uploaded as well, so make sure you don't miss any more than two meetings or you will be put on probation. Many members have requested for an easier way to view their hours. Currently, volunteer hours are recorded on a large spreadsheet that shows all grade levels and all events for the entire year that included every member’s name and ID number. This makes it difficult to look through and find all of the events that you have earned hours for and may lead to some confusion and a lack of privacy. In the near future, hours will be posted on the website where you can login and have a more specialized view of every event you have attended. Hours will still need to be submitted in the google form along with the usual prompts that follow. Lastly, 


member attendance will be posted on the website too, so make sure you attend all of the meetings! Speaking of meeting attendance, all of this year’s meetings are on the calendar. We’ve changed the bylaws again and published them on the website. They are on the new handouts page along with all of the forms you might need for key club. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the new hour submission form for this school year. Make sure you submit any events you volunteer at and pictures to the form or you won't get credit for them! Some members haven’t been doing this and have missed out on some hours that they have earned. Thank you for listening to my update for this month. Don’t forget to check the website (garlandhskeyclub.com) and don't forget to take more pictures when you volunteer!

Jake Wendling, Webmaster

how it all began... Key Club International is the most established and best non-benefit understudy driven association for secondary school students. It’s an organization that instructs and spreads guiding principles through network administration: minding, characterbuilding, comprehensiveness, and authority which were received by our Key Club International Board in 2002. Individuals from Key Club, a piece of the network administration based Kiwanis International Family, form themselves into youthful pioneers as they decidedly sway their schools and networks. Key Club was the motivated vision of California State Commissioner of Schools Albert C. Olney, and professional training educator Frank C. Vincent, who together attempted to build up the main Key Club at Sacramento High School in California on May 7, 1925. Today, Key Club exists on very nearly 5,000 secondary school grounds, 35 unique nations, basically in the United States and Canada. It has likewise developed universally to the Caribbean countries, Central and South America, and most as of late to Asia and Australia. With more than 12 million hours of network administration a year, Key Club International is an association involved multi-state regions, divisions, and individual Key Clubs on secondary school grounds the world over. Our association is financed by ostensible levy paid by each part, just as liberal commitments by Kiwanis International to support administration authority preparing programs. Key Club's 

area and global officials are secondary school pioneers chose by the individuals at locale and universal shows. Our people group administration association offers a wide scope of chances to its individuals, for example, by supporting our International Service Partners March of Dimes (reserves research to decrease untimely births), UNICEF (attempts to conquer destitution, brutality, separation, and infection that harrow youngsters around the globe), and Children's Miracle Network (raises assets for in excess of 170 kids' medical clinics).

Albert Yang, Treasurer


what helping means to me Ever since I’ve joined Key Club, I found a love for helping others. It doesn’t matter how or when, I love just the simple fact of being able to impact others positively. Before key club I didn’t really care for volunteering. I wasn’t in any organization or had any duty to help others so I didn’t care to go out of my way to do something for others. But then I went to high school and many clubs and organizations purpose was to help others. I joined clubs such as NHS, Key Club, and IB that all gave me the extra push and reason I needed to volunteer. Because of these clubs, I wasn’t so shy and awkward getting out of my comfort zone to volunteer because I did it amongst some of my closest friends. Through these clubs I’ve learned how much one person can make a difference and how rewarding it is to see that your actions can positively affect the lives of others. Since freshman year I’ve done more and more volunteering and I’m always in the search for more volunteering opportunities to help people in my area. Helping doesn’t always seem like a huge action but anything even the smallest way of helping; it always makes someone’s day better. No matter the task such as grading papers, making dog toys or tutoring someone-it makes a possible difference in the world. With all the negative and horrible things in the world, it is important that we all help each other and lend a hand to those in need. All we really need is love and love is always spread out by helping. For this reason as my CAS project,


creativity, activity, and service project, I decided to help tutor kids in math. Students at my local middle school were really behind in their grade level math and they needed extra help to understand on level math. Therefore, my partners and I made a goal to tutor these students every week for a semester. It was really hard and challenging to think of methods to teach the kids but it was so rewarding knowing we were making an impact on these kids' lives. I’m happy to know that those kids learned to be less insecure about their math skills and gained some confidence and knowledge to perform better than they did before.

Nallely Maciel, Historian

'tis the season Without fail, the holiday season is always one of the busiest times of the year for our community. From tree lighting ceremonies to breakfasts with Santa, festivities abound when this time of the year rolls around. Naturally, as our community strives to do more, so do we! With this seasonal increase in volunteer opportunities, our chapter is worked to its maximum capacity. Every year, our chapter kicks off the holiday season by volunteering at the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. At its core, the Turkey Trot is a 5K, but it is embellished by a lot of family-friendly activities. Runners work hard to work up an appetite for their Thanksgiving meal. When we volunteer at this event, we usually help out in the kids' area, hand out medals, or help out at the VIP area. Personally, one of my favorite events of the season is breakfast with Santa. Kids and their parents can enjoy freshly made pancakes with Santa and take pictures with him after breakfast. Key Clubbers usually help out by making pancakes for everyone.  Next up in our chapter’s holiday service events is Christmas on the Square. This is an event that the City of Garland organizes each year to kick off the city’s countdown to Christmas.  It is a wonderful event for families, as there are lots of opportunities 

to take pictures with Santa and characters from Christmas movies. The night’s grand finale is the lighting of the huge tree in the middle of the city square. This is always a really fun event to volunteer at, and a great boost to the chapter’s holiday spirit. In addition to volunteering at the city’s holiday celebrations, we also take the holiday season as an opportunity for socials! We had a Thanksgiving social on November 20th to remind out members how thankful we are to have them. We had a fun Thanksgivingthemed icebreaker and lots of food. In addition to the Thanksgiving social, we will have a Christmas social in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break.

Tisha Gautam, Secretary



Although school has only been going on for a few months now, time has flown by so quickly. One blink. Back to school and HOCO season. Two blinks. Halloween and Thanksgiving. Three blinks. Finals and winter break! Each part of the school year may seem unrelated to Key Club, but you might be surprised with the extent to which Key Club affects our community.     Over the years that I have been in this organization, I’ve developed a simple belief: being of service will forever be an integral part of life because there’s always a shortage of help in the world. If we can provide relief to the daily struggles of others or bring smiles to the faces of people, then maybe we’ll find some clues to our purpose in this world because as Mahatma Gandhi has stated: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Key Club was the start of my journey to discover different sides of myself.  One Blink. Coming back to school was an


interesting experience since I was just starting my junior year, and I have taken on multiple leadership positions such as President for Key Club. I wasn’t prepared for the number of people that came to our first meeting, but I was certainly elated with the outcome of around 100 students. Truthfully, however, I don’t think I made a strong impression during the first meeting, but that is a flaw that I now know to fix. I also enjoyed HOCO season because it was a time of collaboration. It was during HOCO week that I felt like I was able to connect with the members! Two Blinks. Although it may not have appeared that Key Club had participated in any events that were Halloween-related, we were able to contribute in a different manner. We partnered up with UNICEF and participated in the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, a fundraising program that donates money to children in need. As for Thanksgiving, we volunteered at the annual Dallas Turkey Trot. For my freshman and sophomore year,

naoD ynaffiT


I always followed more-experienced officers when we took the DART. This year, however, the roles were reversed, and I had to take the lead to direct members to the race. I’m not the best at directions, so I did lead us astray for a couple minutes, but luckily I had others to help me and we were able to reach our destination on time. Three Blinks. December still seems like a dream waiting to come true, but November is ending and it’s almost time for the holidays. My favorite time of the year, Christmas season has an air that always feels like it’s charged with a happy, cheerful energy. Inundated with finals, students may find it difficult to enjoy the vibes. Therefore, I hope that Key Club will be able to relieve some stress, but plans are still yet to be made. If you guys have any suggestions, then please feel free to send it our way. Key Club really has changed me for the better, and I will forever cherish the many lessons that I gain from this organization. I hope many others feel the same way as me, but that’s all for my bi-annual HOTO and I can’t wait to read other people’s stories!


MAJOR Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus—a deadly disease that steals the lives of nearly 31,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year.

Visit their websites to learn more

When you join March for Babies you stand with

thousands of people across the country who share your commitment to building a brighter future for us all. March with us to lead the fight for the health of all moms and babies.

about how you can help the cause

More than 10 million kids enter a children’s hospital like Children's Health across North America every year. Since 1983, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has helped fill those funding gaps by raising more than $5 billion.


Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to END the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities that need safe, clean drinking water. Why Water? Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than HIV, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.



2019 2020



DISTRICT GOVERNOR Ashna Patel governor@tokeyclub.com

SECRETARY Kareena Patel secretary@tokeyclub.com

TREASURER Katherine Chao treasurer@tokeyclub.com

EDITOR Vivian Thai editor@tokeyclub.com

LTG DIVISION 2S Katherine Bui ltg2S@tokeyclub.com

CONVENTION LIAISON Dillion Grisham cl@tokeyclub.com

TECH PRODUCER Lacey Thomas techassistant@tokeyclub.com

REGION 9 ADVISOR Connor Rubrecht region9@tokeyclub.com

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR Kenyon Black administrator@tokeyclub.com

ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR Ryan Edmoundson AAFinance@tokeyclub.com

ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR Kelly Poland AAEvents@tokeyclub.com

There are two things I love serving: pie and my community!

2019 2020


PRESIDENT Tiffany Doan tiffanydoan12@gmail.com

VICE PRESIDENT Alina Dam alinalandam@gmail.com

SECRETARY Tisha Gautam tishagautam@gmail.com

TREASURER Albert Yang yangralbert@gmail.com

EDITOR Katelyn Tran katelyntran818@gmail.com

HISTORIAN Nallely Maciel Nallelymaciel75@gmail.com

Remember that yours is not the only heart that may be wishing for

WEBMASTER Jake Wendling wendljac000@students.garlandisd.net

CLUB ADVISOR Morgan Shaeffer mshaeffer@garlandisd.net


~Cameron Dokey


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Owl Orations November 2019 Volume 1 Issue 8  

Owl Orations November 2019 Volume 1 Issue 8