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Bug out Bags -- Survival Supplies that Facilitate High Speed Evacuation We live in a very uncertain world. Everything is fine one moment, the next moment all hell might break loose. It is sensible to be prepared for the worst if and when it strikes. Expecting and preparing for a catastrophe is not pessimistic, but practical. As a prepper, you should have emergency supplies ready for yourself and your family. Whether you have to leave your home in a hurry, or find yourself stranded in a deserted place, survival supplies are essential. Bug out bags with the necessary survival supplies are great options you should have with you, which will help you tackle any emergency.

Emergency Preparedness Kits for Off the Grid Living Bug out bag is a portable kit that usually contains things that will help you survive for 72 hours, so it is also called a 72 hour kit. These bags come in handy during natural disasters such as hurricanes and man-made disasters such as rioting and looting. The contents you should have in your







geographic region you live in. However, the usual contents included in a bug out bag are: 1

• Water, which is most essential for your survival • Food supplies • Clothing • Medical supplies • Cell phone and charger • Flashlights • Waterproof matches • Sleeping bags and blankets • Appropriate equipment for protection and self defense • Compass • Standard camping equipment • Personal hygiene kit

How a Survival Store Can Help The greatest advantage we have now is the availability of survival stores that provide quality bug out bags containing all the necessary items. This means that you don’t have to take the trouble of organizing your go-bag. They have readymade kits to cater to a single person or to a group. These emergency backpack kits are great to keep at home, at your workplace, or in your car. Survival supplies for your auto are ideal for any road emergency situation and are packed in a heavy-duty backpack. You can also buy survival kits specially designed for survival in hostile 2

environments. These are small enough to be conveniently carried as backpacks. They usually contain survival tools and those that will help you escape from unfriendly forces.

Keep Your Family Safe with Survival Supplies Survival supplies neatly organized in your bug out bag will keep you and your family safe and ready for all potential emergencies. Emergency supplies keep you prepared for earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, blackouts, fires, tornadoes, floods, riots and any such situation. You can bug out at a moment’s notice and get to safety. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are well prepared for any eventuality with the emergency preparedness kits your survival store has provided you.

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Bug out Bags -- Survival Supplies that Facilitate High Speed Evacuation  
Bug out Bags -- Survival Supplies that Facilitate High Speed Evacuation  

Survival supplies come in handy when you have to leave your home at a moment’s notice. Bug out bags containing emergency supplies can be con...