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The house was filled with joy & happiness. After all a baby was born after 10 years of marriage . Parents were overwhelmed with joy & happiness. Their years of prayers , rounds of holy shrines , devotion & trust had finally yielded a result . They had a baby boy, beautiful , in pink of health , chubby boy. Their hearts were filled with joy . They couldn’t thank god more . Years passed . He was five now , pampered silly by both the parents . He knew he was special. His likes & dislikes were special . He loved to dress up & pose . He loved her mother & used to imitate her style . Her closet was his favourite place . Her jewellery & clothes mesmerized him . He wanted to look as beautiful as his mother .He wore her shoes , her make up , her clothes . Parents found it cute . Some more years passed , he was a teenage boy . His body was more strong. He had more strength .He developed a facial hair with he dejected. He wanted to get rid of them once & for all. His friends mocked him . Girl found him strange . Neighbours gave him strange looks . He always felt out of place . BUT he still loved his mother’s closet, her clothes, jewellery & shoes. Now he was a grown up man . Working in a good company . Getting nice pay. Yet the story remained same. He kept to himself . No one wanted to be his friend .No one tried to understand him. His parents were worried .They thought he was under “bad influence” . They wanted to him to marry as soon as possible. They showed him many pics of beautiful girl. But he rejected . One day he was working late in the office. His boss called him in his cabin. He offered him an overseas project .He was happy , very happy . Boss said he needed a little favour . Boss wanted to be his ‘special friend’. Boss said no one would know . They could live like this as long as they want . And boss smirked .He stood up & ran out of the cabin, feeling hurt , dejected & alone. It was raining outside .Rain covered his tears . He felt alone in the crowd . No one to talk , no hand to hold . He went back home. He went to his mother’s bed room , sat beside her bed .Tears rolled down his cheeks .His mother woke up. He cried & cried . He told her mother what went wrong . he told her how he felt all these years . His father heard this conversation. He was extremely angry . He told him to leave the house . He looked at his mother . Her head hung down. He understood she couldn’t reason or leave his father . He took his belongings & left the house forever . He felt free, liberated , He felt ALIVE for first time in his life .BUT he still loved his mother’s closet, her clothes, jewellery & shoes. People are different . Some are born differed . No one should be judged , mistreated or isolated . All have rights to live life on theirs own terms . If we cant accept others for what they are , Its better we leave them alone & let them enjoy their life .

He found his soul