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MOBILE SIGNAL ANTENNA 4G,3G,GSM & CDMA Universal 12dbi High Gain OUTDOOR ANTENNA For Mobile,Data Card & Router With 10 Meter Cable & 4.5" Medium Adapter,Best Mobile Network Solution For All Network Operators No more call drops Buy mobile signal antenna@#Christmas Festival offer buy now!!!!!!!!!! Now your every network related issues, network fluctuations, bad signal reception leading to call drops or slow internet speed moments from now on will not be something you have to suffer more as we have invented and brought for you Universal Antenna (for Mobile, Dongle and Router).

Everyone today experiences the common problem of frequent bad network connectivity, call drop, fluctuation of network that makes every time breakage of signals leading to poor communications and internet. Especially when we are doing an important work if this network issue happens, it really makes us annoyed.

Till date, no solution has been found to bring us out of this problem completely. But now, here we have invented a Universal 3 in 1 Outdoor Antenna for both, Mobile, Data Card and Router, that solves your problem of network fluctuation, provides you with stable network indoors and saves you from this network related concern completely. This convenient product provides a proper range of steady, even and constant network signals almost equivalent to outdoor availability.

Where using this Mobile Antenna, further you don't have to undergo any situation of panic for searching and roaming for network here and there. Static network access is what this antenna promises to offer by three simple steps of installation. First, place the antenna on the rooftops or terrace facing towards the tower with the help of a pole and at a maximum height to receive strong signals. Second, connect the first end of the cable with antenna and other end with the wrapping adapter.

Third, move the adapter on your mobile to obtain convenient signals, when accessed wrap the adapter at the same position only (moving of adapter not needed on data card and router). Variation in network reception indoors may occur depending upon the availability of network outdoors. (For example, if the outside network is 5 bars, it will provide indoors 3-4 stable bars inside due to the usage of the cable length).

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Mobile Signal Antenna  

Easy Use and installation with Wide Compatibility: This all-weatherproof antenna supports all network operators of WCDMA, 2G, 3G and 4G with...

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