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September 28, 2011

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FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK It is hard to believe September is almost over. We have finalized our staffing, completed most of our Bill 33 consultations, and finished handing out lockers and textbooks. As part of the completion of our staffing, I would like to welcome back Mr. Easby, who is teaching Math, Science and Planning, as well as Ms. Palmer, who is teaching English 10. Both of these teachers are excellent additions to our staff who make a difference in the lives of our kids. Phil Boyte was welcomed back to GSS on Thursday September 22nd and Friday September 23rd for a number of assemblies and a leadership workshop. Last year Phil presented an assembly titled Creating Communities of Care, a message that required our school community to wonder what would happen if we cared just a little more about each other. This past Thursday, Phil presented assemblies titled „The Power of a Dream.” Phil gave 4 presentations during the day, and although there were some differences in each assembly, the main point was the same in each. Phil‟s website describes this assembly as follows: As little kids we have lots of dreams, yet somewhere between elementary school and high school, many young people lose sight of those dreams. In a powerful way, Phil, takes students on a trip down memory lane as they remember how they made earlier dreams come true and how they can do it again. They will laugh, some will cry, and they will understand again that if others can see their dreams come true, it is possible to see their own dreams happen. Phil blends in a message of how the distractions of cigarette use, drug and alcohol abuse, and negative self-talk can cause people to lose sight of their dreams.

about Bopsy, a 5 year old diagnosed with cancer, whose dream was to be a firefighter. As the assembly unfolded, Phil challenged our students to define their dreams, and then pursue them. Each audience left enthusiastic and inspired, with many students approaching Phil in the hallways to tell him their dreams. I would encourage you to have ongoing conversations with your son/daughter about what his/her dreams are. On Friday, Phil presented a leadership workshop to a number of our students, along with a few students from other SD 42 high schools. Keep in mind that this workshop was held on a professional day, but we still had over 55 of our students attend. This 4 hour workshop challenged our students to think about how they can create memories to last a lifetime while in high school. Many students commented to me that this was the best day of school they had ever attended. Our two days with Phil have caused me to reflect on how important a positive school culture is for our students. With that in mind, I am hoping to bring Phil back next year to deliver his renowned program titled „Breaking Down the Walls.” If you are interested in finding out more about this program, have a look at this link: programs/breaking-down-the-walls/ October is a busy month and I would encourage you to read through this newsletter so you are aware of all that is going on. Also, the calendar function on our new website should be functional in the next two weeks. Have a great day!

As he did last year, Phil hooked each audience with his first story. This time, Phil told us a true story

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Mr. Frend

More good news is that Garibaldi has been accepted to remain on the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program, which allows us to distribute different fresh fruits and vegetables to students several times throughout the year. To ensure every student’s health and safety during this program, you must notify our office if you do NOT wish for your child to participate, or if you need to alert us to certain food allergies. Please find available forms for this purpose, along with more detailed information about this program, on our website

ABLE TO HELP? Parent help is always required and appreciated. We are looking for parents who are able to assist in the Homework Centre after school, coaching, score-keeping, and many other areas around the school. GSS Photo Club is proud to present our first community photography show, "Journeys." The show will be hosted at the Startbucks on the corner of 240th and Dewdney for the month of October. Please stop in and check it out. GSS Photo club is comprised of 20 Photo by Taylor Hamm, talented student photograGSS photo club member phers from grade 8 up to grade 12. If you would like to join, please drop by a meeting; they are held every Thursday after school in room 2008 or talk to Ms. Messner. If you are a community member and would like to help our club out by donating photo equipment, providing a show display space or hosting a photo workshop at the school, please email

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGES Due to the current job action initiated by members of the British Columbia Teachers‟ Federation, the conferences previously scheduled for October 20th, 2011, have been cancelled and may be rescheduled at a later date. The school day for all GSS students on October 20th will follow the regular block order, F-Adv-E-H-G, with a regular start and end time. Parents are advised that you are welcome to individually contact your child‟s teacher at any time should you wish to have a discussion on matters pertaining to your child. Please note that the Provincial Non-Instructional Day scheduled for October 21st, 2011, will still be held. Garibaldi‟s next PAC meeting, originally scheduled for October 5th, has had to be changed to October 12th. We hope to see many parents join us as our guest speaker will be Director of Secondary Education, Stewart Sonne, who will talk about district overview of secondary education. Optional Student Accident Insurance is available through IA Pacific. Brochures and applications are available in the office and on our website at What about spending next Spring Break in FRANCE? Registration to participate in the trip is still open to ALL grade 11 and 12 students. Participants will travel from Nice to Avignon, Loire Valley Castles, Mont St Michel, Day beaches and of course Paris. For more information, please go Chef's Page on the school library web page. http:// Welcome.html

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“I always wanted to be somebody but I should have been more specific” Lily Tomlin A fundamental goal of the Learning Centre is to help develop as many SELF directed learners as we possibly can. We aim to help students create a receptive mind set to accepting the responsibility of executively managing their own learning. Specifically this means planning, monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting their approaches to learning. How do we do this? One of the educational research “gurus” who has given us a framework for our approach is Rick Sheets who uses a metacognitive approach to study skills. In the study skills context, this term literally means “after thinking”. The first step of this approach to becoming a more efficient learner is to reflect back on past learning situations. The purpose of this step is to recognize what was done well as a student and what was done poorly. Once this ACTIVE mindset “ball” is in motion the next step is guide the student in selecting specific learning strategies. Rick Sheets helpfully divides such strategies up into four separate but interconnected SUCCESSFUL LEARNING REQUIREMENTS: MOTIVATION “the desire to learn” which incorporates: attitudes, purpose, time management as a student approaches a new learning situation…in the effort to “want it” ACQUISITION “understanding new information being presented/taught” which incorporates active reading, active listening, in the effort to connect new information to prior understanding…in the effort to “get it” RETENTION “the ability to access newly learned information” which incorporates memory, practice, review, essentially… time in contact with the information…in the effort to “keep it” PERFORMANCE “the ability to apply new information appropriately” which incorporates discussion, composition, assignment completion, test taking…in the effort to “show it” Let The Learning Centre help you MAXIMIZE your 5 year learning opportunity at Garibaldi Secondary School Room 2033 …Everyday AT LUNCH and AFTER SCHOOL “…a little better all the time…”!/pages/Garibaldi-Secondary-School-Info-Page/145381672221372

THEATRE UPDATES Our first Psycho session will be on October 19th at 7:00. Tickets will be available at the door for $5.00. Auditions for this session will be on October 12th during the lunch break and after school. Please sign-up on the theatre door. The theatre department is in need of: - A chihuahua that can bark on demand. - We are hoping a local church will be able to a loan us a dozen choir robes for one week in February. - Old nail technician tools. - An old fashioned hair dryer. - Chairs from a salon. - Broken lap tops. We are delighted to announce that we received the rights to

LegallyBlonde It will premiere in our theatre from February 21 to 25. Tickets and more information will soon be available!

COUNSELLING STAFF Ms. Beyer - Grade 11 and 12, IB Mrs. Davies - Grade 8, 9 and 10 Mr Cowie - International students Included in our counselling team are Mrs Gould, work experience and career prep coordinator; Ms. Piocza, aboriginal support worker; Mrs. Tibando, youth and child careworker; and Mrs. Ward, career centre coordinator. Parents and guardians are welcome to contact any of us with questions or concerns.

Parenting Information The Family Education and Support Centre have many programs starting up over the next few weeks. Pamphlets on these programs are available in the counseling office or check the Family Education Centre website at – has a variety of programs and resources – education and support to help reduce depression related teenage suicide Graduation 2012 Information All students who are preparing to graduate in June need to be paying close attention to regular information that is made available to them by the counselling department. The daily newsletter, the Garibaldi Gazette, contains a section specifically intended for Grads. In this section, we include all notices of current scholarships, bursaries and awards, post secondary information and opportunities, graduation requirements, volunteer and job openings, and other important details for graduates. As well as regular reading of the Gazette, we recommend that all grade 12‟s take full advantage of the wealth of information in our Career Centre. The Career Centre is open during studies and at noon for their convenience. Counsellors encourage grade 12‟s to see them with any questions and concerns about current courses, previous credits, external credits and future opportunities. Grade 12‟s should be arranging an appointment with their counsellor to complete a credit check. If at any time during the year they change a course, they must be sure to redo their credit check. Grad Transitions – is a required course worth 4 credits. Students will be required to attend a number of classes during their study block. Students who do not have a study will need to see either Mrs. Gould or Ms. Beyer to receive the assignments. The first classes will be on October 4, 5 and 6. The complete Transition Plan is due February 1; Physical Activity Log for grade 12 – May 1. The package includes a few big items that students should be working on throughout the year: 80 hours of physical activity log; post secondary plans; 30 hours of work experience or volunteer work and 1 reference letter. Individual assignments will be due the week after the presentation.

Work Experience Opportunities RCMP Youth Academy The RCMP Youth Academy is designed for students aged 16 to 18 years who are interested in police work and law enforcement as a possible future career. This year‟s Youth Academy will be March 15 – March 23. The Academy will be held at the Stillwood Conference Centre, at the south end of Cultus Lake, at Spring Break. This program is designed to place the students in an RCMP academy situation. Once selected, the students will experience everything a police cadet would experience but in capsulated form. Students will receive instructions on law, police tactics, social skills, physical training, self defence, and have lectures from various police specialists. Students will also be expected to make a presentation to the group, complete various reports, partake in all planned activities and work with other students as part of a team. Meals, lodging, uniform clothing and stationary will be supplied. A list of rules will be supplied to the successful applicants and any students not complying with these rules will be sent home at their expense. Transportation to and from the work site will be the candidate's responsibility. A fee will be required from each candidate. This academy is meant to be both a fun and a learning experience but will be mentally and physically challenging. If you have any questions, please contact either your career counsellor or your school liaison officer from you local police agency. Students completing the Academy will receive 4 credits for Work Experience 12A.

O THER OPPORTUNITIES - see Mrs. Gould BCIT - Broadcasting - four days at BCIT Science World Vancouver Aquarium Ghost Ridge - October 21, 22 & 27 - 30

Post Secondary Directions Graduates are encouraged to consider seriously which post secondary directions they wish to pursue, because many post secondary institutions open their registration services soon: UFV - October 1 Douglas College - October 15 Kwantlen - November 1 The Career Centre has information on post secondary institutions and application procedures. Post- Secondary Visit – November 16, 2011 November 16 is an important morning for all grade 11 and12 students, as this is the time when post secondary representatives from across BC come to Garibaldi to meet with students in small groups, providing information and answering questions. After small group presentations, there will be a career fair in the cafeteria. This will allow students to circulate and speak with representatives from a variety of post secondary schools. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the career fair format from 1:25 – 2:40 AM in the cafeteria. Take Our Kids to Work Day - Grade 9 Students Wednesday, November 2 Take Our Kids to Work Day is a national initiative that encourages grade 9 students to spend a day at work with a parent, relative or adult friend. The three main objectives are: - to offer students a view of the work world and to give them an understanding of its demands and opportunities; - to allow students to see their parents or other host in different roles to understand what they do to support a family; - and to emphasize that education goes far beyond the walls of a classroom. Students in grade nine will soon receive more information about this day. Students are encouraged to start thinking about who they would like to go to work with and check if this is possible. Information will be available from their PE teachers. The assignments from this day will be part of their Health and Careers mark. Students who are unable to participate must be at school.

IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES Friday, September 30 Friday, October 7 Monday, October 10 Wednesday, October 12 Wednesday, October 19 Thursday, October 20 Friday, October 21 Wednesday, October 26 Thursday, October 27 Friday, October 28 Saturday, October 29 November 1 - 3 Wednesday, November 2 Friday, November 11 Monday, November 14 Wednesday, November 16 Friday, November 18 December 19 - 30

Collaboration Day - first class commences at 9:40 Terry Fox Run Thanksgiving Day Stat PAC at 7:00 pm Photo Retakes Psycho Session at 7:00 pm Regular classes - block order F - ADV - E - H - G Pro-D Day (no regular classes) Music Concert at 7:00 pm Halloween Dance from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Collaboration Day - first class commences at 9:40 Scrapbooking in the Cafe - please contact Mrs. Fewer in the cafeteria for more information on this fund-raiser Grad Photo Sittings (by appointment only) Take Your Kids to Work Day (grade 9 students) Remembrance Day Stat Altered Calendar School Closure Post Secondary Visits at Garibaldi Collaboration Day - first class commences at 9:40 Christmas Vacation

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