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August 29, 2011

Garibaldi Secondary School 24789 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge, BC V4R 1X2 Phone: 604-463-6287

MESSAGE FROM MR. FREND Welcome back, Rebels! I hope you have enjoyed your summer as much as I have enjoyed mine. I am eagerly anticipating a fantastic year and I would like to thank our clerical staff and custodial staff for doing such wonderful work in preparing the school for opening day. Our School Improvement Plan will continue to focus on improving literacy as well as reducing the number of I’s students receive. You will probably notice we are also continuing to focus on incorporating technology into our school as well. Our new website is up and running and you will find it packed with information about all aspects of our school. We will continue to expand our website and add more sections as the year progresses. You can also find us on Twitter using the name @GaribaldiRebels. We will use Twitter to send out short blurbs about important dates and events. Please update your email address / cell phone numbers with our office so we may communicate important updates with you. Many of our students will be in classes where technology is integrated with learning on a daily basis. Our grade 8 E-POD program is starting this year and Mr. Ludeman and Ms. Messner have an IPAD research project that will start in September. We also have sets of laptops teachers can sign out and use in their classroom. We have also purchased FLIP cams and we will be purchasing GPS devices to provide exciting learning opportunities for our students. Remember, these projects are in addition to the outstanding teaching and learning already occurring in our computer labs and in our library. We will introduce 2 new and exciting parent events this September. First, on September 14th at 7 pm we will host our first Parents-Back-to-School Night. The focus of this evening will be to provide you with strategies to help ensure your child enjoys a great year. We will cover topics such as: communicating effectively with teachers, monitoring your child’s progress, managing your child’s online behavior (learn about Facebook, Twitter, and privacy issues), and other important topics. I strongly encourage you to attend this very informative evening. Our second parent event will be our Student Support Services Parents–Backto-School Night on September 28th at 7 pm. This evening is targeted at providing parents of students on an Individual Education Plan with strategies to ensure a successful year. My hope for both of these events is that we not only

Fax: 604-463-0896

give you important information, but we also make you feel welcome in the school. I believe that a primary purpose of a public secondary school is to help prepare students for either a job or postsecondary learning experience. To this end, I am asking staff to focus this year on teaching students the importance of communicating in a respectful manner. It is important for students to reflect on how important communication is. As adults, we know that how we communicate with others builds our reputation. I am committed to working with our students to ensure they understand how important it is to communicate carefully both in person and online. I would encourage you to have a conversation with your son / daughter about this topic on a regular basis. I am looking forward to this year with great anticipation. It is an honour to be Principal at Garibaldi Secondary School. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

STAFF CHANGES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS As Ms. Baldasso recently announced her decision to retire, we wish to thank her for her years of dedicated service to Garibaldi and wish her much happiness in this exciting phase of her life. We also welcome two staff who are returning to Garibaldi - Ms. Dearman, who will be teaching in the languages department, and Mrs. Mckinley, Special Education Assistant. PAC September 21 at 7:00pm in the Cafeteria Parents are reminded of our Parents’ Advisory Council which usually meets on the first Wednesday of every month. You are invited to attend and be an active part of our community. This is not a fund raising group, but an opportunity for parents to be involved in constructive improvement of the school by assisting in many of the positive experiences held here. We host special guests, offer sessions on specific topics, and discuss issues. Please mark this date in your calendar.

SCHOOL OPENING Opening Week It is very important for students to be in their advisory on September 6th. Teachers will provide updates and give important information during this time. Fees will no longer be collected in advisory classes. All students should now have received a letter mailed to their home, outlining school opening procedures and a fee sheet . This fee sheet was to be returned with payment when students received their timetable, locker, etc. First Week Schedule Tuesday, September 6 9:30 10:00 - 11:00 11:00

Advisory School wide Assembly Dismissal

Wednesday, September 7 - Friday, September 9 TIMETABLE CHANGES During the first week of school (September 6 – 9 ), only students with incorrect or incomplete timetables may request a change. Please see Mrs. Ward to schedule an appointment. Once staffing is finalized, students will be called to the cafeteria by grade to make changes where possible. This should improve wait times for changes and enable us to use less paper. Counsellors will not be available for appointments in their office. TIMETABLES Indications are that our enrolment may be up from our original staffing estimates. This could mean an increase of several additional blocks of staffing. If this does occur, it will mean that many of our students may receive new timetables at some point in September. While this is an obvious inconvenience, it is unavoidable when new staffing is added. A definite benefit of this is that it generally means smaller class sizes and improved learning conditions. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter. YEARBOOKS Students may also wish to make the optional purchase of an Annual. You may order online at or order forms are available from Ms. Henry in the office. The production cost is greater than $50, but due to advertising revenue and student government support, it is initially sold to students at this reduced rate. You may want to get your order in early as the price will increase to $56.00 in January. Annuals will be withheld at the end of the year from any students who fail to pay their fees, or have other outstanding debts owing to the school. When ordering an annual, please make payment separately from regular school fees and keep your receipt in a safe place.

TEXTBOOKS / UNIFORMS / FEES We ask that students with outstanding textbooks / fees / uniforms (and their parents / guardians) please check their homes for these resources and return them to the school. Every textbook that we get back means more money that we can spend on other things (athletic uniforms, field trips, art / shop supplies, etc.) as we will not need to purchase replacement books. Thanks for your help with this. Students are reminded that they are responsible for the textbooks that are issued to them and at the end of the year, they must be returned in the same condition as when they were issued. Outstanding fees can be paid, and textbooks and uniforms can be returned to the main office. Once these issues have been taken care of, students can receive their report card from June in addition to their timetable and locker for this year.

ATHLETICS With the opening of our new field and renovations complete, there will be a wide offering of sports available this year. Please contact Mr. Urquhart, our athletic director, or our new website, for details. We strongly encourage all Garibaldi students to become involved in athletics.

PLANNERS AND CODE OF CONDUCT A previous extensive survey we conducted revealed that the vast majority of our students do not use a paper-based planner. As such, planners this year will only be distributed to incoming grade 8 students, new students to Garibaldi, and new international students. Our belief is that current students have a good understanding of our school systems and policies, while new students will benefit from having a planner. Returning students wishing to purchase a planner may do so at the Rebel Mart at a cost of $7.00. All students will receive a copy of our Code of Conduct in their advisory. As well, the Code of Conduct is available online at PARENTS OF THIS YEARS GRADUATES This year’s grad parents meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 20th at 7:00 pm in the This informative meeting will outline grad requirements / college and university applications and new information on the grad banquet and dry grad.

BELL SCHEDULE Our bell schedule will remain consistent every day, with the exception of Collaboration Days (please see upcoming dates section). On Collaboration Days, students may receive assistance from senior students at 8:30 and general supervision will be provided by administration and noon hour supervisors. Regular Schedule Collaboration Days Warning Bell Period 1 SSR / Advisory Period 2 Lunch Period 3 Period 4

8:25 8:30 9:49 10:13 11:28 12:06 1:25

- 9:45 - 10:09 - 11:28 - 12:01 - 1:21 - 2:40

LUNCH CARDS After a highly successful introduction last year, the cafeteria will continue with the lunch card program. The lunch card looks like a debit card and can be used only at the Garibaldi Secondary Cafeteria. The card will give a discount on some items sold at the cafeteria, for example on Healthy Food items. Instead of carrying cash, students can use the lunch card. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated right away and the balance of any dollar value transferred to a new card. To purchase one of these new cards, please ask any Cafeteria / Kitchen staff. As this is a safer option than carrying cash, we hope many students will take advantage of this opportunity. The Culinary Arts program is planning a field trip to France during Spring Break 2012. This trip is open to any student in grade 11 or 12 this school year. The trip will include a visit in Paris, Normandy (Mont Saint-Michel) and South West of France known as Périgord. More info to come....

8:25 8:30 9:45 10:50 11:50 12:35 1:40

- 9:40 - 10:45 - 11:50 - 12:30 - 1:35 - 2:40

Warning Bell “X Block” Collaboration time Period 1 Period 2 Lunch Period 3 Period 4

STUDENT PHOTOS All school photos, including Grad photos, will be by Mountain West. Jostens will continue to publish our yearbook. A service provided by Garibaldi Secondary for all students, is their photographs for the yearbook and their student card. Students must have their photographs taken, even if they are not purchasing a package, or a student card can not be generated for them. Families have the option of purchasing a specific photo package from the photo sitting. Students must pay the photographer at the time their photos are taken if purchasing any of these packages. A cheque or money order is recommended over cash as payment to secure orders. Student photos will be taken on Wednesday, September 14 and retakes are scheduled for Wednesday, October 19. Grad photos will be scheduled at a later date for sittings from November 1 - 3.

TIPS FOR SUCCESS AT SCHOOL Here are some reminders of activities for students and parents to ensure a productive and less stressful school year. Make sure that you are up to date in each of your courses. Hand in all assignments on time If you are having difficulty in a subject, see your teacher for extra help If you have a study block, use it effectively Attend all of your classes. If you have to be absent because of illness, make sure that you have a buddy to collect handouts as well as to teach you what you have missed Form a study group if you work best when studying with others Develop a study routine and stick to it Make sure you have balance in your life. If you have a job, make sure you leave enough time for studying and completing assignments

WORK EXPERIENCE / VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Maple Ridge Fire Department - Youth Academy This program is designed for students 16 - 18 years old that are interested in the Fire Service as a possible career. Students must be in grade 11 or 12, have a minimum C+ average last year, have a good attendance record, be physically fit and display a willingness to work. The academy will be on Thursday afternoons from 2:00 - 5:00 from October to June. Students completing the academy will receive credit for Work Experience 12. Applications are available from Mrs. Gould and are due by September 19. Tuesday, September 6 Wednesday September 14 Tuesday, September 20 Wednesday, September 21 Thursday, September 22 Friday, September 23 Wednesday, September 28 Friday, September 30 Monday, October 10 Wednesday, October 19 Thursday, October 20 Friday, October 21 Friday, October 28 November 1– 3 Friday, November 11 Monday, November 14 Friday, November 18 Friday, December 16 December 19 - 30 Monday, January 2 Friday, January 20 Thursday, January 26 Friday, January 27 Thursday, February 2 Wednesday, February 8 Thursday, February 9 Wednesday, February 15 Friday, February 17 February 21 - 25 Friday, March 9 March 12 - 23 Wednesday, March 28 Friday, April 6 Monday, April 9 Friday, April 20 Thursday, April 26 Friday, May 11 Monday, May 21 Tuesday, May 22 Wednesday, May 30 Friday, June 8

Volunteen - Ridge Meadows Hospital Volunteen is a good opportunity for students to be exposed to the hospital setting. Applications are available from Mrs. Gould and are due by the end of September, exact date to follow. Students that are interested in participating in the school job-shadowing program at the hospital, should be considering doing volunteen. The two programs together would complete the requirements for Work Experience 12. For further information on these programs, please see Mrs. Gould.

UPCOMING DATES School Opens School Photos taken Parents Back to School Night 7:00 pm Grad Parent’s Meeting at 7:00 pm in the Café First PAC Meeting at 7:00 pm in the Café Grade 6, 7 & 8 Dance School Growth Planning Day (no regular classes) SSS Back to School Night Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Thanksgiving Day Statutory Holiday Photo Retakes Student Led Conferences (no regular classes) Pro - D Day (no regular classes) Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Grad Photo Sittings (by appointment only) Remembrance Day Altered Calendar School Closure Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Report Cards Issued Christmas Vacation New Year’s Day Statutory Holiday Pro-D Day I Day Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Student Led Conferences (no regular classes) I Day Garibaldi Open House & Grade 7 Information Night Pro-D Day Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Major Theatre Production Report Cards Issued Spring Break Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Good Friday Statutory Holiday Easter Monday Statutory Holiday Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Pro-D Day Collaboration Day-classes start at 9:45 Victoria Day Statutory Holiday Pro-D Day Grade 7 Exchange Day (present grade 8 students stay home) Graduation Ceremony, Banquet & Dry Grad

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New August Newsletter  

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