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GARIBALDI SECONDARY SCHOOL PAC MEETING MINUTES MAY 2, 2012 ATTENDANCE: Terry Stanley, Brenda Rubenuik, Shirley Boag, Grant Frend, Leslie Desautels, Tamara Gardner, Debbie Wade, Lisa Blanchard, Deborah Tennisco CALL TO ORDER: By Brenda Rubenuik at 7:02pm ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Adoption of the minutes from the April 4th meeting was motioned by Terry Stanley and seconded by ?? (sorry, I didn’t write down who it was). FEATURE PRESENTER (by Dawn Taylor, Alouette Addictions): • She works once a week at GSS with our students (for past 5 years); works at 6 schools this year • Has 2 - 3 times the number of clients that she has time for (30 min - 60 min appointments) • Funded by Fraser Health (none of it comes from the school board); her assistant is partially funded by the school district • Does lots of referrals to other agencies around town • Does assessments on depression, anxiety, suicide, and psychosis • Zero tolerance on the school grounds • Abstinence is the ultimate goal but lowering the usage is important • The recent deaths have had an impact on not lowering their usage recently • The use of ecstasy is declining due to the recent press; they are moving over to cocaine instead; this is the same across the district • She will see students even if they’ve only used once; then she’ll assess for whether it’s due to a problem or just experimentation CHAIR’S REPORT (by Brenda Rubenuik): • BCCPAC 90th anniversary • BCCPAC offering jewelry fundraising online SECRETARY’S REPORT (by Terry Stanley): • None

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT (by Grant Frend): • Report cards coming home Friday; seemed fairly normal (didn’t notice any more huge issue than normal) • No issues with grad; parents are handling banquet set-up • Lots of initiatives going on • It’s been a hard year with the job action and the critical incidents (car accidents, etc.) • Laptop pod with the grade 9s next year; next year will be our last year for the laptop pod • Layoffs this week: Mr Easby, Ms Dearman, Ms Herman (in for Mr Ormston), Ms Kalanj (in for Mr Hausknecht) • Only one vice-principal next year due to declining numbers; Mr Wiebe is going to MRSS • Mr Hagen is retiring half way through next year; so First Nations and Law will continue • No Calculus 12 here next year (as only 13 signed up); would have to go to MRSS • Staff meeting tomorrow - going to talk about I days, SSR, and collaboration days (seems quite split between the staff about I days and SSR) • 12 teachers heading up to Kelowna for conference on video teaching • Ball hockey folded because all of the other teams folded as they were coached by teachers (ours was coached by an SEA) UPCOMING EVENTS (by Grant Frend): • Grad talent night May 24 TREASURER’S REPORT (by Shirley Boag): • Gaming account balance: $24,641.00 • General account balance: $3,100.36 • Cheques written from the Gaming Account: $2,200 for Learning for Living; $447.92 paid to Eric Svenson for table tennis club • Cheque written from the General Account: $375.20 for coupon books • All bursaries from 2011 and 2010 paid out • Nicole Henry is on medical leave; sent reminders to teachers who hadn’t spent their casino funds NEW BUSINESS: (by Brenda Rubenuik): • Elections postponed until September ‘12 • PAC voted for 4 bursaries of $500 each; motioned by Deb Tennisco & seconded by ?? (oops, did it again!), all in favour • Would like to change the criteria next year for how these are distributed • Change day of week to 3rd Wednesday of the month, motioned by Brenda Rubenuik, seconded by Deborah Tennisco, all in favour, passed unanimously

DPAC REPORT (by Lisa Blanchard): • Meetings are now the day after our meetings; so now everything is a month old when we get it • Environmental school: 88 kids (5 will be in grade 8) • DPAC parent appreciation meeting on May 17 at GSS; Chef is doing the dinner; same night as the grad banquet meeting NEXT PAC MEETING: • Wednesday, September 19th @ 7pm - Election ADJOURNED: By Brenda Rubenuik at 8:48pm

May 2012 PAC Minutes  

minutes from May PAC meeting

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