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GARIBALDI SECONDARY SCHOOL PAC MEETING MINUTES MAY 4, 2011 ATTENDANCE: Terry Stanley, Shannon Derinzy, Brenda Rubenuik, Shirley Boag, Heather Upton-Brown, Grant Frend, Ping Jin CALL TO ORDER: By Brenda Rubenuik a 7:03 pm ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Adoption of the minutes from the April 6th meeting was motioned by Brenda Rubenuik and seconded by Heather Upton-Brown. CHAIR’S REPORT (by Brenda Rubenuik): • Have emailed TUKPIN entertainment coupon books. They will contact us soon. Checking into what will be in the Maple Ridge book and what the minimum quantity is to order. Tax through school’s GST number? • Received information on the Rotary Club’s duck race – we’re not doing it as a school • DPAC emails - “Cyber-age parenting” at Albion Elementary on Monday, May 9th; RSVP to; $2 donation to the PAC • Clothing fundraiser at Eric Langdon Elementary – drop off May 16 – 20 SECRETARY’S REPORT (by Terry Stanley): • Literature on hoodies; gave to Shannon for fundraising/grad files • Literature about a Math comedy show; gave to Shannon to look into with the Math department • Receipts for reimbursement from casino funds from the fly fishing club PRINCIPAL’S REPORT (by Shannon Derinzy): • Laid off 5 people last week • In process of building the timetable and figuring out the staffing for next year • Staff meeting on Friday • District going to a common timetable • There will be 2 Parent/Student/Teacher conferences - Oct 20 & Feb 2 • Report cards will be just before Christmas and Spring Break

• There will be 2 “I Days” in Feb; one on Day 1 & one on Day 2; this is to be approved by the staff at Friday’s staff meeting • There will be follow up assemblies for each grade • There will be Grad assemblies held to get them all prepared to walk • Arts Gala held – there was an art gallery, film presentations, theatre, dance, music, appetizers & beverages were served • Grade 8 Religions field trip • Physics trip to UBC • Music class (choir & band) went to Edmonton • Straight “A” lunch held • Fly fishing club did their first camping trip • Last NID of the year; district-wide; topic is on “Assessment” • 3 matinees & 1 evening presentation of Simba’s Story • “Shape of a Girl” presentation; based on the Rina Virk story • IB exams have begun UPCOMING EVENTS (by Shannon Derinzy): • May 5 - Grade 11 & 12s going to a symposium on the holocaust • May 5 - Grad talent night • May 9 - one act play for Grade 11 & 12s; about date rape • May 10 - Photo Club field trip to Vancouver • May 12 - GSS & SRT “rock concert”; starts at 3:00pm; seminars, equipment & songwriting workshops, and then performances • May 13 - Fly Fishing Club on camping trip • May 19 - Science 9 classes to the Planetarium • May 24 - Grade 9 immunizations (for those who missed) • May 25 - Grade 7s come for the day (Grade 8s get the day off) • May 27 - last late start for “Collaboration” days • May 31- Year End music concert TREASURER’S REPORT (by Shirley Boag): • Gaming account balance: $21,648 as of 28Feb • General account balance: $3,734.13 as of 28Feb • No cheques written this month • Authorized 4 bursaries of $500.00 each; unanimous approval

FEATURE PRESENTER (by Grant Frend, New Principal as of this Fall): • “Creating a Culture of Opportunity in Uncertain Times” • Teachers are increasingly important to teach students to navigate technology • Wants to “plant his flags” in certain areas: professional learning, school culture, student engagement/program entrepreneurship, focus on achievement, involving out community(e.g. Email groups, back-to-school night for parents, increase online presence with revamped website, Facebook group, on Twitter), healthy living (rebuilding athletic program) • Hiring an acting vice-principal in the next week for next year; then in 2012 will be going down to just one vice-principal (ratio is 425:1) • No more late starts because of the common timetable NEW BUSINESS: • Elections - postponed until September so that more people present for the vote • Speaker - Steve Wiebe & the new acting vice-principal ADJOURNED: By Brenda Rubenuik at 7:55 pm NEXT PAC MEETING: Wednesday, Sep 21 at 7:00 pm

May 2011 PAC Minutes  
May 2011 PAC Minutes  

Minutes from the May 2011 PAC meeting