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GARIBALDI SECONDARY SCHOOL PAC MEETING MINUTES MARCH 13, 2013 **Note this meeting was conducted via email and not in person at the school ** CHAIR’S REPORT: Brenda Rubenuik -

Nothing to report

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Tamara Gardner -

Nothing to report


Gaming account: $16,392.32 General account: $5,260.47

DPAC REPORT: Laura Stadnik (Notes directly from Laura taken at March7/13 meeting at Thomas Haney) -

Attachments to the minutes will include page one and page two of SD42’s General Operating Budget Information

A Presentation by RCMP, Community Policing Highlights: Spoke regarding computer/internet safety for families. A Presentation by Intergenerational Garden Highlights: An intergenerational garden is being created at the corner of Edge St. and 121 Ave. This garden will be cultivated by students and senior volunteers who will share their

knowledge of vegetable growing with the students. The idea is to pass along knowledge of growing food along to the students. There will be additional plots available for individuals to take part in the community garden. Superintendents Report Budget constraints are looming over the district for upcoming years. The “contingency” reserves are shrinking along with enrolment so the Board is looking for new sources of income to make up the expected shortfall in coming years. See attached sheet “General Operating Budget Information” for more information. 2013/2014 Budget Estimates – It is estimated that in order to achieve a balanced budget for 2013/2014, the Board will have to reduce its spending or increase its revenue sources by up to 5% or $6 million. Since 2002/2003 school year there are 1,030 fewer students in this district (approximately 7,000 BC wide) MRTA Report Provincial Bargaining has begun - a framework agreement is hoped to be in place for June 1 when the facilitator has to prepare a progress report. The only glitch may be the Provincial election that is taking place in May – this may stall the meetings that have so far been taking place. DPAC Report Parent volunteer appreciation dinner and speaker taking place on May 8 at MRSS. Old Business PAC 101 for October 2013; set for Oct 3. This will be an opportunity for volunteers new to the PAC to learn more about their job functions. It will be a dinner meeting and then breakout into groups to learn more about their positions. Next meeting: Thursday April 4, 2013 @ Glenwood Elementary


Spirit week concludes on March 15 with the gym riot April 10th ~ Straight A lunch April 11th ~ Psycho session April 16th ~ Jam session

NEXT MEETING: April 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm

March meeting  

march meeting

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