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Community, Culture and Activities

Welcome to Garibaldi Secondary School!

At Garibaldi Secondary School, we invest time and money in creating a culture that is welcoming for everyone. Highlights include:

Our focus on creating a safe and caring environment for all learners has received attention from schools around the province. This culture forms the foundation for all we do, including our International Baccalaureate Programme, Interdisciplinary Arts Academy, BCIT Auto Program, our many courses, clubs, teams, and activities, new campus with a 24 million dollar renovation and addition, our new professional fitness centre, full teaching kitchen, dance classes, excellent Student Support Services programs and First Nations 12.

Breaking Down the Walls Breaking Down the Walls is a powerful, interactive program that creates a unique environment of self-reflection and community building. By working with a cross section of their peers, students learn that they are not isolated from each other but are rather part of a community that needs each other to be completely successful. Along the way, students discover the power of getting to know one another as well as the impact they have on those around them. “I learned there are so many people who are in the same life situation I am, and it’s reassuring to know that we can all ‘make it’. “


“I cannot find the words to explain how this has changed our school“

Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer,

Jam Sessions

Cross Countr y, Rugby, Track and Field,

Monthly whole-school assemblies that revolve around a central topic or idea. These assemblies involve student and teacher participation and conclude with a whole school meal.

Tennis, Swimming, Girls Field Hockey,

The Scarf


Badminton, Water Polo, Girls Softball

At each monthly jam session, new students are presented with a school scarf to welcome them to our school community. All staff and students wear their scarves. The scarf is a symbol of our unity and our commitment to each other.

Photography Club, Diversity Club, Student Government, Creative Writing Club,

Rebels Forever

Fly Fishing Club, Vancouver Sun Run Club,

After Breaking Down the Walls, our school community recognized that we needed to ensure all students’ basic needs are looked after. As such, we began an in-school food bank, as well as a reserve of funds to help students in need. This focus has struck a chord with the community, as evidenced by a $20,000 donation from T-Lane Transportation and Logistics.

Computer Club, Quest Club, Rebels For A Cause, Ski/Snowboard Club, Weight Lifting Club, Reach For the Top Club, GSA Club, Ping Pong Club, Lunchtime Basketball, Key Club, Broadcasting Club

Our leadership initiatives play an integral role in creating memories that last a lifetime. Examples of this include: • Advisory Survivor Competitions

• Numerous Dress-Up Days

• Winterpalooza Fest

• School Dances

• Karaoke Nights

• Spirit Week

• Gym Riots

• 30 Hour Famine

• Me to We

• Many, many more

7:00 pm in the Library Information for any students/parents interested in the IB program.

Interdisciplinary Arts Academy/ Band-Choir Information Evening - April 10 7:00 pm in the Theatre Info session for students who plan on auditioning for the Academy 2013/2014 season and their parents, as well as those interested in our Choir and Band programmes



February 28th E-POD registration forms to be returned

IB Meeting - February 12








For more information on registering, or to arrange a private tour of the school, please call Mr. Grant Frend, Principal, at 604-463-6287

February 24th Grade 8 Registration forms due at your home elementary school

June 24th Grade 7 Family Welcome BBQ 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Students in the arts academy produce a full-scale musical in the only full, working professional theatre in our district. Students in the academy receive both acting and vocal coaching. The academy also welcomes students into behind the scenes roles such as lighting, sound, and stagecraft. Each production is also supported by a live student band. Recent productions include Legally Blonde, Hairspray, RENT, and Chicago. For more information, please contact Mrs. Lacroix at 604-463-6287.


January 29th GSS Grade 7 Parent Night at 7 pm

May 29th Grade 7 Full Day visit to high schools

Integrated Arts Academy


Important Dates To Remember

For more information on registering, or to arrange a private tour of the school, please call Mr. Grant Frend, Principal, at 604-463-6287

Grade 8 Timetable/Information

Welcome to the IB School at Garibaldi Secondary! All studies of secondary school graduation programmes show that the IB diploma is by far the most respected qualification among university admissions officers. - The Independent, UK

IB students can receive full first year credit, early admissions and priority registration, in addition to numerous scholarship opportunities worldwide. In BC, many of the top flight private schools offer IB, including Meadowridge, Dwight International (NY), Glenlyon Norfolk, Lester B. Pearson College, Mulgrave, Pacific Academy, Stratford Hall and St. John’s School. Families all over the world pay thousands for the programme; however, we offer the same curriculum and programme for free.

Tentative Timetable Tuesday


A English 8 (Bahia)

E French 8 (Harmon)

B Math 8 (Silva)

B Math 8 (Silva)

F  Interdisciplinary Arts Rotation 2 (art, music, drama, media arts)

A English 8 (Bahia)

C PE 8 (Murphy) D  I nterdisciplinary Arts Rotation 1 (sewing, cooking, tech ed, business)

G Socials 8 (Bahia)

D I nterdisciplinary Arts Rotation 1 C PE 8 (Murphy)

Thursday F I nterdisciplinary Arts Rotation 2 E French 8 (Harmon) H Science 8 (Silva) G Socials 8 (Bahia)

H Science 8 (Silva)

Friday Block order varies Fridays feature a rotating block order depending on the day, but the structure is the same as the other days on the calendar, with shortened blocks on late start days.

Interdisciplinary Arts Rotations Students are given the chance to experience a variety of different electives in our Interdisciplinary Arts Rotations. Students rotate through a variety of different areas over the school year, including Drama, Guitar, Art, Digital Arts, Foods, Technology, Textiles and Computers. We believe students should have a chance to try as many different electives as possible in their first year of high school. Students interested in year-long choir or drama can elect not to take an elective rotation.

Grade 8 Pods Students in grade 8 are podded together in groups of between 25-30 for their 4 academic core courses. This group of students is taught by 2 teachers, one responsible for English/Socials and one responsible for Math/Science. Generally, students are mixed together with students from other pods for their 4 remaining courses.

Grade 8 Activities Our Grade 8 students experience a variety of exciting activities throughout the year, including an annual hike/bbq, Pod Championship League (basketball, volleyball, floor hockey etc.), Grade 8’s Have Talent Competition and a variety of fun field trips. Choir and Concert Band are also available for grade 8 students.

Homework support is available for students through our Homework Club.



The IB Programme at Garibaldi Secondary School is free ($0) to students who accept this rigorous academic challenge. We recommend that students interested in IB register at Garibaldi Secondary for Grade 8, as this will give them access to our Honours/Pre-IB courses, but it is possible to enter in to the IB Programme in Grade 11.

What universities are saying about IB applicants: UBC (24 credits available- full year minus one course): “The International Baccalaureate Organization and UBC share a common vision – that global perspectives are key to education. “ “At UBC, we are committed to helping IB students find the best way to qualify for admission, scholarships, and first year credit. “ “We understand the IB program and we value the experience you’ve had as an IB student.“

UVic (full first year credit available): “You’re smart, dedicated and tough. As an International Baccalaureate student, you’re on the road to personal and professional excellence and we want to support you, celebrate you and reward your achievements so far with some of the best recognition policies in the country.” “An IB diploma satisfies UVic’s admission requirements, assuming that you have completed three Higher Level courses and three Standard Level courses.“ “One of the advantages of being a step ahead in high school as an IB student is a competitive edge when it comes to early UVic admission offers. Early offers help put your mind at ease when it comes to planning your future so you can enjoy the last year of high school without worrying about your post-secondary options.“ “UVic is pleased to recognize your academic successes with one of the most thorough IB transfer credit programs in Canada. Furthermore, you are eligible to receive up to one full year of transfer credit if you meet our admission requirements. Basically, your IB coursework puts you one step closer to your post-secondary goals before even arriving at UVic.”

SFU (full first year credit available):

Students wanting to participate in the laptop pod will bring their own laptop to school and they will be placed in a pod where students use technology and the tools available on a laptop to complete much of their academic work. Students in the E-POD will meet the same learning outcomes as students in regular pods.

“One full year of transfer credit (30 units) is granted for a completed IB Diploma. Transfer credit is awarded for all standard level and higher level subjects passed with a grade of 4 or higher.“

Registration forms are available at the GSS office.


Universities consider the IB Diploma Programme to be the best possible preparation for study at the university level (the IB School at Garibaldi Secondary has a 100% university acceptance record for its students), as well as the most humane and caring educational programme for fostering international-mindedness in an increasingly globalized world. Consequently, IB graduates are sought by universities worldwide, due to the impressive level of intellectual and creative skills learned throughout all parts of the programme.

Garibaldi Secondary School is pleased to continue offering our grade 8 laptop pod for incoming September 2013 students.

For those who are interested, netbooks are available for purchase through a district purchase plan. If you are unable to provide a laptop, there are laptops available to borrow from the school.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a comprehensive academic university preparation program for Grades 11 and 12. IB is philosophically centered around a Learner Profile that takes into account all facets of the learner, from the common aspects of knowledge, thought and communication, to the more 21st Century aspects of inquiry, open-mindedness, personalized learning, and experiential learning through service.

“Students in a partial IB program will be considered for admission on the basis of their secondary school results.”

UAlberta (full first year credit available): “At the University of Alberta we appreciate the commitment you have made to academics and to the rigors of the IB program. We want students like you on our campuses because we recognize your potential and we know that we can give you the resources and facilities necessary to excel.“ “We are happy to reward you with the following benefits and services and encourage you to take full advantage of the recognition you deserve!...“ “IB students are eligible for multiple scholarships, including Academic Excellence and Leadership awards, as well as IB-specific awards.”







For more information on registering, or to arrange a private tour of the school, please call Mr. Grant Frend, Principal, at 604-463-6287

“IB Diploma holders with a total of 26 predicted IB points, including bonus points, will qualify for early conditional admission to most programs....



For more information on registering for the IB programme, please call Mr. Steve Moore, IB Coordinator, at 604-463-6287

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