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“Band is a lot of laughs and if you don’t get it at first, it’s easy to get extra help.”


For more info, contact


Ms. Rebekah Bell 604-463-6287 (work) 604-380-2161 (home)


Ms. Bell is new to Garibaldi this year coming from Whitehorse, Yukon. She has taught Music in elementary and high school for 14 years and is looking forward to another great year of making music!

_______________________________________________ school year 2013-2014 WITH

Ms. Rebekah Bell


the program she comes from in Whitehorse, check out

Students taking quality music instruction improve their language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking? They also perform better in mathematics as well as in fine motor skill development. The GSS Band Program will extend and integrate such skills. It will give your child a comprehensive musical experience that will be enjoyed throughout life! Not only do students learn to perform on a musical instrument, they also learn the essentials of teamwork, self-motivation, self-discipline, individual responsibility, and social skills.

This Year, Beginning Band is open to ALL grades.

CONSIDER THIS... It is important to keep in mind that it is possible to take Band and other elective choices in high school. GSS prides itself in having students that YES - research shows that participation in band will affect your are involved in MULTIPLE activities. child’s grades for the better. College admissions officers continue to cite participation in music as an important factor in ILL BEING IN AND AFFECT MY CHILD’S making admissions decisions. They claim that music participation GRADES? demonstrates time management, creativity, expression, and open-Please contact our counselor by phone or mindedness. Carl Hartman, "Arts May Improve Students' Grades," The to sign Associated Press, October, 1999.




up right away!

In addition, many real world business concepts are explored and taught in Band. Leadership, team building, inter personal relationships, and management skills are a regular part of the Band environment.

“There’s usually not much homework (except practicing your instrument, which is fun).“ “When everyone knows their parts well and we can play the song together, it sounds cool!” Band is offered on the same basis as other academic subjects. Classes take place within the regular school time-table. Therefore, once a student is enrolled in Band, he or she is expected to continue until the end of the school year. We are looking for at least a full year commitment. Band students are committed to a minimum of two evening concerts throughout the school year, playing at Festival in the spring, plus a band retreat at some point during the year. Parents should also help their child plan their leisure time so that they can schedule at least 20 minutes for daily practice at home (including written work).

WHAT INSTRUMENTS ARE IN OUR BAND? Flute Trumpet Oboe French Horn Bassoon Trombone Clarinet Baritone/Euphonium Bass Clarinet Tuba Alto Saxophone * Electric Bass Guitar - 4 string with amp. Tenor Saxophone * Percussion (both Orchestra Bells & Snare Drum) Baritone *Only one student may start on Bass Guitar and / or Percussion per School year; preference will be given to individuals who demonstrate: good self - discipline, great report card marks, better than average athletic ability and an extensive background in Music (piano, choir, strings, etc.). Seriously interested students / parents should contact Ms. Bell as soon as possible to schedule a meeting and an Aptitude Test.

Students try all the instruments before making a commitment to purchase/rent


I already have a Band instrument. How do I know if it’s ok to play?

A: If you know of or already have an instrument that you would like your son/daughter to play, please contact Ms. Bell to confirm quality and workability of the instrument prior to committing to that particular instrument. Q:

I already play a Band instrument. Do I have to go into Beginning Band again?

A: Students who already have instrumental experience should let Ms. Bell know. Then we can evaluate your ability level and determine whether or not you are able to be in a higher level class. Q:

What if I don't know how to read music or play an instrument?


“I take Band because I get to make lots of noise and I always


better afterwards!” “I take Band because I like to try new stuff; travelling and the activities we do together are the best part!” “I

Monthly payments for rental-lease instruments range from approximately $16.00 to $90.00 per month. You may wish to purchase the instrument at a later date and you can put all your rental monies towards the purchase of the instrument. Only a limited number of instruments are available through the school. Parents who are interested in a School Instrument and / or who require financial assistance, should contact Ms. Bell as soon as possible


More information will be sent home in September with a list of good instrument brands and where to get them.

take Band at school

Taking Band costs LESS than most people think.

because I know the that are there feel the

same about Music and learning as I do; they choose to learn lots and to have fun while they do.”


The cost for participating in the Band Program is minimal. Rent-to-own fees for instruments are a real bargain when you consider that Band includes approximately 3 hours of lessons per week, instrument ownership within approx. 30 months, the cost of sheet music, and a teacher. (The average cost of piano lessons is approximately $200 per month and includes one lesson per week, no instrument and no music).



NO! ILL - Not MY only isCHILD participation in otherTO school organizations possible — it is highly ENCOURAGED!! it is HAVE GIVE UP ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES FORHowever, AND? Twain, important to remember that commitment to the Band program and practice Shania time is necessary.

Grammy AwardAlyssa Milano, Television Singer: And…your Many of the skills studentswinning will learn in Band will be GREAT assets Neilchild will develop great assets! Woody Allen, Actor Richard Gere, Actor: Bill Clinton, 42nd President of ("Who's the Trumpet toward actress their participation in athletic programs or any other organizations. In fact, many great athletes, actors, professional Jim Pattison, B.C. Julia Roberts, Armstrong, Noah Webster, Webster’s and Movie Director: Saxophone and piano the United States: Saxophone musicians, and politicians were active in their high school Band programs. Boss?"): Saxophone Billionaire: Astronaut: Clarinet Actress: saxophone & Dictionary:

Garibaldi Band Recruiting Package 2013  
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