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ATTENDANCE: Shirley Boag, Leslie Desautels, Grant Frend, Tamara Gardner, Brenda Rubenuik, Pascale Ingledew-Shaw

CALL TO ORDER: By Brenda Rubenuik at 7:13 pm

ADOPTION OF MINUTES: Adoption of November 20, 2013 minutes motioned by Lesley Desautels, seconded by Shirley Boag.

CO-CHAIR REPORT: Brenda Rubenuik and Leslie Desautels Christmas card received from DPAC. Cheque from Maple Ridge Amateur Athletics into gaming account and a donation from Kiwanis of $2000.00 to the music account.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Tamara Gardner Nothing to report

TREASURER’S REPORT: Shirley Boag GAMING 30-Oct 1-Nov 13-Nov 18-Nov 27-Nov

Opening Balance Interest Kyle Ludeman Theatre GSS Closing Balance

$0.81 We Day T-shirts Briere Production Group Inc. Library

$740.00 $1,247.68 $2,417.46

$17,770.76 $17,771.57 $17,031.57 $15,783.89 $13,366.43 $13,366.43

GENERAL 28-Oct Opening Balance 1-Nov Interest


Closing Balance

DPAC REPORT: Position available Nothing to report.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Grant Frend -Winter PoolazaFest on Friday (with a variety show) -Past Saturday the Key Club/Kiwanis had a lunch for families who access the food bank, 125 people were in attendance. -Music concert last week went well. -Basketball teams up and running with grade 8’s and senior teams (no junior teams) -School back in session Jan. 6th.

VICE PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Anelma Brown - Not in attendance, no report.

NEW BUSINESS: - Pascal Ingledew-Shaw’s husband volunteers to coach the grade 8 basketball team and is asking for the tournament fee for the team to be covered by school if possible.

NEXT MEETING: JANUARY 15, 2014 AT 7:00 PM ADJOURNED: By Brenda Rubenuik at 7:29 pm

$1,990.38 $1,990.48 $1,990.48 $1,990.48

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