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Friday, November 1, 2013

We CAN Do It Again


Volume XCII, No. 2

Little Big Game Coming November 16 Amanda Janks Staff Writer

The frigid air and seasonal Starbucks drinks signal a change in the wind that shrieks with effervescent Bearcat spirit. Mark your calendars because on November 16, the Little Big Game challenges our gladiatorial football team’s physical and emotional strength as they enter the ring, and those soldiers need your support! When the clock strikes 11:00AM and sings its little ditty, that’s a surefire reminder to get out there and scream like an animal; grab the frog from your throat and don’t

stop squeezing until the fight song projects out of it in monstrous croaks heard ‘round the world. Dye your closet fifty shades of orange and black in opposition to Burlinglame’s colors, red and white. Our rivals, the Burlingame Panthers, need to feel the burn of shame when we grab The Paw from their dusty old mantle. Do you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry men? Then you’ll know you’re in the right place, comrade. I’ll see you there!

For a full LBG preview turn to page 12.

Mexican Woodcarver Brings Wares to SMHS

Rachel Royce and Ilya Rozenblat, Community Service Representatives, hope for a huge haul.

Tiffany Lee Sports Editor Tradition calls as the annual Canned Food Drive rolls around once more. From November 15 to December 2, students are asked to collect and donate canned food in the largest school event of the year. The amount of cans collected last year amounted to 175,000 pounds, and students aim to surpass that number this year with the goal of

250,000 pounds – less than last year’s goal of 300,000 pounds, but still an ambitious goal nonetheless. “I know it’s difficult for kids to take the time out of their schedule to help out, but it makes a huge impact on our community,” said Rachel Royce, a Community Service Commissioner. “We’re helping so many people.” In addition, tutorials compete against other tutorials for the prize – a food party. Last year’s winning

tutorial earned themselves an In-NOut Burger party as well. So, bearcats – get ready to collect canned food! You can go out and buy some, ask for donations, or sign up to help with store collections. Everyone is encouraged to participate! “No one is too insignificant to make a change,” said Rachel. “Even one person can make a difference.”

Bearcat Reports From Her Hajj Mayeesha Galiba A&E Editor PHOTO by MAYEESHA GALIBA

Students were delighted Monday with the Alebrijes brought by Jesus Sosa Calvo, in the white shirt above. The treat was arranged by Spanish teacher Ms. Adamcikova.


The “hajj” is a holy pilgrimage to Mecca, to be taken by Muslims at least once in their lifetime. Following is the personal journal of SMHS bearcat Mayeesha Galiba on her family’s hajj. 10/11- Warm Arabian nights, stalls with lovely things to buy, the many pilgrims bustling down the street to and from the mosque-- this was the sight I saw when arriving at Medina. Described as a date palm garden between two slabs of volcanic rock (which is what it topographically looks like), Medina is the second holiest city in Islam. It’s the place of the famous AlMasjid an-Nabawi, also known as the Prophet’s Mosque. The first four days we spend in Medina, and

it’s virtually a vacation. We pray, we shop, we eat, and we relax in our very nice hotel. 10/12- We journeyed to Mecca early today. This city is the sanctuary to all Muslims, and no non-Muslim can cross its borders. Our hotel is amazing, and it’s right next to the Masjid Al-haram where the Kaaba, or Sacred House, is. We had to walk around it seven times amongst tens of thousands of people, which was hard, but it was an awe-inspiring sight. We then did the Sai, which is a ritual where you have to walk between two mountains seven times, and it was exhausting. They aren’t much of mountains anymore, so now it’s See Hajj, Page 2

Do you like having a Grid Court?

Photos by Evan adary

“I like it because I think it’s good to try something new.” Karina Torres, grade 9

“I think it’s cool. It gives some people a chance to have a special moment that some strive for.” Mina Tobias, grade 10

“It lets some people have a very special memory.” Danny Millstein, grade 11

“I guess I don’t mind ‘cause it’s fun. It’s not like I care much, it’s just a little competition.” Mio Asakura, grade 12

“I couldn’t possibly care less about anything.” Mr. Pirie, English teacher

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Photo Courtesy of ms. perey

Potential Baby Bearcats Flocked To Our School

Mr. Thrasher gets a lot of love from the bearcats.

Vyjayanti Munagala Staff Writer If you’re wondering what you missed at eighth grade night, you missed an evening full of orange and black spirit! Not only did the current bearcats have a great time, but the visiting eighth graders did too! All the excitement took place on October 29. “It’s a really big school with really nice community spirit,” said Justin, a current student at Crocker.

“There’s a really nice performing and dance program, which is definitely one of its biggest strengths.” Other students like Andrew, from Bowditch, were asked what their impression of the campus was. “It’s awesome! I love biotech, it’s really cool!” he said. Another student, Jake, also from Bowditch, said that he found the school, “very spirited, friendly, and awesome!” Asked whether he had chosen Mateo or was still undecided, we got a positive answer from Jack, a Bowditch student, who said, “I’ve always wanted to come here!” Gino, another Bowditch student, mentioned, “My sister is here, so…” By the look of the crowd at school on eighth grade night, I’m sure we can predict that the class of 2018 is going to be great!


American Cancer Club is Pretty in Pink Photo Courtesy of Ms. Oey


Friday, November 1, 2013

Angela Zhang Staff Writer Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities in October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. This year, SMHS decided to join in on the movement. San Mateo’s newly-restarted American Cancer Society Club Co-Presidents Hana Alverina and Allison Dong, along with Vice President Hanny Octaviani and Publicity Leilani

Nguyen, organized the month-long event “Pretty in Pink” in order to bring awareness to our campus. Modeled after the infamous Mean Girls quote, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” Bearcats were encouraged to don the rosy color and hand-made ribbons in support of Breast Cancer Awareness every Wednesday in the month of October. At the quad during lunch, the club had a table set up for students to make pledges and donate money to the cause. The club also created a documentary for awareness, featuring San Mateo students

themselves and their personal experiences with cancer. “We want to connect with everyone despite their personal experience with breast cancer or cancer in general,” Hana said, when asked to describe the inspiration for the video. The American Cancer Society Club meets every Wednesday in A218, Mr. Reoutt’s room. They have also participated in other cancer-awareness events, including Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and will be doing many more in the future.

Photo courtesy of

CREAM Opens Up Near Tpumps To Our Delight Photo by Mayeesha Galiba

From HAJJ, Page 1 more symbolic. 10/15- Today is Eid al Adha, which is one of our main religious holidays. It honors the story of Abraham and his son Isaac, and we sacrifice animals on this day (I mean, not with our own hands. We pay for someone else like a butcher to do it). We spent all of yesterday in Arafat in a camp, which is supposed to be the site for the Day of Judgment, and we spent all night in an open field in Musdalifa. It’s extremely hot, but what can you do? We arrived in Mina today, and it’s a pretty nice camp, we have air conditioning in our tent and nice

lounge chairs and lots of food. 10/16- Another long day spent in Mina. Mostly slept and read and prayed. Our imam (preacher) gave a really cool sermon, which I liked a lot. 10/19- We left Mecca today after doing the goodbye Thawaf before sunrise (walking seven times around the Kaaba). Long journey ahead of us! Hajj is over, and it was an amazing experience. It tested my patience and faith many, many times, but I’m proud of myself for getting through it. I’m extremely blessed to visit a place at such a young age that most Muslims spend their entire life hoping to visit.

Brandon Chin Business Manager Lucky for us, the popular ice cream sandwich shop CREAM has decided to open its third location in our very own San Mateo. Their

ice cream sandwiches are delicious frozen treats, with a decadent layer of ice cream between two fresh biscuits or cookies. CREAM’s new location is right next to Tpumps, making it convenient for students and their friends to access both of the popular shops at once. The only downside might be the long wait times, but that is inevitable when the store is so popular. “Despite the hour-long wait, their ice cream sandwiches were a delicious treat,” said Brian Zamora, senior, who thoroughly

enjoyed his first try of CREAM’s signature ice cream sandwiches. Students also appreciate the convenience of having two popular franchises so close to each other so that they can enjoy both at once. “Tpumps is pretty good, they have reasonable prices for the amount you’re getting. Tangerine black milk tea is something I enjoy,” said Michael Maramba, junior. CREAM’s new location will be on 134 S B Street, located a convenient distance from our school – nothing should stop you from taking a visit to try them!

Governor Raises Minimum Wage Kyle Kang Staff Writer Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to raise California’s hourly minimum wage to $10 by 2016. This wage increase will process in the next three years through rising to $9 per hour on July 1, 2014, then to $10 on Jan 1, 2016, according to the governor’s office. On Oct 5, Brown was in Los Angeles to sign the bill. At noon, he was scheduled to appear at Oakland’s Cypress

Mandela Training Center, which offers job-training programs for Bay Area residents. He believed that his actions would eventually help the economy in California. “The current minimum wage failed to keep pace with rising costs,” Brown claimed in a statement. “This legislation will help families that are struggling in this harsh economy.” The wageincreasing bill, drafted by state Assemblyman Luis Alejo, was

amended earlier this month to move up the schedule. The state’s last minimum wage increase was in 2008 when it rose by 50 cents to $8 per hour. California minimum wage is above the federally mandated minimum wage of $7.25, but has a lower minimum wage than some states including Oregon, Washington and Illinois, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Cyber Bullying Kills

Catherine Mahoney Staff Writer

PHOTO BY CATHERINE MAHONEY Text messages are an extremely common way of bullying.

Catherine Mahoney Staff Writer What if that quiet kid in the corner of your biology class stopped showing up at school? Rumors say he is sick, ran away, or switched out of your class, but nobody really knows. All of a sudden, you find out he committed suicide due to cyber bullying. He’s gone forever. This is what happened in Miami, where two teenage girls were arrested just weeks ago for causing the suicide of a twelve-year-old peer. The story goes as most cyber bullying stories do: two kids came together and ganged up against a fellow classmate. With the rapid advance of technology comes an increase of cyber bullying. Nowadays, everyone in high school has a cell phone, Facebook account, or some other

method of technological device. Unfortunately, there are deadly negatives to these machines; bullying has never been so easy. Insulting words are much more public, and much more permanent. Words posted in cyberspace can never be truly deleted. The damage done to a person by a text saying ‘everyone hates u’ can be unbearable. It sounds like it wouldn’t be a big deal, right? Wrong. The moment you see that text, those letters are carved into your mind. That Facebook message you received telling you to ‘kill yourself’ can’t be undone. The black print will always be there, tormenting you. And even worse, it can be shared with others in a viral way, increasing your shame. The bullying of Rebecca Sedwick of Miami, Florida, began in December of 2012 and continued until her

suicide. The conflict between these three began when the fourteenyear-old found out her boyfriend had once gone out with Rebecca. Seeking revenge, the fourteen-yearold took some of Rebecca’s friends and threatened to bully them if they didn’t help her bring down Rebecca. The second half of this vindictive duo was a twelve-year-old girl, who happened to be the former best friend of Rebecca. The main perpetrator, a fourteenyear-old girl, posted a status on Facebook after Rebecca’s suicide that said, ‘Yes ik I bullied Rebecca nd she killed herself’, according to The New York Times. The girl was considered to be such a threat to peers that she was arrested immediately. She told police she hadn’t posted to the message and her account was hacked. A lot of us joke with friends and spit out phrases like “nobody likes you” and they should “go die in a hole” or something of the sort. Yes, it can be funny the first time or two, but after that, it starts to dig in and really hurt. In fact, I have had this experience myself. A close friend and I had nonsensical nicknames for each other which could have been perceived as hurtful. Other friends began to use these nicknames as well and I started believing them. You, the students of San Mateo High, are responsible for maintaining a positive environment both virtually and in reality for others. If you are being cyber bullied or know about someone else who is, tell an adult on campus, don’t wait for it to go too far. Be safe, Mateo.

Teacher Tenure More Harmful Than Helpful Vicky Mesquita Staff Writer For teachers, the tenure system guarantees they don’t get automatically fired every summer. After a probationary period of two or more years, teachers gain security in their positions until they decide to retire. For a teacher to get fired under this system, they must undergo a long process of poor evaluations. This system of security is detrimental to students all over the country. After their tenure is enacted, it is extremely difficult for a teacher to be fired from their job. Students suffer greatly from this as schools cannot fire teachers who

fail to provide a good education. After a teacher’s tenure is enacted, teachers could lose incentive to put in more than just minimal effort. This could cause many students to receive mediocre educations and affect them for the rest of their academic career. The tenure system receives complete support from multiple teacher unions nationally, preventing good teachers from being rewarded and allowing bad teachers to continue teaching. This causes under-performing teachers to hold their jobs with no consequences. The idea of tenure is not even very popular among teachers. In

Editors-in-Chief ay Zhang imberly Cano


Evan Adary News Editor Juhie Desai Opinion Editor Savannah Liu Features Editor Diana Rodriguez LEL Editor Brishell Herrera LEL Editor Mayeesha Galiba A&E Editor Tiffany Lee Sports Editor Brandon Chin Business Mgr. Javi Gaytan Photo Editor Angela Zhang Web Editor Gareth George Web Master Kathy Fu Copy Editor Vidhu Raj Copy Editor

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a September, 2012 report by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 86% of educators support “making it easier to terminate unmotivated or incompetent teachers - even if they are tenured.” Don’t get me wrong; I am a strong supporter of teachers’ rights. Teaching is an extremely honorable and underappreciated profession and it deserves much respect. Teachers should not be subject to dismissal based on a students’ personal vendetta or other ridiculous reasons. However, the tenure system is completely detrimental to a students’ education and needs to be changed.

Staff Writers: Maribel Amador Khushi Bhat Kenneth Chen Hannah Choe Andrea Flores Elizabeth Galanter Amanda Janks Kyle Kang Rachel Kirkes Catherine Mahoney Vicky Mesquita Marjorie Miranda Wyona Ng Jillian Osheroff Breana Picchi Jack Pope Shelby Staneart

The Doll Street Journal By Amanda Janks

Stop Mansplaining! Amanda Janks Staff Writer defines “mansplaining” as “inaccurate explanations delivered with rock solid confidence of rightness and that slimy certainty that of course he is right, because he is the man in this conversation.” Mansplaining plagues our world, but teens may not be aware of it because the elementary and hschool environments are still female dominant. In the broader world, though, men often assume their opinions rank above others and confidently stress them, while society teaches women to respect multiple points of view. Women are often quicker to respect the variance in perspective, andbin the process end up diminishing the power of their own opinions with qualifiers like “I think...” and “In my opinion…” In contrast, men often state their opinions as being absolute fact. Some claim women accomplished their ultimate goals for equality, but that’s not true. Women still earn less than men, and despite them disproportionately outperforming men in school, a woman requires a PhD to compete with a man who graduated with a Bachelor’s according to We’re threatening men’s pride on our stairway to liberation. They feel it; we feel it; both react. Patriarchal gender-constructs dictate men as the prime intellectual figures among humankind, leaving

little to no wiggle room for women in hyper-masculine academia, the corporate board room, or politics. Men crave emphasis on their interpretations, reasoning, and participation in discussions, even if their distinguished opinions were gravely unnecessary or 100% wrong. Women conscious of this epidemic have classified this testosterone-induced phenomenon as ‘mansplaining.’ If a man figures that he doesn’t have executive authority in a conversation, he might assert himself in front of the woman speaking and condescendingly reiterate her exact sentiments in a sanitized and dwindled manner. He might clarify to peers what she means when the woman did a fine job of explaining for herself. Considering patriarchy muted women for centuries, the opportunity for women to speak as equals matters. Asserting your own personal ideologies and opinions represents a huge stepping-stone in maintaining individuality and selfconfidence, and nothing suggests that it’s okay for somebody, especially a person of privilege in comparison to you, to interrupt that. Men and women both can work to end this inequity. Dousing mansplaning’s dimly lit flame requires all genders’ involvement. So women, speak up. And men, consider whether what you have to say is truly adding something new to the conversation. If not, put a sock in it.

Why Do Halloween Costumes Have to Degrade Women? Shelby Staneart Staff Writer

costume for toddlers called “Naughty Leopard” had to be taken off the shelves at Wal-Mart due to the large amount of complaints. The costumes are giving children the idea that they need to dress in a provocative way to “fit in” and look “cute.” It’s teaching young girls that you need to dress seductively to be admired. Besides the costumes being ridiculously objectifying, they are advertised for skinny females only. Females are being sent a message they need to fit a certain body type to wear them. There is only a limited number of costumes for plus size females, so if they don’t fit this “ideal size” the chance of them getting the Halloween costume they want is nil. The only thing this system of advertisement has done is made females feel insecure and uncomfortable with their bodies. I asked a few people around the school what they thought about the costumes and received some interesting answers. Most of the males I asked said things like “I like them,” and “They’re hot.” Of course the male gender doesn’t see anything wrong with the Halloween costumes because they’ve never been degraded and objectified. Females are still seen as nothing other than an object for male pleasure. But several females I asked said the costumes were “ridiculous” and “not okay.” Halloween costumes for femalebodied people are gross. If a female

Halloween is over and done with, but I am still feeling disgusted with the over sexualized costumes for females. It was nearly impossible to find a Halloween costume that didn’t involve having my chest and legs on display. Even costumes for young girls were outrageously revealing. But why have female-bodied costumes become so sexualized? It’s simple – sex sells. That doesn’t mean it’s okay; it means society portrays females as nothing more than commodities for sexual satisfaction. Male-bodied costumes aren’t sexualized at all. When I was shopping for a superhero costume, the male section had rows and rows of perfectly appropriate costumes, but when I went to the female section all they had was one wall full of “superhero” corsets, ruffled underwear, and tutus. Males can be whatever they want and don’t have to worry about their costumes being too revealing. Male-bodied costumes also tend to have more executive positions – for example, a doctor versus a nurse, or a football player versus a cheerleader. The patriarchy has become apparent in the divide of male and female-bodied Halloween costumes. The costumes for children have gradually become more sexual over the years. The only difference between the costumes for girls and wants to dress sexually and seductively women are the girls’ costumes are that’s okay, but that shouldn’t be their a few inches longer in length. A only choice.

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college We asked seniors the following questions to see how they’re doing: 1. How are college applications going? 2. How are you managing school and college apps at the same time? Or - how stable is your sanity? 3. How much sleep are you getting? 4. How severe is your senioritis?

Friday, November 1, 2013


SMHS Graduates Give College Application Advice

From left to right: Kiana Lee (Biola University), Masa Kawakatsu (Rhode Island School of Design), Vi Bautista (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Audrey Grimes (University of Oregon)

1.“It’s poppin” 2. “Sanity? Is that a question?” 3. “As much sleep as an owl gets a night….so zero” 4. “Grey hairs everywhere” Javi Gayton

1.“Got that stuff done on day one” 2.“Well I only have 5 classes and only 3 classes are academic” 3.“Not enough.” 4.“It’s not that bad.”

1.“It’s as slow as a turtle and as annoying as a bird.” 2.“I just eat food.” 3. “Negative 24/7” 4.“Started in 1st grade” Delenne Franco

1.“It’s such a fun and great time.” 2.“I’m not.” 3.“Just enough.” 4.“It can’t be cured.” Nipun Sudhir

Savannah Liu Features Editor It’s college application season! To help out our current seniors (and younger Bearcats who will be applying to college in the future), we asked some graduates about choosing schools, essay writing, and applying for financial aid. Most of the former Bearcats we interviewed believe that GPA and test scores were the most important part of their applications. Even for students considering art schools, having strong numbers could be a boost. “I wanted to show an intellectual approach to art,” said Masa Kawakatsu, a student at RISD. Extracurriculars also play an important role because they show the applicant’s passions. Even with strong numbers and activities, “there are many applicants that have similar GPA’s, test scores, and extracurricular activities as you, so I think what distinguishes you is your personal statement,” said Joey Wong, a graduate going to Boston University. “Write about what you care about, not what you think colleges care about—no one enjoys changing bedpans at the local hospital, so don’t say that’s your favorite activity,” said Vicki Xiao, who is now at MIT. “Having said that, make sure you know what qualities the college you’re applying to looks for! For instance, if they really value creativity or innovation, highlight those traits!” Some students also had college counselors help them with their essays, and others asked their friends. “Teachers are a great resource, just go talk them!” said Hannah Middlekauf, a student at NYU. Though you might want feedback from others, be sure it doesn’t lose your voice. “It’s your essay, not your friend’s

or your parent’s or your teacher’s or your counselor’s,” said Vicki. Besides academic programs, location was extremely important for some graduates’ choice of school. “I applied to a lot of schools in the Boston area because I wanted to experience living on the other coast,” said Joey. Others chose their school location based on their chosen field of study; students

“Write about what you care about, not what you think colleges care about” passionate about programming told me they chose schools in Silicon Valley, while art students preferred schools in cities like Chicago. Remember to take into account everyday things when choosing your schools. Weather is a big one, especially for people like us who are used to the Bay Area’s mild climate. “Is it flat or are there hills? Will you have a far walk to class or the cafeteria? What do the dorms look like and can you see yourself living in those halls?” are other things to pay attention to, especially on a campus visit. For some students, college visits helped them decide what colleges they wanted to go to. Audrey Grimes fell in love with University of Oregon after visiting its campus and going to one of their football games. “I started to realize that I loved the school spirit at SMHS and really wanted that in college too.” A campus visit is definitely helpful for getting a better understanding of student life and campus culture, including school spirit. What should you look out for on a college tour? Pay attention to whether the students are friendly and welcoming.

“Tour guides are almost always current students, so ask them anything and everything, and they can speak from experience,” said Anuja Argade, who is at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She suggests that “for schools where you need to declare a major like Cal Poly (or any school where you must declare your major beforehand and is difficult to switch around once in), I believe that the box your check by your desired major on the application is a big factor. The courses and AP tests you have taken/are taking should relate to your major.” Christina Dressel, who is at Hillsdale College, said that “the most important thing about choosing a college is education. I knew Hillsdale was going to give me the education I needed to become a better student, not just get a good job later on.” With that in mind, focus your research on each school’s academic resources. Look up “each school’s department website for your major and check out what extracurricular and vocational opportunities will be available to you because that will make a major impact in your career after you graduate,” said Vikash Morar, who is at UCSD. “Definitely check out the buildings that your major department is in because those are the facilities you’ll be in for the final two years of college, at least, so you have to be sure you’ll be comfortable studying and working there. Otherwise, it may not be right for you.” Some graduates said that being comfortable in the atmosphere is important – after all, you are going to spend four years there. “Some people have never seen their campus, and once they did, they did not like it. You could also look at the areas where you can hang out, such as a lounge or a college center, where you know you can interact with others,” said

Jessica Wenzel, who is at CSM. For art students, the portfolio is extremely important. Vi Bautista, who is studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago suggests that students try new mediums and keep their subject manner fresh. Art about “angst, sexual subjects, and pop culture references” is popular, but “I can’t tell you how many times the professors here block out extremely repetitive subjects,” said Vi. With college tuition rising, many students are choosing to first attend two year colleges before transferring to a four year school. “You save a lot of money, and you are guaranteed to have the first priority to transfer. Of course, you need to attain the transfer requirement first,” said Alice Chi, who is at De Anza College. For those applying for financial aid, do research, go to the career center and Financial Aid seminars,

“Tour guides are almost always current students, so ask them anything and everything” and apply for as may scholarships and as you can in addition to FAFSA. If there is any problem with your financial aid applications, “resolve it as soon as possible. Usually it’s just confirming some numbers. It’ll reduce stress!” said Masa. Angela Lu, who is attending Berkeley, says there “are many opportunities to apply once you’ve been accepted to a school too, so don’t worry if you don’t get any at first.” Good luck, seniors! Just a bit of last minute advice: embrace your strangeness. “Unique is good,”said Masa.

Will CSM Soon Offer Four-Year Degrees? Marjorie Miranda Staff Writer 1.“It’s killing me.” 2.“No answer.” 3.“No sleep.” 4.“I just play soccer.” Junior Ortiz

Over the past month, California Community Colleges have been considering whether to offer four years degrees in order to increase the number of graduating students and better prepare them for

professional jobs. Would students like this new change? Some are concerned about its affect on other schools. It is important to take into consideration pros and cons of attending community college; how exactly does it affect your future? “Would that put California State

Universities out of business? Most people go to community college to get an associates degree and then transfer to a CSU,” said senior Akshaya Natarajan. Other students are curious about the cost of receiving a four-year degree from a community college. “If it is still more affordable to

go to a community college than a CSU, it would be a good idea,” said senior Chandini Ramesh. Senior Brian Zamora is optimistic. “It sounds great. I hope they can carry it out well,” he said. The final decision won’t be made for a while. What do you think, Mateo?

Friday, November 1, 2013

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Answers Questions continued...

Photo Courtesy

Vikash Morar went to UCSD for its bioengineering program.

Audrey Grimes fell in love with University of Oregon after visiting its campus and going to one of their football games.

photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Anuja Argade chose to go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for its strong academics and beautiful location.

College Board: Non-Profit Makes Bank Expenses, expenses, expenses. This is a term that high school students pursuing higher education are all too familiar with. Teenagers all over the country are at some point required to work with the national, non-profit educational organization College Board. However, College Board has been subject of much criticism from students, educators, and consumer rights activists.

nation, the College Board charges $51 for SAT reasoning tests, $89 for the AP tests, and $24.50 for SAT 2 subject tests. So let’s get this straight; this “non-profit organization” charges hefty fees

College Board sits back and capitalizes off teenagers’ anxieties as well as charging hefty fees for mandatory tests. Why? This is because as students sign up for SAT prep classes and guide books, the “member led” College Board sits back and capitalizes off teenagers’ anxieties. As the largest owner of tests in the

CEO Gaston Caperton earning 1.3 million in 2009. “College Board is ripping us off for their benefit,” said Sabrina Lee, a senior who has experience taking numerous College Board

Photo courtesy of

Juhie Desai Opinion Editor

for tests students are forced to take, yet, according to Americans for Education Testing Reform, 19 of College Board’s executives make more than $300,000 a year, with

administered AP and SAT tests. I’m wondering the same thing as the rest of you must be; why in the world is College Board labeled as a non-profit organization?

Although they waive fees for students in need and offer forms of financial aid, they make far too much ($200,000,000 in revenue) to qualify for government subsidies. The College Board headquarters is located in the glitzy Upper West Side in Manhattan for god’s sake. “That’s horrible. Students spend a lot of money taking and retaking tests, and the fact that College Board makes a profit off this and doesn’t give back is ridiculous,” said senior Chandini Ramesh, who also has experience with taking College Board tests. Unfortunately, there is no escaping College Board’s monopoly on our country’s exam system. As the pursuit to higher education gets tougher, students will need to fulfill exam requirements for college. Either way, the College Board will capitalize off their services, but the least they can do is earn their revenue justifiably. I’m talking no more unnecessary government subsidies and rush fees. I am not proposing education reform, I am proposing College Board to be labeled what they should be, a private corporation.

1. “It is swift as the wind and fast like a fox.” 2.”I have a time turner necklace that allows me to travel back in time.” 3. “About 9 months worth (in my dreams).” 4. “My senioritis is terminal.” David Feng

1. “What are college apps?” 2. “I don’t understand this question.” 3. “-6/14. (I am not joking)” 4. “Ask me in 2 months.” Christine Okazaki

1.“Sometimes I just wish I was saved.” 2.“Insane in the membrane.” 3.“3.14 (pie) hours” 4.“Pretty darn severe because of the government shutdown.” Jocelyn Vasquez

1.“Just freaking awesome” 2.“I don’t.” 3. *cries* 4. “Started sophomore year to be honest.” Paloma Monesi

1.“Super great! I’m having so much fun! It’s even better than Disneyland!” 2.“I don’t even know what being sane is anymore.” 3.“What is sleep?” 4.“Started sophomore year.” Allison Wendlberger

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Sara Evensen

Dream date? Brian Seji Okada, resident hard-baller.

Hayley Walker

Favorite dance move? Eloy at lunch.

Friday, Nove

Rachel Royce

Superpower? Instant coffee in my hands.

Jasmine Alcantara

Dream date? Karina Victoria Garcia

Joceline Diaz

Kristin Kanaya

Favorite summer song? Breakfast by Kreayshawn

Coolest person ever? Matt Jew

Alejandra Leynez

Teresa Lee



Ready grid


Superhero name? “Small & Spicy”

Mikayla Stoveland

Dream date? John F. Kennedy

Favorite summer song? Closer by Tegan and Sara

Ashley Chiu

Favorite dance move? “Raun de lay”, courtesy of Mr. Friedman

ember Page 1, 2013 10

Samuel Bekker

Favorite dance move? The dougie.

Jeffrey Ge


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Roger Yao

Spy name? Mr.Owl

Chris Arguelles

Favorite summer song? Best Song Ever By 1D

Dream date? Ariana Grande

Mason Otus

Jason Gonzalez

Where will you be in 10 years? Come find me.

Fragrance you’d like to smell forever? My mom’s cooking.

Danny Lema

Charlie Kruse

YALTY? Dream date? Melanie Iglesias

Coolest person ever? Matt Jew

Felipe Afanador

Bryan Okada

Favorite summer song? Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Essential item for Grid? My Heelys. PHOTO CREDIT BY TELLUSERS.COM

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Friday, November 1, 2013


This sweet tea sensation will take over your taste buds.

Mayeesha Galiba A&E Editor

When you think tea, you’re most

likely to think of a hot cup of

English breakfast Tea with two cubes of sugar and a dash of halfand-half. Well not anymore, because in the 1980’s Taiwanese tea shops invented a tea based drink with little balls of tapioca. Originally, it was a hot black tea with milk and tapioca pearls, but now

trendy tea shops have created many variants. So what is it that makes people line up day after day for this delicious sweet drink? Lea Chandler, junior, says, “I drink bubble tea all the time. It’s one of my favorite drinks. During the fall and winter, I get hot bubble tea, which warms me up.” There’s also a fun element of surprise and amusement when drinking. You stab your extra wide straw into the sealed top of the cup and start to drink the sweet flavored tea, when suddenly a little ball of tapioca pops into your mouth. If you opt to get popping boba (little bursting balls of juice), they’ll burst in your mouth which is extra fun. Many assume that the “bubble” in bubble tea refers to the tapioca pearls, but it actually refers to the bubbles that form in the tea when it’s shaken after being sealed. Crazy, right? Many get green tea, which is lighter, and flavor it with various fruit juices. My personal favorite

is strawberry-passion green tea. There are so many different combinations, you’ll never be able to try them all and you’ll never get bored. Boba isn’t the only thing you can add – many stores offer different flavored jelly’s and puddings to put in your drink if you’re feeling extra adventurous. The textures of the boba and the jellies might be a little weird at first, but I guarantee it’s delicious. The most popular place to get bubble tea at the moment is TPumps at 106 S. B Street in San Mateo, but be ready to stand in an extremely long line that snakes out of the store and a good ways down the street. For my bubble tea fix, my favorite place to go to is Quickly at 142 E 3rd Ave in San Mateo. Their tea is absolutely delicious and I could drink it every day. So go on, children, discover the magnificent world of bubble tea. And if you’re already an avid consumer, by all means continue.

Is Your (Relation)Ship Sailing?

“Gravity” Launches With Rave Reviews photo courtesy of Comic


Teens Are Crazy About Bubble Tea Sci-Fi Thriller

photo by static.hotdwallpaper

A&E Page 8

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney work together to save their lives and get back to Earth safely.

Hannah Choe Staff Writer Gravity, directed by Oscar Nominee Alfonso Cuarón, is about two astronauts who aren’t having the safest day in space. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a brilliant medical engineer, and Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), a veteran astronaut, are on a routine satellite checkup mission. The danger begins when a warning arrives, telling them to evacuate immediately. The persistent Dr. Ryan Stone continues to fix the satellite while Kowalsky, who was aware of the dangers of space, eventually succeeds in forcing her to close down the satellite and escaping the area with him. When their shuttle is destroyed, they find themselves stranded in space in a wave of dangerous flying debris. Will both of them be able to reach earth safely? Or will a sacrifice be made in order for one to survive? Gravity came out on October 4 and was number one in Top Box

Office with a profit of $55.8M. It received amazing ratings and reviews by everyone, and was able to reach 97% “Fresh” reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The stunning and breathtaking view of space and the emotions conveyed throughout the film are enough to make one stay frozen in their seat in awe. The overall graphics are so advanced that the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred. The director decided to convey the silence of space by shutting off any sound during the first ten minutes of the movie, before you start hearing small sounds like humans talking, machines clanking, and radio music in the distance. To gain the best viewing experience, watch it at the IMAX Theater in 3D. This is a remarkable movie recommended to all sci-fi and drama lovers. However, this movie might not be your cup of tea if you prefer relaxing movies. Watch it soon!

10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Food photo by david feng

GRAPHIC PUT TOGETHER BY ANDREA FLORES WITH IMAGES FROM WEB A strange frenzy that’s taking over the internet, one OTP at a time.

Andrea Flores Staff Writer The Internet: a universal medium for millions of people, a place you can find people who have similar interests as you and parallel the level of passion you hold for certain subjects. Recently, the Internet has birthed a new, slightly weird, concept: shipping. Shipping is the idea of taking any two people who are not necessarily already together or who might noteven know each other and putting them in a relationship. Once someone is shipped with another person enough, they become their OTP, or one true pairing. Shipping has become a huge part of Internet culture, taking over most of Tumblr and YouTube. You could ship anyone from two YouTubers to members from One Direction to actors and actresses from any show or movie.

Tumblr users are some of the most avid shippers, known for editing racy pictures and writing steamy fan fiction for their OTP. Fan fiction can range from harmless romance to raunchy sex-driven fantasies. Tumblr is a place where fans can express their passion for their fandom with other people who feel the same way. Recently, fans began shipping British YouTubers, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes. It got to the point where fans where clogging the comment section of their videos with their ship name, “Zalfie” and constantly asking if they were really dating. Thus, a ship had been born. Over the summer, it was revealed that Zalfie was actually a couple, which elated many of their fans. It’s not often that a fictional ship becomes real life, so when it happens it’s an exciting time.

Fans have also shipped One Direction members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, even though Louis is in a separate relationship. “Larry” shippers even make evidence videos on YouTube to try to prove that they are actually a couple, showing a more extreme side of shipping. Some are so adamant about Larry being real, and get extremely offended if told otherwise. Who’s your OTP? “Katniss and Peeta (Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) are the ultimate ship. They’re perfect together and bring out the best in each other, I love it.” says Alicia Hoole, junior. My personal OTP is Aria and Ezra from the popular TV Drama Pretty Little Liars. #Ezria Shipping has taken over the Internet and fueled much heated debate between various fandoms.

Beware: the following facts may lead you to a revelation about your food.

Kathy Fu Copy Editor According to,, and, here are a few strange things about your food .

1. It takes an adult approximately 250 licks to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop, though the number can vary according to the size of one’s tongue. Looks like Mr. Owl finally has an answer. 2. Chewing gum’s first appearance dates back to 9,000 years ago. One of the first forms of chewing gum was tree resin, most commonly known as sap.

3. The red dye in Dannon yogurt comes from processed beetles. Dannon claims it is a safer alternative to other red dyes which come from coal or tar. 4. Apples wake you up in the morning more than coffee. Time to lay off the caffeine, Starbucks lovers. 5. The color orange was named after the fruit. 6. Processed cheese, such as Kraft Singles, is less than 51% real cheese. Processed cheese is barely even considered real cheese. The remaining 49% comes from additives and chemicals. 7. The liquid in young coconuts can be used to substitute blood plasma. 8. People used to think tomatoes were poisonous. Where would our classic marinara sauce be without tomatoes? 9. Fortune cookies were created in America by Charles Jung, an owner of a Chinese restaurant. . 10. Honey never spoils. Sounds like a good investment for a natural sweetener.

Friday, November 1, 2013


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Disney Stars Have Changed A Lot



This month’s playlist by Mr. Norman

Search and Destroy The Stooges Back in the USA MC5

Kathy Fu Copy Editor

White Light/White Heat The Velvet Underground

With today’s young and new rising stars, we often forget the stars we grew up watching. Let us delve into the past and get an update of our beloved ‘00 Disney stars.

Hilary Duff Then: A veteran Disney star, Hilary Duff is widely known for her role in Lizzie McGuire. Portraying a thirteen year old girl, she explored her teenage years, dealing with her nosy younger brother and ex-best friend who is now Ms. Popular. Though she was forced to face the typical problems of a teenager, she overcame them with the help of her best friends Miranda and Gordo. Now: Flash-forward to today, Duff is now a wife to Mike Comrie, a NHL player, and a proud mother to her baby boy Luca. Making several appearances on TV shows like Bloodbath and Raising Hope throughout the year, Duff is still acting. She is also doing some music recording, possibly coming out with an album. On top of all that, she wrote a YA series called “Elixir”, about a girl named Clea with a unique supernatural talent.

Roadrunner The Modern Lovers Personality Crisis New York Dolls Suburban Home The Descendants Blitzkreig Bop The Ramones Rip Her To Shreds Blondie Rise Above Black Flag Another State of Mind Social Distortion

Artists You Should Definitely Know

Miley Cyrus Then: Perhaps the most wellknown Disney star, Miley Cyrus had her most memorable appearance on Hannah Montana. She played a girl living a double life as both a pop singer and a student. Masking her true identity with a blonde wig, character Miley Stewart kept her fame a secret, known to only her family and friends Lilly and Oliver. She struggled to maintain her secret life and deal with her school at the same time. Cyrus was indeed a role model to many young girls. Now: Cyrus’s appearance has matured radically since her Hannah Montana days. She now sports edgy, short blonde hair and dresses more promiscuously. Her new music has a lot of R&B influence. As for her love life, Cyrus was previously engaged to Liam Hemsworth, an Aussie, but the engagement was called off.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse Then: The twin brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse are most notable for their show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The brothers live in a hotel, The Tipton, with their single mom. The show covers the adventures they experience as troublemakers and their everyday guy lives. Dylan plays Zack, the outgoing, immature and dumb twin, while Cole plays Cody, the sensitive, mature and smart twin. Their polar personalities are bonded together through their several antics and friendship with other hotel friends. The brothers also starred in the spin-off The Suite Life on Deck. Now: No, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have not gone into obscurity. Each matured to the age 21, they are now NYU undergrads, no longer acting. Dylan is majoring in video game design and Cole is majoring in humanities and archaeology.

Fall In Love With Fall Fashion

Shelby Staneart Staff Writer Lana Del Rey, a self-proclaimed “gangster Nancy Sinatra,” has a voice like velvet that will suck you into her world of “sugar daddies” and old Hollywood. Songs like “Young & Beautiful” have a haunting sound to them, that is hard to get out of your head. Del Rey is an awesome lyricist that definitely knows how to twist dark topics into beautiful haunting ballads. She is for sure, someone you should know and listen to. With catchy songs about narcissism and being a heartbreaker, Marina & the Diamonds is an artist worth listening to. Her last album, Electra Heart, which revolved around the life of her alter ego, did not get the credit it was due. She writes all of her songs herself and her voice sounds like silk. Marina has a quirky personality that’s reflected into her music. Her songs will be stuck in your head all day. The Neighbourhood is a Californian band that had their big break last summer with their song “Sweater Weather.” They fall under

the dark-pop alternative genre because songs like “Everybody’s Watching Me,” have a heavier, more somber edge to them. The extremely attractive lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, has a cool, unusual voice that mixes well with the laid-back rhythm of the songs. The Neighbourhood is likeable by all and the songs are easy to listen to. Finish Ticket is an alternativerock band from Alameda, who aren’t well known yet, but they are well on their way. They have good stage presence and sound great live. They released an EP called Tears You Apart, which you can find on iTunes. You should check them out and show your support for this local Bay Area band. British girl group, Little Mix, is an awesome group with positive songs that you will run around your house singing at the top of your lungs. All of the members have voices to envy. Songs like “Wings” and “We Are Who We Are,” preach about loving yourself and ignoring the negativity. Their songs will make you want to strut around with your head held high.

photos by javi gaytan

Need a little change? Listen to these artists and bands.

What’s considered fall fashion here at San Mateo? Find out below from fellow Bearcats.

Breana Picchi Staff Writer

Jared Mah, junior, rocking his black graphic-print crewneck sweatshirt with a pair of dark wash blue jeans, is warming up for the cold season ahead. Jared styles his black high top Vans for the everyday casual look, perfect for looking stylish while keeping it comfortable and manageable for his long day at school. Jared keeps his legs covered with a pair of jeans that are cuffed at the bottom to keep them from dragging on the ground. This is a teenage boy who keeps fall fashion in mind, so take note.

Griselda and Martina Madrigal, juniors, play it safe by layering up with scarfs, thick sweaters, and jackets, the ideal articles of clothing for cold weather. Griselda wears her long gray sweater and her big soft scarf, planning to stay warm throughout the whole day. They are ready anything from being active to a enjoying a lazy day, geared with some of the most popular shoes lately: boots and Converse. Color jeans are always trending – Griselda goes for the classic blue jeans, while Martina adds a pop of color with her dark green jeans. These twins are all prepped and ready for the cold weather.

Mr. Pirie takes fashion to another level with his peacoat jacket on top of a cozy and classic red, white, and blue flannel shirt. Mr. Pirie color coordinates his Converse with his shirt, matching the blue on both to anchor his outfit, also matching the dark colored peacoat jacket with the his shoes and shirt. Staying casual, Mr. Pirie wears his jeans comfortably and loosely to suit a productive day of teaching. Cuffing the bottoms of the pants, he gives them a casual feel while staying practical. Like every hipster would, Mr. Pirie drinks out of his Mason jar, because water bottles are much too mainstream.

La Esquina Latina Page 10

Viernes, 1 de noviembre, del 2013


Poesia Por la Clase de Sra. Freyre colores vivas El árbol grande en el patio Cuyas ramas recuerdo Como si fueran las mias

Jenny Meza Escritora Invitada

Soy de la comida preparándose en la cocina De las monas frágiles pero bellas que coleccionaba mi madre y las fotos en cuadros. Yo soy de mi casa grande pero comoda Soy de las plantas de

Soy del ceviche que comíamos en los domingos que jugaban los 49ers De Samuel masculino y fuerte y Martha bella Soy de rastrando mi cobijita rosita y cantando en el carro Y de campando en el cuarto de julio

Ivan González Escritor Invitado

Soy de mi cuarto De estar en la televisión y mi computadora Soy de un cuarto de mi mido y bonito Y siempre huele a Tropical Febreze Soy de La Rosa Roja

Soy de los días calorosos y días perfectos De Madre y padre Soy de trabajar y de respetar Y de pasar Domingos juntos Soy de "te agarra el Monsters Inc." y Make memories last" Y "people make decisions and they need to live with the consequences" de mi casa

Michelle Del Cid Escritora Invitada

Soy de caja mágica Del cuarto simple y sala ruidosa Yo soy de la casa con un jardín bonito Lleno de color y flores Soy del árbol alto enfrente

Soy de la nieve y familia rara Y campar Soy de chuparme el dedo y el labio Y de futbol Soy de ojos verdes Con una familia de ojos cafes Soy de “sana sana colita de rana” y el “tickle monster” Y “el pollito dice pio pio pio”


por Maribel Amador

para no hacer hollito” Soy de viajando a México durante semana santa

Entre las narices de los alumnos, En la clase, después del Soy de San Mateo y México almuerzo, Tostadas enchilosas y Un niño se tiro un pedo, albóndigas calientes ¡Todos lo olieron, nadie lo De la mudanza a los Estados Unidos cuando mi escucho, madre estaba sola y joven pero dijo que no comió mucho! Soy de mi mamá que siempre sale adelante De fotos de familia en bodas y fiestas Colgadas en las paredes

Soy de “a donde vas tan peinada” y “con cuidado” Y “caminando y miando La plata bonita pero picante Cuyas ramas recuerdo

Ríncon de poesia: una pesadilla chistosa

Soy de despertar a las 12 del día en los domingos Soy de San Mateo y de Guamúchil Papayas y tortas de carne asada De ayudar a mi Padre y Madre en lo que puedo

Durante treinta minutos, Estudiantes se pusieron locos, ¡El maestra se cayo, y se le salieron los mocos!

El rostro de él se puso morado, su corazón parro, en la clase había entrado un tornado, la clase se habia burlado, y ahora no podían mirar claro Pero todo era un sueño, talvez una pesadilla, hoy no era su día perfecto, tal vez mañana será correcto.

Ven y Únete a La Raza Unida!

Soy de lado de mi Padre De tiempos que pasamos juntos En mi corazón Y siempre tender las memorias hasta mi fin. Foto por Brishell Hererra Las presidentas Diana Rodríguez y Kimberly Barrón posan con la administradora de La Raza Unida la Sra. Adamčíkova Diana Rodríguez

Soy guatemalteca y chapina De mi mamá y mi hermano Soy del restaurante chapín Chuchitos y tones Soy de Manuel Del Cid que descansa en paz soy del papá de mi mamá De nuestras risas, felicidad, y memorias guardados en mi corazón

LEL Editor

Eres Latino y tienes ritmo? Dirige tus caderas al salón A145 donde se reúne la Raza Unida. La Raza Unida te quiere a ti como uno de sus nuevos miembros. La Raza Unida es uno de los tantos grupos que tenemos aquí en San Mateo High. El grupo fue creado por estudiantes y profesores entusiasmados y dedicados a demostrar su orgullo étnico. Este grupo es para todos los alumnos Hispanos que continuarán representando al mundo Hispano. Este año

Kimberly Barrón y Diana Rodríguez tomarán al toro por los cuernos y dirigirán el grupo , guiados por la Profesora Adamcikova. Ven y toma parte en el orgullo de ser Raza. La Raza Unida se reúne todos los miércoles durante el almuerzo en el salón de la Profesora Adamčíkova. Si no puedes encontrar el salón solamente ten el oído atento por canciones Latinas y seguramente lo encontraras. Recuerda que no tienes que ser Latino para ser un miembro de La Raza unida. Te esperaremos!

¿Si pudieras ser un personaje cuál serias?

Fotos por Brishell Hererra

“Shakira porque es muy bonita y me gusta su forma de ser.” Mónica Martínez, año 9

“ Finn de Adventure Time porque el es un personaje muy divertivo y torpe.” José Pizarro, año 10

“Demi Lovato porque ella me inspira mucho y es mi idolo.” Stephanie Salazar, año 11

“ Wonder Woman porque es muy fuerte e independiente.” Joana García, año 12

“La chilindrina porque ella vive su vida como un carnaval.”

Sra. Cervantes, S. Services

Friday, November 1, 2013

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San Mateo football players charge down the field for another successful play.

Marjorie Miranda Staff Writer Are you ready for the Little Big Game?! It’s back again, Bearcats! San Mateo’s greatest football rivalry kicks off this month for the Paw. The 86th annual football game against Burlingame is one of the oldest rivalries in Northern California - the two schools have been battling for the Paw since 1927. Burlingame High School, originally called “San Mateo High School Burlingame Branch”, shared the same extracurricular activities as us since they were a part of our school. Ever since 1927 when Burlingame dropped the “San Mateo Branch” and began to call themselves Burlingame High School, everyone wanted to know which school was better. The Little Big Game was inspired by the Stanford vs. Cal game, commonly known as The Big Game, because it was that important for us to know which school ruled. Burlingame leads the LBG series 49-32 with four ties. San Mateo hasn’t won since 2009, and ever since that year our football team has been fighting to win the paw back. The Little Big Game is important to us Bearcats, not just for the win, but also to show that

San Mateo has pride and passion. Because of the rivalry, everybody at SMHS wants see us win! This is the biggest football event of the year, so get your orange and black on and come out to the field on Saturday, November 16. Kickoff is at 11 a.m.

San Mateo High School’s greatest football rivalry kicks off November 16 at 11 a.m. Be there to support our school! Check out more latest news for SMHS football at www. smbearcatfootball. com. November is really all about supporting our team. Throughout the month, enjoy the decorations put up in the halls in a contest to see which class has the most spirit. November is also the time of year when we have

our homecoming dance, which we call Grid, and crown our homecoming king and queen. And the Little Big Game isn’t just about football. It’s also about the halftime show, when we’ll see spectacular performances by the marching band, the dance team, the cheer team, and advanced dance classes. Many people on campus have been preparing for weeks for this event. Last year San Mateo lost 4113. This year all three football captains are striving to win and continue to improve. This season has been really hard for our football team. There have been a lot of injuries so they are working with some disadvantages for the Little Big Game. The football team has been practicing nonstop, and all three captains, Jason Gonzalez, Line Latu, and Chris Zarco, have been motivating the team to win. “We don’t expect it to be easy,” said Nick Pallas, an offensive lineman. But Bearcats can help by filling the stands and inspiring the team. When you’re a bearcat, November doesn’t mean Thanksgiving! It means the Little Big Game. See you in the stands!

courtesy Photo

Photo courtesy of dulce hernandez




Little Big Game: SMHS Water Polo Wins Fights for the Paw

Nikela Klinghagen searches for someone to pass to in a game against Menlo School.

Angela Zhang Web Editor Although San Mateo’s water polo teams are not known for their wins, this year has shown a significant improvement at all levels and they deserve a big round of applause. Varsity water polo girls accomplished the first win of the season throughout all three teams, and more significantly, the first win since the girls program restarted in 2011. In an intense match against Terra Nova on October 15, the Bearcat ladies fought hard and never let the number of Terra Nova goals surpass their own. With a blazing 12-6 victory, goals were made by sophomores Tara Nash and Isabelle Froerer, as well as juniors Priscilla Law, Angela Zhang, Michelle Reynaud, Ally Oey, and Briana Cerda. After their best goal scorers, Audrey Grimes and Hannah Middlekauff, graduated last year, the girls didn’t have high expectations for the 2013 season.

“We wanted to win but didn’t really have our hopes up,” junior captain Ally said, “It definitely came as a surprise, but a good one.” The girls have won three other games in the season so far, two against Capuchino and another against Terra Nova. “Hopefully, there’ll be more!” junior Hanny Octaviani said. Varsity boys have also had one win this year, against Capuchino. Losing quite a few players as seniors last year, the boys are still working on building the team back up. Coach Whitney Zobac has been pushing them whard with swimming drills, knowing their weak points. And last but definitely not least, the Junior Varsity boys have had a great season this year, being fourth in the league with a season winloss of 3-4, something that hasn’t been achieved for many years. This year’s season is coming to an end and the last home games have already passed, but San Mateo’s water polo program has done remarkably well and is looking forward to next year already.

Bearcats Beat Panthers Tiffany Lee Sports Editor For the first time in fifteen years, the San Mateo girls’ tennis team beat Burlingame with an ecstatic win of 4-3. A few weeks ago, our lady bearcats played against the rival panthers in a home game. Going into the match with the knowledge that they were facing a strong opponent, they were determined to do their best. The entire match lasted nearly three hours, and almost the entire team stayed until the end to

support the last match, singles two, played by sophomore Michelle Kwon, which had gone into a third set as the deciding factor of victory between the two schools. With the team supporting her from the sidelines, Michelle made a fantastic effort despite being hindered by a blister on her foot, defeating her opponent 7-5 games in the last set and bringing home the victory for San Mateo. Her win was also noted in the San Mateo Daily Post online. Great job, lady bearcats, and thanks for a great season!

Q&A with Coach Jeff Scheller goal of going undefeated, we put up a good fight.”

Q: How do you think the season is going so far?

Q: What area needs most improvement?

“The team is coming along well. We have faced some obstacles, but we are ready for league and we have competed well.” Q: Have you achieved any previously set goals? “We have executed better each week, which was one of our goals in the beginning of the season. Even though we didn’t achieve our

“We need to work on our turnover and we are going to work on this by practicing.” Q: How is Burlingame’s football team different then ours? “Burlingame went undefeated in the pre-season and they have shut out a lot of teams. They have a very strong offense, but we are ready to take them.”

Q: Do you think we can get the Paw this year? “YES!!!” Q: Which people on the team do you think will go out on the field and be the leaders or motivators during the game? “We expect the captains to go out on the field and motivate all of the other guys.” Q: What is your strategy for the LBG?

“Our strategy for the LBG is to stop the running ball (stop the other team from getting yards.” Q: Does SMHS have any advantages this year? “We are a better-balanced team. We have also faced a lot more challenges in our game, with harder teams and players getting injured. And of course because we have better-looking players and coaches!”

Photo by Javi Gaytan

Breana Picchi Staff Writer

Little Big Game

Page 12

Friday, November 1, 2013


What does it mean to be a part of the Little Big Game? Graphics




Nick Pallas - #70

Line Latu - #11

“Being a part of the Little Big Game represents fighting for your friends and family, and also fighting for the paw. San Mateo High School is my family, and my teammates are my brothers.”

“Being a part of the Little Big Game means a lot to me. Not just for me but for all of my older brothers that have played for SMHS in the LBG. Only two out of the three have been successful. Winning the LBG gives us a year of bragging rights.”

Height: 6’1’’ Weight: 175 lbs. Position: Offensive Line (OL) Tackles per game: 2.3 Total Tackles: 23

Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 150 lbs. Position: Running Back (RB) and Defensive Back (DB) Average Rushing Yards: 6.35 Rushing yards per game: 104.1 Total Rushing Yards: 547

Carlo Aguilar - #8 Height: 5’10’’ Weight: 165 lbs. Position: Wide Receiver (WR) and Defensive Back (DB) Average Rushing Yards: 4.44 Rushing yards per game: 16.0 Total Rushing Yards: 80 “Being a part of the Little Big Game is a privilege, because it is a well known event in both of our cities. I not only get to represent my team, but my school, and I get to do that with my brothers. Being a senior and having lost the last three years, it is time that we bring the Paw back to San Mateo High School!”

Jason Gonzalez - #3 Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 175 lbs. Position: Quarter Back (QB) and Line Backer (LB) Passing Yards per game: 62.6 Total Passing Yards: 313 “Being a part of the Little Big Game is mostly about the tradition of the game you play and the game you love, and it is also a great football match against our rival school. I play for not only myself but my family at San Mateo High School.”

Chris Zarco - #7 Height: 5’10’’ Weight: 165 lbs. Position: Wide Receiver (WR) and Defensive Back (DB) Average Rushing Yards: 17.0 Receiving Yards per game: 21.6 Total Receiving Yards: 238 “Being a part of the Little Big Game is an honor; this is a well-known rivalry and being able to play in it with the guys on this year’s team means a lot because of our close bond. We may be the underdogs again this year, but I feel like we have a great chance of beating them. It’s going to be a game to watch.”

TheBearCat - Nov 2013  

November 2013 Issue of TheBearCat, school newspaper for San Mateo High School