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Vietnam LGBT* in India An Ode to 2013 Vacation

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Students Present at National Astronomy Conference in D.C. Kay Zhang Editor-in-Chief



From left to right: Sandra Kung (11), Ms. Seebode, and Eric Wang (10) pose in front of their poster at the AAS conference in Wash. D.C.

Two of astronomy club’s most outstanding members took their studies out of this world on their field trip to Washington D.C. to attend the American Astronomical Society’s national astronomy conference last month. Junior Sandra Kung and sophomore Eric Wang attended the conference along with their astronomy teacher Ms. Seebode from January 5 to January 8, dedicating many days to presenting Astronomy Club’s research on red giants. Their research was done in

See ASTRONOMY, Page 10 Winter Sports Rally Competition: Page 10 Festivities Welcome the Chinese Year of the Horse Design Tech School Offers Innovative New Style of Teaching Gareth George Web Master

The new Design Tech School (stylized as opening in our district is part of a generation of schools seeking to change the face of education. is founded on the idea that students learn best when education is personalised to suit the needs of the student and students are asked to think of ways to apply their knowledge to better the world. The school hopes to expand the core school curriculum by teaching behavioral skills like collaboration and persistence, not just cognitive skills like literacy and mathematics. The theory is that teaching these non-cognitive skills will help pupils forge their identities as students, professionals, and citizens. The school plans on teaching these skills by encouraging students to find and develop their individual passions with design-minded and cross-disciplinary thinking. Students will start out their school day with an advisory course for goal setting, community building, and health and wellness education. The rest of the day will be filled with a mixture of scheduled block classes and study periods for students to work with teachers and get extra

help or participate in online courses or extra study through the school’s “learning hub” a resource room. Ms. Christy Knott, who taught Health at SMHS for the last four years and is the current Director of Health and Wellness at, spoke of what she found most promising about “At students are going to be expected to apply the content knowledge they are attaining to real world problems. They will have opportunities to put their knowledge into action, and realise what they still need to learn.” She said the goal that drives the school is to “make learning personalized in a way that allows students to move at the pace they need, get the information they need when they need it, and apply it to relevant areas of their lives. “At, my job is to oversee the culture of the school, which is based strongly on the idea of empathy, with the core idea of everyone knowing everyone and everyone taking care of each other,” said Ms. Knott. Along with shepherding the school culture, Ms. Knott will be working to oversee the physical education program at which will be implemented largely as

See D.TECH, Page 10

PHOTO BY ANGELA ZHANG Foster City’s Chinese Club, featuring several of our very own Bearcats, poses after their 2013 performance.

Angela Zhang Web Editor

Foster City’s Chinese Club, featuring some of our own Bearcats, will be performing in the Chinese New Year’s parade in San Francisco on February 15. They won first place in 2013 and are hoping to bring home another trophy this year. San Francisco’s nighttime parade is the biggest celebration of Chinese New Year in the Bay Area. It originated in the 1860’s during

the Gold Rush days and is now one of the world’s top ten parades and the largest celebration of its kind outside of Asia. Some parade highlights include elaborately decorated floats, school marching bands, martial arts group, stilt walkers, lion dancers, Chinese acrobatics, the newly crowned Miss Chinatown USA and the Golden Dragon. And of course, firecrackers! Closer to home, the Lunar New Year Celebration in San Mateo

Central Park on Saturday, Feb. 22, from 11am to 2pm will include many performances by Bearcats, including the SMHS Jazz Combo. Chinese New Year galloped in this year as the Year of the Wood Horse on January 31. In Chinese astrology, the Horse year is considered a fortunate year that brings luck and good things. The Horse is a symbol of nobility, class, speed and perseverance. People born in

See NEW YEAR, Page 10

Opinion Page 2


Cultural Appropriation is NOT a Bad Thing

PHOTO BY Henna, a natural Indian dye, being applied by women at a wedding celebration.

Juhie Desai Opinion Editor We’ve all seen the Tumblr blogs and articles accusing people of contributing to “cultural appropriation”. defines cultural appropriationm as “the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different culture group”. “Hipsters wearing headresses is cultural appropriation because it is a commodification of indigenous culture. It takes something from someone else’s culture without any context or respect and turns it into something marketable and profitable”, claims a Tumblr blog I came accross. First off, this statement was made by an individual who doesn’t even belong to the Native American descent. When one purchases an item that belongs to another culture, they do so out of admiration and respect.

Are we going to stop buying Chinese tea because it is an “outside commodity”? If anything, the adoption of other cultures is a sign of a newfound acceptance in our society that has emerged. We’re finally branching out of an era of ignorance and discrimination that has gone on for too long. Yet there are people who continue to find fault with harmless exchanges of cultures, whether it is wearing a “bindi” or sporting mocassins. Why hinder the efforts of a society moving towards social acceptance? It wasn’t until an SMHS student was blamed for being racist and insensitive for applying henna, a natural Indian dye applied on the skin, fingernails, and hair, that I realized that this cultural exhchange shaming is something that is definitely prevalent. Although henna is most commonly used during Indian wedding celebrations, Americans

are beginning to adopt the practice. Mary Mozzetti, a senior at SMHS, discovered the art and it’s beauty and decided to share it with her friends. Why should people like Mary be scrutinized for simply attempting to try so something different out of curiousity? As a person of Indian descent, I personally think it’s a beautiful thing that others are interested and fascinated by an art that I have enjoyed growing up. It is extremely unhealthy for a society to rush to judgements and label individuals as racist because it is the easy thing to do. It isn’t only the youth that are struggling with this issue, however. “I think Indian women’s clothing is beautiful, so I bought a salwar kameez from a shop in San Bruno. I loved the outfit but I felt very self conscious and I felt as though I was potentially belittling the Indian culture as a white woman,” states SMHS teacher, Ms Fergusson. Ms. Fergusson’s experience is something that occurs far too often. It is because of these hateful Tumblr blogs and anti-cultural appropriation groups that cause people like Ms. Fergusson to unnecerssarily feel shameful for admiring beauty. These people are under the impression that they are saving our society from racism. But what I don’t understand is why they feel the need to defend other ethnic cultures from a problem that is simply nonexistent. It is time for people to understand that a simple exchange of cultures is not racism. It is time for people to stop hindering a progressive society. And it is time for people to stray away from ignorance and promote acceptance.

Silent Sufferers in Hollywood Chandini Ramesh Guest Writer

One day I, as all enthusiasts of “The Hunger Games” do, was talking about the movie series with my friend when she presented me with some information that I found shocking to say the least. She related to me an article in which Sam Clafin, the young star who plays Finnick Odair in the movie, talked about his body image issues and struggles with anorexia. I had a hard time believing that such a handsome talented young man could be suffering from a disease that I thought mostly affected women. This consequently prompted me to look into the issues that many men in Hollywood face. Dieting for roles is a largely debated, and even accepted by people as just part of the job that these actors face. The difference is that for women, this is now largely considered to be negative. Jennifer Lawrence even repeatedly speaks out on how she would never lose an unhealthy amount of weight for a role, and that doing so is a bad example for young people. On the other hand, when it comes to men, their weight loss and hyper masculine figures are glorified. But what people don’t understand



Ms. Fergusson

Staff Writers

Maribel Amador Evan Adary News Editor Khushi Bhat Juhie Desai Opnion Editor Kenneth Chen Savannah Liu Features Editor Hannah Choe Diana Rodriguez LEL Editor Andrea Flores Mayeesha Galiba A&E Editor Elizabeth Galanter Sports Editor Tiffany Lee Kyle Kang Brandon Chin Buisness Mgr. Rachel Kirkes Vicky Mesquita Javier Gaytan Photo Editor Marjorie Miranda Angela Zhang Web Editor Jillian Osheroff Gareth George Wed Master Shelby Staneart Kathy Fu Copy Editor Vyjayanti Munagala Vidhu Raj Copy Editor Isabel Chao Breana Picchi Social Med. Editor Catherine Mahoney Social Med. Editor

that this is not characteristic of a healthy male figure, in fact serious problems arise from these expectations. Body image issues are not gender specific. Like young women, young men are constantly scrutinizing themselves to fit the stigmas of what society sees as masculine. Raised with superheroes with big muscles and masculine features, as girls are with princesses, young boys repeatedly hear the phrase “Be a man” and are taught that so much as crying or showing vulnerability on their part devalues them as men. These expectations are in turn what cause young men to face issues like eating disorders. In a 2012 study by the National Eating Disorder Association it was shown that more men have had eating disorders that year than ever before and that number is going up. In addition, its found that out of the one million men who struggle with eating disorders only 10% ever seek help. Society is making changes to help body image issues when it relates to women, I think its time society and Hollywood makes the step to recognize and solve these seemingly invisible issues for young men as well.

Hipster: An Identity Crisis

Editors-in-Chief Advisor ay Zhang imberly Cano

Friday, February 6, 2014

Vyjayanti Munagala, 10th grade, poses for the camera.

Jillian Osheroff Staff Writer The word, hipster, has been used so often in the past couple of years on social media and in daily discussions among students, yet nobody at SMHS or the internet could give me a simple answer as to what it means. When I first heard the term, I thought a hipster was someone who started trends or did something before it was cool to. By that

definition, I strived to be a hipster, hoping that I would have a genius idea one day that others would feel compelled to follow. When I finally heard the song, Bulletproof, by La Roux, play on the radio and realized that I’d been listening to it already for about half a year, I felt like the most hipster-y hipster there ever was. I tried to show off to my friends, who still didn’t think of me as a hipster, but were only jealous that I got the song free on iTunes. Hipsters, whatever they are, seem to get a bad rap. “I refuse to associate with anybody who even slightly smells of hipster fluids,” said Amanda Janks, former senior. Now this was a reflection of her definition of hipsters, “any group that thrifts, wears hideously oversized sweaters/scarves that drown them, and demonstrates music elitism”. Other than the Urban Dictionary definition that proclaims that a hipster can’t be defined, because that’d be too mainstream, the first definition on Google search stated that a hipster is “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions”. Wait, what? So is a hipster a leader or a follower, part of a contemporary subculture or an ancient movement? Seriously? All this time, I’d believed that to be a hipster, I had to change my ways and start the trends that others follow, but I guess I was already there when I began my journey. In that case, aren’t we all hipsters? Regular teens just trying to fit in and be accepted by our peers? Yup, I know. My mind is blown too.

Thursday, Feb 6, 2014

LGBT Community Oppressed in India

People protesting India’s Supreme Court decision in India

Vjyanthi Staff Writer India has the second largest population in the world. As a result, it’s only implied that the country has a large lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT*) population as well. Despite the statistics, the Indian government rehabilitated section 377, thereby illegalizing homosexuality from the country completely. Right after India gained independence from Great Britain, the nation produced section 377 in the constitution illegalizing “gay sex”. The section imposes a ten year sentence for “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with man, woman, or animal.” In 2009,

India had declared this section ‘unconstitutional’. But now, four years later, the article was brought back to the stand and has now pledged many people guilty. The reason for this ban is uncertain. Some claim it was for the prevention of STDs from the country. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supported this claim by a simple statement saying that a large quantity of the Indian population was dying of HIV and AID, though critics say that there is little to no evidence to support this claim. Another reason was that the ban was due to religious reasons, and that homosexuality is immoral in the Hindu religion. Critics argue that the religion argument is

invalid, as a section of the Hindu religion, under Kamasutra, states that homosexuality is indeed present and that it does not impose a problem of any sort. Due to heavy politics and fear, the lawyers, advocates, and other Government officials in the Supreme Court have decided to allow the Parliament to continue with this decision. The BJP, a conservative Hindu nationalist group, spoke to the nation addressing this crisis and said that the decision will not be altered for at least a few years. Congress, the opposing party for the upcoming elections, is planning on taking this opportunity to gain popularity within the LGBT* population by disagreeing with this decision made by the Government. Many Indian residents say the entire situation might as well be a political stunt to arise chaos during election time. Tanya Iyer, a student in Pune, India, is disappointed in the government after this incident and said, “Gay rights are human rights. Are you going to close your eyes to this section of society?” Will India continue to close their eyes on the LGBT* community? It is uncertain, but if this was a political stunt, situations ought to change.

Bogus Sign Language Scheme

North Korean Camps of Horror Juhie Desai Opinion Editor In the past year, North Korea and leader Kim Jong Un have made a splash in global headlines, leaving the United States in particular fixated on the country’s nuclear weapon advances and threats of an attack. However, this may cause us to overlook the brutal reality of North Korea’s internal situation. For years, the world has speculated about gruesome prison camps administered throughout the country, but it wasn’t until a month ago that Amnesty International presented the world with real life accounts from witnesses and satellite images of the camps. Something that people thought to be just another small scale systematic crime carried out by Kim Jong Un has turned out to be an extremely deadly situation. According to CNN, it is possible that Kim Jong Un has killed millions of North Koreans by either starving them to death or sending them to concentration camps. To prove just how bad the conditions are, a witness from Camp 16 claimed that “guards there forced prisoners to dig their own graves and then killed them with hammers”. Amnesty International

has come forward with evidence also proving that guards themselves have raped and murdered women. With this shocking news of cruel human conditions in North Korea, the United States is forced to face tough decisions as well as unanswered questions. Do we get ourselves involved in the situation, as it involves human rights violations? How do we handle China? If North Korea has successfully disguised how horrible their camps are, there is no way of knowing what else they are hiding. In an ideal world, China and the US would diplomatically unite and confront North Korean leaders, initiating sanctions if all else fails. Unfortunately, both powers are extremely stringent and any kind of involvement would affect US national security. Until action is taken, the entire world must awaken to the unfortunate North Korean circumstances.

Brazil Can’t Hang

A man proudly waves Brazillian flag surrounded by civilians.

PHOTO BY MIRROR.COM/UK President Obama alongside the sign language translator at Nelson Mandela’s funeral

Every year the United States spends millions of dollars on the President’s security, between Secret Service, Cadillac, Ground Force, and Air Force One, only to have the president inches away from a violent schizophrenic. On December 15, 2013, Thamsanqa Jantjie provided bogus sign language during President Obama’s speech at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Thamsanqa Jantjie has had several felonies such as murder, attempted murder, rape, and a 100,000-euro traveling fraud, and was still inches away from the




Jack Pope Staff Writer

Page 3


President. How could a man with such a record, even get close to the president without any background checks? As a result of this fiasco, several officials of the South Africa’s ruling party have resigned. Bantubahle Xozwa, the CEO of the company that hired Jantjie, has retired along with the ANC’s religious and traditional affairs desk. Jantjie claimed he was having a schizophrenic problem, where he was hallucinating and hearing voices, “There was nothing I could do. I was alone in a very dangerous situation,” he told Johannesburg Daily. If Jantjie was mentally ill, why weren’t the heads of this whole affair notified? Especially Bantubahle Xozwa, the CEO of the company that hired Jantjie. Just because he resigned doesn’t mean he should have been off the hook. Why would the CEO hire a signer with previous schizophrenic episodes? “There might be a mistake, where other people might not

have understood the interpreter,” said the South African Government to the press. Several people including The South Africa’s deaf organization all said Jantjie was a bogus sign language interpreter. The government also told the press, Jantjie, “was not a professional sign language interpreter.” Why would they hire a sign language interpreter that wasn’t a professional at one of the most respected men of South Africa’s funeral? The members of South Africa’s deaf community claimed Jantjie was “flapping his arms around.” Also, Cara Loening, the director of Sign Language Education and Development in cape town claimed Jantjie was a “complete fraud,” and also said he looked like he was flapping his arms to swat a fly. The people in charged of hiring Jantjie and the South African Government have both put in danger the President of the United States, and incredibly insulted the deaf community.

Vicky Mesquita Staff Writer In a few months, Brazil will be hosting the FIFA 2014 World Cup. The tournament will bring in tens of thousand of eager soccer tourists who will bring in a large amount of revenue to the Brazilian economy. However, is Brazil prepared to take on the World Cup? I say its not. Brazil’s economy and government are far too underdeveloped to host an international tournament. The country is trying to put a “band-aid” on national issues to secure it just until after the 2016 Olympics win. It is putting off finding long term solutions to urging issues like education, transportation, healthcare, and crime. Brazil has struggled with public safety for years and has made a strive to take down drug lords and reduce crime. However, Brazil is definitely still far too dangerous for thousands of international tourists. Brazil’s budget for hosting is about $13.3 billion dollars according to americasquarterly. org. This money will come out of Brazil’s already failing public school system and infrastructure.

Brazil is also home to the worst airport in South America. São Paulo-Guarulhos International in São Paulo, which is world famous for having staggering delays and dangerous conditions. This airport, which is the main airport in the host city, along with many others in the country, will crumble during the increased traffic. Protests have sparked throughout Brazil’s middle class. Protesters have urged the rest of the world not to attend the World Cup. These protesters claim that the government does not have the best interest of the people in mind and their actions are corrupt and unethical. FIFA has also stepped in and given the country an ultimatum. New stadiums that are being built for the tournament are very behind schedule and are not up to FIFA’s safety standards. Brazil is not prepared for the cup at all. A country that can’t even take care of its own people can not be responsible for hosting an international event. FIFA should strip Brazil’s host status immediately before this proves to be a tragedy.


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photo courtesy of yahoo

Tina Fey is a Boss photo courtesy of

Photos by Liza Galanter



photo courtesy of disney.wikia

Television Was Never So Good

Liza Galanter Staff Writer

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Binge watching TV is your guilty pleasure? You aren’t the only one.

American Horror Story American Horror Story is going into its third season on FX. The show is unique because every season begins with a different theme and different characters. The first season, Murder House, was about the Harmon family and how they move to a haunted house, from there the horror ensues. The second season, Asylum, is about a mental hospital in 1964 called Briarcliff Mental Institution. The third season, Coven, is about a group of witches who are living together and learning how to use their magic at a school in New Orleans. “This show is so scary, I had to watch the first season with one eye”, said Carol Zimmerman, a junior.

Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is a currently on a break, but will be back on April 6, 2014 on HBO coming into its fourth season. This visually stunning show is about seven noble families and their fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. During this bloody battle, we get to know the characters and their internal and external struggle for power. It’s based on a book series by George R. R. Martin. If you enjoy the books, watch the show, or vice versa. “I can’t wait for the return of Game of Thrones, I’ve read all the books and it makes me so happy when I watch the show,” said Gene Iriartborde, a junior.

Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars featured on ABC Family Tuesday nights returned on January seventh with the second half of the fourth season. This murder mystery series is centered on four girls, set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. After the death of their close friend they begin to receive messages from mysterious figure using the name “A”, who threatens to expose their secrets. “I think PLL is doing what it does every season by causing us to create crazy theories when in reality there’s a twist ending,” said Jasmine Balsara, a senior.

Scandal Scandal is an emotional and exciting show that keeps you on your toes and wanting more. It is currently on its third season on ABC. It follows the life of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a former White House Communications Director for the President of the United States who has left to start her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. This firm solves problems for people who have a crisis and need protection from the media and the law. “Literally the best show ever, my mom and I watch it all the time,” said Troy Benevides, a junior.

Orange is the New Black Orange is the New Black is a booming new show, returning to its second season in the Spring of 2014 on Netflix. This odd yet intriguing T.V. series revolves around Piper Chapman, a bisexual woman, engaged to a man, living in New York City, who is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison. She runs into her ex-girlfriend and many other interesting characters. We observe her encounters and her growth throughout the season, as well as the strain it causes on her engagement. “Wow, it’s crazy, so many things have happened, better than anything I have ever seen,” said Kayley Canson, a sophomore. The Fosters The Fosters is a show on ABC Family that just returned with it’s second season. The show is centered around a lesbian couple who works to raise their large family, and takes in foster child Callie and her little brother Jude. Callie has a hard time adjusting to such a loving family, and feels a different kind of love for her foster brother Brandon, uh oh. “I like the show because it addresses modern social issues and emotionally pulls you in so you can’t stop watching it,” said Juhie Desai, a senior.

We Love The Silver Screen

Tina Fey will never stop being hilarious, not even in print.

Savannah Liu Features Editor

In her autobiography Bossypants, Tina Fey shares hilarious stories about her family and career, including those about her badass dad, a honeymoon gone awry, glamorous/uncomfortable photoshoots, and her adventures on SNL. Critics praised her selfdeprecating humor, though some reviewers wished Fey’s book had more depth. I think the purpose of her book is to be a lighthearted collection of funny stories rather than a deeply introspective memoir, and successfully avoids sappiness. Actually, even her funniest stories have some serious moments, particularly when she writes about beauty standards and the stress and uncertainty during the start of 30 Rock. “I read a few chapters, and I liked it so far. She’s a strong female role model, and I look forward to seeing what she does next,” said Lizzie Siegle, a senior.

Fey spends a significant amount of time talking about her work on SNL, including her popular portrayal of Sarah Palin and becoming a “cable news star, like a shark or a missing white child!” She also talks about her friendships at SNL, like her ever-changing relationship with SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels, which changed from “‘Terrified Pupil and Reluctant Teacher’ ‘Sullen Teenage Girl and Generous Stepfather’...then, for a brief period, to ‘Boy Who Doesn’t Believe in Christmas and Recluse Neighbor Who Proves that Miracles are Possible’.” “I like that she talked about meaningful things in her life, but she made it really funny,” said Jillian Osheroff, a sophomore. “I would definitely read her next book if she writes another one.” I think fans of Tina Fey will find Bossypants worthwhile. If you’ve read and liked Bossypants, you might like Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).

Most Overplayed Songs Staff writers Marjorie Miranda and Jillian Osheroff polled thirtysix SMHS students on what they thought the most overplayed song was... here are the results:

Rachel Kirkes tells us about the top movies of 2013. We’ll see some of these at the Oscars on March 20th. Who will win?

Catching Fire The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy comes to life. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson play Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the two victors from the 74th Hunger Games. After the Games, the capitol keeps a close watch on them but they are destined to start a rebellion in the Districts of Panem. This film was rated 8.2/10 by users and 75/100 by critics on metacritic. com and currently the box office has received $407.1M in sales.

12 Years A Slave A heartwarming civil war memoir, guaranteed to be a tear jerker. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Solomon Northup. Solomon is a free black man from New York who is ripped away from his family, beaten up, and sold into slavery. This drama was rated 8.6 out of 10 by users and 97 out of 100 by critics on and currently the box office has received $38.5M in sales.

Frozen In this animated family-friendly adventure-comedy, Anna and Kristoff go on a journey to find Anna’s sister, Elsa who is keeping the kingdom in eternal winter. On the way, they meet a friendly snowman named Olaf and have a lot of fun and work together to save each other. This film was rated 8.1 out of 10 by users and 74 out of 100 by critics on metacritic. com and currently the box office has received $296.7M in sales.

Gravity This sci-fi thriller stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a medical engineer and an astronaut. A complication with their ship leaves them stranded out in the dark depths of space, working together to survive and make it back home. This film was rated 8.3 out of 10 by users and 96 out of 100 by critics on and currently the box office has received $255.6M in sales.

American Hustle A star studded drama starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence. A con man and his partner are forced to work for a crazy FBI agent who pushes them into many troubles. It includes crazy people, crime, and the mafia. This film was rated 7.9 out of 10 by users and 90 out of 100 by critics on and currently the box office has received $87.9M.

graphic by Mayeesha Galiba

The Wolf of Wall Street Based on a true story, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort in this dramatic comedy. It portrays Jordan’s life rapidly getting better as he becomes a wealthy stockbroker. But it all disappears quickly in a mess of crime and the federal government. This film was rated 8.7 out of 10 by users and 75 out of 100 by critics on and currently the box office has received $63.1M in sales.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


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Genres Are For Babies



This month’s playlist by Mr. Johnson

photo by Javi Gaytan

No Reason To Complain Lyres Dance ESG Primary The Cure Alien(Hold On to Your Dreams) Gil Scott-Heron Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More Mudhoney Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa

SMHS Bearcats really do like their music, but can they expand their horizons?

Mayeesha Galiba A&E Editor

So Young The Wipers Left of the Dial Replacements Temptation New Order

graphic courtesy of andrea flores

The Tumblr Phenomenon

2013 Reviewed In Song Upcoming Concerts Demi Lovato @ SAP Center, San

photo by mayeesha galiba

Dread Beat and Blood Linton Kwesi Johnson

Oh you think One Direction is stupid? I’m sorry, do I care about their IQ, or their hair, or the fact that they’re a – gasp – boyband? No. I don’t. I care about the music. God forbid I actually enjoy some of their songs. And I listen to rap, punk, indie, alternative, and even French music when I’m in the mood. I can flip from Drake to All Time Low to Youth Lagoon to Carla Bruni to Lana Del Rey to Abba. You want to know why? I don’t care if something is put in a certain category, as long as I like it, I’ll listen to it. There’s this presumptuous notion that pop is bad, that just because a song plays on the radio it isn’t worth someone’s time. Granted, I don’t listen to the radio all that often, but those artists most likely had to fight tooth and nail to get there, and some of those songs are downright jams. On the flip side, just because

an artist is unknown doesn’t mean they’re not worth a chance. Don’t tell me where to “shove my indiecrap,” I’ll enjoy it if I want to. I’m not going to put myself in an archetype. Even in Rolling Stone, one of the most respected music magazines, their recent top 50 albums of 2013 featured a wide variety of albums from all genres of music. Same goes for the Billboard Top 100 and the iTunes Top 100 charts, which feature songs from all different kinds of musical taste. To further prove my point, I asked some people at our school what they listen to, and if they’ve gotten crap for it. Julia Hansen, junior, describes this difference of tastes as “just like food, not everyone likes tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean tomatoes are bad.” Mr. Norman passionately states that he believes “elitism is the refuge of the insecure.” Sam Miller, lead singer of rising band Paradise Fears, says, “I think

Blogging has never been so interavtive, or so fun.

Kushi Bhat Staff Editor

Tumblr has been on the Internet since 2006, but recently Bearcats are flocking to this social media site, which is gaining a level of popularity akin to Facebook or Twitter. According to the official website, Tumblr currently has 168 million users, who create a wide range of blogs including fandom blogs, hipster blogs, comedy blogs, art blogs, and food blogs to name a few. Fandoms make up most of tumblr, and often are rivals to each other. Some popular fandoms on Tumblr are the Sherlockians (fans of the show Sherlock Holmes), Whovians (fans of Dr. Who), Potterheads (fans of Harry Potter), Gleeks (fans of Glee), Directioners (fans of the popular boy band One Direction), and Tributes (fans of The Hunger Games). Hipster blogs normally consist of artistic photos of nature with “inspirational” quotes written on

them, photos of teenage girls with dip-dyed hair, black and white images of random objects, etc. Tumblr works as a platform to display your art, especially cool edits. Comedy blogs will make you crack up with memes, hilarious gifs, parodies, photos of texts, and text posts. Food blogs will make your mouth water with seemingly perfect dishes. How do others feel about the rising popularity of Tumblr? “I think it’s pretty good and it’s pretty popular,” says Maddie Tailes, a junior. Other people say that it doesn’t matter if Tumblr becomes popular or not, as long as you are expressing yourself freely on your blog. At the end of the day, Tumblr isn’t about popularity. It’s about creating a blog that expresses yourself without worrying about what people think. Have fun, reblog to your hearts desire, and fangirl all you want. Tumblr doesn’t judge.

it’s the byproduct of a culture where people are obsessed with categorizing the type of person they are, or in this case, the type of music listener they are. Of course I think it’s a dangerous and closeminded practice – an easy way to miss out on a great wealth of music. I’ve heard before that there are only two genres of music: good songs and bad songs. Makes sense to me.” Musical elitism has a time, place, and type of person. That type of person usually knows the first thing about music, has actually listened to a wide variety of music, and makes their judgment with a relatively unbiased mind (I say relatively because even the most gentle music snobs have deeprooted distaste for a certain artist, which is fine just as long as that doesn’t cause them to bash an entire genre). I hear whisperings in the hallways, wannabe elitists classifying a certain band or artist as terrible because of what genre they happened to be labeled with. When confronted, their argument is usually fallacious and laughable. Genres. Are. For. Babies. You are not a true music appreciator unless you get that into your head. Sure, maybe country isn’t your thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good music, or doesn’t have good lyrics. If you think I’m bashing the general population for having a certain taste, you’re mistaken. It’s okay to like something, it’s okay to dislike something, it’s okay to express your opinion, but don’t be tactless – especially if you have no idea what you’re talking about. Eclecticism is the key to true musical appreciation. Learn it, embrace it, and understand it.

By Kathy Fu, to be sung to the melody of Royals by Lorde.

I’ve never seen a government

shutdown, With no consensus to be found in the D.C. And I’m not proud of Paula Deen In her dirty mouth, no n-word needed.

But every song’s like wa pa pa pa pa pa pow Wa pa pa pa pa pa pow, We don’t care, we’re laughing at Amanda Bynes Twitter feed. But everybody’s like harlem shaking, twerking in the bathroom. Jamming out to unexpected Queen Bee We don’t care, we are caught up watching Catching Fire. And we’ll never be royals

(royals) But it runs in Prince Will’s son That kind of luxe ain’t in North West But Kimye craves it nonetheless Let me be far cooler (cooler) With my new iPhone And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule With my Instagram selfie Ooh ooh oh We’re bigger than we ever dreamed, And I’m in love with yoloing Ooh ooh oh We ain’t got a time machine But here we come 2014

Watch the video of three lovely bearcats singing this song by visiting SMHSNow on YouTube.

Jose Tue. Feb 11, 2014 Imagine Dragons @ SAP Center, San Jose Thu. Feb 13, 2014 Panic! At The Disco @ Fox Theatre, Oakland Sat. Feb 15, 2014 Childish Gambino @ Fox Theatre, Oakland Thu. Feb 27, 2014 Pentatonix @ Fox Theatre, Oakland Sat. Feb 22, 2014


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Thursday, Febuary 6, 2014

collage of web images by isabel chao

Suicide: The Best Solution Is Prevention

We, as friends and as classmates, all can work together to help in prevention.

Isabel Chao Staff Writer

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers, after motor vehicle accidents and homicide, according to MedlinePlus, a service of National Institutes of Health. Furthermore, it was ranked the tenth leading cause for people ages ten and older in 2009. Twenty percent of high school students have considered suicide; as a result, this matter should be taken very seriously, states Suicide Prevention Education Alliance. Reasons behind why one might take their own life may be complex; however, suicide has a strong correlation with mental illnesses. For example, people who suffer from depression may carry a higher risk of suicide. Ninety percent of the people who commit suicide have an existing mental illness or substance abuse problem, said the Suicide Prevention Education Alliance. Bullying may play a role as well. Bullying typically happens in a school setting or an online community, and it has the ability to escalate into developing antisocial behavior and depression amongst the victims. Depression left untreated is the largest cause of suicide, said

According to Suicide Prevention Education Alliance, to prevent it from occurring, there should be continued education and advocacy to respect each other’s differences. Occasionally, there are signs for detecting that one is suicidal, but there is still no exact way to tell. If one is feeling suicidal, it should be taken very seriously. School Safety Advocate Ms. de Guzman said, “giving stuff away, saying goodbyes, not eating, not sleeping, or excessively eating, excessively sleeping, engaging in risky behaviors, isolation, and grades falling are possible signs that someone is feeling this way. Sometimes if someone is depressed for a while, they appear to become relieved because they have come to a resolution.” Ms. de Guzman continues, “if people have some thoughts of suicide, they should meet with parents and discuss how they have been feeling. Additionally, they should access a support meeting with a therapist counselor, turning to some professional help.” We, as friends and as classmates, all can help in prevention. Early identification of someone who is depressed can make huge differences, states Medscape. However, not everyone who is depressed is suicidal, and

not everyone who is suicidal is depressed. In addition, it is recommended to maintain good communications and to share thoughts with family. Family and friends should be aware of changes which seem out of ordinary; peers should take initiative and alert an adult if they hear or see signs that may lead to suicides. “If students are concerned or unsure, they are welcome to talk to any of the counselors, and myself. We want to make sure each student gets help and it could also be anonymous,” says Ms. de Guzman. If one needs guidance, there are hotlines, support groups, and group chats that are available. If someone is expressing warning signs of suicide on social media sites, such as, writing about wishing to end their life, or feeling that they have no reason to live, one should contact safety teams at the social media sites, recommends You Matter. Moreover, students should call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273TALK (8255) to talk to a crisis counselor. “It is important to react, take the matter seriously, and not ignore it. Let people who are feeling like this know that you care for them, and you’re there to help because you matter,” said freshman Katrina

Chen. “Also, something that could also help if you are feeling down is to just relax, play music, or just do whatever you enjoy that would get your mind off.” Suicide is a permanent outcome to a temporary problem, and should be avoided. A person should resolve it by speaking up and receiving help by reaching out towards others, or simply communicating through

resources like hotlines. People may go through hard situations, but they should remember to not turn towards this option. Life is precious and beautiful, and taking it away will cut short all the great moments and potential you could have in your life. Suicide isn’t worth it because you have a whole life ahead of you.

photo by Catherine Mahoney

Calling All Tutors: Homework Central Wants You

These students get help with homework from high schoolers like you!

Catherine Mahoney Staff Writer

Are you looking for community service? Well, we need tutors! So stop by a Homework Central site

after school, today. At Homework Central you will tutor third, fourth, and fifth graders from elementary schools in the area. “When a high school tutor walks

in, the children break into huge smiles, hoping one will be their tutor, and many have their special ‘friend’ who helps them weekly. The tutors wind up helping them with more than just homework and become a positive influence in their lives. Plus, it’s fun!” said Miss Jill, the coordinator of the Unitarian Universalists Site. Each day, about 25 students walk in ready to finish their homework for the day. There is always a sitecoordinator who will tell you who they want you to work with that day. On a normal day, you will start worksheet homework with the children then read with them for about half an hour. Once you are done reading, everyone gets to play games until pickup time (5 pm).

The majority of tutors help with relatively simple mathematics or language arts. Homework Central’s schedule is as follows: Mondays 3-5, Tuesdays 3-5, Wednesday 1-3, and Thursdays 3-5. The four Homework Central locations are: San Mateo Park Elementary School at 161 Clark Drive, San Mateo (Room 35 in the portables near the playground); Sunnybrae Elementary School at 1031 South Delaware Avenue, San Mateo (Room 21); Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center at 725 Monte Diablo Avenue, San Mateo (in the large dining room); and Unitarian Universalists (UU) Church at 300 East Santa Inez Avenue, San Mateo.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center and the UU Church are closest to San Mateo High School, making them the easiest to walk to after school. If you come before 3:30, stay until 5, and help clean up after the students, you will receive two hours of community service in one day. “It’s one of the easiest, most fun community service opportunities I have ever experienced,” said Susana Cardenas, a freshman. Each of these sites is always in desperate need for volunteers, so be sure to stop by soon! For more information, check out the website at http://www.!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

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photo by tiffany lee

The life of a sophomore is undoubtedly more relaxing during the year’s end compared to a senior’s, which—as they are all too familiar with—revolves around stress-inducing college apps to complete. Knowing this, I took the chance to use my winter break and visit a country I haven’t been to

to “descending dragon bay”. The ride there was special enough, considering we took a tour boat for seven hours, bought fresh fruit from a local boat to taste, and even had lunch on it, but our destination, Bo Hon Island, was breathtaking. There, we walked through the Sung Sot Cave, gorgeous despite the darkness inside, then stopped at Ti Top Island as well, its calm atmosphere and white sand making

before: Vietnam. Travelling with my uncle and his coworkers as well as my parents, I stayed in Hanoi, Vietnam for five days and four nights. Arriving in the afternoon on the first day and having a bustling buffet, we visited the Red River Delta afterwards, where traditional Vietnamese water puppetry originated. That night, we all went out to get a nice Vietnamese-style full body massage, from which I heard cracking in body parts I hadn’t known could crack. (The more you know.) Exhausted from adjusting to the time difference and the new surroundings, we retired to the Royal Lotus Hotel for the night. The famously beautiful landmark we visited on the second day was Ha Long Bay, which translates

it easy to feel relaxed. The following day of the trip, we were able to watch some water puppetry, which was literally puppets dancing on water, supported by large rods

under the water to make it appear as if the puppets moved on their own. Dating back as far as the 11th century, the modern form of water puppetry is an example of ancient puppet tradition, tying in tightly with Vietnamese culture. Following this, we visited the Presidential Palace, as well as smaller tourist attractions like the One Pillar Pagoda and Hoan Kiem Lake, all of which held their own air of traditional beauty. The schedule for the next day largely focused on going to Tam Coc. This place was an especially new experience—we rode small, open boats in pairs, the owner of the boat sitting behind us rowing with hands or feet. After a straight hour and a half of rowing on the Ngo Dong River and passing under three (really) low-lying caves, we visited the Temple of Literature, where I was able to speak with scholars who spoke English, and some who had learned other languages like Russian as well. The tour took the plane back to Taiwan on the last day with new memories and souvenirs in hand. Although it was only a five-day trip, it made a huge impression on me from the lifestyle there and the natural sceneries. From this, I can truthfully say that I’m glad I took the chance to visit and explore the beauty of Vietnam.

photo by tiffany lee

Tiffany Lee Sports Editor

Javi, a senior, and Andrea, a junior, pose for a cute photo.

Javi Gaytan Photo Editor

Andrea Flores Staff Writer

Guys definitely have it harder when it comes to girls, because when a guy likes a girl, everyone always has something to say about it. “Hey! When are you going to ask her out?” “Dude! Asking her out on a date?” “Prom’s coming soon!” “Did you buy her Christmas presents?” Guys get these questions all the time Even the smallest things are expected to be done by the guys, like talking to the girl first, texting her first, or even Facebook messaging her. A girl could have a crush on some guy for the longest time, but since the expectation is that the guy talks to the girl first she could possibly never even acknowledge the guy. The pressure is all on the guys. As for the girls? It’s a walk in the park.

Whenever a girl likes a boy, she is typically expected to wait around for the guy to make the first move. Girls could easily stroll through life not making the first move. He may not even know that she likes him, so obviously nothing will come of it. Traditionally, boys are pressured into starting something between the two. Although it isn’t against any “rules” for a girl to ask a guy out, I think girls find it a little more difficult to gather up the courage to do so. Even though a girl asking a guy out is much more common than before (Spring Formal), most girls would rather wait for the guy. Girls have it harder because we leave everything up to the guy and we never know what will be the outcome.

What Do Dreams Do?

drawing by Sarah wisnom

photo by tiffany lee At Tam Coc, Tiffany rode an open boat and explored the beautiful views along the Ngo Dong River.

photo by mayeesha Galiba

Boys vs. Girls: Dating

Bearcat Visits Vietnam

What kind of dreams do you have?

Maribel Amador Staff Writer

Abandoned on highway 101 with nothing but gloomy fog crawling down to my feet. A very highpitched squeal of sirens from afar begins to ring in my ears. Chills and goosebumps begin to appear on my skin. Monday morning, perhaps eight am. How do I find my way home? Am I late for school? I have a test to take! Alarm rings. It was just a dream…a really strange dream. Individuals dream in dissimilar ways, yet there are only three different types of dreams one can have — daydreams, nightmares, and lucid dreams, according to Rebecca Turner from

It’s possible to learn when the brain is dreaming. Taking a nap instead of going over a textbook an hour longer is a better way to help you memorize and remember information for a test or pop quiz, Turner said on her website. Several dreams can also be dreamt in one night. The first dream is about five minutes long and the last dream one has before awakening can be 45 minutes to an hour long, you just don’t always remember. During daydreams, you are only half asleep but not completely on earth or aware of reality, according to Turner. The more you daydream the more wise and deeper your thoughts and imagination becomes. It all starts with a simple flashback or thought. Lucid daydreams can be caused by a certain technique of meditation, which was used by many Tibetan Buddhists. Lucid dreaming is a very vivid state, in which you actually know you are dreaming. With practice you can go back to sleep and continue a dream from the night before. “I’ve had a recurring anxiety dream where I’m about to go on stage and I end up not remembering any lines in a high school play,” said English teacher Ms. Burke. Nightmares are more realistic and seem to be really happening. Sometimes many people can feel certain movements or pain. Welcome to the world of everyday dreams, where you can escape and create your own dream scenery.

La Esquina Latina Page 8

Estudiantes Comparten Experiencias

FOTOS POR Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores Staff Writer Muchos de ustedes son o conocen a alguien que ha venido a vivir aquí de otro país. Cuando pensamos en inmigración, típicamente pensamos en inmigrantes de países latinos. Solo que aquí en San Mateo tenemos estudiantes que vienen de diferentes países del mundo. Obviamente la mayoría de los estudiantes inmigrantes que atienden San Mateo son de países de América del Sur (con 58% de estudiantes de ELD). Aun si tenemos dos alumnas que vienen de Brasil y China. Amanda Da Silva que vino de Brasil hace cuatro años no hablaba nada de inglés. Ella dijo,“ Yo me acostumbré a los Estados Unidos muy rápido,” a pesar de que no sabía inglés. “Tengo hermanos mayores que me enseñaron la diferencia entre lo bueno y lo malo.” Amanda también dice que aquí todos son muy amigables y cariñosos. Ella se llama Grace Sun, viene

Jueves,6 de febrero del 2014


Amanda Da Silva, (derecha) y Grace Sun (izquierda).

de China, y sólo ha vivido en los Estados Unidos por un año. Aunque Grace aprendió el inglés en China, todavía le costa

hablar con la gente. Grace dijo, “Trate de recordar más vocabulario y miré películas en inglés para mejorar mi inglés.” Sólo sabía como decirle hola a sus compañeros e introducirse. Me conto que lo que más le gusta de los Estados Unidos es el clima. También le encanta el cielo azul y las nubes blancas. En total, tenemos 68 niños en nuestro programa de ELD aquí en San Mateo. La clase de ELD les ayuda a los estudiantes aprender el inglés y los prepara para situaciones donde tendrán que tener conversaciones con otras personas y poner su ingles a prueba. Supongo que el cambio drástico de inmigrar a los Estados Unidos es muy difícil para estos estudiantes cuando llegan a este país por primera vez, pero espero que nuestro programa de ELD les pueda ayudar a sentirse más confortable en San Mateo.

¿Puedes Sentir El Ritmo...Latino?

Kimberly Cano Editor-in-Chief Prepárate para el primer baile del año, estamos hablando de el baile anual de "Ritmo Latino" presentado por La Raza Unida. Ritmo Latino tendrá lugar en el pequeño gimnasio el 21 de febrero, de 6:30 pm-10:00pm. Las puertas se abrirán a las 6:00, así que asegúrese de llegar a tiempo! No habrá privilegios de entrada y salida. Los boletos estarán a la venta a partir del 7 de Febrero durante el almuerzo.

Ritmo Latino es una oportunidad para reunirse y bailar al ritmo de la música latina. Sólo habrá música tocando como banda, salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaetón y mucho más. Como complemento a los espectáculos que habrá esta noche, también tendrán una cabina de fotos gratis y fotógrafos del anuario durante la danza, junto con bocadillos y bebidas. Es posible que tengas la oportunidad de aparecer en el anuario de 2013-2014! Recordatorios: Asegúrese de traer su tarjeta de identificación junto con su boleto para el baile. Tarjetas de Identificación son obligatorios, pero si usted se olvida su boleto, se le permite entrar. Se anima las entradas, esto hará que el proceso se mueva mucho más rápido.

Osogatos Bailan Con “Cascada de Flores”


Un cantante de Cascade De Flores, un grupo de Son Jarocho (un tipo de música mexicana), muestra algunos pasos básicos de baile durante una presentación especial organizada por la maestra Sra. Adamcikova a los que asistieron (alrededor de 60 estudiantes).

. . . e c y o R Prince ! n í t n e l a V n er tu Sa

Jueves,6 de febrero 2014


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¡Quiere s

Él es dominicano-estadounidense

Su Sunombre nombre es esGeoffrey Geoffrey Royce RoyceRojas Rojas

Es inspirado por Michael Jackson

Su Su carrera carrera comenzó a 15 empezó a los los 15 años años

El anima a la gente Latina que baile bachata

Ganó 11 premios de Latin Billboard en 2 años

Royce fue un juez en La Voz México

¿ Cuál es tu favorita canción de Prince Royce?

FOTOS POR MARIBEL AMADOR “Mi favorita canción es ‘Darte un Beso’. Royce es muy guapo y tiene una voz hermosa.”

“‘Darte un Beso’ porque el es muy sexy.”

“Me gusta ‘Stand by Me’. Su voz es muy celestial.”

“Sus canciones son simples y románticas y su rostro sólo tiene una expresión.”

“Aunque sus nuevas canciones me suenan iguales, son muy agradables y relajantes.”

Leslie Cordero, 9

Maria Cruz, 10

Taryn Issel, 11

Russel Zych, 12

Señora Freyre, Professora

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Thusrday, February 6, 2014



International Week Impresses Rally

Vyjayanti Munagala Staff Writer San Mateo High School held an International Food Fair in the cafeteria on January 8. The fair was a fundraiser for the

graduating class. It was a successful event, and the seniors certainly earned loads of money from all the hungry families that showed up. Many willing parents, of all races, brought delicious traditional


The Bollywood Club finishes their performance to much applause.

foods from their native countries, encouraging the sharing of their culture with others. The foods varied from Mediterranean to Hispanic to local Western meals for all to enjoy. Along with mouth-watering meals, many cultural performances were put together to entertain the hungry guests. The Brazilian, Hispanic, and Bollywood routines caught the eyes of the guests and servers. The routines were arranged to keep the audience engaged the entire evening. Every guest enjoyed the performances as they munched away at the delicacies on their plates. The International Food Fair was an enjoyable melting pot of all the cultures San Mateo High School holds. It was a great start to the spring semester. Continued From RALLY, Page 1 extra curricular sports and which will offer physical education credit. When asked about coursework Ms. Knott said, “Students at will take UC approved courses in math, science, history, English, and world language so that they will be eligible to apply to state universities. The exact coursework for each student will be personalised.” Lastly she shared a message to the students of SMHS: “I really love SMHS and the students and staff

that I worked with there and I’m really excited to take what I was able to do in my one semester of health classes and expand that to all four years of students’ experience at” Overall Ms. Knott spoke very enthusiastically about her expectations for the future of and the work they are doing there. The San Mateo High School board of trustees voted 5-0 for the charter school’s petition and the school is greatly anticipated by many parents

in the district. Seeking to provide equal admission opportunity to all, the school will use a lottery system to select from its pool of applicants without discriminating in any way. The school is accepting applications from students entering 9th grade through February 28, 2014, and the only requirement is California residency. Visit’s website at www. for more information.

New Year


New Year, Old Tale

Continued From NEW YEAR, Page 1 the Year of the Horse are believed to be hard working, responsible, optimistic and generous. Legend states that a monster, Nian, would visit on the first day of every New Year to devour livestock, crops and children, so villagers would leave plates of food at their doors in the hopes he would eat it and be satisfied. When they saw that Nian was frightened away by a child wearing red one day, they started to paint their windows and doors red, hang red lanterns around their homes, dress in red clothing and set off firecrackers. Nian never returned to the village. The Chinese still consider red an auspicious color that carries favorable luck, satisfaction, fortune and life span. Red paper hangings in the house are a must during the merry season. One of the most well known traditions is giving red envelopes containing money to young

children. It was believed that the money in the red packet would suppress the evil, keep the children healthy, and long living. During the New Year celebration, families gather together and feast on plenty of meat, fish, dumplings, vegetables and citrus fruits - all important symbols of luck and good fortune. Dumplings, shaped like ancient silver and gold coins, are a symbol for wealth and prosperity. When eating fish, leaving a little extra on the plate is customary as it symbolizes there will be enough food in the coming year. The family is careful not to break the bones of the fish as this could bring bad luck. Adults also drink liquor since the Chinese character for alcohol, 酒 (jiǔ), sounds like the character for longevity, 酒 (also jiǔ). Many families also tune in to the CCTV New Year’s Gala, a countdown variety show featuring acrobatics, traditional dance, Beijing opera, skits, and magic tricks among others.

A legend states that in ancient times, the Jade Emperor held a competition: the first 12 animals to cross a river would each have a year named after them in the zodiac cycle. Although Cat and Rat were both poor swimmers, they were intelligent and asked the Ox to carry them across the river. Midway there, Rat pushed Cat into the water. Then as Ox neared the other side of the river, Rat jumped ahead and reached the shore first. So he claimed first place in the competition and Ox second. Tiger came next, followed by Rabbit who hopped from stone to stone and floating log. Dragon was close behind, and only came in fifth because he stopped to make rain and then help Rabbit with a gust of wind. Horse galloped quickly across the river, but was tricked by Snake hiding on his hoof and came in seventh. Sheep, Monkey, and Rooster arrived together on a raft, taking eighth, ninth, and tenth places respectively. Dog was late because he had stopped for a wash in the river, and Pig had been sleeping, so they took the last two places. Poor Cat finally dragged himself out of the river, but it was too late. His anger at Rat has lasted through the ages, and they are still mortal enemies.

Jackie Vara and Poppy Bradford cheer on the crowd. Continued From RALLY, Page 1 certain rounds were challenges Teachers, counselors, and students competed with and against each other in some friendly competition during the Jeopardy-themed Winter Sports Rally. There were four teams: the Fabulous Freshmen, Snazzy Sophomores, Jolly Juniors, and Superior Seniors. Each team was composed of two teachers, two students, and a counselor. The teams were tested on their knowledge of Babies, Teachers, Alumni, School History, and other quirky facts about our bearcats. Teamwork, sportsmanship and enthusiasm were at practice as the teams buzzed through each trivia question. Wedged between

involving sporty games. Winners of a challenge were given a large amount of points, instantly boosting their score. Entertaining performances by the cheer squad and dance team dazzled the audience as they showed off their innovative tricks and moves. “The junior team was great. I feel like they chose the right team for us,” said Ofa Tuipulotu, one of the junior students who had competed. The Jolly Juniors, who had sported matching orange capes, ended up victorious, racking in more points than the other teams. The Rally closed passionately as usual with the fight song.


PHOTO COURTESY OF MS. SEEBODE Eric Wang, Sandra Kung, and Ms. Seebode pose with members of the White House kitchen staff.

Continued From ASTRONOMY, Page 1 collaboration with students from Florida, Ohio, and Oregon. “Attending a national astronomy conference was super interesting yet daunting at the same time,” said Sandra on her experience at the conference. “I was a little intimidated about giving a presentation in front of so many intelligent PhD astronomers, but they were very encouraging and gave interesting feedback.” “San Mateo has presented research at the past five AAS national meetings in January,” said Ms. Seebode. “If students want to pursue further research, they should let me know and we can try

to go again, but our funding grant ran out this year.” The astronomy club’s research has covered episilon Aurigae, spectral energy research tools, ultra-hot objects in the universe, x-ray binaries, cataclysmic variables, planetary, nebula, and this one on red giants. “The most important thing I learned that I still have a lot left to learn, and not just in the field of astronomy,” said Sandra. Other than the conference, the members of the trip also visited the Smithsonian Art museum, saw the Lincoln Memorial, and took a personal tour of the White House kitchens, where they learned what the President was having for dinner: chicken soup.

Thursday, February 7, 2014


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Vidhu Raj Copy Editor With the World Cup just around the corner, Jurgen Klinsmann, the US national team coach, is happy with his team in their top form and is looking to win it all. With many top teams in the tournament, it is a long shot, but Klinsmann’s team has shown resilience time and time again. The US draw for the 2014 World Cup was unpredictable. The worst possible scenario could have been Brazil, Italy, and the Netherlands -- two of which were previous champions and one who has a lot of potential. Some favorable draws include Belgium, Chile, and Croatia. The US was drawn in to the toughest group, also known as the group of death, that includes Ghana, Portugal, and Germany as well. Many of the US soccer fans and analysts are very pessimistic about the US even going to the World Cup. After a great run of performances they feel like Jurgen Klinsmann got an unlucky draw and that the US won’t even be able to get out of the group stage. Many students at San Mateo High School are very discouraged due to this. “ I think that it is a very small and unlikely chance that the US will go through,” said David Haner, a freshman.

Soccer is a major sport in a many countries, one of which is not the US. With many sports ahead of it in popularity such as football and baseball, soccer is considered an underappreciated sport. And now fans are discouraged because the team doesn’t have a very good chance of progressing on to the round of sixteen. “I was very happy for the US in the World Cup until they were picked into the Group of Death. Now I think all the work for the last four years has been a waste and that it will be a miracle if the US wins the World Cup.” said Daniele Lipparoni, a sophomore. But Coach Klinsmann remains optimistic because of the amount of quality he has in his roster of twenty-six. Previously, a soccer player, Klinsmann was put in the top 100 list of top 125 greatest living footballers. Klinsmann was the Germany head coach in 2010 when Germany finished third in the World Cup. He then stepped down and his assistant coach succeded him. Klinsmann then became head coach of German Club Bayern Munich. After being released, he is now the US national team head coach. With four months left until the awaited World Cup, the US national team is training hard to earn success for the future.

collage of web images by Widhu Raj

Bad Luck in the World Cup draws Pessimistic Fans

Above are various snapshots of dejected fans and players both in result to the US being drawn into the group of death.

Sports Page 12

Thursday, February 6, 2014


“Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.” - Vince Lombardi






They’re Sports Jerseys, Not Souvenirs

Members of the SMHS varsity football team show the classic jersey they wear to play.

The varsity basketball team goes up for the ball in a game against Aragon

Get your rackets and birdies ready, because badminton season is coming up soon! Badminton is a fun and competitive sport to play. Whether you are an experienced badminton player, or someone who justs wants to try something new, players are sure to have a blast. Last year, the San Mateo High badminton teams did well, according to coach Pye Koko, despite having many new players.

“Playing badminton with some of my friends was really fun. I had a pretty beast partner and we placed second or third in the men’s doubles tournament,” said Ryan Hong, one of the newer players and a sophomore. Conditioning will start on February 6. Players are split into two teams in badminton: varsity and exhibition. In varsity, winning matches will count as a point for the league tournament, while matches won in exhibition games do not count as points in the league tournament.

“Playing badminton with some of my friends is really fun.” teams, so for example, there are three mixed doubles in the mixed tournament, three men’s doubles in the men’s singles tournament, etc. Everyone in each of the five divisions will play opponents in their division twice. Practices are usually held on Mondays and Thursdays after school. “I’m looking forward to the new players that I will be getting!” said Coach Pye Koko, eager to start the new badminton season..

Come out to see ALL our magnificent basketball players in a Quad against Aragon this Friday, Feb. 7 GIRLS FROSH-SOPH: 3:15 • GIRLS VARSITY: 6:15 BOYS FROSH-SOPH: 4:45 • BOYS VARSITY: 7:45

Kyle Kang Staff Writer It’s a new swimming season, and SMHS is now busy recruiting. The results are extraordinary so far: several boys began their first season on Monday, and the girls’ team size has doubled. Most of the new swimmers are freshmen, which shows that our baby bearcats have started to participate in school activities. In fact, a couple of the recruits have been swimming for years, and hopefully joining will lead to a wonderful season. “Last year, our elite swimmers graduated and I used to think that this coming year would not be as good as I expected. Now, I am glad to see a lot of young bearcats joining the team,” said Ms. Parodi, the swim coach and one of the P.E. teachers at SMHS. Both boys and girls officially kicked off their season on Monday, February 3. “Although

our teammates have a decent foundation of swimming, there are still lots of preparations that need to be done. It will never be easy, but I believe our team will be in shape before the actual swim meets,” said the boys’ swim coach, Rich Farley.”We had a great season last year and our girls team won the championship in PAL.” Coach Rich loves coaching at San Mateo. “Swimming is hard but you will enjoy the game afterward,” said Ryan Hong, a sophomore. If you are not a person that commits to something and gives up, then it is not a good option for you. I like it because I enjoy meeting and talking to my friends. I think this year the JV team will do much better.” Swimming is a sport that takes time and commitment. The SMHS swim team is determined to do better and try to win all their meets. They practice Monday through Friday after school. Kang

Kenneth Chen Staff Writer

There are five divisions in the league tournament: men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Each division has three

Dive into the SMHS Swim Team


photo by kenneth chen

Here Comes the Birdie

A badminton team player hits a birdie for another point.

Photo by breana Picchi

uniforms and the equipment that each team needs. SMHS has just agreed to partner with the sports clothing brand, Under Armour, to fit every varsity team with Under Armour jerseys, this change will happen in the next four to five years. To make the sports seasons better for future athletes, remember to turn in your uniforms at the end of the season. Don’t be that one person who “forgets” to turn your uniform in.


Every year when a sports season rolls around uniforms are provided for the athletes from the school. What happens when an athlete doesn’t return a jersey after the season has ended? Money that could have been used to buy new sports equipment is blown away, because one or two people “forgot to bring them in.” UNIFORMS ARE NOT CHEAP! All sports jerseys vary in prices,

meaning, a football jersey is more expensive than a soccer jersey, but a basketball jersey can be more expensive than both of them. The price of a jersey can range from $25 to $150 per jersey. Mr. Sheller, Athletic Director, states that if the school didn’t have to buy new jerseys, the money could be spent on new equipment for sports teams. SMHS rotates sport jerseys every three to five years depending on the quantity and the quality of the jerseys. Our school has committed to make sure every sport has all the


Breana Picchi Social Media Editor

The first swim team meeting draws in many recruits, containing both freshman newcomers and other returnees.

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