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Gareth fisher

Narrative= Demays life.

Interpretive= lyrics match the imagery

‘got her windows smashed’

‘educate yourself, don't abandon school.’

This is a print screen of the email from Demay allowing me to use his song.

I take a flick through the news, more gun crimes more blues, kids on the street confused, never listening to anybodies views, the police not there, unless a youth smoke a joint - I bet heat was there, when Mrs Jones got attacked on her street for spares, they would have seen that she'd been getting hassled out on her porch, got her windows smashed, and now she on life support, too little too late but I could spare the thought educate yourself, don't abandon school. a teachers duty to make sure they stay in school, inspiration to children, and move them all,

Now little Tommy is scared for his life, he ticked some drugs from a dealer, but now he can't pay tonight, next door Mr Jones praying for his wife, gangs on the street means he walk with a knife, sick of hearing broken Britain,

count my lucky stars that I'm in the place I found, even when the media just wanna dumb us down, telling us who we should be, and who to follow now, there's a government election - it's next week, upper class of society who wanna speech, what about the working class if they wanna speak? how comes there's no working class in the seats?

Prison not fun, but every youth on the estate wanna be a gangster, a rude boy, a sharp tongue, Mrs Jones made it through, but she can't run, she can barely walk, but she glad to see her son, what about the police? maybe hopes gone, what about the peace? maybe hopes on, maybe one day we'll smile when the ropes gone, its time to wake up and watch for your fellow man, negativity has always played a bigger hand, that's why we gotta fight and be the bigger man, stay strong and do more for the fellow man,

A certain colour can represent an artist.



Flats = urban & real Time of day= late but still light Illustrating= Demays life Video= include many clips of group of lads causing mayhem on the streets. Middle= Women being hassled by the gang. End= Everything turns out fine but gangs still about.


Camera style= Close ups, low shots, mid shot. Editing pace= Fast cut Use of graphics= only at the beginning. Demay Make that change

Age= 17-25  Gender= Male  Interests=crime, hurting, Knife, gun.  Location=Street wise  Ethnicity=urban 


Video= gangs, crime, police, drugs,


Main singer= Halil Cetinkayali Gang= Aarun Nagra, Navjeet Chana, Anil Vaghela, Niall Hawkes Women= Nisha Sreedharan


Camera man= Jared Sinclair Director= Gareth Fisher Editor= Gareth Fisher Sound effects= Jared Sinclair


Flats= Atmosphere, tense Park= anything can happen Street corner= looks rough

I mac= To edit video, To add graphics, To add sound effects

Simple and easy Microphone Tri pod Camera



ÂŁ20 will be spent on clothes and accessories Free location Local



Monday 11th February

Begin filming

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February Half term

Filming during half term

Monday 25th February

Main filming deadline

Thursday 7th March

Interim edit deadline

Friday 8th Sunday- 10th March

Additional filming

Thursday 14th March 3:20pm

Final edit deadline

music pitch  

all about my music video, where it will take place, clothes etc.

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