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Music video Case study

Trey songz Simply amazing

Artist name: Trey songz Record label: Atlantic records Artist present: 2005-present

The link to the song video is………

The song I have chosen is called ‘Simply amazing’ by Trey songz. I choose this song because during the song video there were a number of shots used which engaged the audiences interests and kept them tuned in through out the video. The lyrics for this song are all about a girl which he finds ‘simply amazing’ he sung this song because he wanted to put a point out to the world that when you find a girl you really like she is basically amazing to you. The video that is showed when the sung is song matches because it shows images of Trey songz with a girl enjoying themselves, but also during the video there is also shots of him being outside by hills singing the song. The footage that was filmed for the song matched the actual song so the whole video worked well together. The reason I chose this song was because its something which is around now and very recent. Trey songz is huge because of the songs he has sung and his fans are still growing. Trey songs is signed to a record label called Atlantic records, he was singed when he was only 17 years old. Atlantic records had high hopes in Trey songz so that’s why they signed him at such a young age. The same record label has signed many other artist like; Ne-yo, Drake, T.i and Nicki minaj. The record label has high hopes in all of these artits, they know they will earn money.

Purpose for a music video The reason why many song artists create videos is to make extra money, the other reason is that they may also make music videos to catch the audiences eye and make them preview the song, it will also cause many fans wanting to buy the song before it is even out or even buy the album when it comes out. The artist also makes it specific when the album is coming out after the song video is finished this creates a rush for fans to go and buy the album. A new video can also spread through YouTube really easily because many people will view the video and tell there friends about it, this can also make the music become well known all around the globe, they can make there video become known around the world because of websites like my space and also video sites like YouTube. Trey songz record label turned this song into a music video because they knew it would make more money than what it did just being a single.

Artist website Artist websites are brilliant because you can view the artists videos before anyone else has seen them and before they have even come out, if people don’t know the artist then the artists website won’t be as used as much, the age to go on the websites probably varies between the artist and his music. An artists website is where they can update there new and upcoming songs and also put private videos on there of them selves singing or talking. The advantage of having a website is that they can become popular by having lots of people view there website and also it will tempt people to buy the new single that they have on there official website, artist websites always keep up to date with many tours that they are doing. The artists website can also be like a forum page where fans can message the artist themselves and give them their opinion about the song that is on the website. Sometimes the websites like YouTube can get more views than the actual artists website its self because people may just want to listen to the song instead of going through loads of different pages just to get to the actual new song.

Record label Atlantic records, this is the record label that Trey songz is signed to and so far in his career this record label has helped him become very popular and well known around the world. This record label is a major record label because it is widely known and many other artists have signed to this label, it also holds a large budget when it comes to shooting music videos for an specific song artist like Trey songz. A record label has many needs and one of them is to hold a budget for a music video, Trey songz is relatively new so they will use money to afford all the required needs for his music video. There are many differences between Major and independent, and they are that a major record label can allow an artist to have a greens screen, as many cameras as they want and to go to a certain location the other one is that an independent can’t have anything he wants unless he an afford it all. A disadvantage to have a major record label behind you is that you may not be able to give in enough word into a music video you are shooting or even what you would like to wear because the record label will take control of what you do and what you wear.

Downloading illegal/legal songs Trey songz is huge around the world and some of the songs that he makes, can sometimes be songs that everyone wants. People that want the song urgently decide to download it illegally via the internet and because of this it is a negative towards the record label and Trey songz himself because they are not earning any money due to the songs being downloaded for free but also the advantage is that Trey songz can become popular due to his songs being spread round really fast.

Downloading songs has become really popular now because it is quick to get a new song, it doesn’t take long for it to download and you can download songs anywhere you go, downloading songs illegally can be bad because you can cause your phone or computer to catch a virus. downloading songs can be downloaded by anyone. The advantage of downloading songs is that you can easily share the song by sending it to someone else, it doesn't cost anything, doesn't make you carry around a CD just to listen to a song. The disadvantage of downloading songs is that it can cause viruses, it can take a long period of time before it has even downloaded, you are committing a crime because you are not paying for a song.

Streaming website YouTube is a widely known website to watch latest music videos and to find up coming artists, YouTube is easily accessible through the internet and people are constantly uploading pictures for the rest of the world to see. Anyone can watch videos of YouTube. SBTV is part of YouTube and it is a thing where you can view songs from artists and it is easy to watch. The advantage for an artist is that they can have there song video uploaded before the song it self has even come out, this can cause many fans to want to buy the song before it has even come out, The disadvantage of having your video on you tube is that your song could be viewed a lot less than other artists because there song could be more popular and also many people create spoofs and silly videos about the song your singing. Streaming websites are popular because they always keep up to date.

Trey songz can be viewed on youtube all the time and because of this his songs are viewed all the time, Every time trey songz decides to put a song on youtube it can instantly be viewed by loads of people around the world

Direct CD/DVD A CD is not as important now because iTunes is around but before iTunes was around a CD was bought so people could listen to music at home or in there cars, CD (compact disc) had loads of tracks on it, songs by the artist, a CD is available to anyone, any age. CD'S can be bought anywhere even on ITunes, but the main place to buy them is at shops like HMV, this shop specialises in selling CD and DVD and it also brings out new CD when they first introduced. The advantage of selling there CD in HMV is that you song will be bought from there and it can also be sold all over the worlds in different HMV shops. The disadvantages of selling your song in a shop like HMV is that when your song is sold out they could take really long before they bring in any more stock and also buying CD isn’t as popular as it was many years ago, now you can go on websites and download songs. A CD can earn more money than single albums because they are more expensive than an artist single.

Trey songz has released 5 albums ever since he became famous and he is probably planning to make a lot more, Trey songz has CDs made so that the record label and him can make a lot more money than they would usually just by him singing live or on stage.

Music channel Music channels for Trey songz is hugely needed because this is where he can get his latest song videos played, this can also make his song and himself become popular. Without music channels Trey songz wouldn’t be able to get more fans or even show his new music videos.

MTV, AKA and KISS are some of the music channels which are popular to the world. In peoples spare time they watch the music channels to see what a songs music video looks like. Music channels are easily accessible to everyone unless you don't subscribe to the music channel and the music channels runs 24 hours a day, the audience that music channels aim it can vary on the channel you are watching; Kiss - 15+, Aka - 15+, these two are just some of the music channels on TV. The advantage of having your song broadcasted on a channel like this can make you become popular and well known and also it can make you earn money because your song is being played. The disadvantage is that it can get repetitive meaning that people will not view the programme all the time.

Mainstream TV ITV 1, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5, are just some of the TV programs which allow you to watch music videos on for free but the negative is that music isn't always shown on the channels, mainstream TV isn't popular when it comes down, the age to watch is any age because nothing on these channels is bad. The disadvantage of having your song played on mainstream TV is that it is hardly ever on there because it is not known for music videos to be played on TV, they may only get a clip of there video on a chat show or a morning show. The advantage is that even though it rarely happens but when it does you song can become known and you could get more fans because of having such a small clip shown on TV. Daybreak is a channel which sometimes has well known artist on there, they play a little bit of there new single so it creates awareness for many fans. when fans see the video there can be a lot of news going around about that music video.

Trey songz said that it will be difficult for him to ever be allowed onto mainstream because there are many other brilliant singers who go on there and to him that is a challenge to join them up in the light.

Art Art is rarely known to be in a song but when it is it can be remembered more than the actual song itself, Art also may be included in the music video because that’s what the artist may want and it will also make the video a lot more attention grabbing than just being in one place all the time. The more locations that are used in a music video the better. The two pictures below can be considered as art because he is outside with a lovely landscape image behind him, if you was to get rid of Trey songz then you will have an image that will be amazing as just a photograph. Trey songz record label may have decided to include this in the video so it will make it unique, sometimes it can be remembered and sometimes it may not.

Music case study  

Trey songz case study

Music case study  

Trey songz case study