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Tea Urn Best Economical Way to Heat water A tea urn is really indispensible for a busy host. Able to allow your guests to help themselves to tea and coffee, you will be more free to chat to your guests, making contacts and networking. It is so much more sociable when you do not have to be rushing off making endless cups of tea. Tea urn comes in a bunch of different size; you'll find one that fits any occasion. For friendly gatherings or large family events, you can find an inexpensive one for home use that are simple to use and make anywhere from ten to twenty cups of tea. The largest ones are usually owned by restaurants and caterers who need to make up to one hundred cups of tea at a time.

The professional urns are usually the best, you'll notice this with the spigots near the bottom of the urns that save can you tea. Tiny spigots on the cheapy urns are hard to stop when pouring a cup of tea, this can mean frequent spills and mess. The better spigots are easy to turn and operate and are much more rugged which will extend the life of your tea urn and save on wasted tea.

Tea Urn has been described as very good value and is ideal for offices, or on site promotions. Because of the unique style steam vented lid fitting, this is much less noisy than other electric tea urns. While we are featuring the Swan tea urn here, do not forget the Burco tea urn which has a larger capacity still, available at CNM Online. The largest range of tea urns at CNM Online. Lowest prices are guaranteed on our full range of electric tea urn. Tea urns are a hassle free way of providing your staff or customers with instant hot water for hot drinks, no longer will you have to boil the kettle.

Tea Urns Best Economical Way to Heat water