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Instructions: Application Development Register Teachers visit and complete the following steps:    

Register to coach one or more teams of 1-6 students. Accept the ThinkQuest Competition Terms of Use and ask your school or organization’s signing authority to accept the ThinkQuest Competition Agreement. Collect a signed Parental Consent Form from each student who is a minor. Review the Rules.

Set-up Students in the 18-22 age division should review the Rules, Guiding Questions document, and the Roadmap to Success tutorial on their own. Students in the 17 & under age division should review these items with their teacher/coach. Your team will be eligible to receive additional points if all students on your team complete the tutorial and submit a completed survey. How Will Entries Be Scored? Students who want to understand how entries are scored may review the Scoring Rubric with their teacher/coach (or on their own if in the 18-22 age division). Please note that this step is optional. Define a Problem & Solution Students complete the following steps:    

State the problem you intend to solve and define the target audience for your entry. Research your problem. Conduct interviews, surveys, experiments, observations or field studies, or research at the library or online. Define your solution. Ensure that it meets the needs of your target audience and is achievable. Test your solution with members of your target audience and revise your solution based on those results.

Develop & Test the Entry Students complete the following steps:       

Select the technology you will use to develop your application. Set-up your development environment. Develop your entry so it meets the Interactivity Requirements. Make sure your entry does not include plagiarized material. Properly cite content and include a reference list. Test your entry to make sure all elements run smoothly. Create a screencast that meets the Screencast Requirements. Complete your Critical Thinking Worksheet and give it to your coach.

Submit the Entry Coaches visit and submit their team’s entry by following the instructions on the Submit Entry page.


Insctructions of app development