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We firmly believe in making smart investments in our natural wonders.

The Gardiner Gateway Project focuses on an asset that drives 6 out of 10 visitors to Montana’s doorstep. Recent studies show that every dollar of federal money invested in National Parks returns $10 in local economic activity. It’s simple arithmetic to understand that this investment will provide continued economic vitality for your children and your children’s children. We plan to celebrate the completion of the project in 2016 on the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, and hope to welcome President Obama to celebrate under the historic centerpiece of this project—the iconic Roosevelt Arch. Because of you, the Gardiner Gateway Project will succeed. Be part of the movement:

“We are partnering with cities and States to make it easier for families to spend time outside no matter where they live, and we are working to create jobs, boost rural economies, and increase tourism by enhancing public lands that draw travelers from across the globe.” — PR E SIDE N T BA R ACK OBA M A

Gardiner Gateway Project Overview  

The ‘Gardiner Gateway Project’ is a partnership between local, state and federal agencies working across jurisdictional boundaries to restor...

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