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THE VINTAGE & GENERAL SALE Thursday 19th July 2018 - 11am

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The Auctioneer acts only as agent for the seller (unless otherwise specifically declared). Lots sold are likely to have been subject to wear and tear caused by user or the effects of age and many therefore have faults and imperfections. Buyers are given ample opportunity at viewing times to examine lots to be sold and will be assumed to have done so. They must rely solely on their own skill or judgment as to whether lots are fit for any particular purpose. 1. Bids All bids made shall be treated as offers made upon these Conditions of Sale and all persons present are admitted to a sale on the basis that they have notice of these Conditions. Online Bidding see facing page. 2. Ascertainment of the buyer The Buyer shall be the person making the highest bid which is acceptable to the Auctioneer as signified by the fall of the hammer.No bid may be retracted. In the case of a dispute the Auctioneer may either declare the purchaser or put up the lot again.

3. Auctioneer’s discretion The Auctioneer has sole discretion, (a) to refuse any bid, (b) to advance the bidding as he may decide, (c) to withdraw or divide any lot or combine one lot with another or others, (d) to exclude any person from the auction rooms, and (e) to require pre-payment in full.

4. Reserves and seller’s right to bid Lots put up for sale are subject, (a) to any reserve price imposed by the seller, (b) the right of the Auctioneer to bid on behalf of the Seller, and (c) where no reserve price has been imposed (but in no other case) for the Seller to bid personally or through any one agent.It is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure any reserves are received by the Auctioneer.

5. Buyer’s duties The buyer shall forthwith or as soon as possible after the sale, (a) supply his name and address, (b) supply, if so required, bank or other suitable references, (c) pay the full purchase price in a way acceptable to the Auctioneer, notwithstanding any prior arrangement for advance payment required by the Auctioneer, and(d) on proof of payment clear the lots purchased by the times specified. Lots may not be cleared during the sale except by permission of the Auctioneer.

6. Liability of the auctioneer and sellers Subject to Condition 8: (a) faults and imperfections (if any) are not stated in the catalogue and neither the Seller nor the Auctioneer is responsible for any defects whatsoever, (b) no warranty is given or authorised to be given by the Seller or the Auctioneer with regard to any lot other than the Seller’s right to sell it, (c) any express or implied conditions or warranties whether relating to description or quality, are hereby excluded.

7. Catalogue descriptions Descriptive statements contained in the advertisements or catalogues or made up by the Auctioneer or any member of his staff shall be taken as matters of opinion only, and shall not be taken as statement of fact.

8. Forgeries Notwithstanding Conditions 6 and 7, if the Auctioneer receives notice in writing from the Buyer WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE SALE that in his opinion a lot is a forgery (as defined in Condition 12) and on giving such notification the lot in question is returned to the Auctioneer at his working premises in the same condition as when bought, then if on considering such evidence as the Buyer supplies to prove his assertion, the Auctioneer decides that the lot is a forgery the sale of the lot will be rescinded and the purchase price repaid to the Buyer.

9. Property in lots and risk The Buyer shall not become the owner of any lot, and the Auctioneer shall have a lien thereon, until the Buyer has discharged the purchase price in full together with any other charges due, but after the fall of the hammer the risk of damage or loss shall nevertheless be the Buyer’s.

10. The Premium The Buyer shall pay to the Auctioneer a premium of 20% of the hammer price together with VAT on such premium.

11. Default by buyer If the buyer fails to make payment in a way acceptable to the Auctioneer or to remove any lot or lots bought by him within 7 days of the auction or in any other material respect fail to comply with these conditions, the Auctioneer shall have the right, (a) to resell the lot or lots by public auction or otherwise without notice to the buyer,and if any deficiency arises on such resale, after deducting the Auctioneer’s full costs and expenses, the Buyer shall be responsible to the Auctioneer therefore (but any net surplus to be the Seller’s) or, alternatively, (b) to store the lot at the Auctioneer’s premises or elsewhere and to release the lot to the Buyer only after payment in full of the purchase price together with any other charges due. The Auctioneer reserves the right to charge storage of 50p per lot per day on any lot or lots uncleared by the time specified together with any removal expenses. In addition, interest will be charged at 2.5% per month or part thereof (34.4% APR) on any accounts that remain unpaid in part or full 1 week after the sale. Interest and storage will be charged from the date of sale. In addition, the buyer shall be liable for all legal and court costs incurred by the Auctioneers in pursuit of payment from the Buyer. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any cheques and will not release lots purchased until evidence has been received that any cheque accepted has been cleared.

12. Definitions and interpretation In these conditions: (a) References to the ‘the Auctioneer’ shall betaken to mean the firm of Gardiner Houlgate or any director, partner or employee thereof at the time of sale; (b) Buyers shall be deemed to be the principals unless to the prior knowledge of the Auctioneer they are acting as agent on behalf of a named principal; (c) ‘Forgery’ means a lot (i) which is so constituted as deliberately to deceive when considered in the light of its catalogue description, and (ii)whose value as such is materially less than if it had complied with the catalogue description; (d) The Interpretation Act 1978 shall apply to the general construction of terms and expressions used in these Conditions as if contained in a statute.

13. Law and Jurisdiction These Conditions of sale are subject to English law, which shall apply to their construction as well as their effect. The seller and buyer agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

14. Gemstones Many gemstones have been treated in various ways to enhance their appearance. For example, sapphires and rubies are routinely heat-treated and emeralds treated with oils and resins. Some stones may require re-treating or oiling periodically. Enhancement affects market value and all Gardiner Houlgate estimates assume that gemstones may have been enhanced, in any case all lots are sold as seen and purchasers are deemed to have satisfied themselves as to condition and any possible treatment of stones

15. Artists Resale Rights (or Droit de Suite) On certain lots in the catalogue and which are sold for a hammer price of 1000 euros or greater (converted into the currency of the sale using the European Central Bank Reference rate prevailing on the date of the Sale) the Additional Premium will be the percentage of the amount of the Hammer Price calculated as follows. 0-50,000 euros

50,000.01 to 200,000 200,000.01 to 350,000 350,000.01 to 500,000 Exceeding 500,000


3% 1% 0.5% 0.25%

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monday 16th - wednesday 18th July - 9am – 5.30pm Thursday 19th July - 9am – 11am AuCTION INFORmATION

Buyer’s premium of 20% plus VAT is payable on the hammer price of all lots.

Condition is noted on some items. Lack of notation does not imply the item is undamaged or free of restoration. Buyers must satisfy themselves as to the condition of all lots prior to bidding. a.f = at fault. All sizes and weights given are approximate.

Items in the catalogue are sold as seen. Where possible, significant damage is mentioned, but this does not include all faults and imperfections. Furthermore, the absence of such reference does not imply that the lot is in good condition or free from restoration or repair. “Inscribed” or “signed” in the catalogue description does not imply that the lot is wholly or partly by that maker. Prospective buyers must satisfy themselves by personal inspection as to the condition and originality of each lot prior to bidding. Refunds cannot be given.

PAYmENT DETAILS We are pleased to accept payment by the following methods: debit card, credit cards, cash, Building Society cheque or Bankers Draft. Cheques will be accepted when supported by a guarantee card up to the limit of the card and at the discretion of the auctioneers, unless arrangements have been made with us prior to the auction. Payment direct to bank is also accepted, please contact the office for our bank details. CARD PAYmENTS - ImPORTANT NOTICE Due to a recent rise in card fraud we are no longer able to accept payments by credit or debit cards for 'customer not present' transactions at the discretion of the auctioneers. Card payments at the saleroom are still accepted, but must be supported by 'chip and pin'. We apologise for any incovenience this may cause. ABSENTEE BIDDING If you are unable to attend the sale you can leave a written commission bid. The auctioneer will execute the bid on your behalf and will endeavour to purchase the lot as cheaply as possible. Telephone bids may be possible on lots estimated £500 and above at the sole discretion of the auctioneer.

ONLINE BIDDING Gardiner Houlgate offers online bidding for clients unable to attend the sale via our live bidding partner website www.the-saleroom.com To bid live, you will need to complete a seperate registration and additional fees will apply. The-Saleroom.com charge 3% plus VAT on the hammer price. Please visit the website for full terms and conditions.

RELEASE OF GOODS Payment and clearance should be made within 7 days after the sale. Goods will not be released until full payment has been received and a paid invoice produced. For clients arranging courier or third party collection – written instruction must be received from the purchaser; identification will be requested from the courier and vehicle details will be taken, unless known to us. For security purposes our premises are monitored with 24 hour CCTV. PACKING AND SHIPPING Smaller goods can be sent for a nominal charge at the buyer’s risk. It is recommended that larger more valuable items are packaged and sent through professional carriers. Please contact the office for further details. ENQuIRIES Telephone 01225 812912 email auctions@gardinerhoulgate.co.uk www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk

9 Leafield Way, Corsham, Nr Bath, SN13 9SW

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PORCELAIN, GLASS, SILVER, JEWELLERY, METAL WARE, TREEN & DECORATIVE ITEMS 1. Regency style cut and moulded glass chandelier, with crystal lustre swags and prismatic drops, 27" wide, 16" drop approx £60-100

2. Large cut and moulded glass chandelier in the Regency manner, with crystal lustre swags and prismatic drops, 86" diameter, 30" drop approx £150-250

3. minton 'St. James' pattern dinner service £80-120 4. Jasper ware -to include a circular cheese dish and associated stand, jardiniere, Wedgwood black and white circular bowl and a matching plate £40-80 5. Victorian rosewood tea caddy, 6.5" high, 13" wide; together with a further tea caddy and two boxes with hinged lids, one carved with a dragon (4) £20-40 6. Georgian mahogany triple decanter box, complete with three cut glass decanters and stoppers, 14" high (alterations) £80-120 2

7. Japanese bronze slender ovoid vase, applied in relief with birds amidst flowering foliage, with two faux bamboo handles, 20" high £30-60

8. Victorian mahogany writing slope, opening to reveal a green baize covered writing surface with lockable drawer under, with original inkwells 20" wide £40-80

9. Eastern antique bronze head, with carved detail upon a square ebonised stand, 18" high £60-100

10. Victorian walnut sewing workbox, the interior with a pullout tray and assorted cotton reels, 15.75" wide £30-50

11. Half hull model of a 'Canvasback' sailing vessel hull, with green painted lower hull, mounted upon a backboard with brass name plaque, 17.25" wide, 6.5" high, sold with papers and the manual of construction, rigging and history of the canvasback £50-80 12. Half hull model of the 'Ajax', a Pembrokeshire Luggar sailing vessel, by Steve whitham, mounted on a backboard, 24" wide, 7" high £80-120

13. Large scale model of a two masted gaff rigged sailing vessel, with painted hull and terracotta coloured sails, upon a display cradle within a glazed display case, 28" high, 30" wide £120-180

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

14. Three 19th century circular pierced brass trivets, the tallest 12" high (3) £20-40

15. 19th century pierced brass and steel footman with a pierced bowed plate upon shaped supports, 14.5" high; together with a smaller pierced footman with cast paw feet, 7" high (2) £30-50

16. Georgian polished brass and steel footman, with shaped supports, pierced bowed detail and drop handles, 16" wide, 14" high £30-50

17. Polished repousse brass jardiniere on a stand, decorated with floral garlands over a reeded base, 8" high; containing a collection of crystals; together with a toddy kettle and a pierced bowfront brass wall pocket £30-50 18. Early 20th century polished brass and mesh magazine rack, 32" high £20-40

19. Polished repousse brass jardiniere stand; also a brass and mesh triptych folding spark fireguard, 28.8" high (2) £20-40

20. Polished brass peat bucket with a swing loop handle, 9" high; together with two polished brass jardinieres and a pair of novelty cast iron door porters of Ally Sloper and Mrs Sloper, 11" high (5) £30-50

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21. Edwardian brass mesh triptych spark guard, cast iron and brass fire fender (52" wide), set of three brass fire irons, two brass fire tongs and a brass coal shovel £30-50

22. Victorian Parian figure of miranda, impressed 'Bells Miranda', 15.5" high £50-80

23. Three Victorian Staffordshire flatback pottery figures including Little Red Riding Hood and Daniel and the Lion, each between 12" and 13" high approx (3) £50-80

24. Decorative cloisonne plate, decorated centrally with butterflies and flowers on a blue ground with a floral swag border around, 11" diameter, with plate stand £30-50

25. Antique bronze standing figure of Ganesha, sheathed with ring patinated bronze over a terracotta body and with hollow legs, upon a stepped circular base, 38" high (at fault)` £100-150

26. Pair of heavy brass alloy candlesticks, with cylindrical reeded barrel turned columns upon domed circular stepped bases, 8" high £20-40

27. Four Royal Doulton character jugs to include Robin Hood, Tony Weller, Farmer John and John Barleycorn Old Lad, each 6.5" high approx (4) £30-50

28. Two similar Royal Doulton Falstaff Toby jugs, 9" high (2) £20-30

29. Three Victorian Staffordshire pottery flatback figures, including Marshal Arnaud and Derby & Joan, the tallest 11" high approx (3) £40-80

30. Two graduated majolica owl jugs, the largest 9.75" high (2) £20-40

31. Antique carved oak head, detailing a gentleman with moustache, later bracket, probably 17th century, 5.5" high, 7.5" wide £80-120

32. Aria John Pearce Folk model 3100 acoustic guitar, ser. no. 1x7; in need of attention to the bridge/table area, soft bag £50-80

33. Pair of novelty printed cast metal candlesticks, modelled with standing monkeys wearing green and red dress upon oval bases, after Fratian, recent, 9" high (2) £30-50

34. Decorative cast bronze figure of a toucan upon a circular marble socle, 10" high £30-50

35. Carved oak wall plaque in the form of an elephant's head, 12" wide £20-40

36. Five assorted armorial shield plaques, the largest 12.75" x 9.5" (5) £20-40

37. Interesting novelty workbox in the form of a house, the gabled hinged top opening to reveal a compartment, with three side drawers, 11.75" high, 11.25" wide (at fault) £40-80

38. Interesting and decorative ebonised oak rectangular box, deeply carved in relief with medieval battle scenes, 13.25" wide, 6.25" high £50-100

39. Cast iron painted Christmas tree stand, 13" wide; together with a pair of painted plaster twin sconce wall lights, 20" high (3) £15-30

40. Victorian 'mr Punch' cast iron doorstop, 12.5" high; together with a cast iron dolphin doorstop and a Napoleon figural doorstop (3) £50-80

41. Two similar majolica glazed pottery figures of parrots, the tallest 14.5" £30-50

42. French Le Poet - Laval green glazed dinner service; together with other similar French green glazed dinner plates and coffee cups and saucers £20-40

43. masons Ironstone part dinner service, each decorated with an urn with floral displays in iron red and blue glaze, comprising ten soup bowls and eight dinner plates (some faults) (18) £30-50

44. John Rabone & Sons vintage spirit level with a canvas cover, 42" long £10-20 GARDINER HOuLGATE


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45. Georgian walnut serpentine table-top chest of drawers with brass side carry handles, 15" wide, 10" high (alterations) £30-50

46. Early 20th century walnut slope front stationery box, with a folding cover, 15" wide, 12.75" high £30-50 47. 19th century mahogany wall bracket, 12" wide, 8.5" high £20-40

48. marit Guinness Aschan (19192004) - enamel, foil and mixed media on copper shallow studio dish, with wooden display stand, 14.25" diameter £30-50

49. Novelty cast brass doorstop in the form of a cat entitled 'Ye Cheshire Cat', 10" high; together with a pierced brass trivet depicting a tiger (2) £20-40

50. Three decorative carved standing figures of Indian and British Empire soldiers including the '125th Napier Rifles', 'West African Frontier Force' and 'K.A.R Somaliland Camel Corps', each 46.5" high approx (3) £50-100

51. Steiff squirrel, with applied button to ear, 8" high; Steiff bear cub, button to ear, 4.5" high; together with a miniature bear with articulated limbs, 3.5" long (3) £30-50

52. Two Pratt ware pot lids in ebonised frames, Staffordshire Toby pepper, Staffordshire cow creamer, glazed fish design bowl, four hardstone egg ornaments, novelty box in the form of a book bind etc £40-60


53. Cranberry glass jug, Murano type art glass vase and other assorted decorative glassware £20-40 54. Set of three Staffordshire graduated pottery jugs transfer printed with cockerels and hens, the tallest 9"; Fortnum & Mason Camembert circular cheese dish and cover, four assorted Victorian copper lustre jugs and a similar beaker; also a Copeland tureen stand £30-50 55. Royal worcester - four porcelain and gilt metal trinket boxes in presentation boxes including three from the Connoisseur Collection and one from the Christmas Tales (4) £30-50 56. Two similar Bretby glazed pottery jardinieres, 7.5" high; together with four other pottery jardinieres (6) £30-60

57. Collection of nine assorted dog ornaments, principally porcelain and pottery (9) £15-30

58. Beswick shire horse, 8.5" high; together with an assortment of other pottery and porcelain figures of animals and dogs (9) £30-50

59. Five assorted pottery glazed models of horses and a donkey, the tallest 10" high (5) £15-30

60. Eight assorted porcelain and pottery dog figurines, including two uSSR examples (8) £40-80

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

61. melba ware figure of an elephant and rhinoceros; Melba Ware figure of a polar bear, 8" high; together with other various pottery and porcelain animal ornaments (9) £40-80

62. Yamaha G-255SII guitar in original case with guitar method tutor book; together with a Conrad silvered metal flute in case (2) £40-80

63. Decorative moulded plaster table lamp, decorated with a band of cherubs, base 12.5" high £10-20

64. Decorative French style gilt metal and marble table lamp with shade, the base 15.5" high £10-20

65. French patinated spelter table lamp of a young lady upon an entitled ebonised socle, 20" high; brass oil lamp with an opaque green glass shade and another table lamp (3) £30-50

66. Pair of 19th century cast iron doorstops in the form of seated Heraldic Lions, 15" high (2) £40-60

67. Pair of Victorian 'Punch & Judy' cast iron doorstops, 13.25" high (2) £50-80

68. Selection of assorted Carlton ware £20-40

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69. Pair of Keeling Losol ware blue and transfer printed vases, 9" high, Staffordshire transfer printed part toilet set, Chinese blue and white oblong plate (at fault); H.Wood 1930s wall pocket, various picture frames, four hand embroidered serviettes depicting playing card suits etc £30-50 70. Large selection of assorted decorative items and table ware £20-40

71. Victorian brown treacle glaze relief moulded teapot decorated with seated characters, 10" high; carved crucifix wall plaque, Wedgwood Jasper Ware beaker, pair of tube line decorated vases, God Speed the Plough twin handled mug, pair of Marion & Co The Ballet - The Month Series opaque glass plaques, Maling circular dish, green glaze vase, Staffordshire dog and a Ridgeways vase £30-50

72. Victorian mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy, 11" wide; Wittner metronome, cased draughtsman's set and a framed miniature depicting a church (4) £40-60 73. Pair of Spode blue and white transfer printed plates, 10.5" diameter; set of Copeland Spode's Tower blue and white side plates, Delft inkstand, two table lamps and other items £30-50

74. Small selection of assorted pottery and porcelain including a Wedgwood Jasper Ware plate and two trinket dishes £10-20

75. Villeroy & Bosch, mettlach large aesthetic circular glazed wall charger, decorated with panels and flowers within a foliate border upon a gilt ground, printed factory marks impressed number 1176.47, 20.5" diameter £150-250 76. Contemporary devotional wall plaque, decorated with the half length portrait of a woman in robes amidst flowering roses on a gold ground, within a shaped cloisonne frame and over a lidded cloisonne font, mounted to a waisted shaped plaque, 16" high overall £150-200

77. masons Vista pattern twinhandled tureen stand, 14.75" wide; together with a Copeland 19th century oval meat plate, decorated with floral sprays within diaper borders, 18.5" wide (2) £20-40 78. Celebration bunting from the 1924-1925 British Empire Exhibition; also two British Empire Exhibition flags and a swag run of red, white and blue material £200-400

79. Decorative gilt metal twin branch wall mirror in the rococo manner with prismatic glass drops, 13" high; small Japanese cloisonne vase (at fault); Tuscan 'Mille Fleurs' chintz plate, pair of circular landscape wall prints, twin handled chrome plated lidded sucrier and a Hancocks Ivory Ware relief moulded circular bowl £15-30

80. Interesting old cast iron Drummond Bros treadle lathe, with some spare wheels and chucks, 36" wide overall £20-50

81. Brass twin-handled jardiniere with applied lions' head handles and with a faux floral display, 30" high approx £5-15

82. Aqua Bath Aqua Glass fused stained glass leaded panel, designed by Themis Mikellides, 41" x 27.5" £100-150

83. 17th century brass warming pan with turned wood handle, 41" long (repairs) £40-60

84. 19th century brass bobbin turned single candlestick, 20.5" high £30-50

85. Ceremonial ebonised stick with carved fluted tapering handle and white metal mounts, 39" long £50-80

86. Four vintage branded "Squirrel Confections" tins, 6" high, 8.5" wide (4) £15-20

87-100 NO LOT

101. Victorian tortoiseshell needle case, 2.5"; together with a miniature tortoiseshell model of a banjo, 5.25" long (2) £20-40



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102. Scottish 19th century silver mounted horn snuff mull, with an applied silver shield plaque and chased cover inset with an agate boss, unmarked, 3.5" approx £100-150

103. Late Victorian tortoiseshell shaped purse with yellow metal and mother of pearl inlay depicting a bird perched upon a branch, satin lined interior, 3" £30-50

104. 19th century agate and gilt metal desk seal, of waisted form with a chased gilt metal terminal and bloodstone matrix, 4" long £30-50 105. NO LOT

106. George III ivory and gold inlaid toothpick case, the hinged lid opening to reveal a mirror and gold tapered case with three toothpicks, circa 1780, 3.25" long £60-100 107. Early 20th century ivory and bloodstone cigarette holder, 4.25" long £15-30

108. Three various ivory handled and plated stilton scoops; also an early 20th century ivory handled jam spoon with bright cut floral decoration £40-80 109. Large collection of antique/vintage keys £50-100

110. mahogany cased set of twelve dessert knives and forks with ivory handles and plated blades £40-60


111. Cased set of twelve knives and forks with engraved silver plated blades, the box 11.5" wide; together with a boxed set of six butter knives £20-40

112. wedgwood seventy-eight piece cutlery set within the original box £30-50

113. Assortment of silver plated and stainless steel cutlery and flatware £10-20

114. Collection of assorted costume jewellery including brooches, also a selection of various empty jewellery boxes £30-50 115. Large quantity of assorted costume jewellery etc £40-80

116. Pair of chalcedony and lapis lazuli cufflinks with emerald accents, boxed £20-40

117. Pair of lapis lazuli silver cufflinks, boxed £20-40

118. Pair of lapis lazuli pendant earrings, brooch and cufflinks; together with assorted wristwatches £30-50

119. Assorted jewellery and a large collection of stone set earrings, silver curb bracelet, silver pendant on necklet etc £50-100

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

120. Assortment of dress wristwatches, tray of assorted costume jewellery and a jewellery box with selected contents £40-80

121. Box of assorted jeweller's spares including gold ring clasps, loose gem stones etc £30-50

122. Small selection of vintage and collectors coins including American eagle silver 1oz dollars etc £20-40

123. Selection of assorted silver and costume jewellery, amber necklet, Japanese Meiji circular box and cover; with assorted empty jewellery boxes £40-80

124. Chinese bronze figure modelled as a standing lady with a wide brimmed hat and a musical instrument under her arm, upon a shaped circular base, 9" high £150-250

125. Pair of small Chinese bronze twin-handled vases, cast in relief with panels of buddhistic lions and landscape, impressed mark, 19th century, 5.25" high (2) £50-80

126. Basil matthews - cold cast resin bronze of a greyhound, signed and dated 1979, 6" high £20-40

127. Cast bronze Highland figure entitled 'Douglas' upon a circular base, 4.75" high £30-50

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128. After Jean Bayre (1796-1875) bronze of a grazing goat upon a rectangular base, signed, 2.5" high, 3.75" wide £50-80

129. French bronze match-pot modelled as a fox and snake upon an oval slate plinth, signed 'E. Gouget, 3" high £50-80 130. French 19th century bronze figure of a goat upon an oval marble socle, signed 'E. Gouget', 4.75" high £50-80 131. 19th century bronze sculpture 'Spinario', a boy pulling a thorn from his foot, upon a circular plinth and hardwood stand, 4.5" high £40-80 132. Novelty cast metal match vesta modelled as mr Punch's dog Toby, bearing trademark to the underside, 4" high £40-80

133. 19th century cast bronze inkwell modelled as a begging terrier, the hinged head enclosing a glass liner, inset glass eyes, 5.5" high £60-100 134. Carved malachite nest and egg, 5" x 4" (2) £50-80

135. Constantine Holzer-Defanti (1881-1951) - Rosenthal porcelain figure of a reclining Pierrot in white dress upon a scroll shaped base with gilt highlights, model no. 76, printed and impressed factory marks, 6.25" long, 2.5" high £30-50

136. matthew Norman brass carriage clock timepiece, 5.5'' high £40-60

137. Jaeger-LeCoultre mantel clock, faux lapis dial, gilt metal case numbered 545, signed glazed front panel with quarter Roman numerals and hour markers, 6'' high (at fault) £50-80

138. Decorative green onyx, gilt metal and paste set desk timepiece in the form of a pocket watch with platform escapement, 6" diameter £40-60

139. Goldscheider 'Eve' terracotta wall mask, modelled with golden hair and holding an apple, printed 'made in Austria' with factory stamped marks, 8.5" high £140-180

140. Continental gilt metal and green glass wager cup, in the form of a lady in period dress holding aloft a swivel cup, 11" high £40-80

141. Good quality Staunton type tournament weighted chess set, ebony and boxwood, height of king 10.5cm, boxed; together with a chess board, 21.5" square £100-150

142. Silver plated rectangular desk stand, with double hinged lidded compartments, carry swing handles and bun corner feet, marked 'Lucas', 12" wide £30-50

143. Victorian cased set to include a shoehorn, button hook and pair of glove tongs, each with silver handles, maker Adie & Lovekin Limited, Birmingham 1889, the serpentine case 13.5" wide; together with four silver handled button hooks £50-80

144. Decorative silver and mahogany serpentine inkstand, mounted with two cast silver stags' heads hallmarked Sheffield 1903, inset with a square glass inkwell with applied silver mount and cover hallmarked London 1903, 12" wide £60-100

145. Small silver christening tankard, Birmingham 1938, maker A.L Davenport Limited, 3.25" high, 3.1 t oz approx; together with a silver plated engraved christening mug and a silver plated tankard (3) £30-50

146. After Clodion - bronze modelled as a seated maiden holding a clam shell upon an oval stepped base, signed, ebony socle, the bronze 7.5" high £100-150

147. Ivory penwork plaque depicting semi clad maidens in a Classical scene, 18th/19th century, mounted and gilt framed behind glass, the panel 4.5" x 6.25" £100-150

148. Giovanni De Simone (Italy) faience glazed bottle vase, decorated in bold colours with a figure, signed, 11" high £20-40

149. NO LOT



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150. Royal Doulton stoneware soap dish for wright's Coal Tar Soap, modelled with a dragonfly, impressed factory marks, 6" wide £30-50

151. Nick Rees contemporary studio ceramic stoneware baluster vase, with swirling fluted decoration on a mottled green glaze, bearing the maker's monogram and stamped Muchelney to the foot, 5.5" high *Nick Rees has trained and worked for John Leach since the early 1970s £50-80

152. German porcelain group, modelled with children on a seesaw, in blue and white glaze upon an oval gilt highlighted base, blue crowned factory mark, 6" high £30-50

153. French Limoges porcelain boxed coffee set for six; together with a set of six silver spoons within a faux shagreen box (box at fault) £20-40

154. 19th century green glass decanter and stopper, a similar blue glass decanter (at fault); also a 'Moet et Chandon' champagne green glass bottle and a clear glass claret jug with silver plated mounts (4) £25-45 155. Victorian cranberry glass to include two decanters and stoppers, bell, jug and a tall vase with floral enamel decoration, vase 12" high (5) £50-80 156. NO LOT 8

157. Three iridescent lustre glass ovoid vases in the manner of Loetz, each 5/5.5" high approx; together with mottled green glass ovoid vase, indistinctly signed, 5" high (4) £30-50

158. Selection of glassware to include drinking glasses £15-30 159. NO LOT

160. Capo di monte resin figural group with a mother and child, 9" high; together with another resin figure upon a marble socle depicting a young boy, 8.5" high (2) £10-20 161. NO LOT

162. Two good quality cut glass circular fruit bowls; with other glassware (7) £15-30

163. Sadler 1930s racing car teapot, with silver lustre highlights, 8.5" long £15-30

164. Set of Franklin mint limited edition plates from the Great Clipper Ships Series by L.J Pierce, with certificates, 9" diameter (12) £30-60

165. Contemporary studio ceramic baluster vase and cover, decorated with cobalt blue blotches on a light blue mottled ground, unmarked, 8" high; also three various unmarked contemporary studio ceramic jugs (4) £20-40

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

166. Craftsman pewter planished hot water jug, English pewter condiment set and a stainless steel tea set £10-20

167. Two moulded glass and silver plated claret jugs, 11" high; together with an Eastern brass ewer (3) £20-40

168. Set of four green and clear glass hocks with engraved foliate bowls, 8" high; together with five smaller green and clear glass drinking glasses (9) £20-40

169. 1930s amber pressed glass part dressing table set and other similar glassware £10-20

170. Collection of eight Goebel Hummel figures of children; together with three other similar style figures (11) £50-80

171. Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' bone china to include a rectangular tray, trinket tray, two vases, two boxes and covers and a small basket £15-30

172. Selection of assorted ruby coloured glassware including sundae dishes, two goblets and a vase (13) £10-20

173. 19th century German porcelain floral encrusted lamp base, of oval form with applied meandering foliage supported by three standing cherubs, 'WR' factory mark, 12" high, converted to electricity with later shade £60-100

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174. worcester part dessert service painted with floral sprays within turquoise borders (some damages); together with a similar style single candlestick £20-40 175. wedgwood 19th century part dessert service decorated with floral designs in Imari palette comprising six plates and three lobed dishes (9) £30-50 176. Noritake 'Arunta' coffee set, pattern 9007 £20-40

177. Imperial Fine English China six setting tea service, decorated with daffodils upon a pale green ground with gold plated borders £15-30 178. Royal Doulton - five 1997 Chelsea Flower Show plates designed by Kathy Pickles, with two certificates, 9.25" diameter; together with a Continental porcelain lustre glaze bowl (at fault) £20-40

179. mixed selection of assorted copper Items including a 19th century small copper kettle, 7.25" high; Benham & Froud copper mould, another mould, bag containing assorted coins, keys, quill pens, etc £80-120

180. Selection of glassware, pair of Royal Worcester preserve pots with chrome plated covers, Kundo anniversary clock etc £20-30

181. Brass and iron circular hanging oil lamp with a white opaque glass shade, 14" diameter £20-40

182. moorcroft 'Anemone' table lamp and shade, decorated on a blue ground, the base 8" high; together with a Moorcroft 'Hibiscus' circular dish and a small Moorcroft 'Orchid' bowl decorated on a blue ground, 3" diameter (3) £60-100

183. Contemporary cloisonne and brass oil lamp, the glass chimney supported upon a spherical reservoir, baluster column and circular stepped base, 17.25" high £120-180

184. Pair of late Victorian silver weighted spill vases decorated with harebell garlands, London 1896, 6.5" high (at fault); pair of Victorian silver sugar tongs, London 1868, pair of cut glass and silver salts with spoon, silver sifter, silver oval drum mustard pot with a blue glass liner and a silver plated fork £50-80 185. Two boxed Pelham puppets; together with a framed coloured print depicting a Lesser Whitethroat (3) £20-40 186. Assortment of silver plated items; also a silver single squat candlestick £20-40

187. Small bisque-headed doll, in laced undergarments, blue spotted dress and brown bonnet, 12" high £50-80

188. Collection of nine assorted Royal Doulton small character jugs, each 3.5 and 4" high approx (9) £40-80

189. Goldsmiths Company silver plated rectangular entrÈe dish and cover; with other silver plated wares; pair of moulded glass comports, 'GWR' brass wall lantern, glass goblet and a Murberry circular trinket box and cover £30-50

190. Chinese Canton famille rose gourd vase, 10.25" high (at fault); together with four modern Oriental vases, 8" high and a framed silk fragment decorated with pagoda scenes, 19.5" x 7" (6) £20-40

191. Chinese pale green hardstone ceremonial dagger with applied yellow metal ferrule, within a hardwood box with a sliding cover, the dagger 11.75" long £40-60

192. Royal Doulton Tinies Diamond Anniversary jug collection, to include Dick Turpin, Simon the Cellarer, Jester, John Barleycorn, Parson Brown and Granny, mounted upon a lozenge wall bracket with certificate of authenticity £20-40 193. Small selection of decorative items £10-20

194. Six assorted Beswick horses, deer and stag (two at fault) (6) £30-60

195. Beswick - Rupert and His Friends figures to include Algy Pug, Rupert The Bear and Pong Ping, each 4.5" high; together with six other Beswick figures and sculptures (9) £50-80 GARDINER HOuLGATE


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196. Collection of Beswick animals to include a Highland bull, 5.25" high, three dog figures and three sheep and ram figures (7) £50-80

197. Leica minilux Zoom camera, with flash, in original case, with instruction booklets and a spare C200 film £100-150 198. 19th century treen whistle, two corkscrews, novelty brass bear bottle opener, three nutcrackers and a folding cutlery knife £30-60

199. Collection of assorted porcelain and pottery animal ornaments £20-40 200. Chinese prunus blossom ginger jar, modern Oriental style vase, cast metal trinket box, assorted glassware etc £20-40 201. Royal Copenhagen porcelain figures - Bear Cub 1124 and Polar Bear 729 (2) £40-60

202. Royal Copenhagen porcelain figures - Mice 135, Fish 2870 and Cockerel 1127 (3) £40-60

203. Royal Copenhagen porcelain figures - Playful Puppies 453, Puppy 258 (at fault) and Flycatcher 2144 (at fault) (3) £40-60 204. NO LOT

205. Russian icon, dated 1877, 7.5" x 5.5"; together with two replica examples (3) £30-50


206. 18ct and platinum solitaire oldcut diamond ring, 0.45ct approx, clarity SI1-2, colour J-K, 2.4gm, ring size O £200-300

207. Collection of assorted Chinese and Japanese porcelain including a blue and white side plate, 7" diameter; Cantonese saucers and side plates etc £30-50

208. Assorted interesting metalware to include bronze and brass vases, figures, ornaments etc £30-50

209. Limoges porcelain faux malachite trinket box in the form of an egg, 2.5"; German porcelain fairing 'The Wedding Night', 3.5" high; also a Burmese glass and silver plated circular table salt with a silver spoon £30-50

210. Late Victorian silver framed easel thermometer with an ivorine scale, Birmingham 1890, 6.25" high £40-80

211. Novelty silver baby's rattle modelled as a double-sided teddy bear, with mother of pearl handle and circular teething ring, maker Crisford & Norris Limited, Birmingham 1950, 6.25" long £50-80

212. Pair of George V silver reeded candlesticks, with Corinthian reeded columns and square stepped bases with gadrooned borders, maker H E & Co, Birmingham 1935, 12" high, 41oz t approx £350-450

213-230 NO LOT

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

WATCHES & RELATED ITEMS 231. 9ct Dennison lady's watch case with 9ct bracelet; together with four 9ct Dennison watch cases, 31.4gm (5) £250-350

232. Five 9ct wire-lug wristwatch cases, 15.1gm £120-160

233. Five 9ct ladies wristwatch cases, 19.6gm £150-200

234. Two 9ct ladies wristwatch cases with leather straps; together with four 9ct ladies bracelet watch cases with gold plated expanding bracelets, 59.7gm (6) £120-160

235. Two 9ct expanding watch bracelets; together with a further 9ct watch bracelet, leather watch strap with 9ct T-bar and clasp, two gold plated expanding watch bracelets, two clasps and two Tbars, 49.1gm (10) £170-220

236. Five 9ct ladies wristwatch cases, 16.6gm £130-160

237. 9ct Borgel wire-lug wristwatch case; together with four 9ct wristwatch cases, 31.1gm (5) £250-300

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238. Five gentlemen's bracelet watches to include two Adidas bracelet watches, Sekonda bracelet watch, ref. 3592 AKT and two Accurist Chronograph Alarm bracelet watches, ref. 434000 and 394395 £30-50

239. Citizen Chronograph Alarm 1/50 Second Timer bi-colour gentleman's bracelet watch, ref. 3530-351096, quartz, 39mm (requires attention); together with a Citizen Quartz Chronograph gentleman's wristwatch, ref. 0510-C50219 (not currently functioning, lacking strap) and a Casio wrist Camera including cable, software, box, instructions and papers (requires a new battery, untested) (3) £30-50 240. Sorna Chrono stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch, ref. 2607; together with three Cardinal Submarine stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair, Pierce Fab-Suisse Chronographe stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch for repair and an Interpol-Submarin stainless steel wristwatch for repair (6) £60-100

241. Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar wR100 gold plated gentleman's bracelet watch, ref. E870-S015286 (at fault, lacking glass); together with a Citizen Eco-Drive bicolour lady's bracelet watch (lacking case back), Citizen Quartz lady's gold plated and stainless steel wristwatch, Accurist gold plated gentleman's wristwatch, quartz and an Accurist stainless steel lady's bracelet watch, quartz (5) £20-40

242. Selection of gentlemen's wristwatches to include Services, Inventic, Sorna, Imado, Lagoon, Lucerna, Favre-Leuba, Santima, Blita (two lacking case backs); together with a selection of ladies mechanical and quartz wristwatches to include an Ingersoll Legion ball watch (two lacking case backs) (18) £30-50

243. Selection of gentlemen's wristwatches to include Ruhla, Ingersoll, Lucerne, Kered, Buren, Timex, Rotary (10) £60-100

244. Selection of mechanical and quartz wristwatches to include Timex (box), Rotary (box), Lorus Sports and a novelty 'Snoopy' wristwatch (8) £30-50

245. Gentleman's gold plated wristwatch with skeleton dial, ES 95 Semag AV 17 jewel unadjusted movement, exhibition case back (lacking strap); together with a Russian automatic gold plated gentleman's wristwatch with skeleton dial and exhibition case back (lacking crown and strap, at fault), Russian automatic gold plated gentleman's bracelet watch (lacking hands), Boccia T2 Titanium gentleman's wristwatch, quartz and a further quartz wristwatch (5) £30-50 246. Twelve gold plated and stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches to include Vertex Mappin, Majex, Timex, Lucerne, Starlon Executive, Silony Super-21, Ruhla, Dolax Datomatic, Excalibur £80-120

247. Thirteen gold plated and stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches to include Rotary, Rolland, Timex, Wagner, Ingersoll, Kienzle £80-120

248. Quantity of ladies wristwatches to include Ruhla, Nivada, Avia, Timex, Lucerne £50-80

249. Quantity of ladies wristwatches to include Newmark, Santima, Timex, Fortis, Sekonda £50-80

250. Collection of gentlemen's and ladies wristwatches to include mechanical and quartz examples (faults) £40-60

251. Assorted pocket and wristwatches; to include Avia, Stoddart and J.B Yabsley, also a pocket watch chain with coin charms, Goliath pocket in silver bound travel case, etc £50-80 252. Five gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Chalet, Original, Buler, Newmark, Services £30-50

253. Quantity of gold plated and stainless steel gentleman's wristwatches for repair to include Timex, Rotary and Sekonda (29) £50-80

254. Twenty gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Rone, Lanco, Hudon, Newmark, Kienzle, Mithras automatic £60-100 GARDINER HOuLGATE


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255. Twenty gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Swiss Emperor, Ingersoll, Avia, Medana, Lucerne, Bentima, Accurist, Mondaine £60-100 256. Twenty gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Westcox, Ingersoll, Lucerne £60-100 257. Selection of gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Lucerne, Services, Felca, Smiths Empire, Avia, Lonstar (16) £60-100

258. Ten gold plated and stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Lucerne, Exactima Calendar, Josmar Super, Montine, Oris, Waltham £60-100 259. Twenty gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Ruhla, Citron, Basis, Accurist, Felca, Avia, Ingersoll £60-100

260. Selection of gold plated and stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include eight Lucerne, Omnia Deluxe 21, Lanco-Matic, Everite, Leno De Luxe, Lucerne, Astral (15) £60-100

261. Selection of stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Solo, Kelton, Syra, Services, Kienzle, Medana, Smiths Empire, Ingersoll, Mortima Super De Luxe, Mentor, Sibel, Tissot (14) £60-100 12

262. Selection of stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Butex, Westclox, Eloga, Newmark, Services, Kelton, Eltic, Ingersoll, Otis, Buler (14) £60-100

263. Selection of stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Tegrov, Nelo, Services, Excalibur, Kered, Tempex, Ingersoll (15) £60-100

264. Selection of stainless steel gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Trident, Splendex, Larex, Services, Avalon, Cimier, Sekonda, Avia, Ingersoll, Rotary (14) £50-80 265. Selection of wristwatches for repair to include Victor, Expert, Globa, Ingersoll, Services, Timex, Sekonda (13) £50-80

266. Selection of gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Sekonda, Roma, Hudson, Basis, Centrex, Ingersoll, Regency, Rytima, Newmark, Timex, Montine (20) £60-100 267. Selection of gold plated gentlemen's wristwatches for repair to include Ingersoll, Rytima, Lucerne, Ling (20) £60-100

268. Quantity of principally stainless steel ladies wristwatches for repair to include Ingersoll, Timex, Sekonda etc £30-50

269. Quantity of principally stainless steel ladies wristwatches for repair £40-80

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

270. Quantity of principally gold plated ladies wristwatches for repair to include Montine, Ingersoll, Timex, Sekonda, Kelton £40-60

271. Quantity of gold plated ladies wristwatches for repair to include Sekonda, Talis, Lucerne, Timex, Delbana, Ingersoll £30-50

272. Quantity of gold plated and stainless steel ladies wristwatches for repair to include Sekonda, Ingersoll, Citron, Timex £30-50

273. Quantity of principally gold plated ladies wristwatches for repair to include Timex, Avia, Trafalgar, Montine, Saxon, Ingersoll £30-50

274. Quantity of gold plated ladies wristwatches for repair (some lacking dials) £30-50

275. Quantity of gold plated ladies wristwatches for repair to include Ingersoll, Timex, Services, Lucerne, Imado, Newmark £30-50

276. Quantity of ladies wristwatches for repair to include Oris, Timex, Seiko, Tissot, Lanco, MuDu, Wittnauer; together with two ring watches, an Invicta ball watch, three pendant watches and a Waldman pendant watch in the form of an instrument £60-80 277. Quantity of wristwatches for spares or repair £40-60

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278. Quantity of wristwatches for spares or repair £40-60 279. Quantity of wristwatches for spares or repair £40-60

280. Patek Philippe Collection 2009/10 catalogue, Cartier catalogue, Omega - The Collection catalogue, Longines, Jaeger LeCoultre and other booklets £20-40 281. Very large quantity of wristwatch cases, case backs, case seals £20-40

282. Assorted fob watch movements for repair to include fusee lever and lever examples (eight with dials) (21) £20-40

283. Quantity of lever pocket watch movements for repair to include Astral, H Samuel, Criterion, Buren, Record, M J Russell, H Stokes, Thos Russell, Mappin & Webb (lacking dials) £30-50

284. Twenty lever pocket watch movements with dials principally for repair to include Helvetia, Kendal & Dent, Thos Russell & Son, Invar, Buren, Ingersoll, Everite, Record, Alpine, H Samuel, Stayte, Pioneer, Limit £40-60

285. Quantity of lever pocket watch movements with dials principally for repair (16) £40-60

286. Ten lever pocket watch movements with dials for repair to include centre seconds chronograph movements; makers H. White, Charles J. Hill, Gibson Limited, Thos. Russell & Son, M.J. Russell, Rotherams £40-80 287. Ten fusee lever pocket watch movements with dials for repair to include three centre seconds chronograph movements and a twenty-four hour dial movement £60-80

288. Quantity of fusee lever pocket watch movements for repair £50-80 289-290 NO LOT

VINTAGE GRAMOPHONES, PARTS & RELATED ITEMS 291. Two 1920s Decca portable gramophones, both 'trench' models (2) £30-50

292. Edison Type A - two minute Phonograph, with original reproducer and recorder (lacking horn), circa 1900 £150-250 293. Columbia two minute Graphaphone (at fault) £40-60 294. NO LOT

295. 1920s HmV portable gramophone, in black leatherette case £30-50

296. 1930s HmV portable gramophone, in a brown leatherette case £30-50

297. HmV gramophone in an oak case, with brass horn, G+T 'exhibition' soundbox and gooseneck tone arm

*This is an interim model containing some parts of the original 'Dog' model, circa 1904/5 £200-300

298. Phonograph horns - three aluminium and one brass (4) £20-30 299. Phonograph horns - replica Edison 'Red Gem' and two painted brass examples (2) £30-40

300. Large brass phonograph horn, 42.5" long, 18" diameter £25-35

301. Large brass phonograph horn, 29.5" long, 15" diameter bell; also a large petal panelled 'Japanese red' horn, 31" long, 23" diameter (2) £25-35

302. Gramophone horns - two panelled 'Morning Glory' type examples; also a painted and brass example (3) £30-50

303. Large painted gramophone recording horn, 46" long, 21" diameter bell (at fault) £20-30

304. Edison cylinder records - forty various four minute blue amberol cylinder records (40) £20-30 GARDINER HOuLGATE


62021 Gardiner Houlgate A5 Vintage & General Catalogue.qxp_Layout 1 12/07/2018 08:10 Page 16

305. Edison cylinder records - thirty various Edison 28000 'Concert' series blue amberol cylinder records; also a full catalogue of Edison cylinders by Sidney H Carter £30-50 306. Edison cylinder records - fortyone various four minute blue amberol cylinder records (41) £20-40

307. Edison cylinder records - fortytwo various four minute, black and blue special amberol cylinder records (42) £20-40 308. Edison cylinder records - forty various four minute blue amberol cylinder records (40) £20-40

309. Edison cylinder records - forty mostly brass band four minute blue amberol cylinder records (40) £20-40 310. Edison cylinder records - forty various four minute blue amberol cylinder records (40) £20-40 311. NO LOT

312. Four PathÈ Grand Concert beeswax cylinders (4) £20-30

313. PathÈ 'Hillandale' soundbox, in original box £50-80

314. EmG gramophone soundbox, in original box £50-80 14

315. Sonat gramophone sound box, in original box; also an HMV 'Exhibition' gramophone sound box (2) £50-80 316. Edison Type A phonograph reproducer and recorder, circa 1900 (2) £60-80

317. Edison model R four minute reproducer; also an Edison Model N reproducer (2) £30-50

318. Edison model C two minute reproducer; also an Edison Model H four minute reproducer (2) £40-60

319. Edison model B reproducer; also a recorder (2) £40-60

320. Gramophone needles - 2000 medium and 1000 hard tone Songster branded needles, in original tins and packaging, unused (approximately) £15-30

321. Columbia Selector mahogany record cabinet, with forty-five push button selectors, circa 1910, 27" high, 18.5" wide, 15" deep; including a quantity of varied records £40-60

322. R.G.D late 1940s Radiogram cabinet, walnut veneered, 31" high, 34.5" wide, 16.5" deep £20-30

323. Standlens TV magnifier lens, for 10" television screens, on adjustable stand, 37" high, screen 17" x 13" £30-50

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

324. Early 20th Century PathÈ's disc 'Hillandale' centre start records, black label examples in three sizes: 8.5", 10" and 11" various (22) £20-30

325. Six Rare 'world Records' Patent long play system records, late 1920s/early 1930s examples, size 12" (requires special controller driven from turntable rim) £20-40

326. HmV single-sided 12" operatic records, including Enrico Caruso amongst others; yellow, lemon and pink label examples (8) £20-30

327. HmV single-sided 12" operatic records, Enrico Caruso (red and yellow labels) and Kirkby Lunn (pink label) etc (9) £20-30

328. HmV single and double-sided 10" record discs, of operatic artists including Alma Gluck and others (24) £15-20

329. HmV single-sided 12" record discs, featuring operatic artists Adelina Patti (dated 1905), Amelita Galli-curci, Melba and others (9) £20-30

330. HmV single-sided 12" record discs, comprising operatic examples including Caruso, Chaliapin etc (13) £20-40

330A. HmV single-sided 12" record discs, comprising operatic examples including Amelita GalliCurci, Alma Gluck and others (16) £25-35

62021 Gardiner Houlgate A5 Vintage & General Catalogue.qxp_Layout 1 12/07/2018 08:10 Page 17

330B. HmV single-sided 12" record discs, comprising operatic examples including Luisa Tetrazzini, Tito Ruffi, John McCormack and others (16) £20-30


331. After The Antique, Portrait of william Pitt, inscribed, relief oval portrait in bone or ivory, 2.5" x 2"; together with three further pictures, two photographs and a watercolour of a young boy, various sizes, all contained within ivory frames, also a relief portrait of a young lady, circa 1820, and an Art Deco watercolour of a lady at a mirror (6) £100-150 332. **Tassie (18th/19th century) John Home, David Hume and William Robertson, portraits in relief, two bearing the dates, 1791 possibly plaster, each approximately 3.5" x 2.5" (3) **Contained within gilt metal frames £80-120

333. After wilhelm von Kaulbach (19th/20th century) - portrait of a young girl, half length wearing Continental dress and head scarf, inscribed on a label verso, '** *** Kaulbach No 47', painting on porcelain, 6.75" x 5" oval; together with a smaller example of the same picture and two others of women, various sizes (4) £200-300

334. After Jean Honore Fragonard (20th century) - Portrait miniature of Madame Lenoirmont D'Etoiles Marquise de Pompadour, wearing a cream dress and a garland of flowers, bearing the initials J.H.F and the date 1764, watercolour possibly over a partially printed base, oval, 3.25" x 2.5" **Contained within an imitation tortoiseshell frame £40-80

335. Continental School (20th century) - Portrait miniature of a lady, half length, wearing a cream lace negligee, her right shoulder resting against a chaise longue, also a companion, portrait miniature of a lady, half length, wearing a cream dress, blue cloak and ostrich feather hat, oval, watercolour over a partially printed base, each 2.5" x 2" (a pair) £40-60 336. Indian School (19th/20th century) - 'Taj Mahal, Four Views', inscribed, also bearing a further inscription 'Ours: Is a Monument that Speaks' with the original cost price of £55 in 1974, watercolour on ivory, oval, a set of four all contained within a gilt mount and frame, each 1.75" x 2.25", overall size including the frame, 8.25" x 9.25" £150-250 337. John Tennent (1926-1995) 'Coven of Darters, Zambezi', signed and dated 1973, also inscribed on an old label verso, watercolour, 10.75" x 15" £50-80

338. Attributed to Henry Alken Jnr (1810-1894) - huntsmen on horseback with hounds nearby, also a companion, the hunt with hounds in a landscape, pencil and watercolour each, 8.25" x 10.25" (a pair) £60-100

339. Tony Forrest (20th/21st century) - male lion and a companion, a lioness, both signed, also inscribed on labels verso, oil on board, each 4.25" x 6.25" (a pair) **Provenance, The Halcyon Gallery, Birmingham, also at Selfridges in London, stock numbers, 59294 and 59638 £40-60

340. Tony Forrest (20th/21st century) - cheetah and a companion, a leopard, both signed, also inscribed on labels verso, oil on board, each 4.25" x 6.25" (a pair) **Provenance, The Halcyon Gallery, Birmingham, also at Selfridges in London, stock numbers, 59226 and 59639 £40-60 341. Japanese School (20th century) a figure fishing from a wooden pier, a thatched house nearby and mountains beyond, watercolour, a vignette, oval, 16" x 20.5"; within a lacquered frame £20-40

342. moghul School (19th century) set of four studies of Indian gentlemen in various pursuits, gouache, each 5" x 2.75" approx, within matching frames £40-80



62021 Gardiner Houlgate A5 Vintage & General Catalogue.qxp_Layout 1 12/07/2018 08:10 Page 18

343. After Eric Richard 'Dick' Sturgeon (1920-2001) - 'Idle Moments' and 'Evening Lullaby' Gypsy Scenes, signed artist's proofs, also bearing the blind stamp for the Fine Art Trade Guild, published by the Curry Rivel Gallery In '1987, coloured reproductions, each 13.5" x 18.75" (a pair) £60-100

344. After Bryan Reed (b.1934) 'Barn Owl, juvenile' also 'Tawny Owl, juveniles' and 'Tawny Owl', signed artist's proofs, also bearing the blind stamp for the Fine Art Trade Guild, each numbered, 62/500, 262/500 and 220/500 respectively,22.5" x 16.75", 17.25" x 21.75" and 22.25" x 16.5" (faded) (3) £40-80 345. After Ronald Searle (1920-2011) - 'The Annual Non-arrival of the English Grape Ceremony" also 'France: Annual Festival of Welcome to Italian Wines' and 'South Africa: Colourful ceremony of Offering Limited Recognition to the Black Grape' inscribed with the titles and the copyright to Ronald Searle 1985, coloured reproductions, each 20.5" x 13.5" (3) £40-80 346. Possibly by Tae Hildyad - 'The Cocktail Party and 'The Dinner Party', animals dressed in clothing, indistinctly signed, signed artist's proofs, numbered 3/8 and 4/8 respectively, each 23.75" x 20.75" (a pair) £80-120


347. After Sir william Russell Flint, PRA.,PRwS.,RSw.,ROI.,RI., (1880-1969) - 'Esperanza' signed artist's proof, bearing the Fine Art Trade blind stamp, also inscribed on an old label verso, from an edition of 660, coloured reproduction, 17.25" x 22.75"

**Provenance, with J.Davey & Sons, 44 Duke Street, Liverpool, and Deansgate, Manchester, no. 3419A £50-80

348. Itzchak Tarkay (1935-2012) 'After The Party II', signed artists proof, limited edition no 7/350, a giclee coloured print, unframed, 31.5" x 40"; together with a smaller print by the same artist entitled 'Reminiscing' number 28/350 (2) £40-80

349. Scarlett Chou (21st century) 'Passion', signed artists proof, limited edition no 318/320 with official blind stamp, coloured print, 27" x 21.25"; sold together with a certificate of authenticity from Princess Cruises Fine Arts and signed Mark Bronson, also dated 'June 7th 2003; together with two further examples by the same artist entitled 'Batik' and 'Butterfly #2 - Double Happiness', all with certificates of authenticity, various sizes (3) **The artist is from Taiwan sand fuses Eastern culture with fantasy art, she now lives in Southern California £50-80

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

350. Susan Patricia (20th century) 'Holiday', signed artists proof, limited edition no 364/395, a serigraph coloured print, 26.25" x 32"; sold with a certificate of authenticity from Princess Cruises Fine Arts and signed Mark Bronson, also dated June 7th 2003 **The artist was born in Los Angeles, California and also works in Hawaii, she has exhibited her artwork worldwide and has been commissioned by major international companies including Hawaiian Airlines, Architectural Digest Hyatt Regency Hotels and others £40-80 351. Large Victorian gilt plaster picture frame, decorated with foliate scrolls and motifs, rebate size, 30" x 25" £30-50

352. After John Vine - two decorartive pictures of pigs, both contained within contemporary gilt plaster and wooden frames, elaborately decorated with acanthus leaf corners and foliate scrolls, recent, each 7" x 9" (a pair) £40-80

353. After John Frederick Herring Snr (19th century) - 'Pharaoh's quarters, oil on canvas, tondo, unframed, 28" x 27.5" (at fault) £250-300

354. Olive Snell (20th century) Interior scene with a lady reclining beside a fireplace, signed and dated 1935, oil on canvas, 24" x 20" £40-60

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355. Charles Edward Brittan jnr. (b 1870) - Dartmoor Tor, with cattle grazing in a valley nearby, signed, watercolour heightened with gouache, 7.75" x 15.5" £60-80 356. Sir Frank Brangwyn R.A. R.w.S. R.B.A. (1867-1956) - 'Building of South Kensington Museum', signed artist proof also inscribed with the title, possibly in the artist's own hand, black and white etching, unframed, 6.75" x 5" (pl) £40-60

357. A* L* Peinidell (19th/20th century) - Portrait of a girl wearing a blue dress, a shawl and yellow head scarf, signed, oil on canvas, 23.5" x 13.25"

**Provenance: with E. Stacy-Marks Ltd, Art Dealers, 120-122 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, 6th December 1982, also in the collection of Professor K.M Entwhistle, of Prestbury, Cheshire £40-80 358. John Adnum (20th century) Ship building scene with workers in the foreground, other figures working on the vessels nearby, signed and dated October '59 (1959), pencil and watercolour, 13.5" x 20" £40-80 359. Terence michael Ffyffe (b.1957) - 'The Model', blue nude, signed and inscribed verso, also dated '98, oil on canvas, 36" x 30"

**Provenance: The Lamont Gallery, 67 Roman Road, London, E2 0QN, sold together with the original receipt and various exhibition catalogues and other literature, the original cost price in 1999 being £1,850

**The artist was born in Australia but has resided in England for many years, he came to prominence in 1991 at the International Contemporary Art fair and was recognised by the art critics Dan Farson and Edward Lucie-Smith, the artist has won numerous competitions and has been shown in numerous exhibitions £150-200

360. Giovanni marano (b.1955) 'None una Donna', female nude, signed, gouache and silver paint on tinted paper, 39" x 27.5"

**Sold together with a poster advertising the artist's exhibition in Trapani, Italy £100-150

361. madagascan School (20th/21st century) - Young boy holding an orange, signed with initials B.J.R., oil on canvas, 20" x 14.5" £30-50

362. After John Gould & H.C. Richter - 'Pectoral Sandpiper', inscribed, coloured lithograph, 13" x 17.5", contained within a veneered maple wooden frame; together with a black and white lithograph after J.C. Bourne, showing the building retaining wall and near Park Street, Camden Town, London, dated September 17th 1838, also a later map of Cumberland with an inner vignette of Carlisle, various sizes (3) £30-40

363. E. Goodall after J.m.w. Turner R.A. - 'Scene at Colgong on The Ganges', inscribed, black and white engraving, 6.25" x 8.75" (a bookplate); together with further prints and reproductions, The Midland Railway Station - St. Pancras, other views of St. Pancras Station and Hotel, the Railway Station at Peterborough, The South Eastern Railway Station, London Bridge, an old hand coloured etching of Badminton in the County of Gloucester, further prints of Longleat, Ragley in Warwickshire, other views in Warwickshire and Somerset, all book plates, various sizes (a collection) £30-50 364. Possibly by Henry malcolm Horsley (indistinctly signed) Figures in a street by terraced house, indistinctly signed, oil, 25" x 20"; also a small framed watercolour titled 'Tweed at Abbotsford' on a label verso and a print (3) £40-80

365. Arthur wilde Parsons (18471920) - River landscape with figures in a water meadow, a windmill and cottages nearby, signed and dated '95 (1895), pencil and watercolour, 15" x 22.75" £80-120

366. English School (19th century) River landscape with figures on a barge, possibly a scene on the Arun, Sussex with Arundel Castle in the distance, bearing the name Henry Birtles, R. A. on the mount, pencil and watercolour, 9" x 12.25" £50-80



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367. Janet mcCall A.R.C.A (20th century) - 'Two's Company, Three's a Crowd', three field mice in a cornfield, signed etching, also inscribed on a label verso with title and artist's address in Redland, Bristol, black and white etching, 3.75" x 7.25"; together with a print after Louis Wain, two cricket prints, and a later print of Chepstow after Buck, various sizes (5) £30-50

368. After myles Birket Foster (19th century) - 'Girl Feeding Geese', bears a false monogram, also bearing a later inscription verso, pencil and water colour, 6.25" x 9.25" £50-80

369. English School (19th century) Figures outside a village inn, with a farmer and horses watering beside an oak tree, pencil and watercolour, 11.75" x 9.5" £40-80 370. w* Fowler (19th century) Figures with horses and cart outside a thatched cottage, indistinctly inscribed and signed and possibly dated 1850, pencil and watercolour heightened with white, 9.5" x 13" £40-60

371. H*C* Babington (20th century) 'Teddies Picnic', signed, also inscribed on the mount, watercolour & gouache, 10" x 15" £30-40

372. H*E* Stanley (19th century) Winter landscape with figures driving sheep and cattle along village street, with thatched cottages and barns nearby, signed and dated '76 (1876), pencil and watercolour, 7.75" x 14.5" £30-50 18

373. Victor Jean-Baptiste Barthelemy Binet (1849-1924) - Summer trees beside a pond, signed, also inscribed on a later label verso, oil on panel, 7.5" x 5.75" £60-100

374. william (Bill) Arkle (1924-2000) 'Ship of The Soul', signed and inscribed with the artist symbol, also inscribed with the title verso and numbered 6, oil on board, 20" x 24" *Provenance, with The Patricia Wells Gallery Morton House, Lower Morton, Thornbury, Bristol, BS12 1RA, Spring Exhibition May 1992 catalogue no. 4, £80-120

375. Anthony J. Hollingsworth (20th/21st century) - Study of a golden eagle perched on the branch of a pine tree, signed, watercolour and gouache, 18.75" x 13.75" £20-40

376. Etty Horton - River landscapes with sheep and cattle beside a bridge, both signed, oils on canvas, each 15" x 20" (2) £100-200 377-382 NO LOT

383. After Norman wilkinson - Steam yacht with other shipping off a coastline, coloured reproduction, 8" x 11.75"; together with various assorted prints including painted-over photograph (stained by Beken & Son), Cowes, Isle of Wight; a further two prints entitled 'The Yokel', and 'The Hunstman', after Cecil Aldin, various sizes (5) £20-30

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

384. E*m* Read after George Armfield, (19th/20th century) Terriers ratting in a barn, signed, also indistinctly inscribed, oil on canvas, 6" x 8"; together with a small unframed oil painting after Sir Edwin Landseer depicting two King Charles Spaniels beside a hat, W.H. Cary, inscribed age thirteen, dated 1877, oil on board, unframed, 8" x 10" (2) £40-80 385. H* Foster after Charles Dixon (20th century) - Busy river scene with barges and other shipping, signed and dated '17 (1917), pencil and watercolour heightened with white, 9.5" x 21.5"; together with four further pictures including a pair of watercolours of fishing boats in a calm, signed G.M. Stephens, dated 1918; another unsigned watercolour of Dhows on a river, and lastly a watercolour initialled SPS depicting figures by a frozen river gathering sticks and signed with the artist's initials, also inscribed 'Happy New Year', with a further extensive inscription verso, various sizes (5) £30-50 386. Arthur Stanford (20th century) Mountainous lake scene, signed, oil on canvas, 15" x 20"; also an indistinctly signed watercolour of a lake scene with mountains in the distance, 9.5" x 15.75" (2) £40-60

387. Barry Hilton (20th /21st century) - Harbour scene by moonlight with old vessels anchored beside houses, signed, oil on canvas, 12" x 16" £50-80

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388. Follower of Louis Haghe (19th century) - Regency street scene with figures in a procession, a coloured stone lithograph printed on paper and laid linen, 21" x 37.5" (faded) £15-30

389. Hillary Adair (20th/21st century) - 'Back Yard' in Athens', a signed artist proof limited edition 5/75, also dated '84 (1984), a coloured print,18.75" x 23.5"; together with a pastel drawing of a cat, indistinctly signed, possibly G.G. Gascoyne-Thomson, another drawing of a child by William Redgrave and various prints after David Roberts, Thomas Robins and others, various sizes (a collection) £30-50

390. J. Blaeu 'Comitatus Salopiensis Anglice Shropshire', an antique county map of Shropshire, inscribed within an elaborately engraved cartouche, also inscribed on a later label verso, hand coloured map, 14.5" x 19.25"; together with two further maps depicting North Africa and South Africa and a further map of Palestine, various sizes (3) £40-60 391. w* Omgley (19t /20th century) Cattle in a river landscape, signed and dated 1887, oil on canvas, 22" x 18" (at fault) £40-60

392. walter E. Ellis (19th/20th century) - Fishing boats off a coastline with figures amongst rocks in the foreground, signed, pencil and watercolour, 6" x 11"; together with various other watercolours by or after H. * Markes, J.W. Adcock, L. Todd, and others, various sizes (10) £30-40

393. Vincent Selby (20th/21st century) - Figures and a dog beside a wooden barn, also a companion, a landscape with sheep grazing beside trees with a thatched cottage in the distance, both signed, also inscribed with the artist's name on a plaque attached to the frame, oil on board, each 5.5" x 7.5" (pair) **Provenance, with The National Fine Art Company (fine art dealers) 2a, Lytham Road, Southport, PR9 9TX, each with a certificate of guarantee £100-120

394. D**Burroughes (20th/21st century) - Study of a perched bird, sleeping, signed, pen, ink and watercolour heightened with white on tinted paper, 11" x 9" £30-50 395-400 NO LOT

TEXTILES & CARPETS 401. Curtains - pair of heavy, fully lined curtains in navy, beige stripe and embossed Fleur de Lys pattern, with pleated tops and heading tape, width 60", drop of 55", together with two pleated pelmet covers £30-50

402. Curtains - pair of heavy, embossed velvet curtains in dark rose and gold damask, with tasselled fringe edging, width 80", drop 140" approx, with pleated heading, together with matching swag and tails material, also a pair of corded tasseled tie backs £80-120

403. Bokhara type rug, on a green ground with three gul runs to the centre, 72" x 52" approx £60-100

404. Bokhara type rug, on a purple ground, with four gul runs to the centre, 72" x 48" approx £60-100

405. Persian rug worked with stylised flowers and motifs on a blue and red ground, 80" x 50" approx; together with two other Persian rugs (3) £60-100

406. Anatolian handmade runner, 110" x 23" approx £60-80

407. Antique Persian Bakhtiari rug, 88" x 58" approx £80-120

408. Antique Persian Qashqai rug, 90" x 70" approx £80-120

409. Antique Persian Heriz runner, 130" x 36" approx £80-120

410. Antique Persian Kirman runner, 150" x 36" approx £50-80

411. Antique Persian Ziegler mahal rug, 84" x 50" approx £60-80

412. Fine Persian Kashan carpet, 11.5' x 8' approx £120-180

413. Persian Lilian rug, 82" x 60" approx £60-80 GARDINER HOuLGATE


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414. Antique Persian Behbahan rug, 80" x 50" approx £80-120

415. Antique Persian Farahan rug, 80" x 50" approx £80-120 416. Fine Bidjar runner, 80" x 33" approx £50-80

417. Antique Persian Tabriz carpet, 122" x 76" approx £60-80

418. Persian malayer rug, 76" x 52" approx £50-80

419. Silk sarook Kashan rug, 74" x 46" £50-80 420. NO LOT

FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS 421. Pair of decorative Rococo grey painted girandole mirrors, the shaped plates within scrolling carved shield frames with single sconces and gilded highlights, 17.5" high £30-50 422. Two similar modern tall wall mirrors, within gilt frames, the tallest 50" high £20-40 423. Pair of giltwood oval mirrors, 12.5" high £20-40


424. 19th century painted rectangular wall mirror, decorated with ovals within a reeded frame, 22" x 35" £20-40

425. Edwardian mahogany inlaid two tier square plant stand, 11.25" square, 36" high £25-45

426. Late 17th century and later oak chest of three long graduated panelled drawers, 30" high, 28.5" wide, 21.25" deep £120-180

427. Two similar 19th century upholstered foot stools, each with cabriole splayed legs; also a Victorian circular foot stool (3) £40-80

428. 19th century Flemish style oak hanging corner wall shelf, with a carved mask over a carved arched frieze, 23" wide, 31.5" high £20-40

429. Oval moulded top mahogany occasional table upon turned legs, 31.5" x 20.5"; together with a window seat with an inset woolwork cushion depicting birds on a green ground, 37" wide (2) £20-40

430. Pair of mahogany bar back chairs with woolwork drop-in seats; together with a walnut two tier bedside table, mahogany tripod table and a cane seat stool (5) £30-50 431. NO LOT

432. Oak occasional table with square tapering legs, 41.5" x 30" £10-20

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

433. Burr walnut oval occasional side table upon a folding turned stand, bearing maker's label 'Robertson & Coleman, Norwich', 27" x 20.25", 24" high £20-40

434. 1960s circular teak glass top coffee table, probably G Plan, 33" diameter, 18" high £20-40

435. NO LOT

436. Victorian mahogany small circular dining table, upon an octagonal tapering column to the triform base with triple paw carved feet, 28" high, 41" diameter £40-80

437. 19th century oak dresser base, the rectangular top over two frieze drawers and shaped apron upon turned supports united by an undertier, 54" wide, 32" high £150-250

438. George III mahogany bureau, the fall front opening to reveal eight pigeonholes over a central long and four short drawers over four long graduated drawers supported upon shaped bracket feet, 40.5" high, 40" wide, 21" deep £100-150 439. Pair of Herman miller Eames aluminium upholstered swivel office chairs, no. 938-138 (2) £60-100

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440. white painted 19th century oval tilt top loo table, the reeded top upon a barrel turned column with triple reeded downswept supports terminating with castors, 54" x 38", 27" high £20-40 441. Arts & Crafts style oak fireside box, the sloping front with applied iron brackets enclosing a metal lined interior, 25" wide, 16.5" high £30-50

442. 19th century brass studded trunk with side carrying handles, 29.75" wide, 17" high £40-80

443. Set of six 19th century elm dining chairs, the vertical pierced splats surmounted by Classical urns, with brass studded leather stuffover seats upon square fluted legs (6) £100-200 444. Small 19th century mahogany oval Pembroke table, fitted with a single drawer and supported upon square tapering legs, 23" wide, 27" high £150-250

445. Victorian figured walnut circular dining table, supported upon an octagonal baluster column and circular plateau with triple carved paw feet, 28" high, 48" diameter £100-150

446. Small early 18th century oak panelled coffer, the hinged lid opening to reveal a candle box, the front inlaid with two lozenges and upon stile supports, 25" high, 37" wide, 21" deep £50-80

447. Victorian mahogany tapestry fire screen worked with stylised foliage to one side and geometric foliate decoration to the other, upon four curving cheval supports, 37" high, 20.75" wide; also a Victorian mahogany gout stool, Edwardian inlaid planter, 19th century torchere, a long foot stool upon cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 41" wide overall, and a circular coffee table (6) £60-100 448. Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table, 24" wide; together with a circular occasional tripod table with a glass inset embroidered top (2) £25-45 449. Edwardian mahogany cross banded and satinwood inlaid kneehole desk, the single long drawer over six short drawers around a kneehole cupboard, 30" high, 36" wide, 18" deep £50-100

450. Edwardian walnut music chest of drawers, with a bank of six drawers with drop fronts upon cabriole legs, 21" wide, 34" high, 15" deep £50-80 451. Good replica bergere library chair in the Regency manner, 24" wide, 36" high £60-100

452. Edwardian mahogany square inlaid revolving bookcase, the top with satinwood banding over open shelves with vertical slats, 20" wide, 34.25" high £100-150

453. 1930s leather tan upholstered armchair with bun feet, 24" wide, 37" high £40-80

454. Georgian mahogany Pembroke table, with a single frieze drawer upon slender square tapering legs upon brass castors, 29" wide, 28" high £50-80

455. Early 20th century six drawer music chest, each with drop fronts upon cabriole legs, 21" wide, 15" deep, 34" high £30-50

456. Georgian mahogany tilt-top breakfast table, the crossbanded top inlaid with boxwood lines and supported upon a turned column and four curving legs terminating in brass paw feet and castors, 29" high, 49.5" wide, 39" deep £80-120

457. Good Georgian mahogany foldover gate leg table, fitted with a single drawer and supported upon circular tapering legs terminating in pad feet, 29.5" wide £150-250 458. Small walnut bowfront chest of drawers in the Regency manner, the crossbanded quarter veneer top over four graduated drawers on bracket feet, 24" wide, 26.5" high, 16" deep £80-120

459. Georgian square mahogany washstand, with a single cupboard over a drawer upon slender square tapering legs,11.5" wide, 32" high (at fault) £20-40



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460. mahogany inlaid kneehole dressing table/desk, with a central drawer flanked by cupboards upon square tapering legs, 48" wide, 29" high, 23.5" deep £30-50

461. Edwardian Sutherland table with centre turned supports; together with two Edwardian square inlaid two tier occasional tables and a dressing table mirror (4) £50-80

462. 19th century mahogany square night commode, the galleried top over a single inlaid cupboard and pull-out commode drawer upon square supports, 18" wide, 30" high £60-100 463. Antique oak credenza hall table, the angled top with foliate carved frieze over a single drawer supported upon four ring turned circular tapering legs united by an undertier raised upon four baluster shaped feet, 31" high, 36" wide, 15.5" deep £120-180

464. Edwardian walnut bijouterie display cabinet/table, the hinged rectangular shaped top inset with a bevelled glazed panel upon slender cabriole legs united by a small undertier, 23" x 17", 30" high £60-100 465. Louis XVI style walnut and kingwood cylinder bureau de dame, with two short drawers over a fitted interior and two frieze drawers upon slender cabriole legs with applied cast foliate mounts, 33" wide, 50.5" high, 20.5" deep £200-300


466. Pair of Kensington Standard leather fireside chairs by Sherborne, with antique green leather upholstery upon dark beech cabriole legs, 43" high, 31" wide (2) £200-400

467. Regency mahogany Pembroke small centre table, the top fitted with two hinged side flaps supported by lopers, over two drawers and two dummy drawers, supported upon circular turned tapering legs terminating in brass caps and castors, 30" high, 36" wide (extended), 15" deep £300-500

468. Rococo style French gilt and carved wood tri-fold draught screen, with inset bevelled glazed panels over fabric inserts, 70" high £100-150

469. mahogany double foldover demi lune tea table in the Georgian manner, with a baize lined interior over the plain frieze and upon tapering legs terminating with pad feet, 24" wide, 30.5" high £60-100

470. Edwardian mahogany inlaid lady's bureau bookcase, the raised back with an astragal glazed door enclosing shelves, over the fall front inlaid with a conch shell, three graduated drawers and short cabriole feet, 24" wide, 81" high approx £150-250

BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

471. Victorian rosewood framed spoon back lady's salon chair, the carved foliate frame with green button-back velvet upholstery, serpentine seat and cabriole front legs, 23" wide, 36" high £40-80

472. Victorian mahogany occasional side table, the rectangular inlaid top with a single frieze drawer upon a tapered octagonal column and quatrefoil plateau, 22" x 17", 28.5" high £60-100

473. Replica double ended chaise longue in the Victorian style, with carved frame and buttonback green diaper pattern upholstery, supported upon cabriole legs, 80" wide (max), 34" deep (max), 35" high (max) £100-150

474. Circular two tier occasional table, 25.75" diameter £5-15

475. Green leather upholstered office armchair, with oak square canted supports, 25" wide; together with a further pair of armchairs and a single armchair (4) £30-50

476. Attractive three seater sofa, pale gold damask upholstery, upon hexagonal tapered legs, 80" wide, 34" high, 34" deep £300-500

477. Good large Victorian mahogany glazed library bookcase, the scratch carved cornice over four glazed panelled doors enclosing shelves upon a plinth base, 78" high, 76" wide **With a purchase receipt for £3200 dated 1998 £300-500

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478. Victorian mahogany window seat, the moulded top upon pierced fret scroll end supports, 53" wide, 17" high, 15" deep (converted) £30-50

479. Good Liberty style library table (circa 1900-1910), the gilt brown tooled leather top with moulded edge over three drawers to either side, supported upon square tapering legs to the shaped foot, 30.5" high, 72" wide, 48" deep £200-400

480. Victorian rosewood octagonal work table, the hinged top enclosing a maple interior upon triple barley twist supports upon a trefoil base, 17" wide, 29" high £40-80 481. mahogany circular three tier folding cakestand, 35" high £10-20

482. Good quality replica mahogany D end twin pedestal dining table, with two extra leaves, together with a set of six dining chairs in the Hepplewhite style £80-150 483. Victorian mahogany two tier stretcher table, the rectangular moulded top upon S-scroll supports and undertier with applied roundel mouldings, vase shaped supports united by a turned stretcher, 38" x 21" approx, 31" high £150-250

484. Edwardian walnut dressing chest, the two short drawers over two further short drawers and three graduated long drawers upon a plinth base, 38.5" wide (lacking mirror) £30-50

485. Georgian walnut reverse breakfront sideboard, the feather banded top over two short drawers flanked by cupboards, supported upon six turned legs united by a wavy stretcher, 39" high, 54" wide, 25" deep £120-180 486. miniature/apprentice 19th century flame mahogany chest of drawers, the moulded top over two short and three long drawers, 17" wide, 18.25" high, 10.5" deep (at fault) £50-80

487. Georgian mahogany bowfront toilet mirror, upon baluster turned cheval supports over the base fitted with one long and two short ebony banded drawers, 21" wide £30-50

488. Georgian style mahogany drop leaf table with cabriole legs upon ball and claw feet, 30" wide £20-40

489. 19th century mahogany side table, inlaid with boxwood lines, fitted with a single frieze drawer and supported upon square tapering legs, 29" high, 48" wide, 20" deep £60-100

490. 19th century mahogany chest of drawers, with two short over three graduated long drawers upon short turned feet, 36" wide, 38.5" high, 19" deep £80-120

491. Set of four Arkana 115 dining chairs, the white fibreglass tulip type chairs upon white painted cast aluminium four prong bases, 31" high, seat 16" high (missing original seat pads) (4) £50-100

492. Edwardian mahogany inlaid mirror door robe, the oval inset plate over a single drawer, 42" wide, 74.5" high, 16.5" deep; together with a matching mirror back dressing chest, 36" wide (2) £50-80

493. Arts & Crafts style pitch pine bureau, the raised shelved back over a vertical fall front carved with roundels, over two short and two long drawers also carved with roundels and other devices, 61" high, 39.25" wide, 20" deep £80-120

494. Victorian white painted pine chest of drawers, 42" wide, 22" deep, 40.5" high £40-80

495. 19th century mahogany bow fronted corner cabinet, the two panelled doors opening to reveal a shelved interior, 45" high, 26" wide, 18" deep £60-100

496. Globe wernicke five section mahogany glazed bookcase, bearing label, 34" wide £150-200

497. walker & Hall 1930s oak canteen side table, with two moulded baize lined drawers upon barley twist supports united by stretchers, bearing trade label to the drawer, 26.75" wide, 30" high, 18.75" deep £40-80

498. mahogany octagonal inlaid two tier occasional table, 22" wide, 23.5" high £40-80



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499. 18th century style oak two tier Delft wall rack, 37" wide; together with two other smaller wall shelves (3) £30-60

500. Dutch 'worxx' by mibra - height adjustable desk, 72" wide, 31.5 deep; together with an associated three drawer locking filing cabinet (2) £200-400 501. Contemporary chrome framed three part hinged folding mirrored screen, 71.5" high, 48" wide £50-80

502. Contemporary Chinese hardwood sideboard, with three drawers over four panelled cupboards with traditional applied brass mounts, 60" wide, 33" high, depth 19" £20-40 503. Chinese hardwood low occasional/opium table, the rectangular top upon square supports, 48" x 20", 16" high £20-40

504. 19th century mahogany Pembroke table, with a single frieze drawer upon slender square tapering legs terminating on castors, 41.5" wide extended, 32" deep, 29" high £40-60

505. George III mahogany bureau, the fall-front with a brass hinged escutcheon and inlaid with boxwood banding, enclosing a fitted interior of drawers and pigeonholes with a central cupboard, over four graduated long drawers upon bracket feet, 42" wide, 43" high, 21" deep £40-80 506. NO LOT

507. Large twin pedestal desk, with a red leather writing surface to the top, 67" wide, 30" high; together with a planished brass fire curb and an open bookcase (3) £30-50

508. Victorian walnut loo pedestal table, the oval canted top supported upon a turned column and four foliate carved curving legs with scrolling feet and castors, 29.5" high, 53" wide, 41" deep £80-140



BP* - Buyer's Premium of 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

509. Decorative green velvet upholstered scallop back armchair upon front turned supports, 31" wide, 40" high £50-80

510. Large modern wall clock in the form of an oval French pocket watch, 54" x 32" approx £20-40

511. Stripped pine narrow wall cabinet, 18.75" x 31.5"; together with a folding metal artist's easel (2) £10-20

512. Late 19th/early 20th century mahogany and satinwood banded bureau, the fall front inlaid centrally with a Classical urn and opening to reveal an arrangement of pigeonholes and drawers, over four long graduated drawers supported upon bracket feet, 43" high, 37" wide, 23" deep £120-180

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Chippenham A46 From



Cross Keys



A4 Hare & Hounds From


On the A4 from Bath or Chippenham turn off at the mini roundabout by the Hare & Hounds Pub towards Corsham town centre, turn immediately right at the next mini roundabout into Valley Road. After one mile cross narrow railway bridge and round right angle bend. Turn left after 600 yards into Leafield Industrial Estate. Go straight through the estate and take the last turning on the right before meeting the public road again, just past Leafield Environmental and opposite Corsham Print. The Bath Auction Rooms are at the end of the road facing you. Total time from Junction 17 - 10-15 minutes




PM Mendes

Leafield Industrial Estate Leafield Environmental

Corsham Print


Total time from central Bath - 15 minutes

Gardiner Houlgate, 9 Leafield way, Corsham, Nr Bath SN13 9Sw Telephone: 01225 812912 Fax: 01225 811777

Email: auctions@gardinerhoulgate.co.uk www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk

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Telephone 01225 812912 email auctions@gardinerhoulgate.co.uk www.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk

9 Leafield Way, Corsham, Nr Bath, SN13 9SW

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The Vintage & General Sale - 19th July 2018  

The Vintage & General Sale - 19th July 2018