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Gardening Right for your employees. Right for you.

S taying A ctive , C onnected ,


E ngaged

Gardening empowers us to be more active, connected, and engaged in life - key ingredients for living

healthier, more fulfilling and longer lives!

Staying active — walking, watering, pruning, cleaning tools and getting moderate regular exercise — helps with both our physical and mental wellbeing. Gardening is an excellent way for aging bodies to get a moderate-intensity aerobic workout, shed calories, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and stay flexible. Staying connected with friends, family, and community is critical to remaining healthy, vital, and active. There is no better activity to support these

programmes often involve contributing

season garden clubs. These groups

interactions than gardening. Connecting

to the local community and many

involve participants in a wide array of

with friends and family and sharing our

nonprofits, boards, groups and places

activities related to plants, gardening,

time, wisdom, and experience helps us

of worship would be unable to function

nature and the outdoor environment.

maintain a sense of purpose, gets us out

without the time and dedication of older

of the house, and keeps us engaged,


Club members meet weekly or twice a

focused, and learning.

month. There is also a monthly garden or

The GardenWell social, recreational and

nature-related outing. Read on to find out

Staying engaged benefits you and

therapeutic gardening programme offers

more about active gardening and what

the community at large. Gardening

you the opportunity to participate in four-

GardenWell can offer you.

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Staying Active, Connected, and Engaged with Gardening The GardenWell Programme for Active Retired About Sinead Drew and GardenWell - Brief bio and mission. How GardenWell can help - Gardening and horticulture activities and programmes.

“Kind hearts are the garden, kind thoughts are the root, kind words are the blossoms, kind deeds are the fruit ” - John Ruskin

B enefits of G ardening Gardening is a wonderfully flexible medium that can transform lives, regardless of age or ability.

T he G arden W ell P rogramme for A ctive R etired WHAT

related to plants, gardening, nature

Garden programmes for active

and the outdoor environment.

retirement groups. Offering gardening and social, recreational and therapeutic garden activities. WHY Gardening empowers us to be more active, connected, and engaged in life

Club members usually meet weekly or sometimes twice a month. There is also a monthly garden or naturerelated outing. Other activities include:

The benefits of a sustained and active interest in gardening include: • Better physical health through exercise and learning how to use or strengthen muscles to improve mobility • Improved mental health through a sense of purpose and achievement • The opportunity to connect with others – reducing feelings of isolation or exclusion

more fulfilling and longer lives!

►► Creating seasonal fresh-cut floral arrangements


►► Indoor plantscaping and plant care

Ask your local active retirement

►► Creating magnificent hanging baskets and window boxes

GardenWell uses the principles of


►► Garden- and nature-related outings

endurance, strength, flexibility,

GardenWell social, recreational and

►► Tending flower gardens

prevention) to realize everyone’s

►► Cooking with produce and herbs from the gardens

potential for physical, social, and

►► Learning how to attract birds and butterflies to our gardens

in a society that provides us with

- key ingredients for living healthier,

association or contact Sinead Drew by phoning 01 487 5660 or 087 6977486.

therapeutic gardening programme offers you the opportunity to participate in four-season garden clubs. These groups involve participants in a wide array of activities

• Just feeling better for being in touch with nature

Active Ageing (activities that increase balance, and the principles of injury

mental well-being and to participate adequate protection, security and care when we need it.

USING NATURE TO NURTURE GardenWell Vision: To enrich peoples’ lives through the therapeutic joys of gardening. To be inclusive, respective and caring to all people at any stage of live. By providing supportive, professional and positive gardening programmes, GardenWell aims to lighten the load of everyday life, to spark an unknown interest or passion and allow each person to blossom in their own way and time.


S inead D rew :

G arden W ell

programme that I first saw how essential positive training is to recovery and

I was brought up in a large family with a sprawling garden … Roses, Camellias, a gorgeous Clematis Montana and tons of daylilies … I was lucky to have a mother who was a keen

development. At that time, I had never even heard of horticultural therapy or

gardener and who bestowed upon me her knowledge and love of plants and flowers...

Profile My activities are varied but focus on championing the benefits of gardening to individuals and organisations, as well as teaching techniques and practical applications so that everyone can take part and enjoy gardening. I have experience with many garden projects serving a wide variety of agencies and individuals. One of my key activities is to help marginalised people to enjoy and to continue gardening. I offer help and

therapeutic horticulture. My quest for more knowledge

About me

continued, a formal qualification in

... Most days I would be handed out

luck would have it, I got my break

tasks that, with hindsight, would lay

co-coordinating and running a pilot

many of the foundations for what I do

horticultural activity programme in

today. The lawn had to be mown, the

a new state-of-the-art residential

onions weeded, carrots thinned or

care facility catering for people with

perhaps the strawberries harvested.

a variety of conditions ranging from

I spent a long time in the garden and,

depression, challenging behaviours,

despite my tender age, learnt how to do

autism, acquired brain injuries, the blind

horticulture followed and then, as

many basic horticultural tasks. I learnt

and personality

the cycle of nature.


This contentment is something I always refer back to, especially when I’m feeling down. The garden and

“Sinead has a fantastic ability to motivate others to do meaningful activities, she encourages self belief and independence. It’s just amazing

I went on to do a postgraduate qualification in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

gardening itself has

how much positive feedback

never failed to be a

the participants give .”

University, which

Dr. Tom O’Brien

many invaluable

source of inspiration and comfort for me. For many years this

did not translate into anything other than a private richness. I did my B.A degree in Communications and I studied

in Coventry paved the way for experiences

in many garden projects that have served a wide variety of agencies and individuals.

advice and practical experience.

Physical Therapy for a time, I worked

Today, my work at GardenWell aims

many different jobs. My husband and I

to be a bridge between the world of

I offer vocational horticulture training

gardened together from almost the first

horticulture and the world of health.

and tailored gardening programmes and

day we bought our first home but in our

Simple things – cutting a hedge,

curricula for many client populations.

own time. The thought of gardening as a

planting a tray of sunflowers – can

vocation never entered my mind.

lighten the load of everyday life, can

I also conduct research to increase understanding of the power that

It was when I worked as a facilitator

gardening has to change people’s lives.

in an activity based rehabilitation

spark an unknown interest or passion and allow each person to blossom in their own way and time.

W h at G a r d e n W e l l O f f e r s “Being part of the garden programme has helped me become more independent and motivated” “Sinead is very easy to talk to, she can get the best out of me which is very good. She motivates me to garden”

Using my passion for the power of gardening to positively impact the lives of people, I will: n Teach practical and creative ways to use gardening n Support positive social bonds n Learn more about how gardening helps you

“The most valuable thing Sinead has done for me is to keep me focused on what I am doing, my concentration levels have really increased”

n Talk about what I do and how I help others to help their community be a better place by using gardening n Work with active retirement associations and the individuals they serve Sinead offers a person centred series of engaging plant and natural craft activities as part of every GardenWell programme. To find out more about SInead Drew and GardenWell: n visit

Contact Sinead

n Phone 01 487 5660

01 487 5660 087 6977 486

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n or send an email to



G arden S ystems

If your group has limited access to outdoor space, or local restrictions that prevent the establishment of an outdoor garden, indoor gardening is an excellent alternative. During wet and cold conditions Mobile Gardens are perfect for indoor activities.

Active Gardening  

Gardening empowers us to be more active, connected, and engaged in life - key ingredients for living healthier, more fulfilling and longer l...