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Nature will become ‘second nature’ to future generations Few would challenge the view expressed by HTA chairman James Barnes that horticulture is “a community that cares about the natural world and it is in our interests to safeguard its future”. It is an ethical imperative that the garden industry knows it must follow. The challenge is: How do we get there? The HTA’s Sustainability Roadmap, with its five key themes, is a clarion call to businesses to pull together on goals like reducing carbon footprints, cutting the industry’s current high dependence on plastic packaging, facilitating more effective recycling, managing water usage, eliminating peat and finding new ways to control pests and diseases. Like many initiatives for which you cannot see an immediate commercial return, there is much thick fog between you and the destination. Visibility is impaired and your progress will be slow – but you know how important it is to get there. You cannot take your foot off the throttle entirely, so you press on with care, keeping your eyes glued to the road ahead. At the other end waits the consumer, who keenly anticipates your arrival – for it is he/she who looks to you for answers. He/she was once a voice in the

wilderness but is now a multi-generational throng. You must deliver. It is expected. Following the warm welcome accorded to the inaugural issue in 2019, the new edition of the GTN Sustainability Directory is a fog lamp to help you on your journey. This industry of ours is brimming with enterprises that have set their sights on making a difference, challenging the status quo, and forging new solutions. All of this meshes neatly with the other current compelling opportunity: To groove into the national consciousness that gardening is a vital link to the natural environment we now strive to protect. This is something that millions have discovered for the first time during 2020. Now, as many have already agreed, it needs grooving into the national consciousness. Whatever you make, whatever you promote, whatever you invite consumers into your premises or cyber-space to purchase, you will be challenged to demonstrate how it links to a greener future. Nature will become ‘second nature’ to future generations. Drive carefully. Mike Wyatt, GTN Sustainability Directory Editor,

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EcoGro Super Soil new sales opportunity


The HTA’s Sustainability Roadmap


CO2 neutral flowerpots


Primeur’s Eco Garden Collection


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The New Environmentalist

By Phil Pond of consumer and design trend analysts Scarlet Opus The ‘Sustainability Trend’ really isn’t a trend and those that do should stop referring to it as such. Following the events of 2020 it’s crucial that some time is spent by everyone focusing on the new-significance of sustainability, the environment and climate change. It’s also crunch-time for all businesses to get real about their part in finding and implementing a solution. The global pandemic has fast-forwarded this movement by five years … as businesspeople we are far behind ourselves as consumers. The new environmentalists are young, they are influencing their friends, parents, relatives; they are pushing and questioning why… yes but why…why? These are tomorrow’s consumers keen to influence

today’s shopper. It’s easy to dismiss them as too young and fall into the trap of thinking they don’t understand. This new, young environmentalist is very well read, very well informed and more knowledgeable on the subject than many of us that are “confident we know more or best”. Sustainability is not a ‘trend’, it is a whole new way of life. It will come at a cost, but one that must be born and not used as an (in their view) unacceptable excuse. As trend forecasters, we (Scarlet Opus) believe that it’s our ethical resp ponsibility y to share the research & knowledge on the subject. To help people in business make the right decisions an nd nd do the right thing; which are essential elements in Future-Proofing their company. In general ‘Consumers’ are sceptical about the good intentions of business when it comes to the environment and sustainability. The events of 2020 have fastforwarded their expectations by about five years; ‘do no harm’ is th heir heir new expectation of busiiness. In h hiis lastt few months of office, the ex-Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said: “Firms ignoring the climate crisis will go bankrupt” he went on to explain that the world’s

This is not a trend

• Designers and artists explore ‘Ecological Grief’ associated with changes in the landscape and irreversible environmental damage • Citizens reflect on their own ecological responsibilities • A focus on cleaner, less harmful, healthier, more efficient processes, materials and products

4 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

Investtors wantt hi high h retturns and d th thatt th they are influenced ‘popular opinion’ on cultural issues in order that they can minimize their risk when selecting a business in which to invest. He stated: “Companies and industries that are not moving towards zero carbon emissions will be punished by investors and go bankrupt. The global transition needed to tackle the climate crisis could result in an abrupt financial collapse.” Across all sectors consumers are asking more questions about the ethics, values & activities behind the products & services they are considering purchasing. Sustainable Design is not a trend, it’s becoming a new way of life in order for the Human Race to survive. Ecological Grief is a term you’ll start


to hear more often. We’re living through climate change - Ecological Grief is the genuine mourning, feeling of loss, that takes place when people lose parts of their natural world that can’t be regained. Natural features that when lost take a part of a country, or people’s identity too. Such as the Great Barrier Reef, or the Amazon. This is already affecting our buying habits as consumers. People, more often and with more determination now, want to know exactly where your products came from, what food their eating and if a product is recyclable, or made from recyclable materials. And most importantly; if not, then why not?

Consumers of all ages look to peer group recommendation more than ever and all consumers in a position to endorse ecoconscious brands, who are genuinely doing it correctly and for the right reasons … and not simply green washing. Transparency for consumers within a brand or a business is more important that ever before. Consumers want honesty. Absolute honesty. The garden Industry, it could be argued, should be at the very forefront of meeting consumer expectations in respect of sustainability. The support, growth and pleasure everyone in it would derive from taking such a position is unimaginable. But

it’s not, it’s far from that position. Is the public aware of any plans and initiatives in the industry to take steps toward ‘first do no harm’. A prime example (in the housewares sector too) is the discussion about ‘plastic’; most vocal are companies ‘using’ plastic in products and packaging. Taking a ‘consumer view’, the effort and money put into campaigning for, creating, participating in and supporting a recycling of plastic would be better spent on engaging seriously to find alternatives. To not do so is to find oneself entrenched in the past; the ‘debate about plastic’ is over, it’s complete, plastic is considered too harmful by the majority of the population. It no longer matters if that statement is correct or not, the debate’s finished and the consensus opinion was that plastic production should stop. Putting forward arguments as to why that’s ‘difficult, expensive, more harmful’ is now futile. The consumer is expecting change in line with the ‘debate conclusion’. To avoid any misunderstanding of my point: recycling plastic is excellent, admirable, a step in the direction of do less harm, and to be supported. But, in the end, the answer is not to recycle, but to not keep stuffing new plastic into the system. Innovation by young entrepreneurial designers means that there are ‘plastic’ alternatives available that are direct replacements. Fish scale plastic such as and edible packaging from Notpla. Bioplastics are also available, such as Margarita Talep’s Algae Plastic. It costs more but as consumers we are all prepared for this and in general, we’re willing to make that contribution; especially as we are entering a decade of buying less but buying better and with a growing population of eco-consumers across the globe. When a manufacturer somewhere says ‘it’s not possible...’ somewhere else a young planet-pioneer is doing it There are masses of cool materials being developed for packaging and product ... Push your suppliers to get on board and take steps to help you be a local Sustainability Champion Plantable seed paper – PACKAGING THAT GIVES BACK TO THE EARTH Packaging that can be turned into another product e.g. bird feeder Or packaging can be used to create a stand/display for product It takes effort and time ... The reward is a future proof business. > Phil Pond. Scarlet Opus: Future Lifestyle, Consumer & Design Trend Intelligence future proofing business for Garden sector manufacturers & retailers.

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B Corp: an answer to the growing demand for sustainable products How are customers to know which brands are truly sustainable?

The current pandemic has shone a light on our connection and interactions with nature. And with increasing effects of climate change around the world, shoppers are becoming more and more aware of their ecological footprint. According to the British Retail Consortium, 79% of customers are changing their preferences based on the environmental impact, inclusiveness or social responsibility of their purchases. With the likes of David Attenborough reminding us that the time for positive change is now – have you seen his latest documentary, David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet? – we’re all beginning to make more sustainable choices and looking to brands to help us do that. In fact, 88% of customers want brands to help them live more sustainably. But with a variety of certifications, labels and unregulated descriptive terms, how are customers to know which brands are truly sustainable? Well, thankfully there’s a growing global movement gaining traction in the UK amongst consumers as a recognisable marker of excellence in sustainability. That movement is known as B Corp™. Certified B Corporations™ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. They’ve passed through a

rigorous certification process which addresses the entirety of a business’ operations, covering five key impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. Applicants are required to reach at least a minimum benchmark score while providing evidence of responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. And to complete the certification, companies must legally embed their commitment to purpose beyond profit in their company articles. B Corp recognises businesses that are working to bring about change and operate in a way that seeks to benefit the wider community, whilst it also provides a framework for continuous improvement. Its outstanding criteria for excellence mean B Corp certification is fast

6 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

becoming the gold standard for evaluating the sustainability of a brand, beyond financials. There are currently over 400 B Corps in the UK and over 3,500 worldwide. Consumers are increasingly aware of and familiar with the B Corp label on product packaging, and some UK retailers are dedicating entire online ‘shelves’ to products with B Corp status. With 81% of us in the UK saying we’re concerned about climate change2, consumers are progressively looking to purchase ethical, sustainable brands, particularly for products they bring into their homes or bodies. And as a retail industry, it’s our responsibility – not to mention in our best interest – to meet this growing demand. From grow-your-own organic fruit and veg to selecting more sustainable fire logs, the UK is collectively making a positive change. Let’s give shoppers what they’re asking for and stock more sustainable brands. The B Corp label is a great place to start.


Not all topsoils are created equal

ng EcoGro SuperSoil outlines why retailers should be asking more about what is in the bag – and why it matters Topsoil forms a huge part of growing media sales every year, but very few topsoils deliver when it comes to organic matter or environmental protection, according to the creators of the new organic topsoil, EcoGro Supersoil. “Consumers know that they need topsoil and are aware of its role in gardening projects, but what they may not be aware of is the production of most topsoil and why much of what they are buying will do little to boost their plant or crop growth, and in fact do little to “protect the planet in these greater environmentally aware times”, said Simon Hedley, Managing Director of leading UK topsoil suppliers Boughton Loam Ltd, who together with agricultural consultants Indigro Ltd have brought EcoGro SuperSoil to market. “Topsoil can be best divided into three quality grades – premium, general purpose and economy – though the quality is not always clearly defined on the packaging, which means consumers are often buying product that is not fit for purpose, as there are no industry standards for topsoil health when it comes to quality.” He says a typical bag of “topsoil” purchased from a garden centre can have a high sand content and include wood fibre, peat and other environmentally damaging products that can impact the overall long-term health of soil and the surrounding environment. Plastic and even glass from green waste sources can complete the overall composition, which can prove

harmful to both humans and animals. “On a good day, many of the best-selling topsoils are little more than 80% sand and 20% compost, a combination of which offers little additional nutritional and buffering value for plants and will lack body so plants will also not receive the necessary support for optimum growth,” added Simon. “It is this knowledge that led to the development of EcoGro SuperSoil. This is not another ‘me too’ product but one that has been designed to breathe some new life into this product category, whilst also increasing consumer buy-in through the strong eco messaging.” EcoGro SuperSoil benefits from being supercharged with the inclusion of natural and organic single-source plant derived amendment, which, when blended with natural topsoil, meets higher environmental, physical and nutritional standards than is currently specified in BS3882. Each batch of EcoGro SuperSoil benefits from the finest natural topsoil as the main ingredient and is then blended according to a stringent formula set out by the company’s in-house soil analyst to ensure consistency and optimum characteristics. The resulting improved biology of the soil means that EcoGro SuperSoil consistently outperforms current market-leading topsoils in key areas including phosphorous (required for plant respiration and growth), potassium (essential for respiration and photosynthesis), magnesium (creates brighter colours), organic matter

(improves soil structure, water retention and drought tolerance) and sand/silt/clay content. Independent testing ensures that EcoGro SuperSoil continues to meet the rigorous parameters the company has set for itself. One such, to investigate water dynamics, saw the product retain more than 94% more water than one of the current market-leading manufactured soils. Simon added: “Topsoil plays such a significant role in growing media sales but for so long the focus has been on compost and the great peat debate. There will inevitably be a shift of focus to topsoil, with consumers expecting the same ecocredentials. With EcoGro SuperSoil it is possible to stock a brand that holds these credentials at its heart, without compromising on results and functionality.” > Find out more, including how to start stocking ahead of spring 2021, by visiting ecogro. or email

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Wise use of water in the garden is a key sustainability issue

With the nation spending more time at home this year, it’s no surprise that homeowners turned their attention to DIY and gardening, some for the very first time. Lockdown and the continuous good weather from May through to August encouraged people to embrace their outdoor space, whether it was an apartment, balcony or private garden. Many used this as an opportunity to try their hand at gardening for the first time, whilst those with more experience relished the additional time in their gardens. However, with environmental issues and sustainability at the top of the nation’s agenda and more people gardening than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly important to water wisely. A more conscious approach to watering has a number of benefits and will not only help the environment but will reduce water bills for homeowners on a meter and will deter gardeners from over-watering. However, gardeners don’t have to compromise on product choice or performance. Hozelock’s knowledge and passion for gardening with innovative solutions has resulted in a vast range of hoses, sprinklers, pumps and automatic watering solutions. Automatic watering solutions like the Select Controller paired with an EasyDrip kit are increasingly popular as they allow gardeners to create a bespoke system that can easily be adapted to their outdoor space and gardening needs – even when these change as the garden evolves over time.

8 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

The ease off iinstallation Th t ll ti and d adjustment dj t t of the schedules are two of the key selling points of the Select Controller, which is ideal for customers looking to enjoy the benefits of automatic watering for the first time, as well as a feature that prevents an accidental start time being selected. With 16 different pre-set watering programmes, from four times per day to once a week, and a duration of up to 60 minutes per session, the Select Controller is customisable to suit all gardening needs. There is also a ‘water now’ button that shuts off automatically after an hour to ensure water is used carefully and without wastage. For environmentally-minded gardeners with a

r rainwater butt tank, the Select Controller can be c connected to control micro irrigation installations a it works at just 0.1 bar. as Described as the future of automatic watering, C Cloud Controller is perfect for gadget gardeners w want to have full control of their garden who w watering anytime, anywhere. The mobile app a allows users to remotely set, pause and adjust w watering schedules. The app also includes a local w weather summary and push notifications about c changes to weather patterns – encouraging users t pause schedules and save water when the to g garden has been watered by a heavy downpour. Highlighting the opportunities for garden centres, Hozelock’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Dixon said; “An increased number of people across the nation experienced the many benefits of gardening this year, including the physical and mental wellbeing support, and we expect to see this trend continue in 2021. “With the population also becoming increasingly mindful of their environmental impact, this gives garden centres the opportunity to diversify their product offering further and help customers to reduce their water usage in the garden and make life easier for themselves, without having to compromise on product performance.” > For more information visit:

SENSE FOR ENVIRONMENT We live in a world where sustainability is at the forefront of our mind. We are more aware of our environment than ever and Kaemingk is taking steps to contribute.

Internal improvements

Taking steps in a sustainable collection

5 1"# *0$!3 '!4&$2 /4 0,%-& .(/$)/4+ • Reduction of non-sustainable packaging material • Thinner wrap foil > Saving 16 tons on a yearly basis • 55% of packaging collo module

• Sustainable Christmas essentials o Natural wax candles o Recycled glass o Sustainable ribbons o Bio-cotton gift wrapping



Changing non-recyclable PVC packaging into recyclable PET packaging

EXAMPLE Sustainable European Christmas baubles

Eco friendly snow

• Biodegradable glitters

• Choose from 100% recycled or

• Water based paint • No use of silver nitra inside • Packaging made from 100% recycled carton

biodegradable material


Plastic: an alternative on the cards for internet plant sales…

According to researchers, an estimated 500 million plant pots and seed trays are sold in the UK every year to about 27 million gardeners – and nerators. about two thirds of these pots end up in landfill or incin Although organisations like the RHS and HTA have invested in projects to help confront and reduce this figure, the reality is that they are still a long way off making an effective dent in it. The myriad problems are only exacerbated by some of the challenges consumers have with re-use and confusion caused by UK local authority recycling policies that vary wildly from county to county. So, new ideas for containers and packaging without plastic are part of the solution and great strides have been made with sustainable materials such as coir, hemp and bamboo.

that generally means sustainability.

The stats With the catastrophic effects of this year’s pandemic running through work and personal lives, the emergence and progression of online trading has been one of the more positive results for many businesses. Ahead of both France and Germany, the UK has the highest number of e-shoppers as a percentage of population in Europe and in May this year, internet retail sales grew to 32.5% of total retail sales. Statistics from Retail Gazette show 75% of shoppers are modifying their buying behaviour due to ethical concerns, and

A way forward With groups such as the HTA and RHS committed to finding plastics-free solutions for the bricks and mortar retail market, companies like Fencor Packaging in East Anglia are concentrating on this growing internet or E-commerce retail sector. Working with established horticultural B2B and B2C.companies, Fencor have developed a number of sustainable and recyclable solutions, notably in the small live plant sector. Fencor’s design engineers came up with an alternative to the established system of plastic moulds used to hold plant plugs in their mailing boxes. It employs card that has been coated to enable it to withstand storage and transportation times. The coated corrugated card is creased and folded within a larger structure to make sure the plug doesn’t move in transport but the real test, apart from sustainability and recycling, is in the packing process. If staff were to find it difficult to assemble, it would result in time lost and wasted money, so the designs were stringently tested on live packing lines as well as through various transportation methods.

10 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

One thing that all e-commerce businesses are learning about is the ‘wow’ factor that has become a YouTube phenomenon over the last few years. The ‘unboxing’ of products is seen to be the new digital ‘in-store experience’ and the majority of that experience is perceived through branding messages on the packaging, both internally and externally. Packaging that is made of card is far easier and more economical to print on than plastic moulds. Other industries, like the drinks sector, have embraced this opportunity to market to a more concerned public and innovations like six pack beer can holders, which historically have been plastic rings, are now starting to emerge with card alternatives. The marketing element is a major battlefield, more so now than ever before. To compete seriously, you need every marketing weapon available to you…and sustainable, recyclable, branded packaging is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. Neil Farrow, group marketing communications manager at Fencor Packaging says working together, locally and globally, bringing niche expertise to the table, is key to stamping out the use of plastics as far as it is possible. “The aim should be for better, more sustainable working processes, better sales and marketing and perhaps, more importantly, for a healthier future and a cleaner planet,” he told us.


Join the recycled rubber revolution

Recycled material is not a new concept. Whether its recycled paper, cardboard or plastic, recycled materials have been a part of our daily lives for many years. Material made from recycled rubber tyres, however, is still in its infancy, especially when used to create functional products within the garden retail sector. One company that is bringing to life this exciting material is Primeur. Here the company digs a little deeper into recycled rubber innovation and what it means for both retailers and consumers. Did you know….? Every year more than 2.5 billion tyres are produced worldwide, each one replacing a tyre that has reached the end of its lifecycle. Until now, most of these end-of-life tyres would have been made into rubber crumb for use in children’s play and athletic surfaces, or sadly headed to landfill where they would take in excess of 80 years to decompose. However, a fresh look at this rubber crumb material – 6kgs from every tyre – has opened up many uses while shining a light on the significant benefits beyond reducing waste within landfill. Since 2017 Primeur has helped to repurpose more than 5 million tyres every year, giving these recycled materials a second lease of life in the nation’s gardens. Environmental protection, coupled with a long list of benefits for retailers and consumers, make these products some of the most exciting on the market today. Recycled rubber – benefits for retailers & consumers Recycled rubber benefits from being virtually indestructible, making it a superb choice for planters, stepping-stones, deck tiles and garden borders, all of which traditionally have a lot thrown at them during their time in the garden. Whether its extreme winters, scorching summers, excessive rain, daily wear and tear, recycled rubber will withstand it all. The ma aterial is designed to not rot, fade or crack, and can tackle even the most vigorous impact of lawn nmowers and nylon cord trimmers. Recycled rubber also o means that these produ ucts are much lighter than their stone or concrete counterparts, meaning they are much easier manoe euvre around the garden. The e flexibility of the material also enssures that installation is quick and d simple, making it an ideal soluttion for even the novice garden ner. The material benefits of

recycled rubber products also offer significant opportunities for retailers. The indestructible quality offers peace of mind in that stock will withstand the challenges of transit, warehousing, and on the shop floor where accident-prone shoppers can reduce stock holding. Double-digit growth for Primeur’s Eco Garden collection Since the launch of Primeur’s Eco Garden collection in 2017 7 the garden retail sector has been quick to opttimise the profit opportunity of the range. 202 20 in particular has been a year of significcant growth for the range, with double-dig git increases and further expansion expected in the coming year as the new 3 million strong ‘garden ning army’ continues to engage e with gardening. Jenn ny Douthwaite, sales director at Prime eur, said: “Despite one of the

toughest environments that the garden retail sector has ever experienced, the exceptional performance of the Eco Garden range is not a coincidence. Long before the pandemic reshaped the retail environment in a way that no-one could ever have predicted, consumers were actively seeking products with true green credentials, and lockdown only served to reinforce the nation’s desire to protect the planet for future generations. The sustainability message has clearly resonated with retailers and consumers alike, and we’ve no doubt that demand for these products will increase significantly in the coming season. At Primeur we are excited to be leading the charge and are pleased to be making it easy for retailers and consumers alike to access these products as we firmly believe sustainable material innovation should be for the many, not the few.” > Find out more on 01274 518800 or email

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021 11

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Organic EcoGro creates new opportunity for topsoil sales

Think you know topsoil? Think again as there is a new organic brand in town and it’s set to change the way we think about this often-neglected product offering. New EcoGro SuperSoil has been brought to market as a joint venture between Boughton Loam Ltd and leading agriculture consultants Indigro Ltd. Aimed at the premium garden centre customer, this organic topsoil has been specially enhanced using ethically sourced natural components to create a new chapter for topsoil quality and customer loyalty. Simon Hedley, managing director at Boughton Loam, said: “Growing media is serious business within garden retail, but until now topsoil has been a product which has lacked any real innovation, and any real connection with the consumer beyond being a necessary commodity product. However, as consumers adopt a more environmentally friendly mindset and look for products to minimise their impact upon the planet, coupled with the rise in popularity of gardening in 2020, especially grow-your-own, raised bed and container gardening, it has never been more important that products are backed with a clear and defined mission statement that supports these consumer needs. “With EcoGro SuperSoil it is possible for retailers to offer something different; something that will drive up the average basket spend at the point of sale whilst arming consumers with a product they

Natural components The heroes of EcoGro SuperSoil are the natural components added to enrich the soil. These natural ‘boosters’ provide quicker plant establishment and better resilience against pests and disease whilst enabling edible crops to benefit

from nutritional enhancement and a higher yield. Meeting and improving on the BS3882 standards for compliance and reliability, EcoGro SuperSoil offers a number of other key benefits, including 100% natural ingredients and material traceability. The enhanced soil also offers better water retention and release for optimum plant growth, as well as a more balanced and workable material for gardeners. Simon added: “There is no question that consumer demand for eco-friendly products will continue to rise and garden retailers will, perhaps more than most, be expected to be at the forefront of this. With EcoGro Super Soil retailers can rest assured that they are providing a product that delivers true green credentials without compromising on quality. Additionally, the product is backed by attractive margins, quick delivery and a parent company that can deliver volume and expert packaging. We’ve already received an influx of orders ahead of the key spring sales season and are confident that many other retailers will make the change to EcoGro SuperSoil as they look to stock more brands that align with environmental and organic policy.” > For more information, visit www.ecogro. or email

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021 13

can really trust. We’ve invested significantly in building a real standout brand, which draws the eye from across the sales floor and clearly outlines the product’s USPs, such as ‘organic’ and ‘peat-free’ thanks to the unique visual branding which is unlike other growing media brands on the market today. We strongly believe that EcoGro SuperSoil can significantly drive growth of topsoil sales and build brand loyalty amongst customers that until now lacked a brand to throw their support behind. It’s an exciting proposition for us and garden retailers.”


HTA roadmap guides UK horticulture towards leading edge of sustainable business practice As a green industry, the horticulture sector can and should lead the way in sustainable business practices and efforts to reduce climate change, says the Horticultural Trades Association, which has launched industry-leading guidance on how this could be achieved. Building on existing strong foundations in UK horticulture and landscaping, the HTA has worked with members to develop its first ever Sustainability Roadmap. The HTA says its ground-breaking work identifies five key areas to place horticulture and landscaping at the forefront of sustainable business practice. Designed as a framework for collaboration, with ambitious targets for 2025, achievement against the roadmap’s goals will make a significant contribution to the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. HTA chairman James Barnes called on the industry to embrace the ethos of the roadmap. “Horticulture has an intrinsic connection to the environment - we are a community who cares about the natural world and it is in our interests to safeguard its future,” he said. Following the Prime Minister’s

14 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

recently announced ten-point plan for a “green industrial revolution,” Barnes added: “I believe we have an essential role to play in the government’s plan to transition to a greener economy. As a sector which contributes around £24 billion to the UK’s GDP and supports over half a million jobs, we must demonstrate how we offer real opportunities for green employment and a more sustainable economy as the UK recovers from the impact of Covid.” The roadmap supports the strides already taken towards a more sustainable industry. It will, for example, be central to further progress in tackling issues such as use of plastics. For some time the HTA has been working with members and stakeholders to develop industry-led solutions for the re-use and recycling of horticultural plastics and with local government and the waste industry to increase kerbside recycling of plastics used in horticulture. By 2025, the association wants to see 40% or more of the combined weight of plant pots and packaging, garden chemicals containers and growing media bags sourced from recycled plastic. The Sustainability Roadmap’s five key areas are a direct response to the threats of climate change, plastic pollution, water stress, and biodiversity loss, all of which pose risks to health and environment: 1. Reducing HTA members’ carbon footprints 2. Reducing stress on the UK’s water supply 3. Increasing circularity in horticultural plastics 4. Actively shaping a peat reduction strategy by February 2021, engaging with all stakeholders 5. Fostering innovation in pest and disease management All are felt to be of critical importance to the industry, both commercially and

SUSTAINABILITY ROADMAP in terms of the potential for making a difference to the environment. The Environment Minister, Rebecca Pow, said sustainable business, the environment, and decarbonisation were at the heart of government policy. “As we build back greener from the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to make significant progress implementing our 25 Year Environment Plan and accelerating our journey to net zero emissions,” she said. “We welcome the ornamental horticulture and landscaping industry taking a lead on this through the HTA’s Sustainability Roadmap and the actions being taken to protect the natural environment and combat climate change.” The roadmap framework will help the HTA to deliver resources, case studies, data, training and services for members to enable them to increase their environmental, commercial and social sustainability. The organisation is urging all members to” join the sustainability journey to 2025” and contribute what they can, regardless of the size or type of business. “Not only is it in our interest to collaborate on ambitious targets, but the climate emergency means people will rightly look to us for the highest standards,” Barnes said. “Sustainability can be achieved by balancing impacts on people, planet and profit. When businesses work towards this and all three aspects of sustainability are in place and mutually supportive, we can deliver lasting benefits to the environment.” The HTA Sustainability Roadmap’s 2025 goals • The HTA have consulted with hundreds of their member businesses to identify five areas for the roadmap to focus on. By 2025 we will, working with members, deliver across HTA membership:

CO2 Reduction • A 20% net reduction in scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions in aggregate across HTA membership. Water • An aggregate 40% increase in the proportion of water that comes from nonmains and re-used water sources such as rainwater or runoff capture among growers and retailer • An aggregate 25% increase in the proportion of HTA members using water efficiency measures such as reservoirs and automated irrigation systems. Plastics • 40% or more of the combined weight of plant pots & packaging, garden chemicals containers, and growing media bags will be sourced from recycled plastic. • Industry-led recycling schemes that together capture at least 10% of the weight of this packaging for recycling or reuse by 2025.

Growing media • Accelerated peat reduction in growing media delivered through collaboration with government on peat alternatives. • UK growing media suppliers accounting for 95% of the volume of retail product showing the responsible sourcing scheme ratings and carbon footprint information on their products. Pest & disease management Growers accounting for 75% of production value in HTA membership measuring and managing their chemical use as part of a standard like OHAS. You can find out more about these goals and the focus areas of the roadmap in the roadmap’s charter. The HTA’s ambitious targets for 2025 relate to the industry as a whole - they’re not meant to prescribe ‘what good looks like’ in specific businesses as one size will not fit all. > The latest information and resources on sustainability are available at: uk/sustainability

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021 15


Capi offers first flowerpot ® with CO2 Neutral label

These designer flowerpots, made in the Netherlands, tell a genuine climate story

The Dutch company Capi Europe has been awarded the CO2 Neutral® company label for its climate-neutral production methods. Every flowerpot from the Made in Holland collection will carry this quality mark starting from December 2020. Capi Europe, the first in the industry to be awarded this label, is delighted to have achieved this important milestone and foresees more opportunities to fully realise its vision of sustainability. ‘This is only the beginning!’ says owner Toine van de Ven. Van de Ven has serious ambitions for his company. ‘We deliver our Made in Holland collection all across the globe: Australia, Asia, Canada, the Middle East and, of course, Europe,” he said. “We are proud of our success, but we also undersstand better than anyone else tha at this involves a great deal off responsibility, especially wh hen it comes to the environmen nt. We do what we can, make adjustments where we can, and compensate for the rest. We work 100% climate e neutral, but of course our aim is to become CO2 neutrral without the need for any offsets’. The CO2 Neutral® label certifies

16 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

that qualifying companies actively assess, reduce and offset their local and global climate impact. Unlike ‘greenwashing’, the label can only be obtained as a result of serious, demonstrable environmental efforts. The label is awarded by the independent association Vincotte. Grow a greener life ‘We see the impact of climate change on our society. We feel an enormous and genuine drive, or rather duty, to help turn the tide,” adds Van de Ven. “Anyone can recycle, but so much more is possible. We undertake every improvement that seems remotely possible, with drive, efficiency and urgency. It’s in our DNA. Ultimately, you want to move towards a situation where it is actually better for the environment to produce flower pots than to do nothing. “In short, we are helping with the clean up. Our products are not only 100 0% recyclable, they also have a very long lifespan and a guara antee of no less

than 10 years. We are also reshoring: our production in the Netherlands saves 80% on energy as compared to conventional rotational moulding. Our entire company will soon be running on solar energy. In time, our production process will also consist of biobased materials. This will continue to be our path forward. “For us, the CO2 label is the next step in the right direction. There is good reason for our mission, ‘Grow a greener life’, as we have a duty to look after our future generations.” Project Zambia As part of its climate offset, Capi Europe is participating in the COMACO Landscape Management Project, which promotes sustainable agriculture and forest conservation in Zambia. The key objectives are to reduce uncontrolled deforestation and to increase the net forest cover.


Primeur’s Eco Garden Collection The multi award-winning Eco Garden Collection from Primeur is setting the benchmark for sustainable material innovation. Made from recycled rubber tyres that would otherwise be headed for landfill, where they’d take more than 80 years to decompose, the offering is backed by Primeur’s ‘Recycle, Reform, Remake’ ethos which is helping to create real standout at the point of purchase, boosting profits and repeat custom for garden retailers. At the heart of Primeur’s ultratough collection are Tierra Verde Recycled Rubber Planters – a game changer in the pots and containers category and proud winner of the coveted Sword of Excellence and Decorative Garden Pots and Planters Category Winner at the 2019 GIMA Awards. Engineered for all seasons, these unbreakable planters not only divert materials from landfill and give them a new lease of life, but their robustness eliminates the risk of damage in transit and in store. As an added bonus, weather and frost-resistant Tierra Verde planters come with a self-watering base, raising their appeal to consumers by allowing them to be used both inside homes and outdoors. Border edging is another area where traditional products have been notoriously susceptible to breakages in the past, but the cost of wastage has been consigned to history with Primeur’s Eco Garden Border Collection. Also made from recycled rubber, this lightweight alternative to heavy stone and concrete will not shatter or crack if

Sustainable watering solutions from GARDENA GARDENA Micro Drip System

bent. In fact, the nature of rubber allows these borders to be flexible, helping consumers to curve and flow around existing lines in their gardens. Easy to secure with spikes provided, the Border Collection comes in a range of attractive designs including Roman Stone, Scallop, Rockwall, Brick and Stones. The same all-season durability is engineered in Primeur’s Eco Stone Stepping-Stone Collection – a much softer alternative to hard landscaping materials in the event of trips and falls – and Recycled Rubber Deck Tiles, a safer substitute for decking that won’t rot or become slippery unlike traditional timber structures. For easy, high-impact merchandising, Primeur’s ranges are supplied palletised or on display stands, with full colour point-of-sale materials that highlight recycled rubber’s unbreakable toughness, as well as its environmentally friendly, child and pet safe, and mould- and rot-resistant characteristics.

• Water-conserving irrigation for potted plants, borders/vegetable beds and hedge rows • Save up to 70% water, when using a micro drip irrigation system • Enhances growth and health of plants

GARDENA Water Control • Automatic irrigation for sprinklers and micro drip systems • When paired with a Soil Moisture sensor, it reduces unnecessary watering if the soil moisture level is sufficient • Safe Stop Technology ensures 100% safe closing, and no water wastage

GARDENA EcoPulse Comfort Cleaning Nozzle • The Oscillating nozzle saves up to 40% water with improved cleaning performance on surfaces when compared to standard hard cleaning jets

> For more details about Primeur’s innovative and award-winning recycled rubber innovations, go to

For more information about these products or the rest of the GARDENA range, please speak to your GARDENA Field Sales Team or visit

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Grow your card sales sustainably W-Select offers you a one-stop solution for the planning and management of your greeting card assortment. Partnering with the best of British publishers, we ensure plastic-free packaging and the reduction of glitter and microplastics. As a publisher, Woodmansterne offers ground-breaking environmental credentials, including… • Our unwrapped cards save half a million pieces of throw away plastic weekly • Our cards are printed with vegetable inks on paper from sustainable forests • Our envelopes are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste • Our UK manufacturing and distribution keeps our carbon footprint low • We have removed all glitter and microplastics from our products We would love to explore how we can help your business grow and become more sustainable.

Get in touch 01923 200 600 or


Add to your Sustainability Credentials for 2021

Back in February 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic, we published our first Sustainability Directory for garden centres. During the year that has been referred to time and time again with the digital version read across the globe almost every week of the year. So, here we have our Sustainability Directory for 2021. We hope you find it useful and use the listings to get in touch with the companies for more information. We’ll be keeping this directory updated and on-line throughout 2021 so if any other suppliers would like to be included please contact Alan Burdon on 01733775700 or by e-mail 6 Elements Outdoor Living Eco manufactured Fire Pits, Fireplaces and Wood Burners for sustainable outdoor living. Stainless steel outdoor fire products designed for life. Hand built and Made in Britain.

A.Mir & Co.Ltd Sold for over 25 years our wide range of Plantation Acacia furniture is sourced from managed forests. Our new Faro collection of PP plastic furniture is 100% fully recyclable. Acopia Group Announcing Nest - our 100% eco-friendly ecommerce range that’s fully recyclable and has FSC accreditations! Mailing and protective wrapping solutions for all your ranges – from gifts to fashion to plants

Last years GTN Sustainability Directory has been read all year long and around the world on-line as well as the printed issue published in January 2020.

Adios Plastic Compostable dog poo bags that don’t cost the Earth. Certified HOME compostable, our poo bags are plant based and will naturally breakdown leaving no micro-plastics behind.

Agralan Ltd - Enviromesh Covering with Enviromesh enables you to grow healthy fruit and vegetables free from insect damage. Protects against carrot fly, cabbage root fly, birds, rabbits and weather. Enviromesh is a strong and a long lasting product which can be reused for many years. Enviromesh Ultrafine is available as a finer covering to protect against smaller insects including Allium leaf miner. Tel. 01285 860015

REMIN volcanic rock dust Soil health is crucial for successful growing. REMIN is a UK volcanic rock dust containing essential nutrients required for healthy soil and compost, stimulating chemical and biological activity. Noted benefits include healthier flowers, fruit and vegetables with more pest resistance. Recommended for tree planting. New for 2021, in collaboration with Newcastle University, REMIN is scientifically proven to capture carbon dioxide.

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021 19

SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORY FOR 2021 B Green B GREEN works actively with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our products are made from and with natural materials e.g. our clay pots are fired using Rice Husks. We use recycled products wherever possible. All print material is cradle to cradle. Contact:

The EcoGro Family: EcoGro Booster, EcoGro Bloomer, EcoGro Ericaceous During lockdown, gardening has been a welcome distraction and considered to be essential to healthy wellbeing. Even if you do not have a garden, these products are suitable for small spaces.

Terraces • Balconies • Walls & Fences • Limited ground space The Grow Bags are: Made from 100% post-consumer plastics • Re-usable • Easily folded and stored • Responsible alternative to rigid pots • Promotional • Customisable

The EcoGro Family are a range of eco-friendly plant foods. Made using natural ingredients, they help the long term health of plants and soil. The family includes: EcoGro Booster for fruit and vegetables; EcoGro Bloomer for flowering plants; and EcoGro Ericaceous for acid-loving plants. They are made using the by-products from anaerobic digesters on EcoGro’s farms. EcoGro RRP: £9.99 /

Bloomin AmazingTM Rich Planting Stuff

Fatty’s Organic Spirits

This sustainable, renewable, organic and peat-free soil enricher is the first garden product to be packed in a revolutionary biodegradable bag. The innovative packaging is programmed to decompose completely into CO2 and water if discarded in the environment. Its’ unique properties also mean that when recycled, it behaves like normal plastic film. Ideal for successfully establishing all new plants

Multi award-winning London Dry Gin, 100% organic and Soil Association accredited. Recently shortlisted as ‘The nations favourite organic product’ by Soil Association and winner of 2 stars at The Great Taste Awards. Handcrafted spirits that have sustainability at the heart of all we do; available in 20cl and 70cl bottles, and as part of gift sets, which are FSC certified.

West Country Soil Improvement Ltd. £5.99 inc VAT or e-mail Nick at or call to speak to us on 01305 889525

RRP: £16 - £45

Agralan Ltd. 30 years ago Agralan began to offer gardeners non-chemical products for pest control. Early products included insect traps and Enviromesh. The range has grown and now includes biological controls. Andy Campbell Consulting Team facilitation to coordinate all sustainability activity right across the business, to create a definitive sustainability development plan. bio-bean Ltd Coffee Logs are made from recycled coffee grounds collected from UK coffee shops. They help reduce landfill waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. Bio-bean is a Certified BCorporationTM. Bramblecrest Bramblecrest is increasing the ranges which feature ‘Eco Cushions’ made with recycled plastic bottle technology. This soft-touch fabric retains the durable and water-resistant qualities expected from a premium outdoor cushion. Capi Europe Dutch company Capi Europe has been awarded the CO2 Neutral® Product label for its climate-neutral production methods. Every flowerpot from the Made in Holland collection will have this quality mark. Concept Research UK made and designed for 25 years, our products are environmentally friendly and effective alternatives to poisons and traps. Distributed direct from our Hertfordshire factory to minimise our carbon footprint.

20 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORY FOR 2021 Ecofective The ecofective® Child and Pet Safe range is designed to meet the increasing demand for safer home and garden care, consisting of feed, control and cleaning products. elho We call it the beauty of waste. 80% made from recycled plastic, 100% recyclable. We recycled 8,400,000 kg of plastic waste this year plus we manufacture with 100% wind energy. Evergreen Garden Care New Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ is a new range of 100% organic growing products which performs as good as conventional feeding products and is fully certified by Organic Farmers and Growers.

Peat Free compost gets front of house billing at BGC's newest garden centre, Thatcham, in October 2020

Fallen Fruits At Fallen Fruits we are proud to reduce our impact on the environment through using recycled materials where possible, FSC Certified Wood and dramatically cutting down transportation distance of products.

Bokashi Composter

Pure Sprayers

A kitchen composter which provides a rich fermentation liquid and a base for compost. All organic kitchen waste can be composted, not just vegetable waste, but table scraps, fish and meat too, providing a fertiliser liquid in just 5 days, and compost for your plants in 15-20 days.

Apply your homemade solutions using a Pure Sprayer - ultra-resistant seals are compatible with products such as white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, citric acid. Each Pure Sprayer comes with a fine filter bag to remove particulates and prevent the blocking of the sprayer. Available in 5L, 1.5L and 1.25L capacities. The Pure Kit (pictured) comes with a separate container for storing your solutions.

RRP - £79.99 bokashi-composter/

Pure Kit RRP - £41.79 pure-kit/

YOUR KEY TO O PROFITABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, & SUSTAINABILITY. The New Greenworks 24/48 Dual Voltage Range is a highly profitable addition to your business. Offering the benefits of 48v power and performance, and 24v weight and balance. The new platform allows the 24v battery to be used in nearly 50 garden and DIY tools from lawnmowers and grass trimmers, to chainsaws drills and grinders. One battery for all tasks.

Become a Greenworks stockist today Call 01793 333220 or visit

The Garden Equipment Wholesaler

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021 21


Coco & Coir – Coco Boost Coco Boost

Produce homemade natural and organic solutions out of plants to make liquid feed or natural insecticide for your garden. It’s easy with the BioMix, which has a lid and integral mixing action to ensure that the leaves decompose quickly whilst the smell is contained. The resulting nutrient-rich tea can safely be used on all garden plants and the plant debris makes a quality compost activator.

100% PEAT FREE - based on natural coir with added nutrients – is the perfect peat-free multi-purpose potting compost. Creating the ideal rooting and growing conditions for all plants growing in pots and containers. The 5KG compressed coir brick is a handy, convenient size expanding to 75-litres of compost. Packed in easy to carry eco-friendly packaging. Also available in 1KG blocks.

RRP - £97.99

Norfolk Leisure Here at Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd our stock of Keter products are 100% recyclable, designed to last and have no waste from production. Sustainability is the key focus behind their packaging, transportation and waste and they continue to have a zero-production policy of any single use product, helping to combat the global concern of single use plastics. 01553 811717

Railroad Tie & Carolina Border The popularity of the colour grey shows no sign of abating in 2021. Recognising this, Primeur has updated its bestselling product ranges to ensure that grey options are made available. The bestselling Railroad Tie, which provides a rustic touch to paths, will now be available in a grey colourway, as will the new Carolina Border collection. This new border style is the perfect example of understated elegance, with a curved top and sleek geometric lines. Primeur RRP £16.99 Launched: September 2020 /

Coco & Coir - Coco Grow Coco Grow - 100% PEAT FREE - made from 100% natural coconut pith, a natural by-product of the coconut farming industry. Coco Grow can be used in soil-less potting mixes or mixed with soil. Good for potting up, planting and rooting. Available in 2 sizes: 5KG (75L) and 650g (9L). Convenient and lightweight packed in easy to carry eco-friendly packaging. Southern Trident Ltd RRP: £12.99 / £5.99 Video link:

Coco & Coir – Coco Grow+ 100% PEAT FREE - based on natural coir with added perlite - is the perfect peat-free compost for seed sowing and taking cuttings. It creates the ideal rooting and growing conditions for all seedlings and young plants. Available in 2 sizes: 5KG (75L) and 1KG (15L). Convenient and lightweight it is packed in easy to carry eco-friendly packaging. Southern Trident Ltd RRP: £14.99 / £6.99 Video link:

22 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

Southern Trident Ltd RRP: £14.99 / £6.99 Launched: 14/09/2020 Video link:

Fatty’s Organic Spirits Soil Association certified 100% organic, handcrafted vegan-friendly spirits. From bottling to branding, our sustainable values are paramount. For the conscious consumer who wants to feel good about what they drink. Formbar Limited Formbar Limited have a wide range of products made from recycled materials, including trolley baskets and plastic trolleys. Contact us for more information or visit our website. Garden Pride Marketing Limited Garden Pride manufacture in the UK using raw steel which is the most recycled product in the UK, all off-cuts are reused, and the steel is milled in the UK. Garland Products Garland Products/Worth Gardening is proud to be a sustainable manufacturer. For over 55 years, we have only used 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic on every possible product we manufacture. Greenworks Greenworks specialise in cordless garden machinery, convenient, emissions free solutions for garden tasks. With a range of voltage platforms, 24v, 40v, 48v & 60v, we have the perfect garden tool. Growth Technology Ltd The Focus Range of Repotting Mixes is now Peat Free (apart from Carnivorous Repotting Mix) and in recyclable plastic bags for great results in a sustainable way. Handy Distribution The UK’s largest garden machinery wholesaler, offering leading brands such as Webb, Greenworks, The Handy, Q Garden, Flymo, Kärcher, Bosch, McCulloch, Solo, Walsall Wheelbarrows and many more. Henry Bell The Henry Bell Wild Bird Food range comes in recyclable packaging. Using an innovative single source polymer laminate that can be recycled, the packaging protects the foods within each bag. History & Heraldry Eco-friendly Bamboo Crew kids cups, Top Bloke bamboo socks and fragrant natural soy-blend Heart & Home candles. Top-selling, reusable and recyclable personalised gifts, beautifully designed with sustainability at heart. Honeyfields Nature Friendly Farming - Helping feed the nations favourite birds and committed to conserving British wildlife. Dedicated to continually supporting biodiversity and innovating new, highly nutritious bird food. Keel Toys Ltd Keeleco soft toys manufactured from recycled plastic waste. 100% recycled 100% huggable KinderGarden Plants Young plants supplied in recyclable paper pot/labels. All items of POS collected and refurbished every year so less correx/plastic being sent to landfill.

SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORY FOR 2021 WESTLAND HORTICULTURE The Westland green growth plan reduces our environmental impact across 3 key areas. 1. An industry leading sustainable growing media strategy with a focus on peat reduction. 2. A huge emphasis on using recyclable packaging with a vast reduction in single use plastics. 3. A total plant health strategy by creating new products that simply build in plant health from the very beginning. Therefore, reducing the need for regulated rescue products; helping plants to protect themselves.

Woodmansterene Woodmansterne cards are printed with vegetable inks on paper from sustainable forests. Envelopes are made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste and polypropylene card bags have been replaced by Smart Seal saving up to 500,000 pieces of throw-away plastic being sent to landfill every week.

inspiring small sustainable changes ‘one Stroodle at a time’!

LG Outdoor We’re always looking for ways we can be more environmentally conscious. That’s why all of our cushions feature EcoCore, a filling that’s made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Taylors Bulbs Each September we drill wildflower and bird seed mixture around our daffodil fields. In 2020, we planted 2km of native hedgerow as habitat and food for birds, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs.

Melcourt Industries Ltd All Melcourt products are 100% peat-free and made in the UK. Key ingredients come from UK forest residue. Our packing is 100% recyclable, with30% made from recycled materials.

The Handy The Handy offers a range of garden and machinery products for almost everything whether it be for tilling, moving, clearing, logging, cutting, shredding, spraying, spreading, or rolling.

Natural Grower Ltd Natural Grower fertiliser products are approved organic and approved vegan, sustainable, ecofriendly, chemical free and safe for wildlife. Packaging is made from 30% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.

Thorndown Ltd Water-based paints using VOC free colour pigments and 100% recycled plastic resin. UK factory using green energy, recyclable tins & FSC cardboard, compostable packaging. Wood Paint extends life of timber.

Nostrand Ltd Dear reader; Nostrand Ltd is dedicated to continue to source materials from sustainable sources again into 2021. It is an honour to service this industry and support the gardening world. Primeur Ltd Primeur’s EcoGarden range has set the benchmark for sustainable material innovation, and helped garden retailers offer products which deliver profitability, repeat sales and meet consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. Que Fresco Ltd Distributors of Monolith Kamado ceramic BBQ’s with lifetime warranty; Smokey Olive Wood EU sourced solar dried BBQ wood dust, chips, chunks & pellets; FSC Certified Charcoal. An environmentally balanced company.

TWIG from Floramedia Made from FSC® wood TWIG is a natural product suitable for home composting. A label can be fastened to top or bottom with little risk of rotation. Ustigate Waterplay Catch that wave of excitement! Explosive fun for all! Keeping our environment and planet in mind. Making spectacular family days out. Free Design Promotion Code: SP21 Tel: 01322 424445

Even Christmas in garden centres can have a sustainability sales message. Here's Millbrooks 2020 Planet Positive Christmas Social Media campaign.

ReadyBlaze Winterfuels READYBLAZE: Quality winterfuels in recyclable packs, kiln-dried to less than 20% for hotter, cleaner burn and reduced emissions. Every tree cut down from sustainable forests is replaced by 8 new ones. Remin (Scotland) Ltd Enjoy ‘CARBON CAPTURE GARDENING’ with REMIN – award-winning, UK sourced, organically certified volcanic rock dust. Rejuvenating tired soil, improving compost and home composting, REMIN is also recommended for tree planting. RotoSpa Ltd UK manufactured RotoSpa Hot Tubs are designed to minimise impact on the environment. Minimum energy consumption, through futuristic insulation coupled with Super Eco Pumps and EcoSpa Heating for well being. Stroodles Stroodles are pasta straws: 100% biodegradable (wheat + water), 1h+ strong, flavourless and edible. Stroodles is a Movement,

Webb Webb has a long history of producing quality value for money garden machinery. A wide range of lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, brush cutters and more for perfect garden maintenance. Westland Horticulture Westland’s green growth plan reduces environmental impact across 3 key areas. 1. Sustainable growing media strategy 2. Recyclable packaging and reduction of single use plastics. 3. Helping plants protect themselves. Zest 4 Leisure Zest 4 Leisure’s sustainable garden products and furniture are thoughtfully designed and made from responsibly sourced FSC certified timber from managed forests. Enjoy the benefits of wood – for more sustainability.

GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021 23


WE delivering a green growth plan are for gardeners tomorrow

Sustainable growing media strategy % PEAT FREE Westland’s unique peat replacement technology extended across range in 2021 1996




70% 2015



PACKAGING Reduction strategy




* Where regulation allows.

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Helping your Themselves Plants protect


that build plant health and reduce the need for regulated rescue products



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Single use plastic Eliminated by