GTN Sustainability Directory 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK

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SENSE FOR ENVIRONMENT We live in a world where sustainability is at the forefront of our mind. We are more aware of our environment than ever and Kaemingk is taking steps to contribute.

Internal improvements

Taking steps in a sustainable collection

5 1"# *0$!3 '!4&$2 /4 0,%-& .(/$)/4+ • Reduction of non-sustainable packaging material • Thinner wrap foil > Saving 16 tons on a yearly basis • 55% of packaging collo module

• Sustainable Christmas essentials o Natural wax candles o Recycled glass o Sustainable ribbons o Bio-cotton gift wrapping



Changing non-recyclable PVC packaging into recyclable PET packaging

EXAMPLE Sustainable European Christmas baubles

Eco friendly snow

• Biodegradable glitters

• Choose from 100% recycled or

• Water based paint • No use of silver nitra inside • Packaging made from 100% recycled carton

biodegradable material