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Wise use of water in the garden is a key sustainability issue

With the nation spending more time at home this year, it’s no surprise that homeowners turned their attention to DIY and gardening, some for the very first time. Lockdown and the continuous good weather from May through to August encouraged people to embrace their outdoor space, whether it was an apartment, balcony or private garden. Many used this as an opportunity to try their hand at gardening for the first time, whilst those with more experience relished the additional time in their gardens. However, with environmental issues and sustainability at the top of the nation’s agenda and more people gardening than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly important to water wisely. A more conscious approach to watering has a number of benefits and will not only help the environment but will reduce water bills for homeowners on a meter and will deter gardeners from over-watering. However, gardeners don’t have to compromise on product choice or performance. Hozelock’s knowledge and passion for gardening with innovative solutions has resulted in a vast range of hoses, sprinklers, pumps and automatic watering solutions. Automatic watering solutions like the Select Controller paired with an EasyDrip kit are increasingly popular as they allow gardeners to create a bespoke system that can easily be adapted to their outdoor space and gardening needs – even when these change as the garden evolves over time.

8 GTN’s Sustainability Directory 2021

The ease off iinstallation Th t ll ti and d adjustment dj t t of the schedules are two of the key selling points of the Select Controller, which is ideal for customers looking to enjoy the benefits of automatic watering for the first time, as well as a feature that prevents an accidental start time being selected. With 16 different pre-set watering programmes, from four times per day to once a week, and a duration of up to 60 minutes per session, the Select Controller is customisable to suit all gardening needs. There is also a ‘water now’ button that shuts off automatically after an hour to ensure water is used carefully and without wastage. For environmentally-minded gardeners with a

r rainwater butt tank, the Select Controller can be c connected to control micro irrigation installations a it works at just 0.1 bar. as Described as the future of automatic watering, C Cloud Controller is perfect for gadget gardeners w want to have full control of their garden who w watering anytime, anywhere. The mobile app a allows users to remotely set, pause and adjust w watering schedules. The app also includes a local w weather summary and push notifications about c changes to weather patterns – encouraging users t pause schedules and save water when the to g garden has been watered by a heavy downpour. Highlighting the opportunities for garden centres, Hozelock’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Dixon said; “An increased number of people across the nation experienced the many benefits of gardening this year, including the physical and mental wellbeing support, and we expect to see this trend continue in 2021. “With the population also becoming increasingly mindful of their environmental impact, this gives garden centres the opportunity to diversify their product offering further and help customers to reduce their water usage in the garden and make life easier for themselves, without having to compromise on product performance.” > For more information visit: