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Coco & Coir – Coco Boost Coco Boost

Produce homemade natural and organic solutions out of plants to make liquid feed or natural insecticide for your garden. It’s easy with the BioMix, which has a lid and integral mixing action to ensure that the leaves decompose quickly whilst the smell is contained. The resulting nutrient-rich tea can safely be used on all garden plants and the plant debris makes a quality compost activator.

100% PEAT FREE - based on natural coir with added nutrients – is the perfect peat-free multi-purpose potting compost. Creating the ideal rooting and growing conditions for all plants growing in pots and containers. The 5KG compressed coir brick is a handy, convenient size expanding to 75-litres of compost. Packed in easy to carry eco-friendly packaging. Also available in 1KG blocks.

RRP - £97.99

Norfolk Leisure Here at Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd our stock of Keter products are 100% recyclable, designed to last and have no waste from production. Sustainability is the key focus behind their packaging, transportation and waste and they continue to have a zero-production policy of any single use product, helping to combat the global concern of single use plastics. 01553 811717

Railroad Tie & Carolina Border The popularity of the colour grey shows no sign of abating in 2021. Recognising this, Primeur has updated its bestselling product ranges to ensure that grey options are made available. The bestselling Railroad Tie, which provides a rustic touch to paths, will now be available in a grey colourway, as will the new Carolina Border collection. This new border style is the perfect example of understated elegance, with a curved top and sleek geometric lines. Primeur RRP £16.99 Launched: September 2020 /

Coco & Coir - Coco Grow Coco Grow - 100% PEAT FREE - made from 100% natural coconut pith, a natural by-product of the coconut farming industry. Coco Grow can be used in soil-less potting mixes or mixed with soil. Good for potting up, planting and rooting. Available in 2 sizes: 5KG (75L) and 650g (9L). Convenient and lightweight packed in easy to carry eco-friendly packaging. Southern Trident Ltd RRP: £12.99 / £5.99 Video link:

Coco & Coir – Coco Grow+ 100% PEAT FREE - based on natural coir with added perlite - is the perfect peat-free compost for seed sowing and taking cuttings. It creates the ideal rooting and growing conditions for all seedlings and young plants. Available in 2 sizes: 5KG (75L) and 1KG (15L). Convenient and lightweight it is packed in easy to carry eco-friendly packaging. Southern Trident Ltd RRP: £14.99 / £6.99 Video link:

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Southern Trident Ltd RRP: £14.99 / £6.99 Launched: 14/09/2020 Video link:

Fatty’s Organic Spirits Soil Association certified 100% organic, handcrafted vegan-friendly spirits. From bottling to branding, our sustainable values are paramount. For the conscious consumer who wants to feel good about what they drink. Formbar Limited Formbar Limited have a wide range of products made from recycled materials, including trolley baskets and plastic trolleys. Contact us for more information or visit our website. Garden Pride Marketing Limited Garden Pride manufacture in the UK using raw steel which is the most recycled product in the UK, all off-cuts are reused, and the steel is milled in the UK. Garland Products Garland Products/Worth Gardening is proud to be a sustainable manufacturer. For over 55 years, we have only used 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic on every possible product we manufacture. Greenworks Greenworks specialise in cordless garden machinery, convenient, emissions free solutions for garden tasks. With a range of voltage platforms, 24v, 40v, 48v & 60v, we have the perfect garden tool. Growth Technology Ltd The Focus Range of Repotting Mixes is now Peat Free (apart from Carnivorous Repotting Mix) and in recyclable plastic bags for great results in a sustainable way. Handy Distribution The UK’s largest garden machinery wholesaler, offering leading brands such as Webb, Greenworks, The Handy, Q Garden, Flymo, Kärcher, Bosch, McCulloch, Solo, Walsall Wheelbarrows and many more. Henry Bell The Henry Bell Wild Bird Food range comes in recyclable packaging. Using an innovative single source polymer laminate that can be recycled, the packaging protects the foods within each bag. History & Heraldry Eco-friendly Bamboo Crew kids cups, Top Bloke bamboo socks and fragrant natural soy-blend Heart & Home candles. Top-selling, reusable and recyclable personalised gifts, beautifully designed with sustainability at heart. Honeyfields Nature Friendly Farming - Helping feed the nations favourite birds and committed to conserving British wildlife. Dedicated to continually supporting biodiversity and innovating new, highly nutritious bird food. Keel Toys Ltd Keeleco soft toys manufactured from recycled plastic waste. 100% recycled 100% huggable KinderGarden Plants Young plants supplied in recyclable paper pot/labels. All items of POS collected and refurbished every year so less correx/plastic being sent to landfill.