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SUSTAINABILITY DIRECTORY FOR 2021 Ecofective The ecofective® Child and Pet Safe range is designed to meet the increasing demand for safer home and garden care, consisting of feed, control and cleaning products. elho We call it the beauty of waste. 80% made from recycled plastic, 100% recyclable. We recycled 8,400,000 kg of plastic waste this year plus we manufacture with 100% wind energy. Evergreen Garden Care New Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ is a new range of 100% organic growing products which performs as good as conventional feeding products and is fully certified by Organic Farmers and Growers.

Peat Free compost gets front of house billing at BGC's newest garden centre, Thatcham, in October 2020

Fallen Fruits At Fallen Fruits we are proud to reduce our impact on the environment through using recycled materials where possible, FSC Certified Wood and dramatically cutting down transportation distance of products.

Bokashi Composter

Pure Sprayers

A kitchen composter which provides a rich fermentation liquid and a base for compost. All organic kitchen waste can be composted, not just vegetable waste, but table scraps, fish and meat too, providing a fertiliser liquid in just 5 days, and compost for your plants in 15-20 days.

Apply your homemade solutions using a Pure Sprayer - ultra-resistant seals are compatible with products such as white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, citric acid. Each Pure Sprayer comes with a fine filter bag to remove particulates and prevent the blocking of the sprayer. Available in 5L, 1.5L and 1.25L capacities. The Pure Kit (pictured) comes with a separate container for storing your solutions.

RRP - £79.99 bokashi-composter/

Pure Kit RRP - £41.79 pure-kit/

YOUR KEY TO O PROFITABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, & SUSTAINABILITY. The New Greenworks 24/48 Dual Voltage Range is a highly profitable addition to your business. Offering the benefits of 48v power and performance, and 24v weight and balance. The new platform allows the 24v battery to be used in nearly 50 garden and DIY tools from lawnmowers and grass trimmers, to chainsaws drills and grinders. One battery for all tasks.

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