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Join the recycled rubber revolution

Recycled material is not a new concept. Whether its recycled paper, cardboard or plastic, recycled materials have been a part of our daily lives for many years. Material made from recycled rubber tyres, however, is still in its infancy, especially when used to create functional products within the garden retail sector. One company that is bringing to life this exciting material is Primeur. Here the company digs a little deeper into recycled rubber innovation and what it means for both retailers and consumers. Did you know….? Every year more than 2.5 billion tyres are produced worldwide, each one replacing a tyre that has reached the end of its lifecycle. Until now, most of these end-of-life tyres would have been made into rubber crumb for use in children’s play and athletic surfaces, or sadly headed to landfill where they would take in excess of 80 years to decompose. However, a fresh look at this rubber crumb material – 6kgs from every tyre – has opened up many uses while shining a light on the significant benefits beyond reducing waste within landfill. Since 2017 Primeur has helped to repurpose more than 5 million tyres every year, giving these recycled materials a second lease of life in the nation’s gardens. Environmental protection, coupled with a long list of benefits for retailers and consumers, make these products some of the most exciting on the market today. Recycled rubber – benefits for retailers & consumers Recycled rubber benefits from being virtually indestructible, making it a superb choice for planters, stepping-stones, deck tiles and garden borders, all of which traditionally have a lot thrown at them during their time in the garden. Whether its extreme winters, scorching summers, excessive rain, daily wear and tear, recycled rubber will withstand it all. The ma aterial is designed to not rot, fade or crack, and can tackle even the most vigorous impact of lawn nmowers and nylon cord trimmers. Recycled rubber also o means that these produ ucts are much lighter than their stone or concrete counterparts, meaning they are much easier manoe euvre around the garden. The e flexibility of the material also enssures that installation is quick and d simple, making it an ideal soluttion for even the novice garden ner. The material benefits of

recycled rubber products also offer significant opportunities for retailers. The indestructible quality offers peace of mind in that stock will withstand the challenges of transit, warehousing, and on the shop floor where accident-prone shoppers can reduce stock holding. Double-digit growth for Primeur’s Eco Garden collection Since the launch of Primeur’s Eco Garden collection in 2017 7 the garden retail sector has been quick to opttimise the profit opportunity of the range. 202 20 in particular has been a year of significcant growth for the range, with double-dig git increases and further expansion expected in the coming year as the new 3 million strong ‘garden ning army’ continues to engage e with gardening. Jenn ny Douthwaite, sales director at Prime eur, said: “Despite one of the

toughest environments that the garden retail sector has ever experienced, the exceptional performance of the Eco Garden range is not a coincidence. Long before the pandemic reshaped the retail environment in a way that no-one could ever have predicted, consumers were actively seeking products with true green credentials, and lockdown only served to reinforce the nation’s desire to protect the planet for future generations. The sustainability message has clearly resonated with retailers and consumers alike, and we’ve no doubt that demand for these products will increase significantly in the coming season. At Primeur we are excited to be leading the charge and are pleased to be making it easy for retailers and consumers alike to access these products as we firmly believe sustainable material innovation should be for the many, not the few.” > Find out more on 01274 518800 or email

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