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The seven C’s of wry… Boyd J Douglas-Davies, HTA President


feel a wry smile coming on as I think back to the conversations had with HTA Board members three plus years ago when I was approached regarding the possibility of becoming President. My reference notes of those meetings remind me of various phrases…. “It’ll be a settled time”, “Brexit will have happened during Adam’s time”, “You should have one of the quietest presidency’s in living memory”. Oh my, how they were all so right…. not! But far from cussing them all for slightly inaccurate predictions I’m proud and pleased to have been able to play a small part in the HTA’s history over the last two years. As I approach the end of my presidency, I can see so

Boyd Douglas-Davies took over the Presidency of the HTA from Adam Taylor at Glee 2019. He hands over the mantle to Brett Avery later this month.

60 September 2021

we are a green industry - despite the claims of some in the media from time to time…

much progress has been made by our industry despite the challenges of Brexit and the horrors of Covid. Collaboration – within hours of “Lockdown1” being announced all industry organisations were in discussion and plans were being contemplated around the best way to lobby government. I am certain that we would not have generated the high levels of positive press coverage without working together. Daily calls settled into a weekly pattern and continue to this day on a now monthly basis. It is absolutely vital that we don’t lose sight of the benefits of collaboration and the various trade bodies must continue to work closely for the good of all. Considerate – for some life has become more complicated whilst others have looked to simplify and declutter. Individual opinions have become more important than ever, so we need to embrace all lifestyles and ensure we are accommodating as many as possible through what we do. Concern for the environment is growing at the fastest rate ever known. We can’t ignore this. In fact, we should embrace this as our industry is the single best placed to help make a difference. The products we provide are at the root of the solution and we mustn’t forget this. Growers and suppliers to retail have had a challenging time over the last 2 years and as customers we must be considerate of their problems. Showing a little understanding and consideration for their problems will go a long way. Confidence – we are a green industry - despite the claims of some in the media from time to time. We should never lose sight of this and should shout from the treetops about the good that we do for the planet. This confidence shouldn’t drift towards complacency though and we must always back up our claims with credible and understandable evidence. Over the last couple of months, I have had the opportunity to visit several of the major trial grounds in the UK. Everything from lawn treatments to best petunias and peat-free

listen, understand and solve happily (L.U.S.H.) should be the industry mantra going forward...