GTN September 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK

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WESTLAND ARE GROWING LAWNS ‘NATURALLY’ NATUR AL Today’s consumer is more eco-conscious than ever, with three in every four people avoiding the use of chemicals in the garden. Choosing natural products that are safe for children, pets and wildlife are factors that are front of mind for many gardeners. Westland continues to drive this category with over 200% growth in the natural lawn market over the last five years. To build on this Westland are strengthening their range of child and pet friendly products, all providing a sustainable, natural, friendly choice that deliver outstanding results for every lawn.



Safelawn liquid lawn n feed is an exciting new addition to the Safelawn range, a 100% natural product rich in seaweed to create a deeper, stronger root system. In an easyto-use liquid format, it delivers an optimised nutrient mix to give a dual action boost to every blade of grass and encourage long-term greening. Suitable for use during the summer, its naturally low salt content also means it’s ideal for use on young lawns.

Lawn Revive


Lawn Meadow w


LawnRevive is a natural lawn thickener that brings lawns to life in 3 ways:




Moss Master


Moss is the most common problem in lawns. With the moss treatment category growing 35% year on year, MossMaster offers a fantastic, solution for today’s gardener. A natural formulation with no need for raking, MossMaster transforms moss into feed, through a unique bacterial action. It also has an added long term feed to keep the lawn looking strong, green and healthy. With no black patches, gardeners achieve the results they want, fast!

Encouraging biodiversity has become a key choice for all gardeners as they play their part in creating a better environment. Westland LawnMeadow is a unique blend of 20 types of wildflower and lawn seeds mixed with soil granules ensuring the best and most natural results. A simple sprinkle will enhance any part of the lawn in weeks and soon on attracts bees, butterflies an nd a variety of other wildlife.