GTN September 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK

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PHOSTROGEN PLANS A GROWTH SPURT FOR SEASON 2022 WITH A REBRAND AND SIGNIFICANT EXPANSION OF ITS PRODUCT RANGE FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS, British brand Phostrogen has been delivering the performance that people need to get the most from what they grow, making them proud of what they have created. Despite many changes in gardening habits through the decades, one thing has remained the same – Phostrogen’s purpose: to enable British gardeners to reap more from their endeavours.

As part of the next stage in the brand’s history, Phostrogen has unveiled a rebrand and significant expansion of its product range. Until now the brand has been famed for having one hero product – it’s All Purpose Plant Food. However, throughout 2022 the range will expand to 11 different products with the key introductions of new liquid feeds as well as organic options too, to offer a full range of products under one brand name. All of the organic range is certified by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G). The refreshed appearance blends heritage, provenance and modernism, with clear signposting making it easy for the customer to see why the product is right for them, whilst providing the reassurance that the Phostrogen name brings.