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THE NEW REVOL UTIONAR Y SMOKEL ESS FIRE PIT • No wood smoke fire pit. • Burns hot in 10 minutes • Refill candles bought from your retail outlet • Burns hot for 10 - 12 hours • Immediate ignition and out in seconds Our sustainably sourced Crop Candles produce a high calorific heat similar to conventional Firepits but without the wood smoke. The Candles have NO PARAFFIN in the formular thus very little smoke, effectively the most sustainable options for outdoor living. We have made a beautiful composite surround that appears identical to wood, making it an amazing revolutionary Fire Pit. Easy to Light in a few minutes and even easier to put out in seconds by just replacing the lid. Perfect for those with close neighbours, who will be unaware of any smoke from the fire pit, and for their friends, who go home without smelling of bonfires. Ideal for properties with both small and large gardens. Gone are the days of fetching more logs - our fire pits burn HOT for as long as 10-12

hours and as little as 15-30 mins, without the need for any maintenance. Enjoy the constant therapeutic and hypnotic dancing flame. Unlike logs purchased at petrol forecourts, the customer will return to the same retail outlet to purchase the refills. This will result in more traffic in your stores. Our customers have given us remarkable reviews online, attracting garden centres, event organisers, garden designers and glamping companies. The Crop Candle Fire Pit is being protected with Patent Pending / Design Copyright and Prior Art protection meaning our new age of fire pit designs are here to stay and paves the way to a more sociable, economical and sustainable form of outdoor heating moving forward. If you want to add this to your range of outdoor heating let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Website: Tel: 01491 411 565 Email: The Crop Candle Co. Ltd 13 Market Place, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 2AA