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Glee 2021

Name that Seed Mix! Copdock Mill used Glee as an opportunity to engage with retailers by asking them to vote for the name of their new bird seed mix, which includes aniseed. Visitors to the stand can vote for their preferred name from the following options:- Attract More Birds, Birds that Brunch, Enchanted Delight, Wild Attraction and Twitter Party with the winning name; Wild Attraction, announced on Thursday. The Copdock Mill team have joined up with Songbird Survival – a national charity that funds research into song bird decline and provides advice and solutions on how to reverse this worrying trend. Over the last 50 years there has been a reduction of 50% of song birds in the UK. Copdock Mill have provided the charity with £25,000 over the course of their initial two-year partnership – helping to fund important research and raise awareness through adding information to the product packaging.

Paper trials for Keift & Sonss With sustainability on everyone’s lips at Glee, it was no surprise to find a number of new packaging solutions alongside the product innovation, especially the drive away from single use plastic. To address the issue of the perforated plastic packets in which euro-hook pre-pack bulbs are sold, bulb supplier Kieft & Sons had decided to trial paper packs. “They worked very well for bulbs like daffodils, tulips and crocus but we discovered they are not so suitable for things likee dahlia tubers, because of the higher moisture content,” director Anthony Bird told us.

Pleydell Portraits Design and business consultant Paul Pleydell of Pleydell Smithyman Ltd invited three visitors to his Glee stand to show their creative sides – by sketching a portrait of him. Glee event director Matthew Mein, Mark Murray of Newspan and Ferry Breugem of Smiemans all duly obliged, with the results on show for all to see on the stand. “They all produced a good likeness, but I think one in particular captured my image very well,” Paul told us. Which one? You decide – and let Paul know!

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