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New Product Directory for 2022 Log Store EP Barrus Ltd RRP £249.99 - 399.99

Pentagon Grey Firepit Woodlodge Products RRP £249.99

Contemporary log store to bring a change to your outdoor or indoor living area. Zinc

The Pentagon Grey firepit is made of a stone effect lightweight magnesium composite

plated to stop rusting with a powder coat in anthracite for long lasting use. The NEW log

with perforated steel for easy air flow. It has a compact and collapsible design and is multi-

store comes flat packed for easy assemble and storage options.

functional in use, doubling as a cooking grill and its contemporary design will appeal to

Tensegrity Fire Bowl - 'Lambda' Fusion Fire Bowls RRP £526 Lambda' so called because the base forms the Greek letter lambda. The innovative frame forms an amazing structure which appears to defy gravity. The only thing connecting the bowl with the ground are cables and a chain. There is no rigid connection. Fill-A-Bag Firewood Green Olive Firewood Co RRP £9.99 A Reusable, Natural & Biodegradable Hessian Bag alongside loose filled barrow bags of Kiln Dried Hardwood logs for a Refillable option bringing consumers back into your store. The Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are used for home heating for fireplaces indoors and out in Firepits, Pizza Ovens & Stoves.

urban dwellers. Folding Garden Bar Zest 4 Leisure RRP £129.99 The Folding Garden Bar makes outdoor entertaining easy taking moments to construct. No assembly required, simply unfold the side panels, fold down the hinged shelf and add countertop. The multipurpose bar makes a great centrepiece or can be displayed against a wall, as a BBQ side table or potting table.

Plants, Seeds and Bulbs EASYCare Grass & Foliage Greener Azpects Ltd RRP £16

Hornsey Hammocks Folding Hammock Frame Hornsey Hammocks RRP £349.99

EASYCare Grass and Foliage Greener is a revolutionary product designed to disguise

A new folding wooden hammock frame that supports over 200kg and can be folded away

unsightly bare or brown patches on lawns and hedges, giving the appearance of living grass

for storage or transport to a quarter of the size in less than a minute. Perfect for gardens

and foliage in a matter of seconds.

without strong walls or trees, and also don't want a bulky hammock frame taking up their whole garden all year round.

Miracle-Gro Professional Super Seed Hard Wearing Lawn Evergreen Garden Car RRP £14.99 - 59.99

Stainless Steel Moon & Stars FirePit Globe Hull Fire Pits Ltd RRP £500 We have laser cut moon & Stars out of 1.5mm stainless Steel and formed it into this amazing fireball globe. Manufactured at our workshop in Hull. Laser cut from 1.5mm, Grade 304, Polished Stainless Steel. THIS WILL NOT RUST! IGLOO Recool Biodegradable Cooler IGLOO Coolers RRP £12.99 Introducing the world's first cooler made entirely from biodegradable materials: RECOOL. Designed with a 16-quart capacity which is big enough to fit plenty of drinks, ice, and food for an all-day adventure for a family of four. RECOOL can biodegrade and return to the Earth after use. Dragon Fire Pit Jukali A dragon shaped firepit,very unique and arousing. Sure to wow!

New Miracle-Gro Professional Super Seed Hard Wearing Lawn is a unique combination of regenerating professional seeds coated with controlled release fertiliser and Soil Improver. It is the perfect solution for a multipurpose lawn that is high tolerant to enjoy with kids, pets, friends and family. The high nitrogen feed encourages young seedling growth for a thicker, greener lawn and the calcium helps re-balance the soil pH and neutralises urine burns in lawns. Unlike most grass seeds, Super Seed works with temperature as low as 6°C Aglaonema Red Star JAVADO RRP £16.99 Aglaonema Commutatum Red Star is a new hybrid with striking bright red leaves. The coloration on this plant is surreal - we have never seen anything like that before! Aglaonema's are extremely easy to grow houseplants. Cuddly Cactus JAVADO RRP £16.99

Kamado Joe - Kettle Joe Kamado Joe RRP £549

This is a South American tree-like succulent evergreen cactus. This brand new cactus is a

The Kettle Joe is a 57 cm kettle grill with unique ceramic cooking features that improve

fantastically cuddly cactus species that has no spines! This plant is absolutely perfect for

heat retention, fuel efficiency, and smoking ability. The Divide & Conquer system allows you to cook foods at different temperatures. The grill also comes with the revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert. Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 Masterbuilt RRP £849 The Gravity Series 800 Digital Charcoal BBQ + Smoker & Griddle by Masterbuilt, experience the power of GravityFed‚ charcoal grilling with traditional grates or a full flat top griddle. Set the temperature on the digital control panel or your smart device and the DigitalFan does the rest. 2022 Cozze 13" Pizza Oven Millarco International AS RRP £249 New for 2022 and with its UK launch at the GLEE fair in September 2021 is the new improved 2022 13" Cozze Pizza Oven.

the home where pets or children can come into contact with the plants! Spathiphyllum Diamond JAVADO RRP £24.99 A new and only variegated Spathiphyllum. The variegated leaves are so spectacular end beautiful that the plant is wonderful without flowers. But when the plant grows in good conditions, flowers coming again and again. Spathiphyllum cleans the air in every room. A wonderful issue ad this time. Granvia ® Pink Flame Imp MNP Flowers RRP £NIP This stunning Xerochrysum has large bubblegum coloured flowers with a yellow centre, masses of these large straw paper flowers adorn the plant from Spring until the frosts come. The flowers open in daylight & attract so many insects to the nectar produced, many bees & butterflies can be seen on each plant every day. Easy to grow, great in pots or

Norfolk Grills Infinity Gas 4 Burner Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd RRP £1199 The Infinity is a premium grill packed full of special features designed to ensure your grilling experience is flawless. Store your essentials close-by using the handy condiment

the border, this plant is a real winner at consumer level, being so tactile and buds that open and close with the day and night, it’s amazing! The flowers can be cut and dried too!

store, towel holder and tool hooks. The rotisserie accessory is included along with rear and

Kids' Grow Your Own StrawberriesTaylors Bulbs RRP £5.99

side burners.

Each kit contains coloured zinc bucket, peat free compost, dwarf Strawberry seeds and

Flatdog Portable BBQ Grill ProQ Barbecues & Smokers RRP £89.99 A folding barbecue that is still big enough to feed a family. Folds up thinner than a box of matches and you simply flip it over to get it ready to cook. Perfect for people that want a barbecue that is as easy to store away as it is to set up. ProQ Bacon Curing Kit ProQ Barbecues & Smokers RRP £18.99 Buy some pork, cure it for a week and hey presto! You've made bacon. Our kit contains everything that you need to transform a pork belly or loin into delicious bacon that is ready to cook. If you want even more flavour - buy a cold smoking kit! utoka 20 utoka RRP £179.99

growing instructions. Each bucket measures 14cm x 12cm. Kids' Grow Your Own Sunflowers Taylors Bulbs RRP £5.99 Each kit contains coloured zinc bucket, peat free compost, dwarf Sunflower seeds and growing instructions. Each bucket measures 14cm x 12cm. Kids' Grow Your Own Tomatoes Taylors Bulbs RRP £5.99 Each kit contains coloured zinc bucket, peat free compost, dwarf Tomatoes seeds and growing instructions. Each bucket measures 14cm x 12cm. Mushroom Growing Kit Urban Farm It RRP £20

Your own personal, portable hard cooler: utoka 20 is our everyday cooler. A great

A forward thinking and eco-friendly range of all-inclusive oyster mushroom growing kits

companion for day trips, family picnics and overnighters. The carry handle ensures easy

that enable all people the opportunity to grow mushrooms at home, indoors or outdoors.

transportation, even when filled with your favourite food and drinks. Compatible with

These kits are different in look, function material use and productivity to anything else

Canoes, Kayaks and Paddleboards.

available today.

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