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Garden Centre Photo Tours



1. The completely covered planteria gets customers right out to the full plant displays and allows for plenty of relevant product placement. 2. A recent trip to Koopmans UK showroom yeilded plenty of summer outdoor fun activity products. 3. Planters had the widest range of garden lighting suppliers we saw on our road trip. 4. The lack of garden furniture to display has prompted some creative displays that are cross selling other arden products for outdoor leisure.



Planters of Tamworth

5 and 6. The new crazy golf attraction at Planters is already proving popular. Moutains are the theme and they are all to scale, starting at Ben Nevis, passing Mount Rushmore and ending at Everest. 7. Selling the story for Coir as a Peat Free replacement in the growing media sales area. 8. What a welcome! Planters may have many attractions but plants are the stars! 9. A comprehensive gardening shop area oozes authority and choice.

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