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Teamwork wins through at Fron Goch


he Silver Award Mid-Sized Centre Greatest Christmas Team at Fron Goch have made many changes since our last visit in 2019. A new building, centre entrance into the Planteria, more covered space and a welldefined route through the now clearly defined ranges with the feel of Christmas throughout the store. It’s clear the excellent team work together on buying and bringing ideas together.

Instant Community Charity connection for Hillmount Cheshire


pened in August, Hillmount Cheshire has been welcomed by the community locally and their work with local charities and hospitals to increase awareness has won them a Bronze Award for The Greatest Christmas Community or Charity Initiative. A Santa event to raise funds for Warrington Hospital Childrens Charity and 35 Riley dog soft toys given to the local Childrens Hospice prompted the Mayor to visit in December.

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