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Sales bloom as Vitax grows A series of key investments has led to another year of growth for Vitax as it begins to reap the benefits of its decision to expand its facilities in 2017. Renown throughout the industry for its key brands such as Slug Gone, Q4 and Nippon, Vitax expanded its operations at the turn of the year by extending its production facility in Skelmersdale and warehouse in Coalville. Coupled with the investment in new, cutting-edge machinery and a sizeable increase in the sale of Slug Gone, overall sales at the company have bloomed. “The success of the 2016/17 season highlighted that we were working to full capacity to meet the demands of our customers and a change was needed to meet future growth,” says Carl Welsh, Vitax’s managing director. “The new facilities at both Skelmersdale and Coalville ensured we were well prepared to meet customer pre-season orders. “Reliability is essential with customer

satisfaction key to our success both now and in the future. It is this reliability and ensuring orders have been delivered on time, which has led to an overall increase in sales from last year,” says Carl. However, it is not just the investment in the new facilities that has attributed to a bumper season as Mark Butler, national sales manager at Vitax, explains: “Vitax continually listens to its customers which led to the launch of a range of weatherproof pouches to help garden centres, which ultimately led to the purchase of new machinery. “Sales of the new pouches has been phenomenal. Combine this with the new point of sale material to help garden centres improve sales and it’s easy to see why we are on track to exceed this year’s targets,” says Mark. As the company goes from strength-tostrength, it says a final goodbye to one of the industry’s stalwarts. Colin WetherleyMein, who has been with the company for over 25 years, will eventually be taking a

Glee 2018 – it’s all about the experience Hot on the heels of last year’s success, Vitax will be taking its experiential marketing stand one step further in 2018 as it continues to showcase its award-winning packaging and point of sale material. New product lines will be on show as well as additions to key ranges, but supporting garden centres to help educate gardeners and recommend the right product is at the top of the agenda. “This year we are trying to bring a whole new experience to the Vitax stand by helping visitors visualise how products could look in their centres and how displays can point gardeners in the right direction to choose the right product,” says David Griffiths, Vitax’s marketing manager. Vitax Garden World’s ambassador Andy McIndoe, will also be on hand to talk guests through his latest projects, products and videos, which are all targeted to help gardeners make easy choices and drive them into garden centres. 4To find out more about Vitax, please visit: Hall 8, Stand C30-D31. well-earned retirement at the end of August. “Colin has been instrumental to the success of Vitax and we would like to thank him for all his time, energy and commitment for what has been a truly remarkable career,” added Carl. 4For more information about Vitax’s products, visit: www.gardenworld.co.uk

Packaging scoops top GIMA award Vitax has scooped one of the garden industry’s top marketing awards for its innovative, weather-proof pouch range. Recognised as one of the garden industry’s most prestigious award ceremonies, Vitax took home this year’s GIMA award for ‘Best Consumer Product Packaging’. Vitax launched its latest weather-proof pouches at Glee in 2017 with the judges stating its ‘good clear packaging, which is easy for consumers to understand’ and ‘increased sales’ were two of the key reasons for Vitax’s success. David Griffiths, marketing manager and product packaging designer, says: “Responding quickly to what gardeners want is vital and the pouch range was developed to aid garden centres promote products next to plants and shrubs, especially within their outdoor plant displays. “To win a coveted GIMA award is fantastic and against such great competition.” In addition to taking home a coveted GIMA Award, Vitax was also named as a finalist in the ‘Supplier of the Year’ category, which is a tremendous achievement as Carl Welsh, managing director at Vitax,

Left to right: David Griffiths, marketing manager and packaging designer, Carl Welsh, managing director and Mark Butler, national sales manager. explains: “The ‘Supplier of the Year’ award is particularly sought after and to be named as a finalist recognises the efforts and improvements Vitax has made as a business over the last year.”

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David Domoney reveals how garden centres can engage with local people


Right up your street TV gardener David Domoney says there’s a quick and easy way for garden centres to engage with their local communities…become an ambassador for his Cultivation Street campaign. GTN’s Trevor Pfeiffer caught up with David to find out more. David Domoney’s Cultivation Street campaign, now in its sixth year, is actively engaging with communities and schools across the UK by encouraging gardening activity in a variety of ways. The free service offers growing guides, hints and tips on layout and design, fundraising and marketing ideas, and social media advice, all of which help schools and communities to carry out new and existing gardening projects. Three years ago Cultivation Street launched the Garden Centre Ambassador scheme with the aim of sharing knowledge and skills of traditional garden centres with their local communities “It derived from a ‘buzz’ group, which included Ed Webb, Adam Wigglesworth and representatives from schools and communities,” said David. “It became clear that schools and communities needed someone to talk to about gardening, a landing point at a garden centre to engage with. As a result the Ambassador scheme was set up. All it entails is putting a postcode into a website and finding a professional friendly garden centre that can offer support and advice.” Cultivation Street and the Ambassador scheme has grown every year, with many independent centres and groups getting involved.

2 August 2018

“Cultivation Street opens up a huge opportunity for garden centres to engage in a positive way within the local communities and schools so they get to be seen as more than just a retailer – somebody who’s playing a positive and influential role in the area,” added David “I’ve always had this great belief that our unsung heroes, the best kept secret, is the plant advice team in a garden centre


where there’s fully trained people willing to give advice on garden design, plant choice and pest and diseases, all for free. Garden centres should be identified by communities as a first stop to get quality information and guidance. “The garden centres in many cases can be the enabler to take it from a dream into a reality. I am not suggesting that they’re giving away free stuff. They’re not doing

EDITORIAL & ADVERTISING Garden Trade News, Potting Shed Press Ltd Dairy Drove Thorney Peterborough PE6 0TX Tel 01733 775700 Fax 01733 775838 gardentradenews@tgcmc.co.uk www.gardentradenews.co.uk

Gary Bissett, of Inverness Garden Centre, holds workshops for kids, parents and grandparents to encourage home growing. anything other than they would normally do if anybody else came in. “It’s almost a garden centre crusade. We have a campaign that’s costing us nothing with supportive posters and other materials. It’s not related to an association, completely flying without the power of bigger organisations, just the coverage in the Daily Mirror and our sponsor, for this year, Calliope Geraniums. “But the momentum and kindness that runs around it is enormous. I’m talking about the kindness of these guys who are often visiting a school in their own time. The social media that is generated brings a wider audience too.” David may now be watched by audiences of four million on ITV’s Love Your Garden but his roots are steeped in garden centre retailing. “I started off as an apprentice at Notcutts Solihull, before the current centre was built, in the shop department and then a year in the nursery. Then after a spell at Peterborough I managed the store in Bagshot which was one of the first million pound garden centres in the country back in the 80s. “After heading up a buying team for lots of multiple garden centres, I really wanted to get back to talking about plants and that’s why I went into the media to try and reengage, a born again horticulturalist.

“Love Your Garden is a hugely emotional show and I see it as a chance to encourage more people to engage in gardening, and to visit garden centres where I learned my gardening knowledge. I realise just how much passion people have in the retail section.” David believes community and schools gardening are great ways of future proofing our business. “In many cases the products of the community gardening – the plants and grown products – are almost a by-product for the other beneficial things that it gives to society in general within the local area,” he said. “It dramatically reduces isolation and loneliness where people are living in houses and away from their families so that they can engage and meet other people. It shows a great benefit in supporting the generational difference. “I’ve always hated the fact that some kids are shouting at pensioners and the like, showing disrespect, but when they’re working it shows a very positive thing. Obviously, it has huge health impact both mentally and physically. In addition to that there’s a reduction in anti-social behaviour and crime in areas where there are community gardens and it pulls a community together to keep an eye on.

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Continued from page 3 “You generally see the raising of house prices too. So, you see all of these immensely positive things that are happening in the fabric of the local society. I’ve always believed that gardening is a fantastic conduit to heal some of the social problems that we have in this country. “I believe we are sandwiched between the two greatest gardening generations. The generation that didn’t have to and didn’t want to and the post war generation with Dig for Victory when all the kids were gardening in gardens and allotments and were taught gardening in school. “School gardening is key again. We’re seeing a massive influx for those people who have children of primary school age where key stage 1 & 2 are now being taught gardening. As a result we’re seeing a push from the younger generation for the first time into homes where I believe it’s the right of every child in Britain to have access to gardening and if they’re not gardening at home, gardening at school. Gardening at school could be encouraging the parents to garden at home as the kids take them back.” From entries into this year’s Cultivation Street Ambassadors Awards it is clear that garden centres are being the catalysts for a lot of positive gardening activity and breaking down old barriers at the same time. “I think people visiting garden centres, saying they want to start a school garden or a community garden, have that positivity within them. There is a huge amount of emotion, usually from one or two people who want to do something. There is a gap between what they want to do and how to do it. I see garden centres as the bridge between those two points. A positive, friendly person in the garden centre is the best person to help them. “One of my proudest days has been joining a garden centre plant manager on a visit to a school, and seeing the kids engage with horticulture. Knowing that we’ve been a part of that is very special.” If you want to be part of Cultivation Street and unlock your greatest secret of fantastic plant advice to enable community and schools gardening in your area go to: www.cultivationstreet.com or email alice@cultivationstreet.com

4 August 2018

Zoe Stanmore, of Dobbies Southport, has obtained a grant to help a local couple start up their own community garden.

Sophie Lyall, from Haskins Garden Centre, has been an integral part of revamping a local school’s garden.

Littleheath Garden Store’s Graham Bicker is excited to get local beekeepers involved in showing the children the importance of bees.

Paul Hanson, of Notcutts Peterborough, delivering Calliope Geraniums to a local school.

Thirty packs of Calliope Geraniums were handed out by Louise Canfield, Aylett Nurseries, to local school and groups.

Carol Watson and her team at Notcutts Tunbridge Wells hold a range of workshops for all ages and abilities every month.

Lisa Bond, Poundbury Garden Centre, is vlogging her journey and has a feature on the Dorchester Hospital Radio Garden Show.


Debbie Wrigley, Perrywood Garden Centre, has run several schemes, including Green Up Your Gaff.


Greatest ideas Be inspired by GTN’s Greatest Outdoor Award-winning teams. The winners received their awards during SOLEX last month.


GOLD AWARD SILVERBIRCH How often have you walked into a garden furniture showroom and gone WOW? The award-winning Christmas Display team at Silverbirch in the Clyde Valley have now created that special WOW feeling with their summer garden and home living displays. Shafts of sunlight, loads of plants, a great range of furniture right alongside a superb home display make their furniture so inviting. No wonder they were at SOLEX looking to seriously increase their buying for 2019. Well done to Silverbirch for making garden furniture come alive. Even in a small space you can sell the dream!

SILVER AWARD HILLVIEW GARDEN CENTRES A real team effort won Silver for Hillview Gardenstore’s furniture sales teams. Their Britain’s Best Buy campaign meant the EPOS team started work at 7am every day to check prices and set theirs for the rest of the day. That meant the teams out in the store, including the groups furniture stars from Billing, always had the best prices to sell at, meaning no lost sales and a significant group-wide increase in furniture business.

BRONZE AWARD POPLARS GARDEN CENTRE If you want to increase footfall to your furniture showroom you just introduce an animated T-Rex! That’s what the team at Poplars did with tremendous social media activity that drew big crowds and increased sales too. That’s why ‘Roary’, as customers named him, won our Bronze Award this year. We can’t wait to see what they add in for next year!




Greatest ideas Be inspired by GTN’s Greatest Outdoor Award-winning teams.


GOLD AWARD HAYES GARDEN WORLD The Gold Award for The Greatest BBQ Sales Team of the Year 2018 goes to Hayes Garden World. Their investment in a large, permanent BBQ sales area is really paying off, allowing them to sell barbecues all year round and pick up high value sales from Lake District visitors that get delivered all over the country. Trying before you buy is a key component of their offering with regular demos and the constant offer that if a customer wants to try out a barbecue they can fire one up in the testing area anytime. The Hayes team are also doing great job of selling high value linked items such as leather aprons and specialist meat carving knives. With the barbecue showroom on the way to the enchanting Hayes Fairies and Dragons grotto they will be picking up loads more sales during the summer holidays.


BRONZE AWARD CHESSINGTON Once again, first through the doors every day of SOLEX, the multi award winning team from Chessington upgraded to Weber World Status this year and sales of all barbecues rocketed. Chessington’s furniture displays had colour co-ordinated cushions, plants and flowers to create that must-buy-me feeling.

The BBQ teams at Blue Diamond Garden Centres have been doing a great job this year. They really make an effort to find out their customers requirements and then have a great range to ensure they can complete the sale. At East Bridgford, which only opened in April this year, they are even able to sell their own Blue Diamond brand products as “customers love the garden centre and understand the quality of the brand.”

8 August 2018



SOLEX SIZZLES SOLEX celebrated another successful show last month with both exhibitors and visitors agreeing it had been a highly profitable event. Here are some of the highlights.

Alexander Rose celebrate in style This year’s SOLEX saw Alexander Rose’s largest ever product launch as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. Through its wood, weave and metal ranges there were dozens of new lines to suit every taste and budget. The Sherwood range has been the talking point for many buyers, matching a traditional feel with stylish looks. Crafted from sturdy Acacia with a clever hand-finished texture, this extensive collection of furniture boasts true Alexander Rose quality at an affordable price. Alexander Rose’s comfortable Beach Lounge collection now has a range of dining options, with the same blend of comfort and practicality. Simply titled “Fresco”, the powder-coated aluminium frames are matched with a range of tops either in Roble wood, durable HPL or with a slatted aluminium finish. The award-winning Cordial collection has also been enhanced with the addition of a range of dining furniture. Boasting the same marine-grade rope for durability, table options are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Barlow Tyrie unveiled a small handful of new lines at SOLEX, whetting the appetite for a full roll-out of launches later in the season. James Tyrie is pictured with the new Atom design. James said that because the company makes most of its own products, it reaps the benefit of shorter manufacturing lead times, so many of 2019’s innovations are still under development, without compromising delivery schedules. SOLEX visitors get an exclusive preview of the Atom range of table and chairs being introduced for the new season. The chairback not only represents the iconic atomic symbol but also enables an innovative means of attaching the back support cushion. Also new are a new Titan square pedestal table and bar stool in the Rustic Teak range.

Committed to providing high quality

It was family affair on the Norfolk Leisure stand as Debbie Waudby introduced her daughter Jasmine to her first SOLEX appearance. They’re pictured on the new Nevada corner seating units and coordinating table from the company’s popular LIFE brand, which showcased 30 ranges at the show. LIFE is an aspirational brand now well established in the UK market. All models features the all-weather cushions unique to the brand. This exceptional cushion retains its shape, colour and unique features for the whole life of the furniture and does not deteriorate. Norfolk Leisure are one of the first companies to achieve LOFAssured certification, which included an exceptional result on the LIFE cushions when tested by FIRA.

10 August 2018

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the outdoor leisure industry, La Hacienda is committed to providing its customers with high quality products and excellent customer service. And the category champions of Outdoor Heating certainly impressed visitors of SOLEX at the NEC. Visitors to the La Hacienda stand were the first to see some exciting new additions to their successful outdoor heating lines, including the impressive ‘Brava’ from their range of large, deep bowl firepits, and the Moho Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit with Steel Stand, a GIMA Awards finalist.

In demand for Christmas A new gothic tunnel from Ascalon has proved a big hit with SOLEX garden centre visitors who want it for their Christmas displays. Garden centres have been telling Ascalon’s MD Rhodri Stokes-Rhys (pictured with sales agent Mark Purkis) that the 2.4m by 4m gothic tunnel will make a perfect entrance for Christmas departments – and some have requested delivery by October for the start of the festive sales season.



August 2018 11


SOLEX SIZZLES Shrugging off the showers

Broadcaster and writer David Domoney, brand ambassador on the Hartman stand at SOLEX, demonstrated the company’s latest allweather cushions, which have been rolled out across the company’s garden furniture ranges. Hartman Weatheready permeable cushions are made from a water-resistant fabric that allows water to bead and run off. In heavier persistent rain, water penetrates the sewing seams but flows through the permeable fabric and out through the mesh base beneath.

Does the drift towards city living and the growing number of single-person households mean people have to sacrifice the pleasures of barbecuing? No, say BBQ specialists Cadac. Compact barbecues like Cadac’s Citi Chef 40 are easily accommodated on the smallest patio or balcony – and don’t even need a large bottle of gas. They can supply a 500g gas canister with regulator valve that will do the job just as well, whether cooking for one or a small family.

Zest 4 Leisure create a buzz

Zest 4 Leisure created a buzz at SOLEX with the launch of its new range of products and with its unique ‘double decker’ stand. Visitors were delighted with the company’s outdoor timber garden furniture for the 2019 season. There was a flood of interest in the new Noah’s Arbour and it was the product that particularly ‘wowed’ visitors to the two-tiered stand.

The revolutionary new Weather Shield fabric proved to be a massive attraction for visitors to the A. Mir and Co stand. Here’s a brand new fabric that’s waterproof (not just resistant but genuinely waterPROOF), stainproof, UV-resistant and luxuriously soft to the touch. Torrential rain? No problem, just shake it dry. Red wine or ketchup spills? No problem, just wipe it clean. Try it for yourself on the A. Mir stand – and find out why, with years of experience in the outdoor furniture industry, the company are renowned as the market leaders. Working closely with their customers, A. Mir create a wide range of unique designs.

Bramblecrest scooped the Best Stand at SOLEX and received the trophy from Mark Osborne, chairman of LOFA, on the first day of the show (pictured above). Supremo picked up the Best New Product Award (right) for its ‘Fire-Pit table.

12 August 2018


Stock Outs? Meadow View Stone’s multiple sites alleviate issues With the universally late start to the season, the instant demand for stock to be supplied quickly was a vast cry from our customers that we all needed to hear. Reacting to this surge in demand would have tested the best, but with three dockside storage facilities holding in excess of 35,000 tonnes and three production sites retaining over £2million pounds of stock, Meadow View Stone were well placed to instantly react. Sarah Hill, Marketing Director, said: “Our 20-acre production site in Rye really helped to take the pressure off this unprecedented business spike, whilst also easing the demand on our logistics network with all our southern based customers supplied from here, we could in essence simply book the haulage.

“It’s of primary concern that our customers receive full, on time deliveries, in a quick and reliable manner, so to hear positive feedback from so many of our customers during this busy spell is a fantastic endorsement for our customer service levels.”

With Elho’s clever ideas it’s never been easier for urban gardeners to love their balcony and get closer to nature. Show your customers that their balcony can be so much more than a bike shed or dumping ground for that cross trainer they never use.

on their balcony, even when the Summer is over. Extending balcony use – and gardening season - well into the Autumn.

There’s an Elho Green Basics pot or planter for every nook and cranny. If your customers don’t have floor space to spare on their balcony, use planted up pots to demonstrate creative ideas for railings, tables and hanging spaces. Liven up a wall with Balcony Pot Holders, or make a humble drainpipe look good with Drainpipe Clickers. And show aspiring gardeners with tiny balconies that they can grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables – thanks to the Flower Bridge Grow House.

Contact details: Sarah Hill Tel: 01629 630500 sales@meadowviewstone.co.uk

Many Elho pots and planters come with an in-built water reservoir. If plants are overwatered, or a heavy summer rain shower comes along, the excess water is collected. So your customers don’t need to spend hours tending to their plants. They can just sit back and enjoy the sunshine. And happy plants mean happy customers, who keep coming back for more.

The trend for vertical gardening is perfect for customers who don’t have a lot of space. With a brightly coloured Corsica Vertical Garden they can have colour


T: 07910 212155 E: david.nicholson@elho.nl www.elho.com www.facebook.com/elho

August 2018 13


WIN a VIP ticket to spoga+gafa spoga+gafa are offering GTN readers the chance to win a VIP ticket to the international trade exhibition. Experience the entire garden world at spoga+gafa, taking place in Cologne, Germany, on September 2-4. spoga+gafa is the number one event worldwide among the garden fairs. About 2,100 exhibitors from all over the world show their trends and trigger off the decisive developments of the coming season. Thanks to the clear structure you receive an overview of the entire industry. The segment Garden Living, comprising of garden furniture and decorations, is traditionally the largest section of spoga+gafa. International exhibitors present their products and services across eight halls. The Outdoor Furniture segment is rounded off by the garden unique platform which offers premium brands. In the Garden Creation & Care segment everything revolves around plants, their cultivation and of course their care. In addition to the appropriate machines, tools, garden equipment and the necessary accessories, everything on the theme of living green can be found here - right through to biochemistry and soils. Specialised dealers can particularly look forward to the repeated participation of Landgard. The Grill and BBQ industry presents its Garden BBQ segment in a depth that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This is where world-famous and exciting new brands from all over the world show what is and what is going to become important on the barbecue scene. The new format Outdoor Kitchen World was introduced in 2017. The special events programme enriches the trade fair experience. Here trend themes such as smart gardening, battery techniques, plant growth and the design of the POS areas become an experience. The events are accompanied by lectures and guided tours. 4 Further information is available at www.spogagafa.com

14 August 2018

THE VIP PRIZE 4Free admission to the trade fair on all days 4Entry to the VIP Lounge for two people 4Free use of the cloakroom 4Free catalogue 4Use of public transport system for free



SPECIAL EVENTS PROGRAMME Smart Gardening and Batteries Being outside is recreation: Anyone who spends time in his outdoor living-room - whether in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace - wants to relax and enjoy his free time. So, it is no wonder that the garden manufacturers are focusing more and more on themes like battery technology, smart gardening and the perfect fertiliser and plant protection. Because they make working in the garden much easier for people. That is precisely why spoga+gafa is concentrating on these themes. The rapidly developing sections have exciting innovations and new technologies to offer this year!

HOW TO ENTER To stand a chance of winning one of the 10 VIP spoga+gafa tickets on offer all you have to do is answer the following questions, emailing them to trevor.pfeiffer@tgcmc.co.uk To give you a clue, all the answers can be found in this feature. Question 1: In which German city is spoga+gafa held? Question 2: Name the segment of the show which features BBQs. Qestion 3: Which segment revolves around plants?

Smart and flexible The trend towards digitalisation and networking has also long since arrived in the garden. Apps notify the user when the lawn has to be cut or when a flower bed needs watering and send the robotic lawn mower straight off or switch on the connected irrigation system. Some systems even provide data about the soil humidity, temperature and light intensity - and optimise the mowing frequency to suit the prevailing weather conditions. Lighter, quieter, more flexible, odourless – the advantages of battery-driven devices compared to petrol-driven garden appliances are numerous. Thanks

to the significantly increased battery performance of modern products, the few remaining disadvantages are becoming superfluous - opting for battery-operated devices is easier than ever before. The latest innovation of the manufacturers: A battery that fits inside different devices, both a favourably-priced and sustainable solution. As the largest garden trade fair in the world, spoga+gafa presents the current innovations in the sections Smart Gardening and Battery Technology on the theme platforms Smart Gardening World and IVG Power Place Akku in the scope of the segment Garden Creation & Care in Hall 6. Soils, fertilisers, plant protection The development and production of high-quality soils, peat, fertilisers and substrates as well as sustainable plants and plant protection offers the basis for a wide variety of species for public and private green spaces. Hence, for the first time exhibitors from these sections will be presenting these at individual stands on Passage 4/5 in the IVG Power Place Green. Through big brands, international lectures and the latest ideas on fertilisers, soils, substrates and co, a further theme hotspot at the largest garden trade fair of the world is arising here.


August 2018 15


Focus on Garden Care Glee 2018 exhibitors share their thoughts and experiences on this year’s new, revitalised show and what they have planned for the 2019 gardening season Garden care is a thriving market with consumers spending approximately £1.7 billion on everything they need to care for and get the most from their garden. From gardening tools and equipment to essential plant feeds, composts and fertilisers, this sector makes up a large chunk of the garden retail market which is worth in excess of £5.7 billion. Consumer spend on garden care and tools increased by 6% last year as families and millennials seek to create and maintain the perfect outdoor space. (HTA Garden Market Analysis Report 2017). Here we talk to some of the top garden care brands who will be exhibiting at the 2018 show to find out how Glee fits into their business strategy, how their sales change as a result of Glee, as well as the very latest news and insight into new products being launched at this year’s show. Pedigree Garden by Bulldog Tools is a new generation of tools made of stainless steel for the gardener who appreciate design, elegance, good looks and performance in equal measure. Pedigree aims to bridge the gap between garden tools and gifts for both the new and experienced gardener. The garden retail market is also evolving as consumer needs change as Head of Brand, Sarah Cottle explains: “Business has been good but hard won. Customers want help and advice in every area from complete merchandising solutions through to extensive marketing support, both of which we supply. The ‘quick win’ attitude to sales has gone, and we find that customers want a friendly, direct and efficient relationship that runs consistently, throughout the year. “It’s also the simple things like having plenty of stock at all times which they expect and we can give as we have our own warehousing facility in the north and the south of the country which has been a huge bonus for us this year. We are also seeing more of a ‘cross-over’ sell in the coregardening and gift sectors. People expect to have the tool functionality but it must also look good. Previously there has been a lot of emphasis on pretty packaging but the tools have not performed for the customer,

16 August 2018

because of Bulldog reputation for strength and quality we are making large in-roads into this area.” With fertilisers and weedkillers making up £3.21 million of garden care spend, ecofective® is a fairly new brand to the market, having been launched by Sipcam UK at Glee in 2016. With gardeners actively looking for more ecologically friendly products, the show has now become a staple in the brands marketing calendar. Matt Jones of Sipcam said: “Glee provided the perfect platform to launch the ecofective natural solutions range of home and garden care products. We were able to network directly with potential customers and display our complete product portfolio, including our POS offerings. We received positive feedback from visitors and met with some key buyers within the industry. The 2017 exhibition saw the launch of our Child and Pet Safe range, designed to meet consumer demand for greener, safer garden care. But it’s not just our product range that has expanded since we started exhibiting at Glee; our distribution network and internal sales and marketing team have also seen growth. We’re now working towards Glee 2018 and look forward to what the show has to offer.” One of the long-standing Glee exhibitors is Evergreen Garden Care Company (previously The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd, who have made the show one of the key staples in its marketing plans. Reflecting on past shows and product launches, Jane Hartley, Customer Marketing Manager of Evergreen Garden Care Company said: “Glee is a fantastic opportunity to reach 650+ garden centres at the show before our preseason sell in starts, which gives retailers insight into our plans for the forthcoming season. It is important to present our news in a dynamic way and Glee gives us that opportunity. Retailers can touch and feel our new products, instead of watching a powerpoint presentation in an office.” Another Glee veteran, having exhibited


for 30 years is Gardman, whose business has grown over time with the show. With Gardman having had a challenging start to 2018, Marketing Director, Will Hemmings is feeling positive and looking forward to this year’s event. “This is a really exciting year for us. After our warehouse fire in March, we have had the opportunity to re-focus our ranges and build on our previous success. This year you can expect to see a new range of Moulton Mill tools, brand new furniture covers, innovative artificial products and some new innovations in our Wild Bird Care brand that have come out of hours of consumer research.” At the other end of the spectrum, garden and power tools manufacturer STIHL UK is a newcomer to Glee, making its debut in 2017. With an increase in spend in this sector due to consumers wanting to take the physical strain in gardening, STIHLsaw the event as a platform to promote its range of professional and domestic machinery to garden retailers as Head of Marketing, Simon Hewitt explains: “STIHL started working with quality garden centres around a year ago. Glee seemed like a suitable place to be to introduce ourselves to other garden centres who may be interested in working with STIHL so we decided to exhibit in 2017 and were keen to return again. “Garden centres are a new opportunity for STIHL and as Glee is the most relevant trade show for garden centres and horticulture, we see it as the place to be to maximise this opportunity! It is a great for fostering relationships across the garden centre industry.”

To keep up-to-date on the latest Glee news visit www.gleebirmingham.com. To enquire about exhibiting at Glee 2018 call 020 3033 2160, or email daniel.mcalpin@ gleebirmingham.com to find out more about sponsorship opportunities within the 2018 Retail Lab at Glee.

d E an LE 21 e G E m at nd Co us ta S e se ll 8 a H

Going potty over award-winning products Following on the back of their first hugely successful spring and summer season exhibiting at RHS Chatsworth, Hampton Court, Tatton Park, Gardeners World Live and BBC CountryFile Live; Jardinopia have involved the general public and trade partners in seeking a broad church of opinion to help them make market driven product decisions and evolve the next generation of their award winning (GLEE at Spring Fair Best New Product 2018) Potty FeetTM plant pot feet range. Based on this much-valued feedback and as a direct consequence of a fantastic first 9 months in business, Jardinopia are more than doubling their product range this autumn and will be formally launching a further 30 plus Potty FeetTM products at GLEE in September.

The new Potty FeetTM range includes twelve additional dog breeds, horses, a variety of cats, birds and flowers, together with a new palette of colours. Indeed, given the unprecedented reception the gardening and gift market has given to the Potty FeetTM brand in 2018, Jardinopia also have a further 35 Potty FeetTM designs in prototype stage, which will be ready to launch in early 2019. Jardinopia have also enjoyed a number of commissions this summer to create bespoke Potty FeetTM for trade clients. Further exciting commissions are now underway both in the UK and internationally, where Jardinopia create Potty FeetTM based on the exact requirements of their trade clients. In addition to the Potty FeetTM brand, Jardinopia will be launching two new complimentary garden and gift brands early next year, that will begin to create a much wider range of unique and associated products under the Jardinopia Ltd umbrella, enabling the company to increase its support of their most cherished charitable organisations. They are also now expanding internationally with relationships in the USA, Canada and Germany.


4Jardinopia look forward to seeing all of their existing trade partners and introducing new ones to the Potty FeetTM range at GLEE in September.

August 2018 17


Plant sales Winners & Losers

GTN’s Bestsellers Analyst, Trevor Pfeiffer, has created a Top 50 Chart for the first half of the year to find out which plant genus and groupings have been the winners in the plants sales charts during this season of huge extremes. At the end of June 2018, the GTN Bestsellers All Plants Volume Sales index was running at 8.5% up on last year after being 22% down at the end of April. I doubt if anyone in April thought we would get to that position, let alone see 12 consecutive weeks of plant sales volumes up year on year. At the top of the chart Pelargoniums (including zonal geraniums) have increased their sales by 19%, providing glorious summer colour, but Primulas only increased sales by 1% after they were cut short by the wet and cold March and April. Bellis and Agapanthus have been the undoubted star movers of the season with Bellis sales up by 813% to move up to No 8 from No 60 in 2017 and Agapanthus moved from No 132 to No 33 on the back of a 558% volume increase. On the veg plant side Tomato plant sales increased by 33% to move them up to be the third biggest bestselling plant of the year so far. Perhaps some of this increase is due to the cold weather early on deterring people from growing for seed, or maybe it’s because there have and continue to be a great supply of plants that are tempting people to buy. Plants that have lost out this year include Lavendula, down by 17%; Viola, down 29%; and Impatiens, down 19%. They have all moved down our popularity chart as a result, but the following plants dropped completely out of the GTN Top 50 this year: Cyclamen, Anemone, Thymus, Aubretia, Lettuce and Mint. Of the Epos data we cannot include in our plant genus groupings chart because it is listed with a generic ID we can see that other Houseplants – Cacti and Succulents – have increased in sales by 22%. Usually plantarea managers are praying for a ‘normal’ year while they are prepping their displays in January. After this year of extremes perhaps we need to be thankful for whatever weather comes our way and relish in the knowledge that garden centres are best placed to serve the market’s need when it comes on stream. To keep up to date with the GTN Bestsellers All Plants Sales index and the Top 50 plants all you need to do is buy a subscription to GTN Bestsellers. That costs £145 for a year and can be purchased on-line using the link in GTN Xtra; www.gardentradenews.co.uk or by e-mailing karen.pfeiffer@tgcmc.co.uk

18 August 2018

This year

Last year

Plant genus

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

1 2 4 3 6 5 7 60 8 12 15 24 13 10 14 17 11 9 16 21 18 23 19 29 20 22 32 25 27 30 28 48 132 37 36 43 33 35 40 34 26 92 106 42 47 44 39 51 46 58

Pelargonium Primula Tomato Petunia Fuchsia Begonia Dianthus Bellis Osteospermum Nemesia Rose Narcissus Lobelia Lavandula Bacopa Lathyrus Impatiens Viola Verbena Pansy Alyssum Strawberry Dahlia Hebe Erysimum Pepper Calibrachoa Cucumber Cosmos Argyranthemum Salvia Campanula Agapanthus Lupinus Orchidaceae Hedera Bean Ericaceae Geranium Tagetes Antirrhinum Alstromeria Cineraria Courgette Hydrangea Helleborus Diascia Heuchera Clematis Papaver


Volume Sales Change 19% 1% 33% 14% 29% 2% 27% 813% 3% 4% 5% 69% -9% -17% -8% 9% -19% -29% -12% 12% -19% 1% -12% 30% -18% -12% 30% -5% 6% 14% 11% 61% 558% 14% 11% 25% -11% -10% 6% -13% -36% 201% 269% 6% 16% 8% -4% 22% -4% 19%

Pet trade show shapes up to be a memorable event With so many exciting plans for 2018, PATS Telford is shaping up to be another record-breaking event in September. The two-day exhibition attracted 2,148 visitors in 2017 – the third year in a row that the 2,000 barrier had been broken – and hopes are high that even this record total will be bettered this year. With two months to the show more than 170 companies have already booked their stand space, so retailers and buyers can be certain the exhibition hall at The Telford International Centre will be packed with hundreds of new products. As well as meeting up with a long list of PATS regulars, visitors will be greeted by a host of new faces when the show takes place on Sunday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24, 2018. More than 50 companies are exhibiting at PATS Telford for the first time as they grasp the opportunity to showcase their products to retailers and overseas distributors. Companies like Nylabone acknowledge the importance of exhibiting at the UK’s number one pet trade exhibition. “Following the success of our first PATS at Sandown earlier this year, we are delighted to be showcasing our products at Telford,” said commercial manager Jason Booker. “We are confident that the show will enable us to gain further exposure for our new Edible Snacks range, helping to secure the company’s position in a highly competitive market place.” Jack Walker, of new company Scrumbles, said: “We’re makers of good food for cats and dogs. Having just launched, we are looking forward to meeting independent retailers that can join us on our adventure.” Another new exhibitor, K9 Connectables, is looking for UK distribution partners to help bring its unique range of dog toys and treats to the UK pet market. “We are launching a brand new range of small, medium and large toy sets along with our premium functional treat range which helps to keep dogs entertained and engaged,” said James McIlvenna. More international exhibitors are also using PATS as a platform to launch their products on to the UK market. One of PATS Telford’s most popular features is the New Product Showcase, sponsored by pbwnews, which saw an impressive number of over 300 entries last year. Early indications suggest this figure will increase in 2018, and all items will be displayed prominently in the exhibition hall. To help make the visitor experience even more enjoyable and rewarding, visitors will receive free show entry, free parking, a free catalogue and many special offers. There will also be a full programme of free seminars and grooming demonstrations. 4To register for free entry to the show and to view the full list of exhibitors visit www.patshow.co.uk


August 2018 19




Smart Garden Products are proud of their French team who picked up a prestigious award for Supplier of the Year in the Lighting Category, voted for by garden centre buyers in France. The decision was based on sales potential, product range and innovation, service and availability. This is the first year for this specific Lighting Category award so underlines both the continued growth of solar lighting and Smart’s market leading position in this sector.

3 Cheques for £4,000 were presented to Greenfingers Charity and Acorns Hospice at the GIMA Awards. The money was raised at the GIMA Golf & Activity Day in June. It was also announced during the evening that the Garden ReLeaf Day in March had raised £70,000 for Greenfingers. Garden ReLeaf Day in 2019 will be on Friday, March 22. Greenfingers Charity were also presented with a cheque for £10,000 from LOFA on the first day of SOLEX.

Career Moves


Following its sale to Exponent in 2017, The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd revealed its new company name - Evergreen Garden Care UK Ltd. Evergreen Garden Care has been announced as the new Company name for the business created through the acquisition of the former international business of the Scott’s Miracle-Gro Company. Acquired by Exponent Private Equity in September 2017, the intention is to signal the new ownership and resultant change of strategy by changing the identity of the Company. The change has no impact on the branding of the Company’s marketleading brands – such as Miracle-Gro, Roundup, and Weedol.


The GCA is hosting the International Garden Centre Association congress in Windsor next year. The GCA is expecting 250 delegates from garden centres from all over the world to join it in Windsor for the event on Sunday, September 1 until Saturday, September 7, 2019. Chairman of the GCA, Mike Lind said: “The last time we hosted the event was 10 years ago, back in 2009, so we’re delighted to be hosts once again and to be able to showcase some of the wonderful garden centres we have here in the UK.”

Steve Millington has joined Tom Chambers as National Account Manager. After the successful integration of Bosmere into the Tildenet Group, Steve recently resigned from his position as Gardenware Sales Director. Steve has great experience in the garden trade, staring with Ward Pots 34 years ago. He worked for major companies Fiskars UK, Westland, and CPL before joining Bosmere, where he spent four years, and then Tildenet for two years.

Stewarts Garden Centres has promoted Katherine Hunt from Bedding Supervisor to Plant Buyer for their 3 centres. Kat relocated to the Christchurch area in September 2016 having gained a wealth of experience within London based garden centres for over 10 years. “I was very fortunate to be recruited by Stewarts and to now have this opportunity,” she said

5 At the time of going to press, the sale of Wyevale Garden Centres moved into its second stage. A spokesperson for the company said: “We are delighted in the interest shown in Wyevale Garden Centres by a range of bidders for the company as a whole, smaller groups and individual sites. We are now entering the second stage of the sale where we will be providing further information to those bidders who have made it through this initial stage.”

Full versions of these reports first appeared in GTN Xtra, our weekly e-newsletter mailed direct to registered email addresses to keep readers in touch with industry news as it happens. To register, send your email address to: trevor.pfeiffer@tgcmc.co.uk and put ‘GTN Xtra’ in the subject line.

20 August 2018


Sharon McNair has been promoted to the newly created position of Commercial Director at Tong Garden Centre as the business seeks to enter an ambitious growth phase. Respected in the industry, Sharon has worked in the sector for her entire career and brings almost 30 years’ experience. Meanwhile, Caroline Ellis has been appointed to the newly created position of Play Manager at Grass Hoppers Adventure Playground to develop the Grass Hoppers experience.


Roll of Honour

All the winning products and finalists listed and pictured inside HEADLINE SPONSOR

GIMA SWORD OF EXCELLENCE Winner Neudorff (VineWeevilFree – Nematodes)

GIMA Sword of Excellence Winner: Neudorff (VineWeevilFree – Nematodes) GCA Supplier of The Year Winner: Woodlodge Products Finalists: Burgon & Ball, Vitax, Kelkay Gardenex Export Achievement Winner: Crest Garden Finalists: Smart Garden Products, Trimetals Garden Care Winner: Neudorff (VineWeevilFree – Nematodes) Finalists: Agralan (Permafelt), West Country Soil Improvement (Bloomin Amazing) Growing and Planting Equipment and Sundries Winner: Crest Garden (Flopro Eco Smart Systems) Finalists: Smart Garden Products (Double Tomato GroZone) Burgon & Ball (Garden Supplies Growing & Planting Essentials) What the judges said… A product that says great things about ecological gardening and really opens up the market for consumers. www.neudorff.co.uk

Garden Tools, Machinery and Implements Winner: Gardena (Combisystem Gutter Cleaner) Finalists: Burgon & Ball (Wonder Weed Puller) Stihl (HSA 25 Cordless Shrub Shears/Pruner) Outdoor Leisure Winner: Fallen Fruits (Green Picnic) Finalists: La Hacienda (Moho Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit with Steel Stand) Burton McCall (Thermacell Halo Mini Repeller)


Plants, Seeds and Bulbs Winner: The Willow Wand Ltd (Willow Wand) Finalists: Project Maya (Seedball Natural History Museum Range) Johnsons Lawn Seed (Johnsons Lawn Thickener)

Finalists Smart Garden Products, Trimetals

Garden Landscaping Winner: Primeur (Eco Friendly Recycled Rubber Garden Borders) Finalists: Kelkay (Porcelain Paving and RHS Endorsed Stepping Stones) Gardening Clothing and Gifts Winner: Burgon & Ball (Garden Supplies Collection) Finalists: Briers (Aidan’s Gloves and Julie Dodsworth Lavender Garden Range) Pet Care, Aquatics and Wild Bird Care Winners: Deco-Pak (Quintessentially British Collection) Finalists: Smart Garden Products (Apple & Pear Glass Bird Feeders) Wildlife World (Shenstone Theatre Bird Bath and Drinker) Decorative Pots & Planters Winner: Apta (Laura Ashley Pelham Planters) Finalists: Ivyline (Bamboo Planter Range), Zest 4 Leisure (Stepped Herb Planter) Garden Lighting, Water Features and Ornamentation Winner: Smart Garden Products (Eureka Firefly lantern) Finalists: The Solar Centre (TrueFlame Solar Torch Light) Smart Garden Products (Genoa Cascade) Best Point of Sale Material Winner: Crest Garden (Kent & Stowe Love Your Lawn Display Stand) Finalists: Kelkay (Get Creative), Burgon & Ball (All You Need Merchandising Kit) Best Consumer Packaging Winner: Vitax (Fertiliser Range in Weatherproof Packaging) Finalists: Westland (Indoor Potting Mixes, Feeds and Watering Range) Kelkay (Premium Pot Toppers) Best Marketing Communication Campaign Winner: Evergreen Garden Care Company (‘Water Is Not Enough’ Campaign) Finalists: Westland (Resolva Pro), Stihl (Garden Magic TV Campaign)


What the judges said… Crest Garden has expanded distribution to over 40 countries worldwide with the Kent & Stowe garden tool brand. British designed quality has appealed to customers worldwide, with resulting sales growing hugely within existing accounts. During the last 12 months, Crest has targeted Canada and the USA, where they were able to secure distribution within key distributors, multiples stores and core garden centre groups. Additional listings were secured with Mitre 10 in New Zealand, and Mountfields in the Czech Republic. Sales in Sweden via two distributors have also grown by 200% YTD against last year. www.crest-garden.com


GCA SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR Winner Woodlodge Products Finalists Burgon & Ball, Vitax, Kelkay

What the judges said‌ Woodlodge continue to deliver a great service and GCA members often remark that they go beyond what they would expect from one of their suppliers. The team at Woodlodge always work really hard for customers and genuinely help drive their businesses. The company also offers great stock, a reliable and efficient service, all managed by a great team, made up of knowledgeable people. www.woodlodge.co.uk



GARDEN CARE Winner Neudorff (VineWeevilFree – Nematodes) About the winner… For the effective treatment of Vine Weevil larvae in pots, beds and borders. Also effective against Fungus gnats, Cucumber beetle, Bagworm, Gall midge and many more. The judges said: Unique in that it is the first ambient product with a shelf life that really helps both the retailer and the customer. www.neudorff.co.uk

Finalists Agralan (Permafelt) West Country Soil Improvement (Bloomin Amazing)

GARDEN TOOLS & MACHINERY Winner Gardena (Combisystem Gutter Cleaner) About the winner… Two scrapers for efficient dirt removal, and stiff bristles for excellent cleaning results. Includes a handle so that the tool can be used without a Combisystem handle. The judges said: A great solution to an everyday problem, with a good price point. www.gardena.com/uk

Finalists Burgon & Ball (Wonder Weed Puller) Stihl (HSA 25 Cordless Shrub Shears/Pruner)



OUTDOOR LEISURE & ENTERTAINING Winner Fallen Fruits (Green Picnic) About the winner… 100% biodegradable green picnic range. Attractive areca palm plates and bowls, napkins and tablecloths in a jungle foliage design. The judges said: This product’s environmental credentials really appeal to the current market trends. www.fallenfruits.co.uk

GROWING & PLANTING EQUIPMENT & SUNDRIES Winner Crest Garden (Flopro Eco Smart Systems)

Finalists Burton McCall (Thermacell Halo Mini Repeller) La Hacienda (Moho Oxidised Cast Iron Firepit)

About the winner… Eco Smart products are solar efficient irrigation – essentially the more the sun shines the more the irrigation system automatically waters for you. The judges said: The Eco credentials of this product make it a standout winner. www.crest-garden.com

Finalists Smart Garden Products (Double Tomato GroZone) Burgon & Ball (Garden Supplies Growing & Planting Essentials)

PLANTS, SEEDS & BULBS Winner The Willow Wand Ltd (Willow Wand) About the winner… 100% sourced and produced in the UK, from sustainably and traditionally grown English willow, helping to revitalise long established rural industry. The production process also creates skilled local jobs in the UK horticulture sector. The judges said: An innovative, affordable and decorative product that will really appeal to younger gardeners. www.willowwand.co.uk

Finalists Project Maya (Seedball Natural History Museum Range) Johnsons Lawn Seed (Johnsons Lawn Thickener)


GARDEN CLOTHING & GIFTS Winner Burgon & Ball (Garden Supplies Collection)

About the winner… These gorgeous designs (pictured above) bring fashion and flair to practical gardening gifts, to create a range of useful and welcome items which really are just that bit more special. They are truly small items of desire. The judges said: A beautifully crafted collection and perfect gifts for gardeners, young and old. www.burgonandball.com

Finalists Briers (Aidan’s Gloves and Julie Dodsworth Lavender Garden Range)


GARDEN LANDSCAPING Winner Primeur (Eco Friendly Recycled Rubber Garden Borders) About the winner… Made from recycled car tyres, which have been diverted from landfill. By helping to re-purpose this waste we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. The judges said: There is nothing like this on the market. Eco-friendly, affordable and does the job. www.primeur.co.uk/garden/

Finalists Kelkay (RHS Endorsed Stepping Stones and Porcelain Paving)


GARDEN LIGHTING, WATER FEATURES & ORNAMENTATION Winner Smart Garden Products (Eureka Firefly Lantern) About the winner… A new take on the successful Eureka lightbulb, incorporated into a caged lantern. The Firefly Lantern can be hung or simply used as a tabletop or floor lantern - extremely versatile. The judges said: A very commercial product, driving huge sales. www.sgpuk.com

Finalists The Solar Centre (TrueFlame Solar Torch Light) Smart Garden Products (Genoa Cascade)

PET CARE, AQUATICS & WILD BIRD CARE Winner Deco-Pak (Quintessentially British Collection) About the winner… Range of birdhouses and feeders. The judges said: Whimsical and charming – a fantastic take on the traditional bird houses. www.deco-pak.co.uk

Finalists Smart Garden Products (Apple & Pear Glass Bird Feeders) Wildlife World (Shenstone Theatre Bird Bath and Drinker)

DECORATIVE GARDEN POTS & PLANTERS Winner Apta (Laura Ashley Pelham Planters) About the winner… Pelham is one of the earliest known Laura Ashley designs, taken from a silk scarf hand printed by Laura and Bernard Ashley in the 1950s. Named after the first London Laura Ashley store, the Pelham design has a timeless, handcrafted feel. The judges said: A great design and the perfect style statement. www.apta.co.uk

Finalists Ivyline (Bamboo Planter Range) Zest 4 Leisure (Stepped Herb Planter)



BEST POINT OF SALE MATERIAL Winner Crest Garden (Kent & Stowe Love Your Lawn Display Stand) About the winner… The stand has stunning POS panels that softly aid the sale. The most important element of this stand is that it seeks to help educate and advise consumers on how to keep lawns looking their best all year round – prepare, improve and maintain. The judges said: A well thought through display with good clear messaging – they clearly had the customer in mind! www.crest-garden.com

BEST CONSUMER PRODUCT PACKAGING Winner Vitax (Fertiliser Range in Weatherpoof Packaging)

About the winner… A range of specialist and multi-purpose feeds packaged in weatherproof pouches. The judges said: Good clear packaging – excellent design to go outside and increase sales next to plants. www.vitax.co.uk

Finalists Finalists Burgon & Ball (All You Need Merchandising Kit) Kelkay (Get Creative)

Kelkay (Premium Pot Toppers) Westland (Indoor Potting Mixes, Feeds and Watering Range)

BEST MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA Winner Evergreen Garden Care Company (‘Water Is Not Enough’ Campaign) About the winner… The campaign was introduced to increase the plant feeding category penetration by educating new users on why water is not enough to get healthy, beautiful plants and reminding existing users to feed more regularly to get great results. www.lovethegarden.com

Finalists Westland (Resolva Pro), Stihl (Garden Magic TV campaign)




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