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Best Easter since 2011 The 2021 Easter fortnight was the biggest in terms of volume sales since Easter 2011 and up by 16% on Easter 2019. Hooray! Making Easter garden centre trade comparisons is always difficult as the dates vary each year, and of course, the weather can be a big determining factor. However, looking back over 10 years of GTN Bestsellers All Products Sold data shows that Easter 2021 was 28% busier than the average for the Easter fortnight between 2011 and 2019, and 59% higher than the last time Easter happened at the same time in April 2012. Week by week sales analysis of the GTN Bestsellers Epos data shows that volume sales dropped slightly during the second week of Easter 2021 but were still way ahead of sales records for the same week since 2015. This unprecedented growth in demand, whilst generating record takings, has created huge pressures for growers, suppliers and garden centres with replenishing stocks being held up, pre-sold and in some cases non-existent. As ever, garden centre folk are great at finding an alternative to sell and so are still able to find ways of keeping customers satisfied. The continued steady influx of new customers is also causing new problems as they are asking new

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questions, in particular when it comes to compost and the peat issues. GTN reader John Ainscow, owner of Summerseat and Bradley o Fold Garden Centres has been puzzling with how best to answer p his h customers questions about peat and CO2 emissions. He p writes: “Lying in bed this morning w I thought that the carbon stored in a peat bog is completely static, not decomposing. Perhaps when it is d disturbed and has oxygen available d then decomposition and the release t of CO2 can occur. But surely it o isn’t as simple as that, and this is is my point, most peat finishes back m in the ground so is it a gross over statement to say all the peat used in horticulture releases all its carbon back into the atmosphere.” In the next issue of GTN we hope to answer John’s query and pull together as much relevant information as we can about the peat issue and it’s implications for the future of gardening and garden centre retailing. Whilst out and about visiting centres again this month we found Aylett Nurseries had implemented their own Peat-o-meter to help customers understand the make up of their growing media products on sale. What ideas have you developed to help with customer decisions? And what are your views on the peat issue? Do let us know:

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GTN April 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK  

Unprecedented Demand - Record Easter UK garden centre sales lead to stock shortages. In this issue of news and information for garden centr...

GTN April 2021 - Garden Trade News, UK  

Unprecedented Demand - Record Easter UK garden centre sales lead to stock shortages. In this issue of news and information for garden centr...

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