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Majority of millennials want gardening to be simple and easy

Recent research reveals that 84% of millennials would not garden unless it was simple to do, their gardens were easy to maintain and they would appreciate gardening being made easier. The research was conducted by Common Sense Gardening, an initiative from the Garden Group of the Crop Protection Association. “It has already been reported that the UK is hungry for horticulture and there has been a 29% increase in millennials enjoying gardening. Our research highlights how we can keep growing their interest and sew the seeds for their continuing involvement,” said Gary Philpotts, chairman of the Common Sense Gardening initiative. The Common Sense Gardening initiative’s latest research also highlights that: of millennial gardeners grow produce to cook with almost half growing tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and even potatoes, over a quarter grow their own herbs. said they grow their own produce as a cheaper alternative.



14 April 2019

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ever conscious of their own wellbeing, grow their own produce for health reasons garden in their very limited spare time as a hobby, and to improve their wellbeing. Interestingly, the initiative’s 2019 research which showed the need for simplicity, ease of garden maintenance and gardening in general to be made easier, backs up the statistics which came out of The Common Sense Gardening initiative’s 2018 research which showed: would likely spend less time weeding their gardens believe that garden care products are fundamental to the proper maintenance of their gardens need a faster impact on remedying problem areas

40% 25% 37%

The Common Sense Gardening initiative works to ensure the safety of garden care products and assists consumers with any of their gardening issues.

“It provides gardeners with tips on the safe usage, storage and disposal of the garden products they use on a day to day basis, which helps to meet the growing environmental concerns of millennial and other gardeners alike,” said Philpotts. “With the increase in millennial gardeners, it is not surprising that the latest Gardening Trends Report last year stated that the overall UK garden market is now worth over £5bn annually. If we want the market to continue to grow, the entire industry needs to make sure that we help millennials to garden how they want, and that they ‘keep gardening’.” Visit

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GTN April 2019