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Garden talk

Issue 4, 2016

Be water savvy this Summer


Festive Memories catalogue & coupons


Waterwise gardening • Beat the summer heat • Recycling food waste Quench your birdlife’s thirst • Refreshing herb ideas • GardenShop Broadacres

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Editor’s lettter South Africa is a sun-drenched country, and during times of water shortages we undoubtedly need to conserve water and practice responsible gardening practices. If you’re going away this festive season read my article on page 23 for handy hints on holiday watering and page 21 for a list of waterwise plants that do well in pots.


To provide you with excellent service, we have a team of dedicated and passionate gardening experts and there are several ways of directing your gardening queries to us: Online: gardenshop.co.za

Call 0861 G-A-R-D-E-N (427336)

Email us on info@gardenshop.co.za Connect with GardenShop! Daily gardening posts, updates on new plants, trending gardening ideas and seasonal pictures from our garden centres.

GardenShopSA Editor: Deborah Hele

e-mail: deborah@gardenshop.co.za Publisher & Ad Sales: First Wave Media cc e-mail: gardentalk@firstwavemedia.co.za

Patios and outdoor living spaces are centres of attraction this time of the year and GardenShop is delighted with our exclusive Weber shops at GardenShop FloraFarm, Bryanston and Broadacres, we guarantee best prices for all Weber products. Enjoy braaing and cooking outdoors (page 28) with Weber products and summer braai herbs, like Dill, Basil, Thyme and Sage (see pages 7 and 12). A new range of exciting vegetable seeds - RAW - is available at GardenShop (see page 10) and these seeds are great stocking fillers for the festive season. Our Festive Memories Catalogue is full of wonderful decorations and gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Thank you to all our GardenShoppers for your continued and valued support through this beautiful busy gardening year. We wish you wonderful summer days and safe holidays. Happy gardening!

GardenShop Tel: 011 516 9700 Fax: 011 516 9701 PO Box 70966, Bryanston, 2021

P.S Your Summer and Festive COUPONS are available in the magazine.

GardenShop proudly supports:



GardenShop Duranta Collection Say ‘yellow’ to this dazzling plant variety! Quench your birdlife’s thirst Wonderful ways to ensure their water supply first wave media GardenTalk is published on behalf of GardenShop (Pty) Ltd by: First Wave Media cc Tel: 011 640 7354 Web: firstwavemedia.co.za Postal: PO Box 28845, Sandringham, Johannesburg, 2131

Stressproof your garden Keeping your cool and that of your garden! Waterwise gardening How to beat the summer heat Essential holiday watering tips Ensure your plants’ survival

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Love the environment, please recycle this copy of GardenTalk after you have read it!


GardenShop Collection

Duranta GOLD

GardenShop has cultivated plants exclusively for small living spaces. A colour that is so impossibly yellow, a colour that attracts the eye instantly. Duranta over the years has shown its abilitity to be pruned, manicured and shaped. It makes an ideal hedge or windbreak, a feature plant in a pot or plant as a specimen shrub. It needs full sun to attain its beautiful golden coloured foliage, but will grow well in a partly shaded area. Small blue flowers with orange berries are produced in the spring. Can be trimmed to whatever height or shape required.

Short-style Duranta Lollipop R295

Double Duranta Lollipop R495


Become a caretaker of a Lollipop plant A large number of trees and shrubs can be manipulated to grow into a variety of shapes and forms. Training and pruning trees to form attractive and sometimes, strange shapes has been carried out since Roman times, Try pruning and shaping with our selection of plants that have the beginnings of being pruned into Lollipops. Give your green fingers a start on Hibiscus, Duranta Goldmine and Sapphire Showers, Brush Cherry, Freylina Blue and White or Orange Jasmine. Hugely rewarding, these beautiful plants require very little water making them a wonderful waterwise choice too! All these Lollipops are on promotion for R295 at GardenShop until the end of December.

Orange Jasmine

Brush Cherry




Jacaranda — Pride of Tshwane

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Common Name: Fern tree (the tree’s foliage has soft, feathery fernlike leaves.)

We who all live and have grown up Jozi Land have purple blood in our bones. In early spring, the Jacaranda tree is covered with purple-blue, bell shaped flowers that carpet the ground as they fall. It is a myth that if a flower drops on your head you will pass your exams! The Jacaranda is originally from Brazil, but it is popular as street trees in places in South Africa and Australia. The capital city Tshwane, commonly known as the Jacaranda City as it becomes awash with purple. Jacaranda trees are not commercially available in South Africa to plant as they are alien invasive plants and consume large amounts of water. They may no longer be planted. They are for us to enjoy as we drive and walk the streets of Jozi Land.


Summer Herb Show

In November GardenShop FloraFarm will showcase a full weekend devoted to herbs. Discover an array of wonderful herbs to beautify your home and garden - indoors and out! This show is certain to give you terrific ideas on what herbs to plant and use - whether for adding colour, glorious fragrance and of course for enhancing flavours and taste in culinary dishes or drinks, and even for your summer braai recipes! You will be able to chat to the herb experts and green industry allies to grow and care for herbs successfully.

18–20 November 2016 8am–5pm

For more information: GardenShop FloraFarm Cnr North Rand and Trichardts Roads. Boksburg Tel: 011 894 2377/8 | Fax: 011 918 5852 Email: info.ff@gardenshop.co.za Co-ordinates: 26° 10’ 34.7” S / 28° 15’ 15.9



Essential Mulch for Waterwise Gardening In periods of drought and hot weather mulching is essential for the retention of moisture in the soil. This essential waterwise product is proudly made by Culterra, with 50 year’s experience in producing top quality South African organics. Culterra’s Mulch will stabilise soil temperatures, retain moisture in summer and will protect roots from cold weather temperatures. Culterra Mulch will also help to prevent weeds from growing. Be Garden Wise and Mulch.


Birds drink water every day and they also use water for bathing, to clean their feathers to remove dust, loose feathers, parasites and other debris. For these reasons, a dependable supply of fresh, clean water is attractive to most birds. Water in the garden will bring a diversity of birds to your garden that don’t eat seeds and would not normally visit your feeders. Providing water for birds will improve the quality of your garden’s ecosystem and will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to observe and discover new birds.

Water for the Birds Like all living beings, birds need water to survive.

The more water you provide, and the more areas you provide it in, will bring in a greater diversity of birds. Shy birds that would fleetingly visit would prefer to visit a bird bath in a secluded part of the garden with foliage and shrubs for protection and where they won’t be disturbed by cats and dogs. A bird bath in the middle of the lawn would attract doves that are bold enough to take a bath in the open. It is preferable to provide water at ground level as this will cater for a diversity of bird species to visit. An ideal, natural way to do this is to a put in a grinding stone, or a replica thereof at ground level. If too deep for small birds, place a few pebbles in the birdbath where they can perch. To go one step further, and you have the space and budget to allow it, try to create a water feature, pond or a mini-garden wetland that will become sustainable. There is a shortage

of well-designed water features in urban areas and in some cities a non-existence of wetlands – safe havens for birds. One can start by converting a small section of your garden into a wetland. Over time it will become self-sustaining with a developed ecosystem. The combination of water and plant material also creates safe habitats for other life forms that will become part of birds’ diet. Wetlands will provide protection and nesting sites for birds like the Cape Weaver, Masked Weaver, Red Bishops, Malachite Kingfisher and the Thickbilled Weaver. All birds will value any accessible source of fresh water when visiting the garden. It does not have to be elaborate and simple things like an upturned dustbin lid, a car hubcap, an unused cat or dog bowl will be appreciated.



RAW Urban Gardening

Growing your health, one seed at a time

Now availa ble at Garde nSho p

Courtesy RAW Seeds

Living la Vida healthy can be as easy as peeling carrots and you don’t need to give up your urban lifestyle and head to the farmlands either. For the first time in South Africa comes RAW; your urban solution to growing sustainable fresh produce – and you don’t need acres of land to get planting. Advantages to starting with container planting include space, easier access to watering and the ability to ‘follow’ the sun. And just about any plant or vegetable can start out in a container With over 40 varieties in the launch range, RAW ensures that your veggie garden is a work of modern (and edible) art with beauties such as the Rainbow beetroot, Green Zebra tomato and Mardi Gras beans. Seeds are perfect for container gardens or smallspace growing and consist of non-GMO and Heirloom varieties. People are constantly looking for better ways to look after themselves and their loved ones. RAW offers a solution by providing consumers with a cost effective and an easy way to ensure the kitchen is stocked with fresh produce. The smallest and simplest of urban gardens is simply a single container, packed with as many herbs and veggies as possible. From the gardener who wants to spice things up with some serious chili to the aspiring chef who cooks and experiments with different herbs at every meal, RAW is for you. It’s the urban dweller’s answer to the strain of hitting the store daily for fresh produce and the seasoned gardener’s dream when it comes to variety.

Website: www.rawliving.co.za Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RawLivingSA/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rawlivingsa/


Spoil our feathered friends!

An exclusive range of bird feeders and bird food available from all GardenShop stores.

Suet Feeder R245

Nectar Mix High protein drink. 1kg. R95

Small Seed Bell For wild birds. 300g. R65

Peanut Feeder R165 Suet Slabs Value Pack A high protein food for wild birds. 250g. R215

Dual seed and peanut feeder R495

Many other bird feeders and bird food available in store



• • •

Pesto is out, herb drizzle is in - use herb drizzle over crostini, fruit kebabs, corn skewers from the braai, or oven baked potato wedges. Combine ¼ cup olive oil, juice and zest of a lemon or lime, 3 cloves chopped garlic and 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh herbs. Chillies optional. Heat the oil, simmer the garlic for a few minutes, add the lemon/lime juice and stir in the herbs. Swirl them around, remove from the heat and cool slightly before putting into a pouring jar or jug. Use fragrant and aromatic herbs like Basil, Rosemary, Marjoram, Coriander and Sage. Snack and dip - while waiting for coals to develop, serve herb dips with savoury biscuits and vegetable crudités. Add finely chopped Chives, Basil, lemon Thyme or Tarragon to cottage or cream cheese, season with salt and black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Add a spoonful of mayonnaise for extra creaminess. Crostini . . . from simple to sublime - brush the bread on one side with olive oil and finely chopped Parsley, Sage or Dill, and a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper. Bake in a hot oven for 10 minutes until golden brown and crunchy. Cool and just before serving top with a creamy blue cheese spread and onion relish or onion marmalade.

Summer herbs

by Alice Coetzee

Summer food is casual, fresh and shared with friends, whether around a braai or with cocktails and canapes

• •

Herb marinades - try this tasty marinade for fish or chicken. Mix ⅓ of a cup of olive oil, ¼ of a cup lemon juice, one tbs chopped fresh Basil, two teaspoons chopped lemon Thyme, ¼ tsp salt, ¼ tsp pepper, two chopped garlic cloves. Marinade overnight and use for basting too. Make your own herb bread - mix chopped Basil, Chives, lemon Thyme, or Parsley with chopped garlic, add to softened butter, with a squeeze of lemon juice, and spread on thickly sliced French loaf, wrap in foil and heat in the oven.

For more information on the herbs in this article, visit Healthy Living Herbs at www.healthy-herbs.co.za.

Remember, GardenShop stocks all these wonderful herbs!




Stressproof your plants

by Jenny Slabber, Talborne Organics

Have you ever spared a thought for your plants standing in the heat of the sun all summers day long? Here are a few essentials to keep your garden a ‘cool haven’ from the relentless summer sun. • Mulch: Is very important to maintain soil temperatures, as water taken up by roots from the soil stays cool enough when circulating through plant tissue like an air-conditioner. • Compost: Prepare flower beds before peak summer by adding lots of quality compost which acts as a sponge to hold reserves of water from rainfall and watering system as plants need to transpire in order to cool themselves down. • Fertilise: Use organic fertilizers like Talborne Organics VITA which release their nutrients through microbial action rather than water soluble salt based fertilizers which might dehydrate plants by pulling moisture out of the plants roots through osmosis on hot days.

GardenShop recommends fertilising plants as follows before peak summer: Roses, shrubs, flower beds and container plants: with VITA Fruit & Flower 3:1:5(18) at 100g per m2. The Potassium (K) is required to toughen up cells, and also to regulate water balance in plant tissue. Lawns and leafy plants, tropical gardens and trees: with VITA Green 5:1:5(16) at 100g per m2. Both Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K) are required in generous quantities, especially on lawns and leafy plants as they grow as if they are turbo-charged in summer as these nutrients are lost with each mowing so they need to be replenished to keep lawns in pristine condition. Leafy vegetables and herbs: with VITA Veg 6:3:4 at 100g per m2. Fruiting vegetables and fruit trees: with VITA 3:1:5(18) at 100g per m2. Summer seedling beds and containers: with Talborne Seedling Food at 200g per m2 as this will assure you of prolonged flowering and maintain healthy condition of summer seedlings




Waterwise and sustainable gardening to conserve water

South Africa is a sundrenched country, and during times of water shortages we undoubtedly need to conserve water and practice responsible gardening practices. GardenShop encourages homeowners to practice ‘xeriscaping’ – dry landscaping, which emphasis the conservation of water by growing plants that are appropriate to the local climate and using organic materials. Xeriscaping has widening appeal, can be implemented through mulching, plant selection and very importantly soil preparation.


Soil preparation

Composting returns nutrients ‘taken’ from the soil back into the ground and is a valuable component to soil preparation for planting that will improve the soil’s capacity to hold and retain water.

Plant selection

Especially selected by GardenShop to assist you in making the correct choice. Treasure Flower, Gazanias (below) A true waterwise groundcover for sunny positions, hardy, indigenous, tolerates frost and attracts butterflies.

Cape Forget-Me-Not, Plumbago auriculata (above) Excellent indigenous shrub with magnificent white or blue flowers. Plant in full sun. Kingfisher Daisy, (seen on the front cover), Felicia amelloides (far right) Colourful and hardy groundcover that will attract butterflies and bees. Indigenous to South Africa. Selection of Succulents (right) available in a six pack. These value for money Econo Packs are exclusive to GardenShop.

Keep a look out for this symbol in store for waterwise plants and products.

Mulching A thick layer of non-living or organic material spread over garden beds or exposed soil, which reduces exposure to wind, helps to hold and build the soil and keeps water in the root zone. Examples of mulching materials: Gravel, crushed stone, pebbles, bark chips, peach pips or macadamia nuts and mulch. GardenTalk


A Hydrangea with MORE! MORE Flowers!

• Reblooming Flowers heavily on old wood AND new growth • Long-flowering Plants bloom heavily into autumn

MORE Colour!

• Purple, blue and ruby blooms A rainbow of colours as flowers age • Ruby red stems Sturdy and upright

MORE Weather Tolerance!

• Cold hardy Bloomed heavily on old wood AND new growth with no winter protection after 50 days below -17.77°C • Heat Tolerant Deep green, glossy leaves resist wilting in summer heat


Available now at GardenShop



Container Style Versatile, unique and exclusive to GardenShop

A magnificent range of European and Asian imported pots to add flair and style in any garden Visit Gardenshop for your summer container makeovers now!

Tel: 011 918 4620 Fax: 011 918 4619 sales@floraimports.co.za floraimports.co.za FloraFarm Centre, Cnr North Rand & Trichardts Roads, Boksburg


Waterwise plants ideal for pots and containers Most of us live in areas that face drought conditions at some time during the year. Long stretches of high temperatures and heat warnings are not uncommon in the summer months. Many plants can also tolerate heat. Growing plants that are tolerant of drought and heat goes a long way towards having a container garden that performs well under these conditions. They also use less water and less time is spent performing that chore. You still need to water of course, since container plants can’t reach deeper into the soil searching for water, but these kinds of plants can stand completely drying out between watering. GardenShop offers a selection of waterwise plants that will thrive in pots and containers. • • • • • • •

Succulents. Sunflowers, Zinnias, Pelargoniums and Californian Poppies. Rosemary Aloe varieties. Flax plants. Lavender Grasses.




How do you care for your plants while you’re away from home? One solution is if you are paying someone to come and feed and look after your animals, is to ask them to water your indoor and outdoor container plants as well. But you can greatly reduce the need for watering by taking a few steps before you leave home.

How to care for your plants while away on holiday • Always use a potting soil with moisture-retaining polymers, like Stockosorb. • When you’re headed off on holiday, move your indoor plants out of direct sunlight – behind windows with sheer curtains is a great spot. • Move outdoor pots and containers close together, so the plants will provide each other with shade and humidity. • Place sensitive plants inside tents made from white plastic bags – place a bag upside down over each plant using stakes as ‘tent poles’ to keep the plastic off the foliage. Cut a few small holes in the plastic to allow oxygen to reach the plant. • To conserve water in outdoor containers, move them to a location sheltered from the wind and cluster them together. • A layer of mulch around your plants will prevent rapid amounts of water loss. Mulched plants lose 25% less water than unmulched plants. Mulch in bags are available at GardenShop. Soak your garden well then add a layer of Mulch. • You can also bury potted plants to their rims temporarily and mulch around them. • Form a holiday watering group with one or more friends. Make arrangements to take care of each other’s plants while away.



Recycling Food Waste into Compost Did you know that it is very easy to compost ALL your food waste? The bokashi composting method is taking the world by storm, and locally Earth Probiotic supply the whole system to help you compost at home. Bokashi is a Japanese word for ‘fermented organic matter’. This is what makes the bokashi compost method so different to other methods. Firstly, you can safely compost all your food waste including cooked and uncooked meat, sea food, small bones, citrus – basically any organic matter whether from a plant or animal; cooked or uncooked. Bokashi is a carrier which has been inoculated with beneficial, safe bacteria and fungi. Using an airtight bokashi bin, food waste is layered with bokashi. When the bokashi mixture is layered between the food waste the microbes activate and ferment the food waste so that it does not rot or smell. Earth Probiotic’s bokashi mix is essentially odourless and is made from local, South African microbes. After the bin has been filled it needs to be set aside for two weeks to complete fermentation. After this you can compost it with your garden waste, trench it in garden beds, feed it to composting earthworms or even layer it in a pot to make your own potting soil. But why bokashi? Firstly your food waste contains essential nutrients that your soil needs. Secondly, this keeps organic waste out of landfill. Thirdly it’s environmentally friendly as


Available at GardenShop

it reduces CO2e emissions from harming our climate. But in the end the bokashi system is great because it’s not smelly, easy and makes your garden great!

WHY RECYCLE YOUR FOOD WASTE? • Reduce landfill loads. • Reduce CO2e greenhouse gas emissions. • Build soil health. • Enhance plant growth in gardening and agricultural use. • Eliminate malodour in kitchens and the environment. • Help control fly, roach and rodent infestions.

Store Focus

GardenShop Broadacres

is situated in the beautiful Broadacres Lifestyle Centre Ideal as a family destination, GardenShop Broadacres provides gardening enthusiasts with top quality plants, sound gardening expertise and other landscaping accessories such as garden and patio furniture, indoor and outdoor ceramic containers and a large range of home décor. With a variety of restaurants to choose from, grab a cup of tea or light lunch while enjoying the surrounding gardens.

GardenShop Broadacres Broadacres Lifestyle Centre, Cnr Cedar & Valley Roads, Broadacres Tel: 011 465 4216 | Fax: 011 467 1309 Email: info.bds@gardenshop.co.za Co-ordinates: 26° 00′ 02″ S / 27° 58′ 56″ E GardenTalk


Acers for every spade Acer palmatum – Selected Hybrids Capture the pure gentle calming essence from Japanese maples. From their amazing bronze, gold and orange foliage colours in autumn, to deciduous beauties in winter and new leaf growth in spring, Acer trees compliment many different Oriental, English Cottage and Woodland styled gardens. Choose from many varieties, available at GardenShop.


Weber magic at GardenShop

GardenShop FloraFarm


GardenShop Bryanston



GardenShop Broadacres

Chimney starter R315

See GardenShop’s Festive Memories 2016 catalogue for a great selection of Weber products available at selected stores 28

Stimulate your senses and colour the festive table with Yankee Candle Celebrate life’s important events with family and friends creating that special sensory ambience. Add a fragrant perfume and warm glowing touch to your festive table this season with Yankee Candle’s Berry Trifle (a combination of fresh berries enveloped in fine vanilla cream), Cinnamon Stick or Spiced Orange scents. The beautifully scented candle collections draws inspiration from the emotive names, delicate textures and vibrant colours of a range of natural ingredients, fruit pieces, fragrant flower petals, pure essences, plant oils and flavourful seeds and spices. The design on each package carries the theme of each aroma detailing the inspiration taken from the candle maker. Further adding to the appeal of this speciality indulgence, the traditional design of the signature classic jar is available in decorative medium (R335) and large (R395) tumbler jars at GardenShop Broadcares, Bryanston, FloraFarm, Menlo Park and Parktown North.




Plant Symbols: helping you to choose wisely These plant symbols on GardenShop price labels will help you make the best plant choice for your garden. A take-home Plant Symbol Guide is available in store


LAVANDULA DENTATA ELEGANS Beautiful blue flowers 60cm x 1.5m

R 115.00


for your convenience.


Garden Value

Garden MORE for less with these gardening SPECIALS Available while stocks last. Quantities are limited. Valid from 1 November – 31 December 2016 Many more offers in store!

Images featured serve as a guide only. Actual colour variations may occur in some instances.

SHADE Loving





Hydrangea “Endless Summer” Varieties White, blue or pink flowers. Flowers most of the year. 17.5cm.




Organically Grown Healthy Living Herbs A wide selection of locally grown herbs for kitchen and medicinal use. 12cm.

4 for





Wonder 7.1.3 Improve your lawn and shrubs’ resistance against drought. 5kg.

WATER WISE Selected Lollipops Choose between Brush Cherry, Orange Jasmine, Freylinia, Ficus and more.

Gardena Classic Hose Gardena quality that keep its shape due to the pressure and UV resistance. 13mm x 20m.


2 for




Japanese Maples Lovely spring and autumn leaf colours. Best planted in pots or in clumps. 30cm/35cm.

% 30 OFF

0861 G-A-R-D-E-N (427336) gardenshop.co.za

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GardenTalk Issue 4, 2016 - Be water savvy this Summer  

GardenShop's seasonal magazine . Waterwise gardening . Beat the summer heat . Recycling food waste . Quench your birdlife's thirst . Refresh...

GardenTalk Issue 4, 2016 - Be water savvy this Summer  

GardenShop's seasonal magazine . Waterwise gardening . Beat the summer heat . Recycling food waste . Quench your birdlife's thirst . Refresh...