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Garden Groom | The Ultimate Garden Tool In  The Hedge Cutters Category Take advantage of the exclusive Garden Groom Bonus being offered for all online purchases. When you buy the Garden Groom online you will receive some complimentary garden tools which will add further ease and convenience to your gardening endeavors. These free gardening accessories do not accompany store bought products so be sure to maximize your gardening investment today by buying your Garden Groom hedge trimmer online!

Garden Groom | The Garden Tool That Has Advanced Hedge Trimming Having beautifully manicured hedges no longer needs to be associated with high costs and grueling physical exertion as the Garden Groom has arrived. This highly acclaimed gardening tool has gained its status as the most convenient and quality producing hedge trimmer for a good reason- as it has managed to effectively streamline the whole hedge trimming process. No longer are the days of needing to perform post trimming duties such as yard clean-up since the Garden Groom actually collects all the hedge clippings as it operates. Matter in fact, saying that it collects hedge trimmings is an understatement as the Garden Groom also cuts and shreds the clippings into a highly nutrient enriched mulch that can be used to greatly enhance the health of your plants.

The amazing and innovative design of the Garden Groom provides benefits of an epic proportion. You see, the ability to completely eliminate manual chores like raking and bagging are just a few features that will prove to be a welcome addition to your gardening activities. Once incorporating the Garden Groom into your gardening arsenal you will soon experience some of its other qualities that account for this hedge trimmer's continued popularity and high reviews. For one thing, the Garden Groom leads the hedge trimming industry in regards to safety as its cutting blades are completely concealed and eliminate the hazards associated with other trimmers. Unfortunately, when designers attempt to incorporate extra safety features into a product they often do so at the expense of diminishing quality results. Obviously, the overwhelming appeal for the Garden Groom lays this scenario to rest as the customer satisfaction levels that accompany the Garden Groom are "off the charts".

Easily transform overgrown hedges into beautifully manicured yard pieces.

As well, in comparison to other electric hedge trimmers, the Garden Groom is extremely lightweight. This built-in feature greatly enhances maneuverability and ergonomics. In so doing, it enables its operator to comfortably extend hedge trimming duties without the familiar muscle and joint strain that often accompanies this gardening activity. Typically, hedge trimming tools possess a weight that is not conducive to reaching. In other words, the hedge trimmer is too heavy to be able to comfortably access those "hard to reach" places. These traditional hedge trimming tools rob the operator of enhanced maneuverability while they tend to seemingly inaccessible areas as the extra weight proves to be too physically exerting for most. Another great feature that a Garden Groom owner can enjoy is the 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on the blades. These factors ensure that you are able to have enough time to test-drive this renowned hedge trimmer and free the Garden Groom owner from any further expenses related to possible blade replacement requirements. To top it off, unknown to many, if the consumer buys the Garden Groom online they can maximize their investment by taking advantage of the limited online promotion being offered. You see, all online Garden Groom purchases are accompanied with a complimentary bonus that includes other garden accessories which will enhance your gardening activities.

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Garden Groom Garden Tool When it comes to cutting hedges the Garden Groom is definitely the garden tool you would like to have by yo...