2020 Gardener's Confidence Collection Brochure

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Foliage is the Star No need to wait until autumn to have colorful leaves! Enjoy compliments from spring into fall with colorful new forsythia, barberry, and abelia shrubs in hues of golden yellow to burgundy.

Fragrance Returns Classic roses are back in the form of disease-resistant shrubs with large, beautifully formed, double blooms that are highly fragrant! Enjoy a range of colorful flowers throughout the season with reblooming roses with wonderful scents.

Aim High Three new hollies that fulfill your landscape dreams by adding reliable, vertical structure to the scene; and soften foundation edges with spine-free evergreens that don't need frequent pruning; and are resitant to spider mites.

Pollinator Perfect There are lots of flowers here, whether on perennial plants, shrubs or vines, to greet hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the seasons.

Shaded Places Create a cool retreat with plants that thrive where gardeners love to relax. Make use of the range of textures and colors to brighten a shady corner.

Spread the Joy Roll out the welcome mat with groundcovers, low-growing beauties, perfect for edging walkways or filling gaps between taller perennials.


NEW Charming Abelias ............................. 10 AZALEAS - Bloom ’N Again® Reblooming COMING SOON! Reblooming Formosa ...7 BARBERRY New to the Collection Admiration ....................................................13 Orange Rocket .............................................13 CRAPEMYRTLES Razzle Dazzle® Dwarf Crapemyrtles .......12 Barnyard Mid-Size Crapemyrtles ............12 DISTYLIUM ..............................................................6 FORSYTHIA NEW Believe it or Not™ .................................5 GARDENIAS NEW Swan™ Reblooming Series............ 4-5 HOLLIES NEW Aim High Japanese Hollies ........... 8-9 HYDRANGEAS .......................................................16 ILLICIUM NEW Star Flowers ......................................16 LOROPETALUM ....................................................18 VIBURNUM................................................................. NEW Moonlit Lace® Viburnum .................18 NEW Shades of Pink® Viburnum ..............18


GROUNDCOVER ....................................................11 VINES ...................................................................11



ROSES ROSE COLLECTIONS NEW Suntory® Brindabella™ Series .........14 Suntory® Sunrosa™ Dwarf Series.............15

PERENNIALS PREMIUM HOSTA ................................................17

EDIBLES EDIBLES NEW Cutie Pie™............................................19

Plant Description Icons*




On Cover: Jade Lance™ Aim High Hollies

* If plant attributes are not consistent with the group, they will be shown next to the individual variety. ** Does not attract deer - Designates plants that are less favored by deer. However, if deer are hungry enough, they will eat almost anything.




The Swan Story - Graceful and Strong Like the ballet Swan Lake, a tale of enchantment that turns girls into swans, let the Swan Gardenias cast their magic over your customers! The Swan Gardenia series was developed for the Gardener’s Confidence® Collection to meet the need for better-performing gardenias with improved cold hardiness and disease resistance, as well as beautiful bloom form, reliable rebloom, and compact habit. Swan Queen® Gardenia ‘4MARIAJ01’ PP#29,855

BLOOMS: Spring - Summer LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade


Swan Queen™ is a commanding yet lovely presence in the garden, with abundant, reblooming, double flowers from summer through fall, covering a dense mound of glossy foliage. Her royal breeding shows, with superior pest, disease, and cold tolerance.

HxW: 3-5 x 4-5'


ZONE: 6B-9

Swan Maiden® Gardenia ‘4BELLACJ01’ PP#29,856


This beautiful gardenia variety has single blooms, a very dense growth habit, and a very heavy spring flowering. Swan Maiden’s compact size makes it perfect for containers or small gardens. The handsome, glossy foliage makes a wonderful year-round accent to a shrub border or flowerbed. The intoxicating fragrance and reliable good looks will create a warm welcome flanking an entryway.

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4'

dense growth

ZONE: 6B-9

Swan Princess® Gardenia


‘4KIMYMJ01’ PP#29,857

Swan Princess™ is a true delight in a petite package, with fragrant, double blooms starting early in the season and a generous rebloom. Dark-green leaves perfectly offset the snowy-white blooms , and her diminutive size will never outgrow her place, even in containers. Swan Princess™ is ideal for a cottage garden, front walkway, or fairy gardens, with dainty evergreen foliage enhanced by a pleasing display of double, white flowers!


HxW: 2-3 x 2-3'

ZONE: 6B-9

very compact


An Unbelievable Variety -


Believe It or Not™ Forsythia (Yellow Bells) ‘MNICH01’ PPAF

• Bright-yellow, spring flowers • Golden variegated foliage • Fast-growing, drought-tolerant, & pest resistant

HxW: 5 x 6'

ZONE: 5-8

LIGHT: Full Sun-Partial Shade

Heaven Scent® Gardenia

Pinwheel® Gardenia



• Repeat bloomer, very tight, compact • Fragrant blooms late spring - summer • Colorful seed pods in fall and winter

• Large, pinwheel flowers • Intensely fragrant, repeat blooms • Glossy evergreen foliage • Best in full sun, tolerates partial shade

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4' ZONE: 6B-9

HxW: 4 x 4' ZONE: 6A-9

cold hardy



Unique and Versatile Distyliums are an excellent alternative to older varieties of English Laurel, hollies and boxwoods. BLOOMS: Early Spring ZONE: 6-9 LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Blue Cascade® Distylium PP#24,409

• Matte, blue-green foliage • Cascading, layered habit • Reddish-maroon blooms in late winter

HxW: 3 x 4'

Emerald Heights® Distylium PP#24,410

• Dark-green, glossy foliage • Dense and compact, upright habit • Maroon flowers add winter interest

HxW: 5 x 5'


Blue Cascade®

Blue Cascade®

NEW COMING SOON - Bloom ’N Again® Reblooming Formosa

Introducing a Southern Classic with R e-Bloom ’N Appeal The Bloom ’N Again® Series Carefully selected for their repeat blooming habit and cold hardiness, the Bloom ’N Again® Azalea Series has a range of brilliant colors, flower shapes and forms. These evergreen shrubs are ideal for planting en masse or integrating into a hedge or shrub border. With little need to prune, they are perfect for naturalized areas such as woodland gardens. Try them in containers, too! HxW: Avg 3-5 x 3-5'


BLOOMS: Spring & Fall

LIGHT: Part Sun

First Reblooming ‘Formosa’ Azalea!

Rhododendron ‘RUTRHOD1’ PPAF

• A revolutionary ‘Formosa’ with flowers in spring and fall • Bred for sun tolerance, fast growth and vigor • Pest and disease resistant

HxW: 6-10 x 6-10'

Fireglow PP#23,093

ZONE: 7-10

Lavender Twist

Orange Frost PP#17,192

Peachy Keen PP#22,545


Pink Explosion

Purple Fusion PP#24,384


Zone 6B-9

Fireside Red

Love U Lots






Strawberry Kiss

COMING SOON! Reblooming Formosa PPAF


Zone 7A-9



Bullseyeâ„¢ Japanese Holly



Aim High Hollies

NEW Bullseye®

New Japanese holly varieties by Dr. Ruter create a statement with new forms and burgundy-flushed new growth maturing to a glossy, deep-green. Lovely, clear-green foliage. Evergreen leaves are soft to the touch with no sharp edges. Arrow Point® Japanese Holly ‘RutHol4’ PPAF

• Tidy, naturally pyramidal growth habit and lovely, clear-green foliage. New growth is flushed with burgundy. Excellent planted by an entryway, or sited to create a focal point in a mixed border. Does not require shearing to maintain shape.

HxW: 5-10 x 3-6'

ZONE: 6B-9

LIGHT: Full Sun

Bullseye® Japanese Holly ‘RutHol2’ PPAF

• A reliable, low-maintenance foundation shrub with a little added pizzaz, thanks to burgundy-tinged new growth. For a low-maintenance garden, allow to grow to its natural shape without shearing.

HxW: 2-4 x 2-4'

ZONE: 7-9

LIGHT: Full Sun


Jade Lance® Japanese Holly ‘RutHol3’ PPAF

• Use the strong, vertical form of Jade Lance to command attention anywhere you place it. It’s a natural flanking an entryway, but can also break up a boring expanse of fence line, add structure to grasses or flowerbeds, or line a formal walkway.

HxW: 10-15 x1-3'

ZONE: 6B-9

Jade Lance®

LIGHT: Full Sun

Arrow Point® NEW

Arrow Point®


Jade Lance®






Charming Series ZONE: 6B-9


LIGHT: Full Sun

BLOOMS: Late Spring - Fall

Rosy Charm™ Abelia PPAF

Vintage Charm™ Abelia PPAF

• Fragrant, lavender-pink flower sprays create arching displays of delicate beauty • In bloom from May through September • Deer, drought, & disease resistance

• Masses of white flowers age to pale pink during the long bloom season. • Flowers earlier than other varieties • Deer, drought, & disease resistance

HxW: 6-8 x 7-9'

HxW: 4 x 6'

Clouds of Fragrance ABELIA LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

‘Hopleys’ Abelia • Gold and green variegated leaves mature to green and white • Lavender-pink flowers in late spring through summer • Deer, drought, and disease resistance

HxW: 3 x 4'

ZONE: 6A-9

BLOOMS: Late Spring - Summer

‘Kaleidoscope’ Abelia PP#16,988 • Amazing variegations in combinations of green, yellow, orange and red • Long-blooming, white flowers from spring to fall, attracts pollinators • Drought & heat tolerant

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4'

ZONE: 6-9

BLOOMS: Late Spring

Radiance Abelia PP#21,929 • White and green variegated foliage with red stems • Fragrant, white flowers in late summer • Deer, drought, & disease resistance

HxW: 2-3 x 3-4'

ZONE: 6-9

BLOOMS: Late Summer

Enhanced with Evergreens LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

‘Majestic Jade’ English Laurel • Shiny, dark, evergreen foliage • White flower clusters in spring • Upright, dense and rounded shape

HxW: 6-8 x 5-6'

ZONE: 6-9

BLOOMS: Spring

Snowcap® Indian Hawthorn PP#15,544 • Lustrous evergreen turns a striking burgundy-red in winter • White blooms in spring, small berries in fall • Compact cloud-like habit • Selected for its clean foliage (disease resistance) and superior cold hardiness


HxW: 4-5 x 4-5'

ZONE: 7-9

BLOOMS: Spring

Go for Dramatic


This adaptable, evergreen groundcover has finely textured, striking, pink and white, new spring foliage, which matures to a deep-green in summer, and often puts out a second flush of colorful foliage as temperatures cool in fall. A versatile plant that is great for mixed containers as well as a groundcover for borders and along stone walkways. Try it as a surrounding border to a specimen plant. HxW: 4-6” x 3'

BLOOMS: Summer

ZONE: 7-9

LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Snow-N-Summer™ Asiatic Jasmine (Trachelospermum) • Dramatic foliage color • Ideal for mass plantings or containers

Blooms, Birds & Butterflies VINES BLOOMS: Late Spring - Summer LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade


‘Amethyst Falls‘ Wisteria • North American native selection, non-invasive variety • Fragrant blooms • Perfect on arbors and trellises

HxW: 10-20' h

ZONE: 5-9

Jasmine Duet®


• Profuse yellow blooms in spring and fall • Great selection for adding vertical height on trellis or fence • Evergreen foliage year round

HxW: 10-20' h

ZONE: 7-9

‘Lady Banks’ Rose • Lightly fragrant, miniature, double-yellow blooms • Evergreen foliage in mild climates, thornless canes


HxW: 15-20' h

ZONE: 6-9

‘Madison’ Jasmine • Intensely fragrant creamy-white blooms in late spring • Evergreen foliage year round • Excellent groundcover if allowed to spread

HxW: 10-20' h


ZONE: 7-9

‘Pride of Augusta’ Jasmine • Fully-double, ruffled blooms • Evergreen foliage year round • Native favorite

HxW: 10-20' h


ZONE: 7-9




Pick Your Perfect WOW for Summer Color CRAPEMYRTLES - DWARF SHRUB - Razzle Dazzle® Series The Razzle Dazzle® Dwarf Crapemyrtles provide an extended flower season in your landscape as they burst into color in summer and bloom until fall. With an average size of only 3-4’ x 3-4’, they are perfect for smaller gardens, landscapes or patio planters. Chosen for their heavy flowering, mildew/disease resistance, and compact size, they are an easy-care choice for striking color in the garden and make an excellent substitution for fussier plants. BLOOMS: Summer

Berry Dazzle®

ZONE: 6-9


• Earlier to bloom • Brilliant fuchsia-purple flowers

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4'

LIGHT: Full Sun

Cherry Dazzle®


• Blazing red blooms • Autumn foliage turns red-purple

HxW: 3-5 x 3-5'

Dazzle® Me Pink PP#17,411

Diamond Dazzle® PP#23,168

• Earlier bloomer • Profuse medium pink flowers

• Pure white flowers • Dark-green, lustrous foliage

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4'

HxW: 3-5 x 3-5'

CRAPEMYRTLES - MID-SIZE - The Barnyard Series These cheerful crapemyrtles give you a stress-free garden in the heat of summer. While some plants struggle to thrive in high temperatures, the new Barnyard Mid-Size Crapemyrtles will be ready to shine. With modest heights from 6-10’ and striking colors, these low-maintenance, drought-tolerant shrubs add character, minus the tedious work of pruning and spraying. BLOOMS: Summer

ZONE: 6-9 LIGHT: Full Sun

Red Rooster® PP#23,178 • Abundant, true-red flowers • Excellent fall color • Disease-resistant foliage

HxW: 8-10' x 5'

Pink Pig® PP#23,499 • Large, soft, pale-pink flowers • Beautiful burgundy buds • Disease-resistant foliage

HxW: 8-10' x 5'

Purple Cow™ PP#23,560

early bloomer

• Majestic,deep-purple flowers • Beautiful reddish stems on new growth • Disease-resistant foliage

HxW: 6-10' x 5'




Edged with Gold ZONE: 4-8


LIGHT: Full Sun-Part Shade

‘Admiration’ Barberry PP#16,921 • Coral-red leaves edged in yellow • Vibrant color spring through fall • Compact; no need to prune

HxW: 2 x 2'

‘Orange Rocket’ Barberry PP#18,411


• Vibrant, coral, red-burgundy leaves • Strong, vertical accent for small gardens • Brilliant color through growing season

HxW: 4 x 2'

Sweet in the Heat CONIFERS

LIGHT: Full Sun

Hot Head® Arborvitae PP#26,840 • Vibrant, dense, evergreen foliage • Extreme heat & cold tolerance • Dwarf, mounded habit is ideal for containers and borders

HxW: 3 x 4' BLOOMS: Late Spring-Fall ZONE: 3-9

‘Paul’s Gold’ Cypress • Cascading, golden evergreen, retains color all year long • Easy to grow, disease resistant • Great for borders or containers

HxW: 4 x 4'

ZONE: 5-10

Fire Chief™ Thuja PP#19,009 • Bright-golden foliage in spring and deep-red in fall • Compact habit is good for containers and landscapes • All season interest

HxW: 4 x 4'

ZONE: 5-7




Brindabella™ Touch of Pink


Time to Smell the Roses Suntory® Brindabella™Fragrant Shrub Rose Series Compact Brindabella Roses™ are a collection of tough, show-stopping shrub roses selected for superior garden performance that includes bushy growth habits, excellent disease resistance, and fragrant double flowers in an array of traditional and modern colors. • Densely foliaged, bushy growth habit • Excellent resistance to black spot & powdery mildew • Large, double, fragrant flowers

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4'

BLOOMS: Summer

ZONE: 6-9

LIGHT: Full Sun




Brindabella™ Purple Prince

Brindabella™ First Lady

Brindabella™ Touch of Pink

Brindabella™ Red Empress

Brindabella™ First Lady™ PP#28,332

Brindabella™ Purple Prince™ PP#28,364

Brindabella™ Red Empress™ PP#28,215

Brindabella™ Touch of Pink™ PP#23,175

• Lavender-pink flowers, coupled with wonderful, traditional, rose perfume. • Very strong fragrance

• Large well-formed purple flowers • Very strong fragrance

• Intense, crimson-red flowers • Very strong fragrance

• Soft, romantic flowers, with pale-pink centers • White, outer whorl of petals • Very strong, fruity perfume, with hints of citrus Brindabella™ Purple Prince



Petite Power Suntory® Sunrosa™ Dwarf Shrub Rose Series • • • •

Beautiful range of brilliant colors Highly disease resistant and very cold hardy Long flowering period - late spring to frost Compact and bushy habit, with less pruning than ordinary shrub roses

HxW: 2-3 x 1-2'

BLOOMS: Late Spring -Fall

ZONE: 5-9

LIGHT: Full Sun

TOP RANKED in leading trials

Sunrosa™ ‘Soft Pink’ • Semi-double blooms over a long season • Highly disease resistant and low maintenance

HxW: 2 x 1.5'

Sunrosa™ Yellow PP#24,313

• Dwarf rose with petite, yellow flowers • Forms a colorful groundcover

HxW: 2’ x 1.5’

Sunrosa™ Red PP#24,314

• Intense, true-red, double blooms • Ideal for small to medium landscape

HxW: 2 x 1.5'

award winner

Sunrosa™ Fragrant Pink PP#25,847

• Dwarf rose with petite, pink flowers • For landscapes or containers

HxW: 2 x 1.5'

Sunrosa™ Orange Delight PP#25,825

• Petite, orange flowers cover the plant • Compact form, nice in containers

HxW: 2 x 1.5'

fragrant Sunrosa™ Yellow

GardenersConfidence.com 15


Photos courtesy of Michael A. Dirr

Perfectly Sized Beauties HYDRANGEA - SUN LOVING Baby Lace® Hydrangea PP#23,387 • Petite, lacy, white blooms in summer that age to creamy-pink • Dwarf, compact habit perfect for containers • Strong stems don’t flop; beautiful as cut flowers

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4' ZONE: 4-8

BLOOMS: Summer LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Sun

A Living Legacy HYDRANGEA - REPEAT BLOOMING Mini Penny™ Hydrangea PP#15,744 • Reblooming; pink or blue blooms (depends on soil pH) • Compact; the perfect size for small gardens and containers • Disease and mildew resistant

HxW: 3-4 x 3-4' ZONE: 4-9


BLOOMS: Spring-Fall LIGHT: Part Shade

Star-Shaped Blooms in Sun or Shade ILLICIUM - Star Flowers Orion Star Flower ‘NCIH2’ PPAF • Showy, white flowers in spring & summer • Upright, dense, compact native • Deer resistant & shade tolerant • Evergreen foliage

HxW: 3-5 x 3-5' ZONE: 6-9

BLOOMS: Spring & Summer LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Sun

Scorpio Star Flower ‘NCIH1’ PPAF • Double, star-shaped, red blooms in spring & summer • Upright, dense, compact native • Deer resistant & shade tolerant • Evergreen



HxW: 3-5 x 3-5' ZONE: 6-9

BLOOMS: Spring & Summer LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade



Foliage with F lair BLOOMS: Summer


ZONE: 3-9

LIGHT: Part Shade - Full Shade

These unique varieties offer a wide selection of colors and textures to the garden. Amazing disease-resistant foliage creates beautiful color patterns in shade to partly shaded areas. Blue Angel Photo courtesy of Helen Newling Lawson

Blue Angel Hosta

Barbara Ann

Blazing Saddles

• Blue-green leaves with broad, creamy margins

• Oblong, dark-green leaves, with creamy white edges

HxW: 20" x 3-4'

Patriot • Showy, crisp-white margins on dark-green leaves

HxW: 15-20" x 3'

HxW: 8" x 4'

Royal Standard • Deep-green, heartshaped foliage • Sweetly scented flowers

HxW: 2-3' x 2-3'

Fragrant Bouquet


• Wide, oval, chartreuse• Apple-green leaves edged gold leaves, with darker, in creamy-yellow margins bluish-green margins

HxW: 20" x 3'

HxW: 12-18" x 3-4'

Stained Glass

Sum and Substance

• Bright, golden leaves with wide, deep-green margins • Fragrant flowers

• Immense, bold, chartreuse leaves up to 16" across • Leaves become golden in summer

HxW: 15" x 3-4'

HxW: 2-3' x 4-5'

• Gigantic, blue-green, heart-shaped leaves

HxW: 3 x 4’



• Blue-green leaves, edged • One of the best whitewith a very fine white line, centered hostas! mature to gray-green • Has dark-green leaf margins

HxW: 12-18" x 1.5-2'

Whirlwind • The new leaves emerge with white centers, which slowly turn limegreen to fully green, by mid-summer.

HxW: 18" x 3'

HxW: 12-18" x 1-2'

Winter Snow • Huge, chartreuse leaves with white, wavy edges • Large leaves can be 16" across

HxW: 2-3' x 4-5'

GardenersConfidence.com 17


Showy Displays of White and Pink




Shades of Pink Viburnum

Pearlific® Viburnum

Moonlit Lace™ Viburnum

‘PIIVIB-I’ PP# 23,385

‘sPg-3-024’ PPAF

‘Lisarose’ PP# 22,816

• Fragrant, white flowers • Dark, glossy foliage • Wildlife plant/berries

• Burgundy stems; white flowers • Burgundy-tinged fall foliage • Drought & deer resistant

• Clusters of pink flowers • Shiny, evergreen foliage • Compact habit

H x W: 5 x 6' ZONE: 6-9

BLOOMS: Spring LIGHT: Full Sun

H x W: 4 x 4' ZONE: 7-9

BLOOMS: Spring LIGHT: Full Sun

H x W: 4 x 4' ZONE: 7-11

BLOOMS: Spring LIGHT: Full Sun

Ever Red® Loropetalum

The Best Red and White


The Glowing Horizons® Series

Dense growth habits along with excellent disease and insect resistance. Easy to grow and sun loving, evergreen foliage and prolific blooms. HxW: 5 x 6'

BLOOMS: Very Early Spring

ZONE: 7-9

LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Carolina Moonlight® Loropetalum

Ever Red® Loropetalum


• Reddest blooms ever seen on a loropetalum • Intensely dark-burgundy foliage • Retains foliage color through hot summer months

• Plentiful, creamy-white blooms • Beautiful, olive-green foliage on a compact habit • Excellent disease & insect resistance



Carolina Moonlight® Loropetalum

Edible and Or namental


BLOOMS: Spring

ZONE: 6-9

LIGHT: Full Sun

Blue Suede® Edible Container Garden

Blueberries, with their plentiful, nutritious berries, charming spring blooms, and brilliant fall foliage, prove that healthy is beautiful. Compact varieties can be grown in patio containers and raised beds for easy access, and self-pollinating plants add to the space-saving benefits. Join the “grow your own food” movement with large harvests of luscious berries from these easy-care shrubs! Blue Suede® Southern Highbush Blueberry PP#21,222

• Large, nutritious fruit in early summer and early ripening (self-pollinating) • Beautiful burgundy fall foliage • Perfect for small gardens & containers

HxW: 3-5 x 3-5'


Cutie Pie® Spring New Growth


Cutie Pie® Southern Highbush Blueberry PP#28,467

• Perfect dwarf size for container gardening (self-pollinating) • Extended season of delicious ripening fruit • Fruit in early summer, produces loads of petite, dark-blue berries • Beautiful peach-colored new spring foliage

HxW: 2-4 x 2-5'

Frostberry Delight® Rabbiteye Blueberry PP#28,624

• Extended ripening of large, sweet fruit (self-pollinating) • Easy care with interesting blue-gray foliage • Fruit in early summer • Brilliant red fall foliage and red twigs throughout winter

HxW: 4-6 x 3-5'


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Connect with us and keep learning! Vintage Charm™ Abelia

COMING SOON! Reblooming Formosa Bloom ’N Again® Azalea Series