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Feb 10 - 16, 2018


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Residents of VG Layout road live in Nightmarish Conditions


f at all one is supposed to cite an example of an area without proper facilities and infrastructure in place, though being in the city limits, it should definitely be the one in VG layout road, Singasandra, taking the prime position. This is the fate of the place in Kudlu from Kudlu gate on Hosur road, and the area lying in between Haralur road and Kudlu. The residents seem to be deprived of the basic facilities such as poor street lights due to which it is next to impossible for people to venture going out or returning to their respective homes after around 7 pm. Though the road is much better now since the intervention and thanks to the corporator of the area, few street lights are installed making it look more lit up than the worse and dim look the people had to encounter so far. But work still needs to be done in

this direction. Proper roads have not been laid, Cauvery water connection is yet to become a reality. There are a few open spaces in between large bushes, plants and weeds which are till now being used as garbage dump yard which is become a health hazard to the people living in around five apartments on this road. These spots have become breeding places for mosquitoes and pigs which are rampant in this area. The dense bushes provide enough cover for people to use the open areas to defecate. It has to be curbed. This menace has been there for a couple of years now and no permanent solution is seen despite bringing the problems to the notice of the authorities concerned – the BBMP- who had contributed nevertheless in a little way they did and that was the end of it. A citizen group called 'Hasiru Singasandra Group' has taken

initiative in taking the issue and making an impact on the violators of garbage piles on the sides of the road by having security guards during nights which has seen a considerable reduction in garbage being dumped in these places. But this is at what cost? The Group has pool funded the salaries of the security guards by collecting it from residents and also for the awareness programmes it plans to organize in the coming days. The BBMP had in fact reached out by lending a hand to these people by offering services for night watchmen but could not continue since it did not meet its guidelines. Hence it was withdrawn. How long will this Group be able to cope up with this is the big question mark. The road is in fact dark in patches making it difficult to move around after the evening hours. Many chain snatching incidents have been

reported and a few suicides have also b e e n c o m m i t t e d . He n c e t h e authorities will have to address this area on a war footing and ensure that the road is well lit and safe for people to commute in the evenings and nights. The residents have complained of continuous dumping of garbage from the surrounding vendors dumping which is the cause for the stench to emanate. The residents have cleaned the area some time back and then started the night patrolling. The Group has attempted to educate people living in the surrounding areas on waste segregation on January 26, from their own funds but it cannot be a continuous affair. Display boards have been put up by the BBMP as a warning. The garbage is collected by private vendors as it is not collected by BBMP. It has conducted an awareness program with BBMP officials and Continued on page 4


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Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2018

Events of the week Feb 14: Valentie's Celebration “Cupid Ball” Dinner and dance party, Venue : Shift, 3rd sector HSR layout. Time :14th feb at 20:00 to 15th Feb 13:00. Feb 15: Guitar club presents future shock, Venue :OPUS, # 26 Harlur road. Time: 20.30 to 23.00. Feb 17: Amrutha the white elephant open out: A Thai cocktail evening, Venue: HSR layout. Time :19.00 to 22.00. Feb 17: The Love Story Musical Love Stories, Venue :OPUS, # 26 Harlur road . Time :19.30 to 22.30. Feb 17: Story telling sessions Venue: Art blend café 2nd sector parangipalya, HSR layout. Time:11.00 to 12.00. Feb 17: Block chain 102Ethereum Core, Venue: Green bubbles startup services, No l-165, Sri Gayathri complex, near Bhagavathi hospital, Sector 6 HSR Layout. Feb 17: Children’s Story Time ! Age group: 5 to 12yrs. Time: 3:30pm to 5:00pm Venue: “Pravesh” Montessori House of Children, “Shashi”, 165/A, 6th Cross, 3rd phase, JP Nagar. Block a spot call: 99163 01903.

Dug up and filled with trash, BTM road is a nightmare


portion of 3rd Cross Road in Dollar Scheme Colony, BTM Layout 1st Stage, was dug up over a month ago. However, no civic work has been executed and the street has been in a shambles since then. To make matters worse, citizens are tossing garbage onto the road, sullying the environment and creating trouble for walkers and commuters. The problem needs a quick fix. -Kiron Varghese


HSR Citizen Forum to take Initiatives to make HSR a Role Model There are ver y few citizen

major relevant and needed issued

representative Groups in HSR, but

which was addressed cleanly. Follow

one among them is definitely HSR

up on garbage dumping was another

Citizen Forum led by Dr. Shanthi.

aspect which drew the attention of

The year 2017, was very eventful so

many of this Group. Few people were penalised when seen using plastic. The follow up by the group was so good that most of the shop owners and vendors switched over to re-usables when customers started using carr y bags and containers to hotels stalls. The group ensured a tie-up with Ensyde to collect e-waste. One interesting factor that this group did during last year was to encourage urban farming, community gardening at common place, trees gardening, Balcony gardening and conducting workshops on horticulture among others. Installation of 20 leaf composting tanks in HSR Parks for dry leaves has eased the process. The group took the initiative in having 12 lane composters which was donated by the MLA, Mr. Satish Reddy, for de-centralised processing of lanes for wet waste.

far as this Group is concerned. It had taken several initiatives and measures to ensure that many social and eco works could be accomplished with a multi task engagement on hand. The Group successfully completed them, which is the noteworthy point during the entire period of 2017. On February 3, 2018, on 24th main,

specifically defined and thrust is

Parangi Palya, Dr. Shanthi called her

given on those issues, then the ward

BDA had the right kind of impact.

associates and volunteers and met

can soon be a role model or else, both

This was evident by the fact that only 3

with them to discuss possibilities of

the segregation and the plastic use

PoP Ganeshas came to the immersion

more innovation and improvisation

might hit the residents back without

points out of the 300 Ganeshas.

than making vague approach. She

any success and boomerang on us”. In

It also undertook a lot of awareness

ban, having a clay Ganesha stall at

called for having ownership of blocks

order to sustain all the hard work

drives including water conservation

in the entire area of HSR. There are 25

done in the previous year, the job has

through a skit, eco-Divali in schools,

such blocks, she said in the layout.

to be taken ahead with precision.

pl ant i ng of s apl i ng s and it s

Each block shall have one ownership

The Forum had worked hard on

importance, Segregation and plastic

(one person to be responsible) for a

issues concerning eco-initiatives like

ban among many others.

block and may have 2 to 3 volunteers

making clay Ganeshas in parks,

The seed ball event in parks and

with him or her as the case may be.

apartments and complexes.

schools drew a lot of interest among

She added that” if the roles of the

Announcements in autos,

the young and old.

ownership and volunteers are

enforcement of Pop Ganesha idols

Black Spot clearance was one the

Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2018

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Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2018


Meditating through Rangoli

Happy New Year 2018 Important Numbers for Civic Issues Ward 174 HSR Layout & Ward 190 Mangamanapalya BESCOM Call Center: 1912 | BWSSB Call Centre 1916 BBMP Call Centre: 226600000 | Police: 100 | Amblance: 108 Fire Station: 101 | Bommanahalli Zone JC: 98406 83433


angoli is a traditional unique art in South India. South Indian women of all ages draw rangoli in the early morning as a kind of visual prayer for the safety and well-being of the household. Rangoli is the aesthetic signal to attract the gazes of the divinities. Some acquire special significance or display religious imagery. Special Rangoli designs are created on the holy day Makar Sankranti, which extends from mid-December to mid-January, while the designs are not only considered for decoration and beauty it also conceives some magic in it. Traditionally, it is painted at the entrance to a home and maybe small although larger designs are known to be painted at public spaces. Rangoli is usually drawn by women, as it is considered to fulfill physical, philosophical and spiritual aims. Physically, the woman has to bend at the waist and knees, stretching her hands, legs out to draw the Rangoli this stretches her muscles and joints, especially so Rangoli is usually drawn at dawn. Philosophically, the bending of the body symbolizes humility and spiritually, the artist has to silently focus on her creation, as if meditating. Dots which can be extremely attentive creation are an important part of Rangoli creation. that's why Indians keep Tilak or dot on their forehead, it is also known as a spot of Attention. Drawing Rangoli is equal to meditating Rangoli is nothing but a spiritual distribution of colors. If you look back at the designs of the Rangoli then you can see most of them used to maintain Symmetry in their design. Which means left and right side of the Rangoli always used to look similar. Worldwide in all religions, symmetric designs are a symbol of prosperity, luck, and growth. Besides geometrical shapes, rangoli incorporates natural motifs like animals, fruit, flowers, and conches. Additionally, the colors are bright and coordinated with a touch of intricate trimmings. Besides rice flour, other ingredients used include rice flour flowers, beads, grains lentils, shells, tinsel, salt, sawdust, fruits, and vegetables. A popular symbol painted in Malaysia is the Sahasradala padmam or “thousand-petalled lotus”, which symbolizes purity, blossoming and remaining undefiled despite growing in the mud. Other popular Rangoli designs are Garuda, Rama's Throne, Lion's Eye and Annapakhshi. While vegetables and

sugarcanes are popular symbols drawn during Sankranthi, the “Harvest Festival”, lamps would be the popular design for Deepavali. A water jar (Kumbha) topped with mango leaves and coconut are portrayed in weddings. Rangolis are drawn in front of temples, houses and kitchens that articulate concepts of auspiciousness and purity through its location in space and time.

BBMP App: | Bengaluru Police App: Suraksha Utility Bills App: Kar Mobileone | Traffic Police App: Public Eye Contacts Corporator Asst Engineer BBMP Health Inspector BBMP Street Lights BBMP Asst Engineer BESCOM Power Problem BESCOM Sewage Issues BWSSB Asst Engineer BWSSB BBMP Forest Snake Catcher Police Station Traffic Police

Ward 174 99458 90672 99453 49068 98446 29911 94806 83443 94498 68129 99868 73333 98454 44039 98454 44037/9 94806 84849 99454 00002 080-2294 3467 94488 78220

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Rangoli at the kitchen is considered to be the most valued site for the production of auspiciousness as this is the place where the spiritual and psychological core of the household is held in. Rangoli be created in front of houses before the sun rises everyday marks the forthcoming of wealth, beauty and divinity. The time between four and five thirty in the morning is called brahmamuhurtham the time when the deities turn their faces towards the human. Dots in rangoli is Sivam and the lines connecting around them is Sakthi which is Pranavam says Leelavathy Venkatraman from Madurai who got inspiration from Kovai Savi Thamburasu, a master of rangolis. He has Green View: 98193 45734 | Columbia Asia: 080-3965 6565 done many types of research on rangolis and Narayana Health: 1860 208 0208 | Queens: 080-2572 6684 / 5 has studied on how rangolis are related to seven swarams of music. Only Chikku FB: HaSiRuMithtra Twitter@HaSiRuMithtra rangolis with lines drawn around dots confirm the definition of rangolis while all Continued from page 1 on how even a simple geometric shape like a triangle went door to door to educate people. other designs are either rangolis or just can activate neural circuitry and affect emotions. The authorities concerned will have to look into beautiful patterns drawn on the ground. Not just shape, but colors also play a role in this matter and ensure cleanliness and rid of plastic The month of winter solstice from mid- stimulating the brain. Modern science is still and other waste being dumped here. December to mid-January is the time of year evolving and a lot of research work is going on in this when the sun travels at its lowest point in the field with new discoveries related to visual patterns, Aban Essance Apartment - J Edgar Gonsalves and sky. During this threshold period, Sankranthi brain stimulation, etc. Rajesh Nambiar festival is celebrated with elaborate rangolis. The reason rangoli drawn at the entrance of a house Keshav Enclave - Gautam Reddy, Aruna .C, Hema Apart from divinity rangolis also justify is that of its calming effect on a visitor who is just K scientific reasons. When a person looks at a about to enter the house. It manifests into vibrations Vandana Marvel - Rajashekar Thimmaiah, Jagan geometric pattern, it manifests into vibrations (brainwaves) in the visitor's mind, put him at ease, and Pradeep Kumarappagari inside the mind of the observer which in turn making him comfortable and happy. Whenever you Vandana Earls Court - Shilpa Balagopalan, Vishnu calms the mind, this is exactly what the enter a house with Rangoli, the colors would bring and Vishnu Valliappan rangoli does to one's mind. i.e. It creates a tranquillity to you as early Rangoli's only had colors Jagan Venkatappa and Shankar KS from SRK soothing effect. Scientists & Doctors have from powders which were used in prayers. Gardens have all contributed towards developing extended it further and developed a new Turmeric, kumkum which are used in Rangoli the area for a better living. medical field called Cyma therapy in which drawings are used as decorating items to idols. These highly complex vibrations are converted into colors bring certain tranquillity in as they remind us sound patterns, which in turn can be used to of temples. heal a person's body and emotions. Maybe Rangoli is not just an art but actually a science of that's why our ancestors have called drawing vibration pattern which was discovered by Indians rangoli as meditation. thousands of years ago and been doing a part of the It is a well-established fact in neuroscience culture for spiritual, aesthetic & scientific purposes. that the brain actually responds to visual Rangoli is really not a mechanical or ornamental patterns and depending on the shapes & phenomenon. It is the science of creating energy patterns; it can obtain different effects on the pool. -Ambica Kannan Babu - 87609 15778. mind. There have been research publications



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Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2018

The Art in Indian Cuisines; The Traditional Food of India Main dishes include Sarson ka

jodhpur, Alwar ka mawa, Malpauas

saag (a stew whose main

from pushkar and Rassgollas from

ingredient is mustard greens)

Bikaner, "paniya"and "gheriya" from

a n d

m a k k e

k i

Hazards of burning garbage

Mewar.Originating from the Marwar

roti (flatbreads made with cornmeal).

region of the state is the concept

Basmati rice is the indigenous

Marwari Bhojnalaya, or vegetarian

variety of Punjab and many varieties

restaurants, today found in many part

of rice dishes have been

of India, which offer vegetarian

developed with this variety of rice

food of the Marwari people. More

grain. Many vegetable and meat

than 70% of Rajasthan is vegetarian,

based dishes are developed for this

which makes it the most vegetarian

type of rice. ........................................

state in India. .............................

Rajasthani Food ...........................

Telugu cuisine ...........................

Rajasthani cuisine was influenced by

Telugu cuisine is a cuisine of South

both the war-like lifestyles of

India native to the Telugu people

its inhabitants and the availability of

from the states of Andhra Pradesh

ingredients in this arid

and Telangana. It is also the

region. Food that could last for several

cuisine of the Telugu-speaking

days and could be eaten

population of Karnataka and

without heating was preferred.

Tamil Nadu with slight variations due

Scarcity of water and fresh green

to local influences. Generally known

vegetables have all had their effect on

for its tangy, hot and spicy taste, the

this region's cooking style.

cooking is very diverse due to the

It is also known for its snacks like

vast spread of the people and varied

Bikaneri Bhujia, Mirchi Bada and

topological regions. ............................

Pyaaj Kachori. Other famous dishes

Tamil Nadu Cuisine .........................

include B ajre ki roti (millet

Tamil Nadu is famous for its deep

bread) and Lashun ki chutney (hot

belief that serving food to others

garlic paste), Mawa Kachori from

is a service to humanity, as it is Continued on Next week...



arbage! Garbage! is what we hear every where today and it is one of the rising problems .Bangalore has been facing this issue from years. Garbage is something which is useless to us .There are different kinds of garbage like Food waste ,Sanitary waste ,Dry waste ,Electronic waste and Medical waste . Sometimes when garbage is dumped it is mixed with Plastic ,Paper ,Debris ,Dead animals ,Electronic goods ,Industrial wastes as well. How are we disposing this waste. We can decompose the wet waste for organic manure and use for plants .Papers and few others can be

recycled. But do we know that most of the waste people feel it's easier to just burn it because it just turns into ashes within some time . Is it right way of disposing we have seen this in our streets in empty barren lands? . So what are the effects of burringthis . Even when we burn a small amount of plastic lot of chemicals are released to the environment Open burning is an inefficient combustion process that releases significant amounts of air pollutants and ash, and dense white or black smoke.The air contaminants released depend on the material being burned and the conditions of the fire. The smoke may include aldehydes,

acids, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, polyc yclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins, furans, other organics and volatilised heavy metals.The pollutants are all toxic to humans depending on their concentration and may cause irritation, skin and respiratory problems. Some are carcinogenic. Those individuals with respiratory problems such as asthma or with allergies may be even more sensitive to the smoke. Even when people are continuous exposure to the smoke emitted by burning leaves, for example, by those who sleep on the sidewalks near such fire, can be fatal or cause a permanent damage, because Carbon Monoxide is produced when the burning is improper. Burning 1,000 kilos of leaves will produce about 56 kilos of Carbon Monoxide. This, if inhaled, enters blood and affects the red blood cells, converting haemoglobin into carboxy-haemoglobin, which reduces its oxygen-carrying capacity. Lets stop burning of waste to protect our environment .






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Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2018


Te a T i m e P l u s Idioms with Answers

‘To kill two birds with one stone’ – to solve two problems at once.

Riddle with Answers Two Fathers and Two Sons Riddle Two fathers and two sons sat down to eat eggs for breakfast. They ate exactly three eggs, each person had an egg. The riddle is for you to explain how. Answer: One of the 'fathers' is also a grandfather. Therefore the other father is both a son and a father to the grandson. In other words, the one father is both a son and a father.



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Proverbs with Answers “Fortune favors the bold” Explanation- God gives everything to those people who bravely go after the things which they need rather than those people who prefer to live quietly and safely.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon for Skin, Hair and Health


ave you ever heard of Momordica charantia? Or wait, what about karela? Now don't get scared. These are just a couple of other names for bitter gourd, which is also known as bitter melon or bitter squash in English. The first thing that comes to my mind seeing it is the bitterness in the name. They are dark or light green in color depending on the region where they are grown. Though they taste very bitter, they are filled with many beneficial antioxidants and essential vitamins (1). Bitter melon, also known as 'Karela' in Hindi, 'Kakarakaya' in Telugu, 'Pavakkai' in Tamil, 'Pavakka' in Malayalam, 'Hagalkai' in Kannada, 'Karela' in Gujarati, 'Karle' in Marathi, and 'Korola' in Bengali can be consumed in various ways like drinking its juice, pickle or using it in recipes.The fresh pods are an e xc e l l e nt re m e d y for c u r i ng respiratory problems like asthma, cold, cough, etc. Also, the paste of bitter melon leaves, along with the paste of tulsi leaves, when taken with honey in the morning, is a good remedy . 2. Liver Tonic Drink one glass of bitter melon juice daily to heal liver problems. Keep consuming this continuously for a week to see results. 3. Immune System Boil bitter melon leaves or fruits in

from multiplying. 10. Weight Loss

water and consume it every day to fight against infections. This also helps to build your immunity. 4. Acne Consuming bitter melon can help you get rid of acne, blemishes and deep skin infections. Bitter melon is useful in treating blood disorders like blood boils, scabies, itching, psoriasis, ringworm and other fungal diseases. The free radicals in it are also useful for anti-ageing. Consume the juice of a bitter melon mixed with lemon on an empty stomach daily for 6 months or till you get the desired results. 5. Diabetes Bitter melon juice benefits include helping to overcome type 2 diabetes . It has been a part of the Chinese and Indian ancient medicine for a long

time but only recent research has proven that it is no folk lore. Type 2 diabetes is caused partially due to the inability of a cell to absorb the sugar in the blood due to insufficient insulin or due to development of resistance to insulin. In both cases, the cells are unable to absorb the sugar due to the ineffectiveness of the insulin produced. 8. Heart Disease Bitter melon is very good for the heart in many ways. It helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels which clog the arterial walls and thereby reduces the chances of heart attacks. Also, it is known to lower the blood sugar levels that help in maintaining a good heart health.

Bitter melon contains antioxidants that help to flush out your system. This improves your metabolism and digestive systems, thus helping you lose weight quickly. The two other major factors that aid in weight loss are the calorie control and filling components. Calorie control happens as such because vegetables are low in calories that allows you to consume more quantities of them. The filling component in this vegetable is water. We know that water is a universal suppressant of hunger. The pods of this vegetable contain on the whole 80-85% water .

determined by what you put inside your body. In other words, getting proper nutrition is a prerequisite for a healthy and damage-free skin. Being a natural blood purifier, bitter gourd helps in improving the appearance of your skin. It provides the following benefits to your skin: 13. Prevents Skin Problems The regular consumption of bitter gourd helps in keeping your skin glowing and free from blemishes. It also helps prevent acne thanks to its blood purifying properties . 14. Skin Infections

Regular consumption of bitter gourd juice improves stamina and energy levels of the individual and improves sleeping patterns.

Bitter melon benefits in treating skin diseases or skin infections, eczema and psoriasis. The regular consumption of bitter gourd juice helps in improving psoriasis as well as other fungal infections like ringworm and athlete's foot.

12. Purifies Blood

15. Anti-Aging

The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of bitter gourd juice help to treat skin problems, blood disorders, clear toxins from the blood and purify it, and further improves blood circulation throughout the body. It helps to cure issues like itching caused by toxaemia, rashes, acne, psoriasis, blood boils and even inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Bitter gourd contains vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. By fighting and eliminating the harmful free radicals, it helps to prevent wrinkles by slowing down the aging process. It also protects the skin from damage by the sun's ultraviolet rays.

11. Energizes Naturally

16. Healing Qualities Bitter gourd helps in controlling the

9. Cancer

Skin Benefits Of Bitter Gourd/ Bitter Melon

wounds to heal faster, preventing

Bitter melon can prevent cancer cells

The appearance of your skin is largely

further infections.

blood flow and clotting, causing


Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2018

Olive Oil An Effective Treatment For Lice hair with mild shampoo and rinse well so that all the traces of the oil and the shampoo are completed cleaned. Comb the wet hair gently to remove the dead lice from the head. Since you are using lots of olive oil on the scalp, you may have to use the shampoo at least twice so that the oil is removed completely. Although this remedy removes a lot of lice, you need to keep on repeating the treatment until your hair is free from lice. Take warm olive oil in a large bowl


and add a few drops of your

re you sick of those small

hours, die due to asphyxiation.

favorite essential oils such as

insects crawling on your

The olive oil works by coating the

jojoba, lavender or almond.

scalp that cause itching?

skin of the adult lice and deprives

Massage the oil into the scalp.

Lice are a continuous nuisance

them of oxygen. Since their

Make sure that every area of the

and mostly affect the kids. If you

breathing stops, they die. For this

scalp and each hair strand are

are or your child is suffering from

treatment, use olive oil of good

covered with olive oil.

lice, then it is high time you did

brands that comes enriched with

something about it. Vegetable oils

its natural greasiness. If you want

have been found to be extremely

to remove the lice from the head

useful in treating lice. Over the

of a small child, saturate his scalp

years, research has proved that

with olive oil and wrap a plastic

The scalp, thus, should be saturated with the oil, as the lice will start sucking it to gain nutrition. That is why the use of oil in a good amount is necessary.

olive oil can effectively treat the

wrap around his head . Make sure

lice problem, and it is natural and

that the plastic cover tightly wraps

without any side effects . Also,

the scalp so that no amount of air

according to a test conducted by

can enter. Leave on the oil with

the Harvard School of Public

the wrap for at least 3 hours

Health, the lice, when submerged

within which the lice will be

in olive oil for more than two

asphyxiated and dead. Wash the

Pile the hair on the top of the head and wrap it using a shower cap. If you want to avoid the messy, sticky and oily feel, put a towel around the neck or use a cotton bandana or absorbent gauze to keep the cap in one place.

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he biggest reason students fail is not low IQ or less practice but the real reason is the pressure applied by parents and teachers on them . They want them to study and think they are not serious but if they would have a little fear for exams they would study but this pressure applied by parents in small classes grows very big in later classes and students fear exams due to excessive fear of small fear and

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Garden city plus issue 9  

Garden City Plus is a four year old English Weekly Newspaper, highlighting reports on Civic Issues, Education, Health, Personalities, Techn...

Garden city plus issue 9  

Garden City Plus is a four year old English Weekly Newspaper, highlighting reports on Civic Issues, Education, Health, Personalities, Techn...