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Why everyone loves the sound of music and so do you by david madsen


here is a good chance that you’ve at least heard of the classic 1965 musical, The Sound of Music, if nothing else because of the titular intro song. The largest box-office success at its time, The Sound of Music continues to this day to be a high watermark not just in terms of musicals but in filmmaking in general.

that would say that a film like The Sound of Music is more of a guilty pleasure, a pretty but pandering piece of schmaltz filled to the brim with historical inaccuracies, a by-thenumbers plotline and shallow characters. Well, I’m here to tell you that this film is more than just something pretty to ogle at. It is that, yes, but to truly understand the appraisal that The Sound of Music in general enjoys, we most climb down our Of course why it is so beloved ivory tower and examine the film firsthand. should be relatively easy to answer. Its folksy atmosphere, catchy tunes, likable For the few uninitiated, The Sound characters and gorgeous vistas makes it a of Music takes place in Austria, more dead-pan masterpiece. But there are those specifically Salzburg before and under the

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