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Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


This is your time. It’s right now. Make the most of it with an outstanding education at Cal State Fullerton. You have so many real opportunities to reach your potential and prepare for a successful future. Our eight colleges offer a choice of 105 degree programs, so you can explore new areas and find a major that’s right for you. With full overall accreditation, many of our high-quality programs are further distinguished by national accreditations and associations. Talk to our students and get an idea of the number of exciting opportunities

create an exceptional learning environment. We encourage you to go beyond the classroom, and apply real knowledge to real-world experiences – undergraduate research, professional internships, prestigious competitions and more. On our campus you experience real life – a vibrant, metropolitan university environment with real-world connections to business, government, entertainment and the arts. Take a look at our amazing facilities. Meet our students: there are nearly 37,000 who reflect California’s rich, multicultural population. Many are the first in their families to attend college. For others, joining our proud Titan alumni has become a tradition among relatives and friends. At Cal State Fullerton you can make the most of your college experience. You meet and make life-long friends, and have so many choices to get involved with the campus and community. What’s more, a wide network of support services help you get started, succeed and stay on track to graduation. The real rewards of an outstanding education include possessing the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to compete. When it’s time to take the next step, you’re ready for what’s next – whether it’s grad school or beginning a real career. “Cal State Fullerton really prepares you for the future,” says student Linda Vasquez. “That’s what college is about, and Cal State Fullerton does an excellent job of it.”


available to you. You learn from highly accomplished faculty members who

High-Quality Programs


Beyond the Classroom


An Affordable Education


A Real College Experience


Amazing Facilities


Ready for What’s Next


Alumni Who Inspire


All of the opportunities I’ve had are because of Cal State Fullerton. My internship in Washington D.C. helped me to see what I want to do. I realized that I can do a lot politically, and I want to go to graduate school and eventually get a doctorate. I’m aiming high, but I’m working hard. Cal State Fullerton really helps LINDA VASQUEZ Political Science Fun Fact Once a self-described “very shy freshman,” now she’s often asked to attend conferences as a student ambassador because of her long list of involvement and leadership on campus. Real Ambition The first in her family to attend a four-year college, she plans to earn a master’s and doctorate, focusing on access and equity in education. Words of Wisdom “Never forget where you come from and always give back. Cal State Fullerton helped me see that.”

prepare you for the future. That ’s what college is about, and they do an excellent job of it.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


EIGHT COLLEGES Our academic programs are offered by eight unique colleges: The Arts, Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, Communications, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, Health and Human Development, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

105 Real Choices Take a look at the quality and diversity of our academic programs. You can choose from 105 degree programs, including 50 at the graduate level. Many of these degree programs offer concentrations and emphases that allow you to focus in an area of specialization. We also offer 54 minors, 20 credential programs and a doctorate in educational leadership.

National Rankings U.S. News & World Report consistently lists Cal State Fullerton among “Top Public Universities,” ranking it No. 10 among the nation’s Top Public Universities – Master’s Institutions in the West. In fact, many of our academic programs have achieved national prominence because of our outstanding faculty

A Business Boom That’s Real The recent recipient of a record-setting $30-million gift, the Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics is the largest business school in California. The college also has the distinction of holding dual AACSB International accreditations for both the undergraduate and graduate programs in business and accounting.

and the achievements of our alumni.

Real Faculty in Your Classrooms About 2,100 full- and part-time faculty members




Fact to Remember The College is listed in the 2009 edition of Princeton Review’s Best 290 Business

and website management, to name a few.

apart? The exceptional learning environment they

are taught by professors whose primary focus is

Career Watch Students are well prepared to enter professions that include accounting, operations project management, banking, labor relations, securities trading/analysis, human resources management

grounds to their classrooms. What sets them

create for their students. On our campus, you

Schools . management, IT management, business development, insurance actuary, sales, marketing analysis,

bring impressive credentials and diverse back-




teaching and helping you reach your potential. What’s more, the majority of our undergraduate classes have fewer than 30 students, so you can easily get to know your classmates.

Best Performances The Performing Arts Major’s College Guide lists Cal State Fullerton among its “Most Highly Recommended Undergraduate Programs” for drama and musical theatre, and among “Noteworthy Programs” for dance. Our talented students consistently receive regional and national recognition in major competitions. At the Kennedy Center’s 2008 American College Theatre Festival, a student won the Irene Ryan Acting Award competing against 15 other actors chosen from a field of about 2,000 students nominated nationwide. At a regional competition of the American College Dance Festival, one of our dance students was honored with a Best Performance award.

Best Teaching Programs: In Demand Almost 4 million teachers will be needed by 2014, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Our College of Education’s nationally accredited teacher-preparation program produces dedicated and gifted alumni who have been recognized with Teacher of the Year honors. The College also offers some of California’s most innovative credentialing programs. Freshmen and community college transfer students can choose one of the Streamlined

A Fact for Future Medical Professionals Gaining admittance into medical and other

Teacher Education Programs, which combine the bachelor’s degree and credential, and provide an efficient route to teaching.

health professions schools can be really tough. But our Health Professions Advising Committee provides mentoring and advising to guide qualified students through the application process. Consider this: 80 percent of the students who have been



Fact to Remember The College offers the only credential and graduate degree programs in Orange County accredited by the prestigious National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Career Watch Students are well prepared for careers in education, including K-12 teaching and related

recommended by our advising committee

positions as reading and resource specialists, educational consultants, and instructional designers.

have been admitted to medical and health

Advanced programs prepare graduates for leadership positions in school and community college

professions schools nationwide for the last 30 years.


Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


REAL RESULTS In a statewide survey, first-year teachers who graduated from Cal State Fullerton performed above the California State University’s 23-campus average in every category. What’s more, according to the survey, more than 90 percent of Titan graduates would recommend the university’s credential and graduate programs to friends and colleagues.

Honors and Scholars If you are a talented, highly motivated student and enjoy taking on challenges, the President’s Scholars, University Honors and other merit-based programs create a unique college experience for high-achieving students like you. Benefits include challenging




Fact to Remember The College currently has more than 4,500 majors pursuing degrees, credentials and/or licensure in more than 20 high-quality academic programs that meet state and national accreditation standards. Career Watch Students are well prepared to enter professions that include nursing, social services,

courses, enriching co-curricular programs, research and leadership

counseling, teaching, child development, community/public health, athletic training, rehabilitation,

opportunities, social activities and invitations to special events,

exercise and sports.

assistance with applications for prestigious scholarships, access to honors societies and more.

New Pathways to Nursing To help meet the high demand for professionally educated nurses, the College of Health and Human Development has added new pre-licensure nursing programs that provide additional pathways to the nursing profession. One prepares you for registered nurse licensure at the bachelor’s degree level; another option prepares you for registered nurse

Serious Talent Award-winning and internationally recognized Visual Arts faculty

licensure at the

members encourage you to pursue your passion and excel while

master’s degree

focusing on a specialization that meets the needs of today’s

level. A new master’s

complex mix of art and technology. Accredited by the National

degree in social work

Association of Schools of Art and Design, Cal State Fullerton’s

is also among the high-quality programs to choose from if you’re

Visual Arts Department also holds the distinction of being the only

interested in a professional career in areas related to health,

public institution of higher education among 18 worldwide partici-

human development and community service.

pants in The Walt Disney Company Partners in Education program.

My professors have been really helpful. They introduce a lot of real-world knowledge and hands-on course work that we can use. My internships, the support and guidance I received through CASECS*, and my involvement and leadership in their student organizations have helped too. All of that has given me an extra edge. ADRIAN HERMOSILLO Computer Science Fun Fact Thoroughly enjoyed three years of volunteering as a commencement usher. “I have VIP tickets for my family at my own graduation.” Real Ambition Work in the technical field and eventually get into management. Complete a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA as well. Words of Wisdom “Don’t just come to school and go home. Be involved. This is a university, so take advantage of all the resources we have.”

I plan to continue working for IBM while I get my master’s degree. * Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


REAL EXPERIENCE: REQUIRED What do employers want? According to a survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, standardized tests and college transcripts just aren’t enough. Overwhelmingly, employers like to see faculty-supervised internships, communitybased projects and comprehensive senior projects in potential employees’ resumes. At Cal State Fullerton, you can do that and even more.

Look What Happens In the Lab At many universities, real research is often conducted exclusively by graduate students. This is definitely not the case at Cal State Fullerton. Undergraduate students in our colleges of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Engineering and Computer Science have outstanding opportunities to engage in research activities with faculty mentors. How would you like to participate in studies dealing with landslides and earthquakes, Alzheimer’s disease, increasing life expectancy,

Real Experience Opens Doors Some of the most important advantages of a Cal State Fullerton education are the opportunities you have for undergraduate research, professional internships, hands-on experiences, prestigious competitions, study abroad and more. It’s real-world experiences like these that give you an edge and can open doors to what’s next, whether it’s pursuit of an advanced degree, breaking into a highly

pharmaceuticals, bridge construction, robotics, atmospheric chemistry, lasers, preserving rocky coastlines, monitoring endangered species, tracking climate changes, quickly detecting toxins and removing contaminants from water supplies? This really happens at Cal State Fullerton.

competitive field, or landing your dream job. Regardless of your major, you have so many opportunities to go beyond the classroom and gain the confidence and skills you need.

Real Research Centers Faculty research projects can involve students from all levels and



Fact to Remember The College continues to ensure access with quality for Californians. B.S. and M.S. programs are offered in electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering

disciplines, including business, communications, humanities and social sciences, or health and

and computer science, along with a B.S. program in computer engineering. The new online M.S. in

human development. You can

Software Engineering has one of the largest graduate enrollments on campus.

also gain experience in one of

Career Watch Students are well prepared to enter technical careers in engineering and computer science with a baccalaureate degree and to advance their careers with a master’s degree.

the university’s many renowned research centers such as the Social Science Research Center, the Center for the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles, the Center for Oral and Public History or the Twin Studies Center.

Well-Prepared Communications Professionals

Real Business Consultants

Outstanding laboratory opportunities, hands-on training, and the

Rigorous, hands-on consulting projects provide real results when

latest technology help prepare future communications profession-

Cal State Fullerton’s Small Business Institute partners teams of

als for entry-level positions in

business student consultants with Orange County firms. These

highly competitive fields. Student

intensive projects help prepare students for the demands of the

publications and productions

workforce; their work provides insight for local businesses and

produced in the Department of

often inspire profit improvement. What’s more, student

Communications consistently

efforts have garnered national recognition and top awards

win state and national awards, including

in the National Small Business Institute Case of the Year competition.

the Daily Titan and Tusk magazine. Most recently, four broadcast journalism students captured the national spotlight by winning the 2008 FOX News Channel’s “College Challenge,” a national video news competition. Films and videos produced by Radio-TV-Film students are selected each year for screening by various festivals.

Cal State DC: A Capital Experience Students describe the Washington D.C. Internship Program as an experience that can’t be duplicated on the West Coast. You can earn academic credit while interning part- or full-time for congressional offices, political parties, advocacy groups,

Making a Winning Argument

non-profits and other offices in and around the capital.

Competing and consistently winning against opponents such as Harvard, Berkeley, Northwestern and USC, Cal State Fullerton’s debate team has ranked among the top 16 in the nation for five consecutive years. Beyond winning scores of trophies each semester, debate team members gain important research and speaking skills, and the ability to utilize logic and persuasion in their arguments and appreciate other points of view.



Fact to Remember Recognizing the need for educated professionals, the College prepares students for careers in a wide variety of media-related professions, business, entertainment, government, education and health services. pullout for that College of Engineering Career Watch Students are well (page prepared to8enter professions include public affairs and and Computer Science) information, social work, print and broadcast journalism, television, film, advertising, clinical Real teaching, Quick speech Fact:pathology, insert visual communications psychology, law, high school orAuniversity and tourism.

Career Watch: insert

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


ABOVE AND BEYOND Our students earned national recognition in 2008 for 717,661 hours of service performed in their communities. Through our Center for Internships and Community Engagement, you can volunteer, learn new skills and gain valuable experiences through service projects tied to your academic course work.

Artists at Work Cal State Fullerton’s Visual Arts faculty members have developed an outstanding internship program and a reputation for excellence in preparing creative talent for successful careers. Numerous companies and notable



Fact to Remember In this highly regarded College, dedicated students and faculty work together toward professional and creative excellence in the visual arts, music, dance and theatre. Career Watch Students are well prepared to enter professions that include: graphic design, illustration, animation, musical theatre, acting, theatre set, lighting and costume design, instrumental performance, piano pedagogy and teaching.

studios, including Nickelodeon Animation and Walt Disney Studios, provide professional internships for about 200 students each year. For many talented students, on-the-job experience gained in these internships is often the stepping stone to a career following graduation.

Take Your Studies


Study Spanish in Barcelona, art in Florence or computer science in Japan. These are just a few of the study abroad opportunities offered in more

Hands-On Training in Health and Movement

than 19 countries. You can also take advantage of opportunities offered

More than 1,000 majors preparing for careers related to health and

within our colleges. For example, the Business Europe Study Tours

physical activity receive practical, hands-on training in exercise

summer program offers travel and study in six European countries;

physiology, biomechanics, gerokinesiology, athletic training, sport

future scientists and researchers study international health issues

and exercise psychology, motor behavior and movement analysis.

and engage in medical research in England, Thailand and Argentina;

Special centers housed within the College of Health of Human De-

the university’s Chamber Choir and Orchestra recently toured East-

velopment also offer you exciting opportunities to become involved

ern Europe, visiting and performing in some of the most prestigious

in cutting-edge research projects. Examples are the Center for

concert halls and festivals in Europe; and communications students

Successful Aging and the Institute of Sport and Human Movement.

blended academics with culture in Florence, Italy.

I had a great experience with Freshman Programs. I had classes with other first-time freshmen, so right away I saw familiar faces, and I was able to start networking and building friendships. It also gave me information on all of the resources and organizations on campus, and that definitely made it a lot easier to get started. You can TONY LAW English Fun Fact A member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, he also competes in tournaments with the Cal State Fullerton Tennis Club. Real Ambition Earn a master’s in counseling and work with high school students. Words of Wisdom You can develop great friendships and learn new skills while working on campus. “The hands-on training in peer advising and my experience with advising prospective transfer students made me realize that I want to go into counseling.”

choose the learning community that will benefit you the most, and I would definitely recommend it.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


FRESHMAN PROGRAMS is one of the best ways to make the most of your first year in college, both academically and socially. You can choose to participate in one of six learning communities, each with a special focus that suits your needs.

Get the Best Advice Regardless of your major, or even if you’re not sure about your major, we offer a number of centers, programs and resources to help you find your way and stay on track. The Academic Advisement Center provides academic counseling regarding General Education Program requirements and also assists students in selecting a major. Once you’ve declared a major, each academic department provides an adviser who assists you with navigating your specific degree program’s requirements to help ensure a timely graduation. The Center for Careers in Teaching provides up-to-date infor-

Get a Great Start and Stay on Track

mation for students interested in becoming teachers. Informative

Before your first day of classes, all first-time freshmen attend New

timely manner. The Center also works with transfer students who

Student Orientation. It’s a great introduction to the opportunities,

are interested in teaching careers.

seminars help you plan and earn your degree and credential in a

services and resources available to you. You receive important academic advisement and register for your first semester of classes. You’ll also meet new friends and gain a real sense of excitement of the college experience that’s waiting for you at Cal State Fullerton. New transfer students attend a Transfer Orientation Session or can complete the overview online. Parents take note: We also have a separate presentation just for you.

Find the Support

You Need Whether you’re tackling a tough class, studying for a big exam or just need



Fact to Remember The College offers more than 40 degree programs that prepare students for a wide

some encouragement, you will discover a wide network of support

range of professions, graduate school, and advanced professional study in fields such as law, public

services: Educational Opportunity

administration, clinical psychology and business.

Program, Athletics Academic Ser-

Career Watch Students are prepared to enter such professions as urban planner, research analyst,

vices, Disabled Student Services,

law enforcement officer, conservationist and environmental manager, intelligence community

the Center for Academic Support

professional, grant and technical writer, administrator, human resources manager, high school

in Computer Science and Engineering,

or community college teacher—and much more.

University Learning Center, Student Support Services, Multicultural Mentoring Program and more.

When I go to work in the health care field, I’ll have a better understanding of people’s behaviors because of the field research I’ve done. I actually worked for a physician at his clinic, and helped him with his study on childhood obesity. It was amazing to work with the participants in nutrition and exercise classes, and then LINA HUYNH Health Science Fun Fact Changed her major twice, then found what she wanted to do. “I’ve always wanted to help people take care of themselves. I am really glad I chose the health science major.” Real Ambition Enter a nursing or physician assistant graduate program. Words of Wisdom “You should enjoy what you do, and you really need to get out there and explore.”

analyze their data. I’m really glad that my professor, Dr. Weiss, gave me that opportunity.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


MCNAIR SCHOLARS, the Minority Access to Research Careers Program, and the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates are just some of the federally funded programs that provide support for students interested in pursuing advanced degrees and careers in research.

An Affordable Education

Scholarships and Much More

If you’re like most students, one of the most important questions

Each year, Cal State Fullerton awards nearly $2 million in scholar-

you have is “Can I afford college?” Not only does Cal State Fullerton

ships and awards. These awards may be through university-wide

offer an outstanding education, it is still very affordable. California

scholarships or through our colleges and academic departments.

residents enrolled in the regular program pay fees but no tuition

Examples of two comprehensive university scholarships are:

since the state’s taxpayers underwrite that cost. Currently, fees for undergraduate students are $3,658 per year (two semesters) for full-time students and $2,380 for part-time students.

President’s Scholars This premier, four-year scholarship program recognizes outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership and community service.

Students who live on campus pay $8,722-$10,872 for housing

The full scholarship covers all fees and includes many other

and meals. Non-California residents pay these fees

benefits for these top students.

plus $339 tuition per unit, or about

Guardian Scholars assists young people who are exiting the foster

$6,914 per semester for a 15-unit course load.

care system realize their dream of a college education. The $8,722 to $10,872

on-campus housing and a caring network of support services. It’s also important to remember that there are other sources of

Housing & Meals $4,050 $3,658 Fees $3,658 $2,700 Others $2,700


Books $1,568 Transportation $1,200

$1,100 to $1,200 Commuter $13,176 On-Campus $17,748-$19,998


comprehensive program provides full financial support, year-round


Fact to Remember The College offers 36 degree programs that emphasize hands-on learning experiences and real-world applications. We prepare students for professional careers that depend on knowledge and skills in mathematics and the sciences. Career Watch Our graduates are well prepared to enter professional careers in mathematics and the biological, chemical, physical, environmental and geological sciences; for advanced graduate work; for entry into medical and other health professional schools; and for careers in teaching.

scholarships and awards outside the university including national, state and regional scholarship programs; and through professional associations, business organizations, religious affiliations or other special interest groups such as community services groups.

Financial Aid You’re not alone. Our Financial Aid Office assists 43 percent of our students with loans, grants and scholarships. We also offer informative workshops to help you and your parents determine the type of financial aid that is best for you. For more information, visit .

The faculty here is awesome. Everybody is really well qualified, and across the board I’ve noticed that they love what they do. The professors here are so welcoming and personable, and I’ve never had a teaching assistant teach a class. The classes in the Honors Program are some of the best I’ve taken. The classes are small, the students are KEVIN JOHNSTON Radio-TV-Film, Theatre Arts Fun Fact He played baseball growing up, and attended Titan games with his father for years. “It was really cool that they won it all – the College World Series – when I was a freshman here.” Real Ambition To establish himself as a successful actor. “I feel I am prepared for anything.” Words of Wisdom “This is a really well-rounded university, so take classes in everything you can. There are so many things to take advantage of here.”

really bright, and I like the way my professors teach the Honors classes.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


REAL DIVERSITY Diverse Issues in Higher Education ranks Cal State Fullerton seventh in the nation for the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded to minority students. Cal State Fullerton is ranked No. 1 in California and fifth in the nation for the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanic students according to Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education .

A Great Location Our location is one of our major assets, offering the resources of a dynamic, flourishing area that includes Orange County, metropolitan Los Angeles and the expanding Inland Empire. What are the advantages? At Cal State Fullerton you experience real life – a vibrant, metropolitan university environment that offers real-world connections to business, government, entertainment and the arts. Nestled in North Orange County, our campus is close to everything the region offers – neighboring mountains

National Champions

and famous beaches, amusement parks,

Whether you are on the playing field or cheering Titan teams in the

from campus, you might work part time at the Disneyland Resort,

stands, you will catch the excitement of our proud tradition in inter-

watch major league baseball at Angel Stadium, or catch a concert

collegiate athletic competition. The Cal State Fullerton Titans have

at the Honda Center. With all of these advantages, one of the most

earned 12 national team championships in seven different sports.

important is a comfortable campus atmosphere that students say

This includes national championships in Division I competition – one

feels more like a small college.

cultural showcases and performing arts venues. Just a short drive

in softball and four in baseball – at the College World Series. Men’s sports are baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, track and field, and wrestling. Women’s sports are basketball, gymnastics, soccer, softball, cross country, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

Unknown 10% White 32% Hispanic 28%

Real Athletes. Real Students.

International Students 4% American Indian 1% Asian/Pacific Islander 22% Black 4%

Titan athletes turn in stellar performances in Division I national

Students Who are Real

competition, but they’re real students too. In 2008, Cal State

Our students are really a lot like you – nearly 37,000 reflect

Fullerton was included in the Elite 50 Colleges of the nation in

California’s rich, multicultural population. The average age

Stack Magazine , a national publication for high school athletes.

of incoming freshmen is 18 years old. The average age of

Stack created the Elite 50 to rank the best schools for academically

all undergraduate students is 23; the average age of all Cal

minded athletes.

State Fullerton students, including graduate students, is 24.

One of the reasons I chose Cal State Fullerton was because I knew the business program was so good. I wanted the perspective of two different areas, so I completed a finance and a marketing concentration. The professors here are great. They really try to help you get to where you want to be. One of my marketing professors sent GRANT NAKATA

Business Administration (Finance and Marketing)

Fun Fact Lived on campus for all four years. “It feels like a big family.” Summer Adventure Visited six countries through the Business Europe Study Tour, studying best business practices from the auto industry in Germany to tourism in Switzerland. Real Ambition Work for a couple of years and then come back for an MBA. Words of Wisdom Take advantage of career fairs and networking events offered on campus. “The marketing honors networking breakfast gave me some great job leads.”

us out to work in consulting teams and to apply what we learned to real businesses.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP LESSONS You can learn lifelong leadership skills through workshops, seminars and other activities. In fact, The Templeton Guide: Colleges That Encourage Character Development: A Resource for Parents, Students and

Educators lists our Student Leadership Institute among the guide’s “Exemplary Programs” in the student leadership category.

Choose a Real College Experience

“Hey, It’s Your World … Change it!”

At Cal State Fullerton you can create the college experience that’s

That’s the motto of our Volunteer and

right for you. There are plenty of choices. More than 250 clubs

Service Center. It’s the perfect place if

and organizations offer programs and

you’re looking for ways to serve your

activities that include concerts, films,

community through programs that focus

lectures and sports. If you’re interested

on hunger and homelessness, the environ-

in Greek life, you have a choice of

ment, mentoring children, blood drives

fraternities, sororities and several

and other community service projects.

multicultural-focused organizations. Interested in student government? Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. offers a variety of experiences for leadership and involvement. Rec Sports keeps you moving with fitness classes, an intramural sports program and access to the university’s facilities, including an incredible new Student Recreation Center with a climbing wall.

An International Blend Currently we welcome nearly 1,200 international students representing 79 countries. We’re also ranked number five in the nation’s top 40 master’s institutions for international student enrollment. What are the advantages? You can make new friends, share experiences,

Titan Student Union


and learn from each other’s cultural traditions. A weekly international coffee break hosted on

Whether you need a

campus is a favorite gathering spot, and an International Student

quiet place to study

Association also helps create a “family” atmosphere on campus.

or relax, or a great place to meet friends and have fun, the

Living Spaces

Titan Student Union

If you want to live on

has something for everyone: Food Court

campus, we do have an

and Pub, bowling alley, games and rec-

on-campus residence

reation area, Titan Theater and Pavilion,

hall complex that fea-

study lounges and an adjacent amphithe-

tures apartment-style

atre that features noontime concerts

suites. Space is very

and other live entertainment.

limited, so you will need to apply very early.

My training in the acting program has been amazing. My advanced acting teacher, Svetlana Efremova, forces you to be an artist, to be nothing but the best. My film acting teacher, John Short, also creates that passion in me because he is such a good teacher and a good actor. They inspire me to be on their level some day, and I think I ASHLEY WILLIAMS Theatre Arts (Acting) Fun Fact Chosen as a sophomore to perform with Gladys Knight and Theatre and Dance students at the university’s Front & Center event at the Honda Center. “The experience was awesome.” Real Accomplishment Competed with about 400 students and was one of 12 students chosen for the acting concentration. Words of Wisdom “If you have a dream, keep focused. Don’t let anything take you away from the path you’re on or the hope you have inside.”

will because every goal that I have set for myself is coming true.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


Our PAULINA JUNE & GEORGE POLLAK LIBRARY offers you onsite and remote access to a wealth of resources and features a $30-million addition that offers a variety of technological advances. What’s more, instructional programs and services help you make the most of the Library’s resources, collections and services.

Well-equipped Learning Spaces They’re everywhere on campus. Expanded facilities in the Kinesiology and Health Science Building include new laboratories, practice gymnasium and lecture hall.

A compact campus with Real Impact

Dan Black Hall

Visit our campus, and get a first-hand look at some really

features well-

amazing facilities. Located on 236 acres, comfortably compact

equipped science

and beautifully landscaped, our main campus consists of 22

laboratories; and

permanent buildings and a picturesque 26-acre Arboretum.

new facilities

You can easily walk to classes within 10 minutes, and two parking

such as the Data

structures have expanded student parking. Some highlights:

Center, VLSI laboratory and

Steven G. Mihaylo Hall opened in fall 2008, and the $87.5-million facility provides a world-class learning environment for the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. “Awesome,” is almost an understatement when describing our brand new Student Recreation Center, which features a rock climbing wall, multicourt gymnasium, one of the largest cardio/weight rooms on a West Coast campus. The Joseph A.W. Clayes III Performing Arts Center is easily

Alcoa Environmental Lab increase hands-on learning for engineering and computer science students. The Titan Multimedia Center features the latest in digital editing, audio equipment, television studios and control rooms; and the Anthropology Research and Teaching Facility includes a Teaching Museum that highlights student-curated exhibits.

one the California’s leading university performing arts facilities.

Irvine Campus

Offers Options The Cal State Fullerton Irvine Campus, a branch campus, offers upper-division and graduate-level courses. Other campus satellites include the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana and the Cal State Fullerton Garden Grove Center.

I can’t say enough about the program here and the research opportunities that were available to me. The difference is the hands-on experience working with professors like Dr. Chris Meyer that really made me learn as much as I did. The faculty and the training that you receive here are top-notch. I don’t know if I would have been JUAN DIAZ ’02 Biological Science; Ph.D Chemistry, UC Irvine Right Now Beginning postdoctoral studies in cancer research at UC San Francisco. Real Accomplishment Became the top-ranked student in a post-baccalaureate program competing with students from Harvard and MIT. “It felt great.” Real Ambition “I want to be able to discover something that in the end will be able to aid our society.” Words of Wisdom “Follow your heart. It’s all about personal drive, and that’s really what you need to be successful in whatever you do.”

as successful had I not come to Cal State Fullerton and had the wonderful experience that I did.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


The CAREER CENTER provides counselors and programs to help you define and achieve your goals. You can also take advantage of the Career Resource Library; workshops and seminars cover topics that include career planning, resume writing, interview skills and job search techniques.

Be ready for what’s next When it’s time to take the next step, you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to compete. At events planned by our colleges and academic departments, you can meet professionals in your areas of interest, sharpen networking skills and broaden your experiences.

Real Networking. Real Results. Throughout the year, the Career Center sponsors a number


of events that bring employers and recruiters to campus. The Internship & Job Fair offers excellent opportunities for students of all majors to meet employers, apply for positions, and explore career and professional options. Other special events include the Campus Interview Program, Graduate and Professional School Fair, Teacher Job Fairs, and the Internship Event.

Thinking of Graduate School? To highlight just a few: Comm Week is an annual event that

Our faculty members and graduate

promotes the field of communications and spotlights our students,

advisers can help you prepare for

faculty and alumni. Regardless of your major, Professor for a

professional programs including law,

Day events add new dimensions to the classroom when alumni,

theology, human services, health

and business and community leaders share their expertise as

professions and teaching. Many

guest professors. Engineering and Computer Science Week,

of our students choose to stay at

career fairs, alumni-student luncheons, and professional workshops

Cal State Fullerton and enroll in

offer opportunities for students to meet professionals from leading

one of our outstanding graduate

corporations and government agencies such as Boeing, Raytheon, IBM, Microsoft, the U.S. Navy and Caltrans.

programs. We offer 49 research and professional degrees and one doctorate.

My education really paid off when one of my former students, who was graduating from high school, wrote me a letter saying that she had fond memories of reading in my class and that she wanted to be a writer. That wonderful letter proved the real value of my education. At CSUF, I got into a program tailored for working teachers. MICHELLE SKIDMORE ’03 M.S. Education Profession Sixth grade teacher at Ladera Ranch Middle School, California. Teaches English and Social Studies. Professor Who Influenced Her the Most Dr. Barbara Clark, who inspired her to “keep her vision large.” Real Accomplishment 2006 Orange County Teacher of the Year. Words of Wisdom Always remember: “Excellence requires extra effort.”

The lessons I learned re-energized my teaching and reaffirmed my passion for my profession.

Real knowledge. Real Life. Real Rewards.


ALUMNI WITH VISION An annual gala event, Vision & Visionaries, honors distinguished alumni for outstanding work in their profession or for significant contributions benefiting their community, state or nation. Throughout the years, 80 Titan alumni have been honored at this memorable event that draws an audience of alumni, honorary guests, students and Titan supporters.

Titan Alumni Make a Difference From generous annual Alumni Association Scholarships to a recent, record-setting $30million gift from Steven G. Mihyalo (left), proud Titan alumni make a difference for students like you. Many volunteer their time and share their expertise at university events. Others provide internships within companies they founded, or important leads that can help you break into competitive fields. Being a Titan matters, and you will be proud to join more than 190,000 Titan alumni.

Alumni Who Inspire

Our Titan alumni include role models and leaders in every field –  an astronaut who flew in space as a crew member aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor; academy award-winning actors, television and film producers, award-winning authors and screenwriters; presidents and CEOs of leading corporations, entrepreneurs, and successful small business owners; international opera stars,

Alumni Give Back

musicians and Broadway stars; professional athletes; leading educators including state and city superintendents of education;

Titan alumni stay connected with each other and the university. Our

elected officials represented at levels of government – civic

active Alumni Association plans events that bring alumni to campus

leaders, and members of the State Legislature and U.S. Congress;

and sponsors numerous Alumni Chapters nationwide. Our alumni

physicians, scientists and engineers who break new ground in

also give back to help students who were just like themselves and

medicine, science and technology. The list goes on and on. But

to their university, which provided so many opportunities and a real

it’s important to remember, our alumni began just like you, as

foundation to launch successful careers.

Cal State Fullerton students.

All phone numbers are in the 714 area code unless otherwise noted.

Academic Advisement Center 278-3606 Admissions and Records 278-2300 Adult Re-entry/Women’s Center 278-3889 Campus Tours 278-2501 Career Center 278-3121 Center for Careers in Teaching 278-7130 Disabled Students Services 278-3117

You’ve been admitted. Congratulations! Now, what’s next? A campus visit is a must. It’s simply the best way to fully appreciate Cal State Fullerton. What’s more, we’re excited about meeting you and your family. You can talk to our students and faculty, tour our campus, and get an idea of the number of exciting opportunities available to you.

Educational Opportunity Program 278-2784 Extended Education 278-2611 Financial Aid 278-3125 Health Center 278-2800 Housing Services and Residence Life 278-2168

You can visit our campus by making a reservation for one of our daily tours, or you can take

International Education and Study Abroad 278-2787

a self-guided tour. Visit us online at for more details.

Irvine Campus 949-936-1600 New Student Orientation 278-2501

Once you’ve been admitted, it’s also important to complete the following steps:

University Honors & Scholars Center 278-7440 University Outreach 278-2086 Veterans Certification 278-2373

March 2

April 25

Financial Aid application due

Welcome to Cal State Fuller ton Day

May 2 July 10


May 8

Your local high school requirements and maintain appropriate GPA

Last day to register for mandator y New Student Orientation

E L M / E P T

Campus Operator 278-2011

Last day to take ELM/EPT tests Final of ficial high school transcript must be received

Cal State Fullerton

For comprehensive information on specific admission requirements and important deadlines, please visit us at . You can also refer to our online catalog at for information about our academic programs, university policies and student services. Visit Cal State Fullerton’s official website. File admission applications online, plan for college and obtain financial aid information. Apply for financial aid directly online. Explore the comprehensive guide to all 23 campuses within the California State University system. Learn about resources and course work available at our South County campus.


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California State University, Fullerton 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, California 92831


Your journey begins here. For real.

I T I S T H E P O L I C Y O F C A L I F O R N I A S T AT E U N I V E R S I T Y, F U L L E R T O N T O A D O P T A N D S U P P O R T M E A S U R E S D E S I G N E D T O P R E V E N T A N D E L I M I N AT E D I S C R I M I N AT I O N I N E D U C AT I O N A L P R O G R A M S , A C T I V I T I E S O R E M P L O Y M E N T O N T H E B A S I S O F R A C E , C O L O R , R E L I G I O N , S E X , N AT I O N A L O R I G I N , A G E O R P H Y S I C A L H A N D I C A P.

2009 CSUF Recruitment: Viewbook  

Cal State Fullerton Recruitment: Viewbook

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