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Titania Daily News. Mayy 3009

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From TITANIA WORLD >>Titania's capital city has suffered the worst consequence of the climatic change. The morning of January 29, Titania woke up covered by a white blanket. Due to the climatic change the night of January 28 it snowed a lot and left isolated the whole village. All its inhabitants went out of their houses and they were very surprised because Titania is a hot planet and it had never snowed before. They didn´t know what the snow was, so they tried it and as they liked it they started eating it. Some minutes later a kind of horn went out in their faces. Everyone started shouting and got into their houses, but children continued playing in the street and started writing their names in the snow with the horn. However, they discovered that if they all were collaborating they might remove the snow from their city. city A few days happened until they removed the snow and after a while the horn disappeared. disappeared To celebrate it, it they have done a party since then, and every year they remember happily those days >> Titania Daily News

Franc-Braul B11H

Triton Herald Mayy 3009

F TRITON WORLD From The planetary selection of Triton was atacked!! <<When When the Triton ´ss selection of football came to Angolamart, a group of terrorists (that were outdoors the spaceport) opened fire to the airbus that gave the football players access to their Space Residence. The airbus was stopped at once. Hopefully, a police aircar came to the accident when they listened to the shoots. The police l was involved l d in a hard h d fight f ht but b t , when h the th fight f ht with th the th terrorist t t became b t hard, too h d the th policemen l shouted h t d to t the th four winds: "Chuck Korris come here and help us!!!. And Chuck Korris fell from the heaven making a crater of 15 m of diameter. Chuck went out the crater and the terrorists fired him. However, Chuck was really near them and acted quickly arresting all the terrorists in 5 seconds!!. And another time the world was saved by Chuck Korris!!<< Triton Herald

Ion Daily Express May 3009

Vick. B11H

From ION WORLD <<A young boy of two, stood chained to a steel post in the centre of the city, was waiting until his monster-dad came to collect him According to his monster-dad, him. monster dad this way the boy was unable to toddle off and less likely to be abducted by child snatchers. snatchers Chen had been leaving his son locked up outside an investigation centre while he was carrying passengers to other planets on his motorbike taxi. He insisted his four-year-old son was abducted last month and said about his toddler "to chain him is better than losing him". The alien´s mum is mentally ill and the monster-dad is too poor to pay for the child care. Officials finally ordered the dad to unchain his youngster and to promise not to do it again. >> Ion Daily Express

Zaserope Star Tribune May 3009

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From ZASEROPE WORLD <<Zaserope, a planet with a rich historical heritage, a vibrant culture, and green countryside that earned it the nickname " The Emerald World", has had to overcome a lot: domination by the Ions, the food famine , chronic economic war, violence related to the Pluto movement in Northern Zaserope - not to mention those malicious "Zaseropians jokes" told mostly by Ionmen. But it has succeeded. It is now an independent member of their Community and has one of the strongest economies. It has become a modern and successful society, as well as a chic tourist destination. Nowadays, it seems that the Zaseropians are the ones who are having the last laugh. laugh << Zaserope Star Tribune

The Moon Evening May 3009


From THE FOURTH MOON Children rights in The Fourth Moon The fourth Moon`s children face discrimination and even punishment everyday in our World. Nowadays, Weiler´s children start working at the age of 100 and they do hard works for a minimum wage. Lots of people consider this fact unfair. In 2010, lots of revolts happened and people went out to defend children rights. At last, the state has decided to pass a law to protect children rights, and so children will start working at the age of 200 years and they will have the same wage than adults. The Moon Evening

Ganymede News May 3009

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From GANYMEDE WORLD Two aerotrains came off the tracks in a remote pplace near Ganymede, y , after a landslide burst an irrigation g ppipe, p , sendingg rocks,, debris and water crashing on to the airtrain. It slid down the banks of the Gany River but was prevented from falling into the water by a line of airpine trees. Rescuers had to climb up from the forested riverbank to reach the airtrain and surrounding streets were closed to allow access for airambulances i bl andd emergency services. i Ganymede News

Mercury Today May 3009

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From MERCURY WORLD LAST NEWS: In the early hours of 24th March, a really strange kind of UFO landed on the grass of the central stadium. The only survivor was a little alien b he boy, h was from f an unknown k planet l t from f the th outskirts. t ki t The Th highest hi h t representative t ti off the th police li is i investigating i ti ti how h could ld the th young boy b be b able to control that machine. What the people wonder is who's that strange alien boy and if he has some special powers. Mercury Today

Mars Post May 3009

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From MARS WORLD The makers of Monsters, Inc say there's going to be a hundred second film starring all the same characters. The first animated adventure, adventure about monsters who scare kids for a living, living came out in 2001 and was a massive hit around the world. world The new film, which will be come out in cinemas on November 3012, will star a new puppet character called Walter. The company Pixar which makes the films will also release Toy Story 93 this summer and a Cars sequel next year. Mars Post

The Sunday Pluto Times May 3009

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From PLUTO WORLD There are worries that a new ash cloud from the volcano in Pluto is heading our way. It means there could be lots more problems for people wanting to fly in or out of their worlds. It's because that it's thought to be too dangerous to fly through the ash which could damage spaceship engines. Hopefully, thanks to our incredible engineers everything will be solved in a few days and we will be happy again travelling through all the galaxies The Sunday Pluto Times

Saturn Today May 3009

From Saturn world Kasa has released some amazing close-up close up pictures of the sun. sun It´s the first time ever images like this have been released - and they show the star changing colour! They also show a display of explosions and on its surface and looping movements of gas. p these snaps p will helpp them understand more about the weather here on our worlds Scientists hope Saturn Today

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Uranus Journal May 3009

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From Uranus World Many 110-year-olds in Mercury may not have to sit their Tests in May this year because some teachers have voted not to take part in them. Many teachers have voted not to support Test because they think they are bad for children, teachers and schools. They believe that Tests cause everyone too much stress, and that schools end up teaching kids how to pass exams, rather than concentrating on helping them learn different subjects. The headmasters who support the action will ask their teachers not to open any Exams papers, papers not to check them and not to carry out the tests. The teachers and pupils will all still be in school on the days the Tests are supposed to take place, but the tests won't happen. Uranus Journal

Callisto Morning News May 3009

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From Callisto World CNNK is looking for children to take part in a special programme about the general election happening this year. The kids who are chosen will grill the politicians on what they're planning to do to help children in their planets, and to tell them what should be done! You'll need to stand up in front of an audience and argue your case. You must be between 110 and 140years old on 30 April 3010. Callisto Morning News

Saturdayy Zastania News. May 3009

Inbamila B11H

The most surprising kidnapping ever seen in Zastania A kidnap has taken place in Zastania. A 6 year old boy was playing with his beautiful mother in the park when suddenly a handsome man appeared and held the child to ransom She followed the kidnapper, and when they looked at each other, they fell in love. After a while, they got married and they started living together. together As time passed they have had ten more children. children Saturday Zastania News

Romania Last News May 3009

Milabain Mil bi B11H

No more Poverty in Romania In a small village called Romania, there lived many poor families, who worked very hard and all their members had to work a lot for a y One dayy William Rates decided to ggive all his moneyy to ppoor ppeople. p low salary. He had visited Romania many times, each time he went there, he came back home very sad. To distribute his money, he got on a plane and dropped all the money. Everyone had enough to live, and that is how poverty was eradicated in Romania. Romania Last News


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