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Understand your stone’s geological classification and composition. this information will help you to identify what cleaning products to use and how best to care for your natural stone

Assessing the Stone’s Current Condition

Knowing the current condition of the stone is another critical first step.

Daily Maintenance

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Dust Mopping Mats/rugs Vacuum cleaners Remove spills immediately with a paper towel

Periodic Professional Care

Periodic honing and polishing by a floor maintenance contractor will maintain the lustre and more importantly, significantly inhibit resoiling and deterioration.

Floor Restoration

If a marble floor is scratched, deeply soiled, or has a build-up of yellowed wax or discoloured sealers, the lustre and natural colour can be restored by wet sanding and chemical stripping.


ď‚— Sealing makes the stone more stain resistant.

ď‚— Several factors like hardness, density, how porous is the stone etc must

be considered prior to determining if the stone should be sealed

Never attempt to remove stains or deposits by scraping, scouring, or indiscriminately applying bleaching agents, liquid marble cleaners, or other harsh chemicals.

Moisture Damage

ď‚— Water penetrating exterior wall cavities through defective flashing or

unsealed joints can cause efflorescence, a mineral salt residue left on the surface of masonry when water evaporates. ď‚— It is recommended that you contact your stone professional for a remedy.

Identifying & Removing Stains

Identifying the type of stain on the stone surface is the key to removing it. Stains can be oil based, organic, metallic, biological, ink based, paint based, acid based.

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