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WELCOME AW16 Forecast

Founded in 2008 as a creative concept bet ween designers Emily Dyson and Ian Paley, Couverture and The Garbstore stands as a hidden gem amongst the vibrant streets surrounding Portobello Market and Notting Hill. Housed within an intimate home-st yle setting, the store spans three levels focusing on championing independent labels, emerging talent and exclusive collaborations. Stepping inside greets you with Couverture’s eclectic collection of wares for both women, children and musings for the home. Heading downstairs, the lower basement f loor offers collections from Ian Paley’s Garbstore label as well as selections from cult international brands, rare publications and collectables.  Both online and instore, Couverture and The Garbstore is a def initive destination for those seeking inspiration and something a little out of the ordinar y.

Couverture and the Garbstore 188 Kensington Park Road Notting Hill, London W11 2ES England Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm | Sun 12 - 5pm


Womenwear e d i t


R a c h e l C o m e y : M e r c y To p - B l u e , B i s h o p P a n t - S t o n e M i l e n a S i l v a n o : Z a z e n Ve s t - E a r t h y D a r k s

WOMENWEAR EDIT “A collage of shapes, tones and textures with extra frills and trimmings for this Autumn Winter.”

Drawing attention to the neck line, tops, dresses and knits have higher necks, accentuated collars, subtle frills and ruff les. Favourite pieces have a ref ined yet rela xed f it. Tailored shirts combine with loose f it boilers, silky dresses rest loosely on the body, coats and trenches fall towards the f loor. Experimenting with textures and tones, we’ve chosen shagg y fau x fur over colourful prints and layering with velvet and stripes. For warm earthy feels, expect coats and jackets in shearling, leather skirts and accessories.

The women’s edit this season is a selection of classic silhouettes each with its own peculiarities and detailing. Our winter look ref lects the concept of attempting to curate one’s self, but ultimately embracing all of the wonderful messiness and eccentricities you’ve collected through time. Our colour palette this season contrasts versatile neutral tones with bright pinks, autumnal reds and greens. Taking inspiration from heritage st yling and 70’s romanticism, our picks offer a mix of t weed, plaid and corduroy, along with dramatic sleeves, wide legs, f luff y knits and velvet.

Tr a d e m a r k : S m o c k e d B i b S h i r t W h i t e Tr a d e m a r k : C o rd u r o y H i g h Wa i s t e d Tr o u s e r s - N a v y

Tr a d e m a r k : F u l l S l e e v e M o h a i r - B l u e Tr a d e m a r k : S m o k e d P l e a t e d S k i r t - N a v y


Samuji: Eddie Shirt I l a n a Ko h n : K a t e J u m p s u i t


Womenwear e d i t

Minä Perhonen: Forest Ring Je rsey D ress - G reen N a n u s h k a : B e p p o C o rd u r o y Tr e n c h C o a t - Ta n


Womenwear e d i t

C a p r i : B l o u s e 9E D - O ra n g e P i n k

Rachel Comey: Funnel Neck Pullover - Oatmeal Rachel Comey: Bishop Pant - Stone

Y MC: Scalloped Edge Shirt - Blue & W hite Y M C : P e g Tr o u s e r s - B u r g u n d y

I l a n a Ko h n : C h a r l i e Tr e n c h - D e n i m I l a n a Ko h n : K a t e C r o p - C l o u d s Folk : Lounge Pant - Black

R achel Comey : Eve rmore D ress - R ainbow


N ew R ecr u i t

N ew R ecr u i t

OUTDOOR VOICES Q&A “Behind the New York label, changing how we view athleisure and fitness.”

In light of their recent addition to the Couverture rails, we spoke to the creators behind New York based athleisure wear label Outdoor Voices to f ind a bit more about the brand, its history and what they make of Couverture.

IN THE U.S. YOU ORGANISE OUTDOOR VOICES JOGGER’S CLUB OR WORKOUT HAPPY HOUR , DO YOU HAVE PL ANS TO THE SAME IN THE UK OR EUROPE? I was just in London for the f irst time for Wimbledon and I am absolutely coming back (with my jogging shoes!) Communit y is super important to us, and doing things is much more fun with friends. We think about retail more as a hub to bring people together around activit y rather than a sales channel, so as OV keeps growing, we’d love to be able to host events abroad in the same way we do in the U.S. — get people together, sweat a little, have a beer, and keep it fun.  

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE OUTDOOR VOICES? The feeling of wanting to free f itness from performance. I’m from Boulder, Colorado, a small mountain cit y where activit y is baked into ever yday life, and I grew up playing sports and running track. W hen I was younger, tr ying to be the best and fastest made sense, but as soon as I graduated from school being active became more about moving my body for my mind and less about competition.


I started Outdoor Voices because I saw an opportunit y to create a brand that f lipped that idea of performance on its head and approached activit y with moderation, and ease, and delight — and something that looked aesthetically more in line with what I was wearing in my ever yday life.

Dog walk f irst thing with my pup, Tony. Then to the off ice, I spend the f irst part of my day with the product team, working with the designers on colors, concepts, new materials, but I bounce around from department to department and tr y to spend an hour or t wo in our Soho shop too, so I’m on-the-go all day. Something we say a lot internally is, “Change the chemistr y.” If we’re stuck on a problem or feeling a little tired, we organize a little activit y to move things around, like our week ly OV Dribble Dribble pickup game during lunch— I’ve got a prett y good jump shot.

THE FABRIC IS KEY TO YOUR PRODUCTS, HOW DID YOU DEVELOP IT? W hile I was studying at Parsons, I became obsessed with technical fabrics and the way material interacts with the body during different stages of sweat. I started spending time at the mills that were producing fabrics for the big guys in the activewear space, and worked with them to create OV Textured Compression, which is the foundation for a lot of the collection. I wanted to move away from that shiny black spandex look and create something that is f lattering, has texture, and hides sweat. We continue to focus f irstly on material innovation with both natural and synthetic yarns. We want people to feel a sense of discover y when they f irst touch our materials.  Unexpected, new and novel.  

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE COUVERTURE AND THE GARBSTORE? Couverture and The Garbstore is a fantastic, major part of OV histor y; it was The f irst place to carr y us. I can still see Ian Paley walking up to our booth and showing the f irst signs of excitement — I was so ner vous. In the early days, I threw aside the idea that activewear could only be carried in running shops and wanted to see OV alongside all the other brands I was wearing like APC. It’s cool to see it all come together. To p : A . P.C .O.V. : R u n n i ng S w e a t s h i r t C h a r c o a l , G ra p h i c L e g g i ng s C h a r c o a l O u t d o o r Vo i c e s : S t r i p e d S t u d i o Ta n k N a v y a n d S a n t a F e , D i p p e d Wa r m u p L e g g i ng C h a r c o a l a n d N a v y O u t d o o r Vo i c e s : C a t c h - M e - I f-Yo u - C a n H o o d i e N a v y , D i p p e d Wa r m u p L e g g i n g M i d d l e : O u t d o o r Vo i c e s : R u n n i n g Wo m a n S w e a t s N a v y A . P. C . O .V. : R u n n i n g A n o ra k D i t s y P r i n t O u t d o o r Vo i c e s : 3 /4 Tr i -To n e Wa r m u p L e g g i n g F l a m i n g o B o t t o m : A . P. C . O .V. : G ra p h i c L e g g i n g s C h a r c o a l O u t d o o r Vo i c e s : Tw o -To n e A t h e n a C r o p C h a r c o a l a n d N a v y , D i p p e d Wa r m u p L e g g i n g C h a r c o a l a n d N a v y O u t d o o r Vo i c e s : S t r i p e d S l a s h b a c k C r o p N a v y a n d S a n t a F e



N ew R ecr u i t

Lef t :Collarless Large Button Blou se - W hite Hip-Pocket Jeans - Dark Indigo R i g h t : R u f f l e N e c k R a g l a n To p - W h i t e

N ew R ecr u i t

L e f t : M a r i s o n D r e s s - D o t s P r i n t R i g h t : B a r b y Ta n k - N a v y



“Progressive New York young-gun creating modern wares with ethics in mind.”

“Vibrant prints and handmade textiles from fashion new-comer Ilana Khon.”

Suzanne Rae is a progressive womenswear label coming out of Brooklyn, New York. Creating bold yet understated pieces, Suzanne adds subtle eccentricities to staple shapes, choosing between versatile neutral tones and colourful prints created in collaboration with local artists.  Ref lective in her collections, Suzanne is a strong proponent of quality over quantity and selecting garments to become a cherished part of your wardrobe rather than a disposable quick f ix. Thus each season’s collection offers clothing with innovative minimalism, both beautiful in design and functional in their composition.  Since launching in 2008 Suzanne Rae has risen to fame in part for the strong ethical, environmental and social values expressed through her business.  Alongside the label ’s involvement with several women’s advocacy and social awareness groups around New York City,

Suzanne is conscious of the impact of textile production on the environment, aiming for her business to reduce waste and utilise sustainable and eco-friendly materials. The garments themselves are manufactured in NY or Italy where most of her fabrics are sourced. Producing locally not only supports jobs and trade within the local community but allows for closer attention to the welfare of workers and the quality of her product. The choice to develop and manufacture in Italy being a conscious decision to reduce their carbon footprint, stay local and reap the benef its of age-old Italian quality production techniques. 

llana Kohn is an up and coming womenswear and textile designer, rising amongst the vast amount of talent coming out of New York ’s fashion community. Based in Brooklyn, Ilana describes her clothing as easy, graphic and comfortable. Having a successful career as a commercial illustrator in a previous life, Ilana made the switch to fashion in 2011. Teaching herself to sew, she launched her label in 2012, starting with four simplistic cuts and slowly evolving her range into a full collection. 

With her jumpsuits alone becoming highly sought-after, Ilana’s collections are known for their versatile, relaxed silhouettes, f lowing fabric and energetic prints. Having a strong DIY attitude, Ilana manufactures her own textiles using sustainable materials and produces all her garments in New York. Using her clothing as a canvas, Ilana incorporates her illustrations as well as hobbies such as marbling, into fabrics for her collections. We look forward to Ilana’s wares gracing our rails this season!

With her last collection created under the mantra “I’m not your seductress”, Suzanne Rae wants her clothes to be worn for the wearer, and not for the gaze of others.



N ew R ecr u i t

Look i n g B ack , Look i n g F orwar d


Cinco de Mayo kid’s Mexican fiesta

Cinco de Mayo kid ’s Mexican f iesta was great fun with stor ytelling, healthy ice lollies to share, skull mask decorating and a photo booth!

LOOKING BACK & LOOKING FORWARD “Our fondest summer memories and excitement for what’s to come.”


No Chemicals

Did you see us in the window? Couverture’s fragrance line No Chemicals was featured at the Bon Marché in Paris!

Silk Long dress - R ed

CAPRI 19.07.2016

“Italian fashion capturing the essence of island style.” This season we introduce Capri to the Couverture rails. Vibrant prints and warm colours are a recognisable trademark of the Milan based label, offering collections capturing the cultural richness and style of 70’s Italian glamour.

Outdooir Voices

We launched sports athleisure wear label Outdoor Voices, with breakfast, health talks and Q& A with nutritional therapist and health writer Eve Kalinik.

The label seeks to preserve Italian production traditions focusing on continued research and experimentation with new manufacturing techniques. With flowing silks, shift style cuts and maxi-dresses, Capri produce stand out pieces conveying both a romantic vintage vibe and laid back sophistication.


Coming soon

Notebooks and Wrapping paper

Watch out for our range of beautiful notebooks and wrapping paper designed by Couverture founder and creative director Emily Dyson.


J ewellery E d i t

J ewellery E d i t

JEWELLERY Finding intricate beauty within natural embellishment.


This season’s jewellery offering fuses subtle architectural shapes, natural elements and vintage style embellishments.

Toned metals of brass, copper and silver hammered in strong simplistic shapes construct a refined earthen look.



Precious and semi-precious stones such as opal, sapphire, diamond and pearl, feature as subtle additions or clusters of varying stones, shapes and pigments.



Softly sculpted fine gold create delicate lines on the body, complimented with peeks of vibrant natural colour.


Clock wise from the top lef t: 3 .W w a k e : N e s t l e d S a p p h i r e R i n g 4 . O p e n H o u s e : D r o p N e c k l a c e 5 . H i r o n d e l l e : D i a m o n d R i n g H R 57 72 6 . H i r o n d e l l e : P e a r l B a n g l e 7. M i c h e l l e O h : M e d i u m M i s c h m a s c h S t u d E a r r i n g

1. M i c h e l l e O h : S h i p S h a p e R i n g 2 . O p e n H o u s e : I I To n e H o o p s




Lon g T erm Partner

Lon g T erm Partner

A DÉTACHER “We commemorate our ongoing love affair with the creative envisions of Mona Kowalski and her cult label A Détacher.”

BEHIND THE LABEL Using conceptual shapes, colours, eccentric prints and knits, A Détacher garments are always unconventionally beautiful. Steering away from trends, collections are created around abstract themes such as the lives of former athletes, bored childhood imaginations and self-management for this season. 

In the Spring/Summer of 2010 Couverture fell in love with A Détacher and has been proudly stocking collections ever since. The New York label is the brain child of designer Mona Kowalski. Kowalski’s colourful background can be said to have helped paint the canvas of what we have come to love as A Détacher. Polish born and raised in Baltimore, Mona studied political science before moving to Italy to focus on fashion. After heading the design studio at Sonia Rykiel in Paris, Mona left the large fashion house to further pursue and express her own creative voice. Moving back to the States to start her own collection, A Détacher was launched in 1998, opening shop and studio in New York one year later.

With her signature looks always incorporating layering, mixing textures and volumes, Mona told Couverture her winter style is basically ‘wear everything you like at once’.  Objecting to the notion of ‘fashion for fashion’s sake’, Mona says she makes her wares with ‘the subway-catching woman’ in mind, choosing high-quality versatile fabrics that correspond to the way people live.

Now with 18 years of business behind it, A Détacher remains operating out of New York and sells to an exclusive selection of around 35 clients worldwide.

WHY WE LOVE A DÉTACHER French for ‘to be detached ’, A Détacher has retained its status as an independent label, choosing smaller boutiques over department stores, and eschewing the rapid and pressurised environment of fashion today. Working with a small team of 4 at her in-store studio, Mona always expresses the desire for her brand to remain personal and collections intimate in size.

A Détacher HQ is in itself a beautiful space located on Mulberry Street in New York ’s Nolita district. Ref lecting the same level of personality and intimacy as Mona’s designs, visitors to the store are offered an assortment of current A Détacher pieces, as well as scatterings of beautiful objects and treasures made or found along the way. Through her devotion to her label, Mona and her team have gained a loyal, almost cult-like following of A Détacher clientele. As the sole stockists of A Détacher within the UK, we feel privileged to have gained strong relationships with such creative minds and eagerly await what is to come!

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ch i l d renswear

ch i l d renswear

(Girl) (Girl) (B oy) (B oy)

Bobo Choses: Magic Power Sweatshirt F i n g e r i n t h e N o s e : Ta m a S k i n n y F i t J e a n s B o b o C h o s e s : M a g i c P o w e r s T- S h i r t B o b o C h o s e s : G r e e n Tra c k s u i t Tr o u s e r s

B o b o C h o s e s : K n i t t e d C a rd i g a n F i n g e r i n t h e N o s e : N o r t o n B o y S t ra i g h t F i t J e a n s

CHILDRENSWEAR “Playful prints, modern cuts and fun little extras make keeping warm in winter less dull.”

This season we have plenty to keep little ones warm and cheer up dreary winter days.  

Suiting both him and her, we’ve chosen plaids, denim and some bright decorative prints.

For easy everyday wear expect soft jersey sweats and tees in warm tones and cheeky motifs.

Layer up with chunky knits, puffers and wool coats. Have a bit of fun dressing up in wacky capes, colourful faux fur, pleats and disco fabrics!

(B oy)Finger in the Nose: Hank Sweatshirt (B oy) Finger in t he Nose: Sprint Knitted Jog ge rs (Girl) Finger in t he N ose: Dao Shirt ( G i r l ) F i n g e r i n t h e N o s e : I n e s B l a c k D e n i m O v e ra l l

B o b o C h o s e s :J u a n o l a T- S h a p e D r e s s

B obo Choses: Umbrella (Girl) B obo Chose s: R eve rsible Cape (Girl) B obo Chose s: G old Pleated Skirt (B oy) B obo Choses: Glasses Sweatshirt (B oy) Finger in the Nose: Ewen Comfort Fit Jeans



Bobo Choses: Hypnotized Faux Fur Coat B o b o C h o s e s : A b ra c a d a b ra T- s h i r t Bo b o Ch os es : G ol d P l eated S kir t

H omeware B ran d F oc u s

H omeware Lon g T erm Partner



BFGF is the LA based ‘art brand’ founded by artist Lilian Martinez. Working with digitally printed, hand painted textiles and natural fibres, Lilian creates high quality products serving as functional, accessible art pieces. Often experimenting within similar themes and colour palettes, BFGF’s signature designs depict dreamy Matisse style scenes and exotic landscapes alongside pop references to icons such as Nike and The Simpsons.  Finding the beauty within eccentricities of modern day life, Lilian’s products bare a

quirky tongue-in-cheek quality that is entirely deliberate.  BFGF’s popularity has grown massively through their social media presence, especially with their Instagram @bfgf which offers a daily stream of various artwork, curiosities and inspirations. Although particularly celebrated (especially at Couverture) for their handmade blankets and throws, BFGF prints can be found on a myriad of mediums within the realms of fashion and homeware. As Lilian insists that ‘lounging is essential’, a selection of BFGF blankets are available in store at Couverture now.

Aida Dirse is creator of the hand car ved, hand painted ceramic bowls that have become so popular in store at Couverture. Forming a creative partnership with her husband Saulius, the pair have a laid back approach to their craft, working from their home in Lithuania, producing and f iring their ceramics outdoors when the weather allows. Aida’s ceramic bowls have a modern folkst yle appeal, each with a textured exterior and brightly coloured interior baring a unique

patterned design. Often experimenting with abstract dots or delicate brushstrokes each pattern is impeccably detailed and alluring. Painting free hand, Aida says she enjoys decorating each bowl, with the painting process becoming her form of meditation. Ceramics from Aida and Saulius have become a cherished f ixture within our homeware collection, each year offering beautifully crafted one of a kind pieces loved by both staff and customers alike. 

“LA based brand offering functional art fusing classical and pop.”

“Introducing the family duo behind some of our favourite ceramics.”



H omeware Lon g T erm Partner

H omeware Lon g T erm Partner

B R A N D OV E RV I E W AW16 (c) C O U V E RT U R E (g ) G A R B S TO R E




(g ) H A N K J O B E N H AV N (g ) H E S T R A

(c) 6397 (c) ANOTHER FEATHER (c) ACE & JIG (c g ) A .P.C.O.V. (c) APIECE APART (c) A DÉTACHER (c) BARTLEBY OBJECTS (g ) BR AIN DEAD (g ) BR AND BL ACK (g ) B O OT L E G I S B E T T E R (c) CALDER BL AKE (c) CL ARE V. (g ) C A P E H E IG H T S (g ) BEAMS&CHAMPION (g ) C H A M U L A (c) DEMYLEE (g ) E B B E T S F I E L D F L A N N E L S (g ) E N GI N E E R E D G A R M E N T S (g ) F U C T S S DD (g ) GI T M A N (g ) G O L D E N B E A R

(c) FOLK (g ) H I K A R U N O GU C H I





(g ) N O RT H S E A C LOT H I N G (g ) PA L AC E (c) SIDELINE (c) YMC


(c) MOCIUN (g ) M O L L U S K



Netherlan ds

(g ) I N S T R M N T (c) LF MARKEY



(g ) N O R S E P RO J E C T S

United kingd om



(g ) PA R R A

(g ) A N O N Y M O U S I S M


(g ) AT M O S L A B (c)BAG’N’NOUN


(c) AO76 (c) B E L L E RO S E



(c) M O R L E Y




(c) N A N U S H K A

(g ) G A I J I N M A D E


Germ any




(g ) K E E N (c)MATURE-HA

(c) SOEUR (g ) T H R E E A N I M A L S




(c) ZEF


(g ) M O U N TA I N R E S E A RC H (g ) N E E D L E S



(g ) P O RT E R YO S H IDA & C O


(g ) R F W (g ) S AY H E L LO


(g ) S H U T T L E S N OT E S (g ) S LOW


(g ) S U B L I M E H AT S

(g ) WO R K A DAY BY E N GI N E E R E D G A R M E N T S (c) W WAKE

(g ) T R A DI T I O N AC O U S T I C


(g ) V E LVA S H E E N AC O U S T I C (g ) W E E K E N D ( E R )


F o r m o re i n f o r m a t i o n , p l e a s e v i s i t w w w . c o u v e r t u re a n d th e ga rbs t o re . c o m



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